Romantic Love Letters for Him From the Heart

2023 Romantic Love Letters for Him from the Heart

Most Romantic Love Letters for Him from the Heart: Romantic Love letters for your Boyfriend or Husband.

An Approaching New World

I love his physique, I love his loyalty
I love his loyalty, I love his subtlety
I love his subtlety, I love the fact that he caring
I love the fact that he is caring, I love the fact that he is loving
I love the fact that he is loving, I love him being reliable
I love him being reliable, I love him being accessible.

Time whirls with the wind so fast
When you are the subject of my time.
We must have been predestinated to be as one.

I want to spend the rest of my life
By your rib, close to your heart
Where I will wake up each day
To sound of your breath by me.

With our marriage in view
I feel our souls coming to merge in unison
When we will live in the approaching new world.

I love who you are Lekan
And the things that you will accrue.
The lover of Gold
You are my sunshine, my solar.
For seven months, we have been waxing stronger
And stronger as it takes longer.

I appreciate your commitment to our relationship. I’m ever yours.

The Request

Your Name: Gold

Recipient’s Name: Lekan

Your Country: Nigeria

About the Recipient:
He’s my lover, my friend, my soul mate and my everything. I just want to appreciate him for being a faithful, caring, loving and reliable lover to me. It’s been 7months of awesome relationship and we’ll be tying the knot in two weeks time. I’m just thankful for the commitment he has to see us come together as one.

Relationship: Fiancé and Fiancée.


My Lump of Gold

Love has bind us closer and keep us strong.
It has brought us to the haven where we belong.

You have broken the fence of distance
I feel you very close to me
Like a baby in the arm of her mother.
I see you daily with the eye of my heart.
You are just the perfect match for me.

Distance thought it could
Have us torn from each other’s arms
Yet, love has prevailed.

I appreciate your support
My virtual but close lover.
Our hearts is one heart.

You washed off my loneliness
You fixed the puzzle I was.
All I wish now is to be entrapped by you
Entrapped forever and ever.

You must have been created just for me
Love has fastened us together
I’m glad you are my lover
I love all about you.
You make me feel whole.

I love so much Adil
And cherish our love deal.

The Request

Your Name: Ria

Recipient’s Name: Adil

Your Country: Malaysia

Your Gender: Female

Category: I Love You

About the Recipient:
We just met through online dating for a month, in love with each other now. this is distance relationship as he is in Dubai. He is perfect.

He came into my life when I was lonely and shattered. He is good looking, loving, caring, supportive, and many more than I can mention. He’s the reason I’m happy every day. He is the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last thing on my mind when I go to sleep

He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. we contact each other through calls and text everyday. i cant wait to see him

Relationship: Boyfriend and Girlfriend.


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