Romantic Love Letters for Him

2023 Romantic Love Letters for Him – Love Letters for Boyfriend or Husband

Romantic Love Letters for Him from the Heart. Romantic Love Letters for Boyfriend, Romantic Love Letters for Husband.

The Truth

Our meeting wasn’t a coincidence, it was ordained.
It appeared like we’ve met in a world before…
Maybe a world of you and me alone.
Everything walked together in bonding our hearts.
I wouldn’t let a second pass by without thinking of you my love.
Joy like I’ve never had before made abode in my heart.
My life received the light that accompanies true love.
There’s a way your voice drives me.
Each of your message triggers something in me,
That makes me desire you like a dog craves for bone.

I remember those words you said to me…
And those you didn’t say that reflected in your actions.
How you said you can’t wait to see me.
You said you were dying to meet me.
You wouldn’t do a thing without telling your sweet girl.
You cherished me like no other.
Your heart was with me, your treasure.
You told me how much you wanna have a baby with me.
Our love knew no bond.
It was difficult to believe we haven’t met before.
We clung so well. Our hearts blended so easily and quickly.
I was love.
You were in love.
We were into each other.

But these days, I ask myself where the love has gone.
Why are you allowing so much sun to dry up our river of love.
Why not let the stream keep flowing from my heart to yours.
Why silence our love before it’s started speaking.
Baby, why killing our love when it’s yet to come fully alive.
Why stopping your heart from beating for it’s chosen one.

Our love used to be your priority.
I used to come first in all you do.
Gradually, the fire is going off.
The smoke is disappearing.
Our love is taking another shape.
And I keep asking why?
Will you answer me please, baby.
My heart fears where this is heading.
Can you reassure it, my love.
Will you awake it now, please.
And tell me you love me again.
Let the romantic messages roll in.
Let those calls that made my day be restored.

I used to sleep with sweet thoughts of you.
And wake with sweeter memories.
But here comes the era where I sleep confused and open my eyes confused… Confused.
Confused about what has happened to my love.
And I spend the whole day searching… Searching for the love that kept my heart warm
Searching for my guy, who would go a thousand mile for me.
Where are you, honey?

Come back to me quickly.
Let’s give this love chance to live.
The baby you wanna have with me cries to come alive.
Let’s together make this dream come true.
I remain where you kept me, in the green field of love…
Awaiting the return of your heart.
Longing to one day hold you tight as mine.
If only you would return to how we started and give this love a good chance to grow.

Then I need to know, if you want this relationship as much as I do.

If you don’t, telling me quickly will help.
And if there’s anything hurting I’ve done to you that’s hard to let go, just let me know.

Thanks. I love you still.

The Request

1. How did you meet?
2. Where?
3. How did he ask you out?
4. How long did it take before he asked you out?
5. Why did you consider him?
6. How was he treating you from the start?
7. What did he promise you?
8. What used to make you happy about him?
9. What are now your fears about the relationship?

Leah: I Met him on dating site call Badoo

He didn’t ask me out we just decided to be together

I told him I really like him too first but he was also filtering might be 3 weeks later after we meet on site
Cuz the way he treats me at the beginning

He did promise me anything but he told me that he coming to see me soon and also he wanna have a baby with me

At the start he was treated me better than he changed

He told me am beautiful he can’t wait till listen to the the beautiful voice I have he call me even if he is busy checking on me show me he care and a lot of things make me happy and am the only woman for him

He is not give me attention he used to give me he always say things to hurt my feelings and when I even told him I don’t appreciate that he don’t wanna listen or care he told me he is inviting his friend cousin to his place to cook her a dinner and after that he is tired he going to sleep and when I told him to put his shoes in my place and see what that make him feel but he get mad and told me am nothing friend mean a lot to him and he never call or text me like he used to and trying to ignore my text for three days and I texted him if he is okay and he told me he fine he been busy drinking with his friends on his best friend weeding everything scares me.

I Can’t Describe Your Worth

I was alone in the world of my own
Inside me was terribly gloomy
It was supposed to be the hopeless end of an helpless situation
The door of my heart parted for depression
And loneliness crowned my weary soul.

Just then, I saw a light.
That which gave me life
And restored my lost hope
You told me it’s your love
And kept me in the midst of it
Faster than it came, depression disappeared
My gloomy soul knew illumination
My lonely heart found companion
Strength came back to me
Joy became the air I breathe in and out

Until I met you, I never really lived
You showed me the beauty of nature
With your endless jokes, you make smile most accessible to me
With your presence comes happiness undeniable
You’re a bundle of all I need to be alive
Your sense of humour beats my imagination
Just everything about you makes me blush

Your silly and naughty attitude makes me love you more
The way you tease me, only you has the key to my heart
You say I’m cute and amazing and I believe you
You say I’m perfect and I don’t doubt you
But it only means you’re super perfect
Because to me, you’re a complete being
I’m no where beside you
You’re Loving, caring, funny, kind… You’re just perfect

It hasn’t even been up to a year and we are this much into each other
It appears like we’ve known for years
And Yes, I think we do
We were alone in a different planet
No wonder you know me so well
You know all the buttons and keys that lead to my heart
And I’m aware of the path that goes into your soul

Even the distance between us can’t stop our heart from beating for each other
The way you glue so close to me, It can only be divine
You are there when I sleep
And I wake in your arms everyday

How much change you have brought to my life, mouth can’t tell
Camerun, I love you
I wish there were better and more perfect ways to tell you how much I do
Life without you is No life
You brighten up my life and give me reasons to be happy
You show me love and now I can’t stop loving you

Words fail me to describe your worth, sweetheart
You’re a treasure to me.
Your worth to me more than Diamond or Gold or even anything at all
You’re my breath and the reason I live.
I love you so much.

The Request

Your Name: Houston

Recipient’s Name: Camerun

Country: United States

Relationship: Boyfriend and Girlfriend

About the Recipient:
Camerun and I have been together since May, but he lives really far away, so I never see him….

I met him while I was in a really depressing state and I never knew that in a few months, I could completely forget any reason why I was ever sad. He makes me smile, with his silly and quirky jokes. He also loves to playfully pick on me when I blush, and afterwards he tells me how much he loves it, and how “cute” I am.

He really makes me happy, and I love him more than I know how to say, its weird how Eskimos had thousands of words for love and I seem to only know the one word “love”, so that’s what I want to try and tell him, how much he means to me.

Sometimes he can be really odd and it just makes me wonder what he could possibly be thinking of to say such weird silly things. Like when we aren’t together, he named his pillow Houston, so he can hug it, weird and sweet in a way, it just makes me laugh since its odd.

Oh and he’s really tall and I’m a foot shorter than him, he likes to pick on me about that because I’m ” cute when I’m mad”. And he’s super sweet, loves computers, and he is addicted to cuddling. I remember when he apologized to a pole when he walked into it.

And he also calls me perfect all the time, I don’t see why, considering he’s the perfect one, I know it hasn’t even been a year between us but, he just might be the one for me

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