You Deserve All of Me My Love1

You Deserve All of Me My Love

From Caitlyn to Rachel

He said this about her

She is beautiful, smart, funny, outgoing, caring. She can make me feel better if I’m upset. She can make me laugh at anything. She cares a lot about me. She makes me happy and can make me smile all the time. I really love and care about her a lot. I love and care about her more than I care about myself.

And here is what I have to say

You Deserve All of Me, My Love

My Love, I have eagerly waited for this day to come.
And believe me, I never thought it would be lovely and gorgeous this way.

I know what it takes to be on the path of untold joy and happiness; I sure know what holds for the reverse. To be plain about it, you have brought out the joy I ever wished for. You have given more than I ever expected from a woman.

You are so unique in your own way, Rachel. I can say and say it again that your beauty is matchless, and your care boundless. Our merry moments has brought more joy than I have received in my life. And I love all you do in your own smart ways.

You know, sometimes I wish I could be more than grateful for making me feel better whenever ill feelings take their tolls on me. How you have turned a comedienne in making every moment
fun-filled still amazes me. It’s more than amazing to see this happen every moment of my life.

For the record, you care a lot about me, Rachel. And I am as fortunate as I can ever be for meeting such a gem as you. How you make me happy and can make me smile every time is a plague I don’t want to be freed from. You rock my world.

My part of it, I really care a lot about you. I love you too, until forever. And I wish I could be all the joy you will ever need in this world.

Thank you once more for allowing me to be your man. I must have been divinely favoured to have you in my life. You are my world.

And this to you:

I have a lover and her name is Rachel
Without her, my life is nothing but hell.
My love, my joy, my muse, and my love is she
And she’s the very eyes, a bright future for me to see.

I have seen the brightest of stars,
But she brightens my heart and my soul more than them all.
I have wallowed in mire, full of scars,
But she’s my help in time of need, a helping hand whenever I fall.

My heart palpitates and sings for joy,
And all along, my mind follows its rhythm.
Her Love is real, so real, not a decoy,
Soothing to my body, like best of cream.

No choice, I give in to her love totally,
Checked our chemistry, and indeed we tally.
She’s the one I love and wish to marry,
And to take her down the aisle, I can’t tarry.

I love you so much.

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