30 Thank You for Loving Me Letter for Him

Thank You for Loving Me Letter for Him

You'll agree with me that, appreciation is an indispensable part of a relationship. Thus, you can express your gratitude for a love well delivered by him just by sliding a beautiful letter of appreciation such as these ones into his device.

It's even more pleasant to know that you can have one, two or more of these lovey-dovey appreciative love letters here, just by making your choice.

So, go ahead and pick any of these 30 carefully crafted thank you letters for him.

You'd be glad, you did!

1. Thank you for giving me rare pleasant memories of sweet love. You loved me first whilst I turned my heart against you. Even in rejection, you chose me still and then I fell hopelessly in love with you. I'm appreciative of this patient love. Thank you for loving me, dearest.

2. Many have come and gone but your love still abides by me like the stars in the sky at night. Giving me reasons to enjoy every dark moment. I'm deeply grateful to you, sweetheart. Thank you for loving me, my angel of love.

3. If I have to choose whom to love again, it will be you. If I have to offer my love yet on a platter of gold, it will be you again, my darling. Because your love is sweeter than the morning wine and more honourable than a judge in his chamber. You chose to love me even in the midst of my unpleasantness. For this, I am appreciative. Thank you for loving me, my honey.

4. With joy, I am telling of your love. From passion, my heart is filled with the immense peace of your love. I am deeply appreciative to call you my own, an honour you bestowed on me like a queen of a great kingdom. Thank you for loving me, my king.

5. Nothing is impossible with love. A fact well established by the love you've shown me. You parted the red sea and made mountains plain for us to enjoy all that we have between us today. I owe you a gratitude of a lifetime. Thank you for loving me, my sweetness.

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6. Never seen a love so pure and true. Never felt so loved and proud. Your love made all of that possible for a girl out in the cold showers of loneliness. Gratitude and love are what I feel in turn for you. Thank you for loving me, cutie.

7. For the rest of my days, I'll show you undying love. Because your love is worth more than the costliest treasures of an island. I am not without appreciation for the magnanimity of this love you've shown me. Thank you for loving me, my dear Romeo.

8. Your love is kind and patient, peaceful, true and everlasting. What more can a girl like me ask for? There's no way I can pay you back but I'm ready to love you back in the way that you've shown me. I'm appreciating you with every juicy kiss of my lips and the faithfulness of my heart. Thank you for loving me, my angel of love.

9. Whilst travelling on a memory lane, I am forced to ask the question why! Why have you chosen to love me this way? Even with the immense love that I feel for you, I doubt if I could ever measure up to the degree of passion you've shown me. You're appreciated, my darling. Thank you for loving me.

10. I will love you until the day that I die because it's a debt I wanna pay back. Although, not quickly. It's one I would love to pay till eternity because it is pleasant and sweet while owing my heart to you. I am grateful, my darling! Thank you for loving me, cutie.

11. Thank you for all the kisses that brought peace into my world, for the cuddles that took loneliness out my window. The debt of gratefulness fills every corner of my heart because I'm in awe of your love for me. Thank you for loving me, my boo.

12. A moment shared with you makes me wonder if you're an angel of love disguised in human skin. Your love is mesmerizing. It captivates every attention in my eyes and every space of my heart. I appreciate that you love me in such a rare manner. I just wanna say thank you for loving me, my boo.

13. I'll celebrate the beauty of your heart all of my days, I'll appreciate it as much as I can because you've paved the way of love into my life. Thank you for choosing me amongst many other worthy women. Thank you for loving me, my love.

14. You shower so much love on me and I wonder just how large this heart of yours could be. I assume it's wider than the width of the clouds, bestowing all its kindness just on the one your heart has graciously chosen. What an overwhelming degree of love! I appreciate your love, angel. So, thank you for loving me, baby.

15. Words can't describe your love for me, neither can it convey my appreciation to you. It's awesome and beyond comprehension. A love that escapes all understanding. Thank you for loving me, sweetheart.

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16. As I thank God for the gift of life, I thank you for loving me, sweety. You're absolutely appreciated. Thank you for loving me, my dearest.

17. Every day of my life, I'll forever be grateful for the love you always show me, for it gives me strength and courage. Thank you for loving me, sweetness.

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18. It takes only one person to love me the way you do and that person is you, for only you can bestow upon me such magnitude of tenderness and affection. I'm eternally grateful. Thank you for loving me this way, darling.

19. I wish everyone could see the kind of love you bestow on me, but I only pray to be the recipient of your love. I totally appreciate your love towards me. Thank you for loving me.

20. Love is sweetest when it's found in your bosom. I appreciate you for serenading me with such kind of love. Thank you for loving me, sweety.

21. The love you bestow on me meets the needs of my heart. I'm grateful to you for choosing me. Thank you for loving me, honey.

22. Your love came down on me and sweetness filled my being. It wouldn't be too much if I thank you for that, for the rest of my life. I'm eternally grateful for it. Thank you for loving me, soulmate.

23. I call you love because you're the meaning of love. My gratefulness is in my loyalty to you. Thank you for loving me, heartbeat.

24. You mean many things to me, but the greatest and most profound is love. I appreciate this gift of love and tenderness. Thank you for loving me, sweety.

25. I know you to be kind and sincere, above all I know you to be the epitome and beauty of love. I can't appreciate you less. Thank you for loving me, honey.

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26. From everlasting to everlasting, I'll always be grateful for your love. Thank you for loving me, my love.

27. I love the way you make me fall helplessly in love with you, over and over again. It makes me stretch forth my hands for more of you. I'm grateful for what we share. Thank you for the love, dearie.

28. It's always a fresh new day every day I find myself in love with you and you with me. I appreciate that. Thank you for loving me, sweety.

29. Your love towards me is fair, upright and pure. What more can I ask for? I am grateful. Thank you for loving me, sweety.

30. Our love is united in loyalty and gratitude. I can't dream of more. Thank you for loving me in such a distinctive manner, honey.

  • Written By Kehinde Victoria.

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