Romantic Love Letter Samples for Her or Him from the Heart

2023 Romantic Love Letter Samples for Her or Him from the Heart

If All you want is Love Letter Samples for Him or Her: the most Romantic Love Letter Samples for Girlfriend or Wife, Cute Love Letter Samples for Boyfriend or Husband… then prepare to get the best.

Meanwhile… Enjoy this

What More Would I Say?

I wake up every blessed morning, feeling fly like I’ve won a jackpot of money.
I look around and within, and it’s obvious what the source of the joy I am in.
Life must have been fair to me, if this is what it’s making me to see.
I didn’t have to look elsewhere, seeing you’re ever close to me, my dear.

You’ve been my song I can’t deny, even the sure arm on which I’d rely.
You’re the best thing that ever happened to me, as far as my eyes can see.
You’re the reason why I look into my future, and all I see is fulfilment so sure.
You’re the reason I always Smile, knowing with you I can go the extra mile!

I ask myself what more can I say, when all you give is fulfilment all the way!
I ask myself why I would look elsewhere, when you are all I need my dear!
Loving you all my life is a debt I owe, and that is sure, I just wish you know.
You are all I want, and all I need; forever you’re my lover – my friend indeed

If I would just say it with many-a-word, you’re my best, you have my word
For the joy you give me is overdose! None from other person comes close
If love is made into a love letter, you are the original copy received by me!
Because, far more than bread and butter, is the fullness you daily add to me.

While I live, you’ll be the song I sing along, for your love is so strong.
Being your best as long as I live, showing you true love and not make-believe.
Thank you for following this far, thanks for healing my wounds cum scars.
Thank you for ever being there, and thank you, thank you, my love my dear.

Thank you my love, for being such a friend on life’s race
Thank you for coming my way, when I didn’t know which way.
You were there when I was lost, and you showed me way at your own cost!
My love, what more would I say, than you really saved the day!

I love your all, not just your lovely face.

Over to you: What would you say about this Love letter? (Post a Comment)

P.S. If this describe your Lover, you can copy it all and send to him or her.

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Cute Love Letter Samples for Boyfriend

With the Love Letters samples below, you can make your boyfriend (or husband) smile for real as your relationship would be boosted in no time.

Copy, insert his name wherever it’s needed and then send to him.

Love Letter from Sheila to James

To describe how he is to her, she said: He is a loving, caring man. Ever since i met him he has brought so much joy, happiness to my life when I didn’t think I could ever love again. After all I had been through, he has touched my heart in so many ways and now we have fallen in love.

And we helped her write this…

 I Can’t Tell It All

You changed me, I’m not the way you met me,
This is overwhelming, see what you do to me.
I never did envisage, this is how it would be.
It’s true love all the way, now my eyes can see.

Luck was what I called it
To have had a friend like you
Privileged was how I saw it,
To have been the special one for you.

I did resign to fate, when all of life I was forswearing
But since I met you, so much joy have you brought
It’s your love that did give my life its true bearing
Or what a loving wonder your love has Wrought!

You brought all the happiness and joy I needed
Even when I didn’t think I could ever love again,
And when I was brokenhearted and unheeded
Oh how you ended my heart’s hurt and its pain!

After all I’ve been through, notwithstanding,
You’ve touched my life in many magical ways!
I have fallen in love, even though I’m standing!
And it’s you I want to love now and always.

If I say you are so loving
It will be such a limited thought.
Looking at how for me you’re caring,
Oh what a comfort fraught!

Whatever you have as content
With it will I ever be content
To love unconditionally, you’re competent
And no doubt your love is omnipotent!

Allow me to announce this round the world
That I love you, I love you, I really love you!
To talk about your love, it’s so “out of this world”
Then It’s worth it, to tell of a love so pure and true!

Thank you for loving me. I love you too.

Does this describe your lover too? You’re free to copy and send to him or her.

