Thanks for Being in My Life I Love You Quotes and Messages

Finally, I got what I ever wanted in love. I got what I've always desired in a relationship - more than I ever deserved! Thanks for being in my life, I love you.

1. You're my pillar of strength and courage when I'm weigh down by unpleasant circumstances. Thanks for being real, my love.

2. Your love for me is like a wall which shields me from every dart of rejection and dejection. Thank you for loving me just the way that I am. I love you.

3. If you were a song, I could go on and on singing and never get tired or bored. I am glad that you're mine and I love you beyond the stars.

4. Our love have been the foundation on which our relationship is built on and it's my desire that our love grows stronger each and every day. Thank you for being real.

5. It's because of you that life has been worth living for and I'm grateful to have you in my life. I love you so much sweetheart.

6. I just want to take some time to appreciate you for always being there when I need you the most. Thank you so much, my love.

7. Today just like every other day, I want to say thank you for everything and I'm blessed to have you. I love you beyond words.

8. Your relationship worth so much more than words could ever express and I'm honoured to have someone as special as you are. Thanks for being real.

9. Thanks for being a real friend and a great lover. I wish all your dreams come true today and always. I cherish you forever.

10. No amount of money would be enough if your love for me is to be quantified, because our relationship is priceless. Thanks for being real.

11. You're as precious, special and beautiful just as the love you bestow upon me. I'm glad to have someone as special as you are in my life. I love you tenderly.

12. Your love is irreplaceable, just as no one else can take the space which you occupy in my heart. You're indeed my irreplaceable and I cherish you forever. Thanks for being real.

13. Each time that I'm down, your love is available to rejuvenate me. I'm blessed to have you, my dear and I wish you the very best that life has got to offer today. I love you, my dear.

14. Thanks for healing my body, soul, mind and heart with your care and love. I love you to the moon and back.

15. Whenever I'm going through difficulties, your shoulder is always there for me to lean on. I'm grateful that you're mine. Thanks for being there for me.

16. A life without someone like you is like a house without solid foundation or roof. Thanks for everything, my dear and I cherish you forever.

17. Thanks for making all my dreams a reality and I wish all your dreams come true for you just as you made mine. I love you beyond the stars.

18. Thanks for making me believe in true and real love again by the way you cherish and love me. I am glad to have you.

19. You're simply the best for me and I wouldn't have wished for any other person but you. Thanks for everything, my love.

20. You add beauty to my life, because ever since you came into my life all my days are beautiful and amazing and all thanks to you, my dearest. I love you so much.

21. Thanks for everything. I know no matter what life throws at us, we will never be apart. I love you beyond words.

22. Deep within my heart, I'm saying thank you so much for making my day so awesome and a memorable one. I cherish you forever.

23. You alone touched my heart in a very special way that I could never have imagined. I want you to know that I'm so thankful that you are mine. I love you.

24. I used to think that true love is impossible, not until I met you and fell in love with you. Thanks for eig i my life. I love you tenderly, my love.

25. You were a stranger at first and now you're the best thing that ever happened to me in life. Thank you for loving me the way I am. I love you so much.

26. That moment when you entered into my life was the beginning of great, beautiful and amazing things in my world. Thank you, my love.

27. You understood me when I couldn't be there for you today. Your kind is very rare and I'm glad to have someone as understanding as you are my dear. I cherish you forever.

28. I still remember that day when our roads met as if it was just yesterday. You came and gave my life a meaning and purpose. Thank you so much, my love.

29. You were the one I fell in love with; you are the one I'm still in love with and you will always be the one I'm in love with. Thanks for being real.

30. Through thick and thin, you've been there for me and you stood by me against all odds and I want to say "Thank You So Much." I love you beyond the stars.

Written by Samson Osuman.

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