Love Letter from Zane to Elisha

She said this about him: He is my boyfriend and I care for him so much. And I want to see us last. I don’t love him yet. But I really like him, he’s the reason I’m up at the night and the reason why I always have a smile on my face

And we wrote this…

My Wish

“Shhhhh!” I heard a voice within me.
Something soothing just calmed me.
Can’t you see how lovely your heart is?
And I questioned, “A big deal about this?

“You are to be appreciative,” it firmly said,
And then, to think deep about this, I decided.
Quickly, I looked around me and then within,
And lovely and lovely, is how all has been!

Life has been good to me, to say the fact
For my heart, unbroken, is being kept intact.
If there is a reason I have a smile on my face
Isn’t it because you help keep my heart in its place?

I must have been such an ingrate,
Had I not seen you as the source of my joy.
To me, God has really been great,
For giving me so much of love to enjoy.

Then comes my wish…

I really do care for you so much
Even if I haven’t given you my all
I announce, I love you so much
And I wish I’m yours once and for all.

For a reason unknown, I wake up at night.
And it’s known; it’s you – I give up the fight.
It’s a feeling I wish would ever last
If you’ll take me of a lover, your last.

I would give you my all,
If you will make it your call.
I would be yours forever
If you wouldn’t leave me ever.

My heart is fragile and to be taken with utmost care
I would give it to you, if to break it, you’ll never dare!
I wish to spend all my moments with you,
As long as your love is sure and ever true.

A promise? I Love you.

Over to you: What would you say about this letter?

If this describe your lover, you can copy freely and send to him or her.

Sweet Love Letters for Him – Love Letter Samples for Husband

From Helen to Joe

You Have Given Me More than I Wished

This journey wasn’t what I thought
Some started it well but now lives in hurt
Isn’t it horrible when you are heartbroken?
I thought I’d get that, but you gave it not!

I never thought I could get this much
I never thought I could be this gorgeous
I didn’t know it would be lovely as such,
But truth be told, you made my life precious!

You were the reason I always stand up tall
Saying you’re loving and caring can’t tell it all!
You’ve been the help when my passion smoulder
And the help I needed even on my shoulder.

Life wouldn’t have been this great without you
And like you love me, I wish I love you too!
You deserve all of me my love
For you are the angel sent to me from above.

A lifetime can’t tell all of your goodness
And all of me, I bow to your greatness!
Among a million you are the best for me,
There were many, but only you deserve me.

What more can I say of this?
How else would I describe this bliss!
This is true love, and that in its prime.
It’s such I can’t finish up in my lifetime.

While the earth remains, you will be my desire
And your love would burn in me, like fire!
You are crowned my king!
And like seraphs song, unto you I sing:

I love you… I love you… I really do!
It’s worth it… living my life with you!
I am nothing… nothing without you!

That which you gave me, I’ll give you same too.

If this describe your lover, you can copy and send to him.

Sweet Love Letter Samples for Girlfriend

From Joe to Helen

I Am Basking in Love

Love is a rhythm to which I wish to dance all my life.
Joy in its prime took hold of me, through you my wife.
I asked, Without Helen, who would have been Joe?
Without you in my past what hope had my future?

Maybe I would worth nothing from my head to toe!
And maybe I wouldn’t get of my life, a clear picture.
I thought of the journey to fulfillment through marriage
And a bit glad thinking at least I was of the age.

I counted the cost and it summed up to uncountable!
And I sigh, knowing to take it all, I wasn’t really able.
“Would I get the one perfect for me?” was the question!
Someone who would fit perfectly into the equation!

I looked around and within and I resigned to fate,
When I knew I might not have the best of mate.
I was so wrong was my answer when I met you.
And then I felt ease for all I wished to do.

And I Just Want to Say Thank You

I thought of shouting it loud in the city
I wish I mention it up to the seventh heaven
Bit I can’t tell it all, it’s a pity….
It’s a pity I can’t tell all your love has given.

Many lack but I have more
More than I wanted you always give
Who else would I love and adore?
If not you, who makes my life amusive.

When I was nothing, you believed in me,
You know how great I would be.
This is how far your love has brought me.
This is so great a sight for my eyes to see.

How I love you, words can’t tell it all
How much I care for you, has no end
Freely, you gave me your all, not my call!
And you’ve been to me more than a friend.

I Love you

When you grow old
I will tell you of your mother
You will marvel when you are told
That she’s the world’s best mother.

From Joshua to Elena

He said this about her:
She is the most important girl in the world to me, she makes me so happy, we argue a bit but at the end we always make up and we fix it, I want a message to explain how much i love her, she makes my everyday special, every little thing she does is for me and I appreciate her so much.

And I wrote this, on his behalf:

My Love, No More Going Back and Forth

I understand what it takes to be loved, and even the pains that comes from being taken for granted.

I know how it feels when you are the one at the hurting side: It’s sure a world of untold horridness on its own.

I remember how it all started, a year a few months passed. I sighed as I am helplessly watching us being the opposite of what we used to be.

It’s so much of heartbreak for me to see you denounced the affection you once held sacred; and it pains most to know that I am part of the cause.

It’s sure my bad, I agree, Elena. I must have veered away from the lovely path we both plied. I must have even trampled on the heart that loves and care for me. In my own little way, I am sorry, Elena.

Ideally, when you join the words “every” and “thing” together, that’s what you are to me. My Muse, and the pivotal point to my daily merriment.

No matter how hard it is for you to construe, the idea of your love has gotten a lasting place on my inside.

And just for you to know, Elena. I have learnt how much being neglected means. It might appear to me that you are jealous, but that wouldn’t take away the fact that you do care greatly for me.

I appreciate every bit of what you do for me, and I would love you to know that it means so much to me.

Without you, I see my life as an admixture of little happiness and a well of sorrow. I see myself as imperfect. I would be nothing worthwhile without you. My days would be bad, and I would dwell in loneliness.

But, here I am with utmost remorse. I have come to rebuild the trust we both shared, and I would do that immediately you let me.

My love, this is My plea!

Here is More from My Heart…
You are so beautiful, and that would always melt me inside.
You’re Special ever to me, when I look this way or even that side.

I can’t explain my deep love for you:
It’s much more than what I can do
You’re a blessing everywhere I turn
And to pay back, it’s sure my turn.

I do love you and I really ever will
My best friend, is who you are still
You smiles, laughter, my daily meal
And to be yours ever, a done deal.

It might be horrible now, Allow me to make it right,
As I have ever been, my love, I’m back to that.
To Hold you ever in my arms, that I’ll do so tight.
It’s a world of streaks with you, please let’s end this fight.

And back to you, I am, no more going back and forth.

I love you, ELENA.


In response to the letter I wrote on his behalf, his girlfriend (Helena) replied with this…

“BABY I LOVE YOU!!! With every single last piece of me! You don’t understand how much this changed my whole entire mood. You mean the world to me and so much more. I love you Joshua I surely do.

I Asked Him to send this to her afterwards:

My decision might have changed your mood
To me, being back is like a means to livelihood.
If I mean the world to you
So much more, do I want to mean to you.

I want to look in your eyes, and see the agelong gaiety
Want to be with you, and it’s like I’ve all social amenities
Just without you, my life would be load of pity
And here I come, shouting your love through all cities.

I love you too, I really do.

Guess what? The relationship became lovelier than it was before.

YOU too need to take the step today. Your lover needs to know you love them than you say in words.

From Wonder to Treasure

He said this…

Things was going on well between my girlfriend and me until I messed up. I said some things that did upset her, but all I was doing was for her to be jealous a little. Before I knew it, our relationship was ruined. It was more than she could bear and then, I was quick to know my errors and ready to fix them. I would love to send her a touching message that would say I am really sorry. Please, help me.

Did I help him? Yeah! Here is the apology letter I composed for him…

I Am Really Sorry, Treasure

Treasure, I just got a better understanding of what it is to be hurt. The more I think of my wrongs, the more heartbroken I become.

I wish I have the power to take back those foolish words. And I stay here watching how my heart is set apart.

Remembering how lovely it began is enough to break my life in pieces. And thinking about how I have messed up is making me go mad within.

It’s a million of questions I can’t answer. And the fact remains you don’t deserve the ill feelings I have caused you.

I am so sorry to have broken the cord of affection that joined us.
I apologize for making you feel jealous.
I just can’t remember it all! My wrongs are many and it’s deserving any way you have felt towards me.

With all of me, I have come to say sorry. I am here, asking for a second chance. I am willing to rebuild the link once again.

I am willing to take it back to the path of awesomeness that it used to be.

I am sorry, my treasure.
My muse you are, and my pleasure.
I am sorry for the wrongs I have done.
To be my bad, for that I am done!

Your forgiveness is all I ask for
See… my heart is full of sore
I am back to love you more and more
And To break your heart, no more!

My treasure, please give me a second chance.
I am so sorry my dear, just the second chance.

I love you.

And as you would expect… She really accepted the apology and came back to him again. I remember he said, “I bought my girlfriend a very beautiful handbag to spice up the apology.” Lovely?

From Olusegun to Cecilia

This guy didn’t describe his lover.  He only said she’s his fiancée. Now allow me to be a ghost “middle man.” It’s not worth it anyway.

I Just Want to Say I Love You

Given to the things that are futuristic
Couldn’t wait, I go in the way of ecstatic
My future is bright and now I can envisage
With my love, I am the main man for this age.

I sat, I thought in the evening during my leisure,
Of a future so bright, and full of bliss so sure.
The more of it I thought and the more I was sad,
Sad for I know, having to get the best out of life’s hard.

Calmly on my shoulder I felt a soothing arm,
So killing that I could melt if I choose to raise alarm.
I am here for you is what I heard from Her,
And looking at her, all my worries no more did matter.

Just for a second, in its prime, I saw love divine,
And my heart raced at the speed of a turbine.
I couldn’t help but had to give a gleeful smile,
Seeing it’s what I’ve really missed in a while.

The best of a job comes easy with a helping hand
And the choicest among the best, who can find?
An end came to my weary moments finding you,
And I see ease in many things I set my heart to do.

I feel on top of the world having you as mine,
Unperturbed by my daily tasks, with you I am fine.
The help I longed for has come, and glad it’s you.
And now I can rest seeing I’ve found love that is true.

Thank you for being mine, Cecilia.

Romantic Love Letter Samples Wife

From Dylan to Brittney

Dylan Said this about Brittney:
She is the most amazing girl I have ever met. She is the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. I just love every little thing about her. I could not live my life without her. I knew her since 2nd grade. She has the most amazing eyes I’ve ever seen.

And we wrote this:

How Blessed I Am to Have You as My Wife

I wake up every day, reminiscing on my past
And the more I do, the more my heart beats fast!
Truly, Life has been fair to me, to say the least
I am of all men most favoured, that is my gist!

I have tried, but couldn’t live my life without her
And I only did sigh how she’s been with me this far
Her eyes is alluring, her frame my every hour desire
The least of her care and deeds set my heart on fire.

Ask me what love really is, I’ll present one I know since grade two
Tell me of a woman whose love never wane, and I’ll show mine too
Her deeds, her care, her smiles gives me warmth than best of attire
Loving her every blessed day, I am, never and never going to retire.

She is none else but Brittney – the reason for my muse
Her support has brought me this far, is all I can deduce.
You’ve been my joy all along, brought out the best in me
The most amazing woman, of all my eyes ever did see.

Truly, anyone who meets you will be so grateful they do
Glad I am always first on the line getting the best of you
My Heart, my body and my soul are grateful, having you
And giving you all the world’s gift would not just do.

Thank you Brittney, I love you.

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