Thank You for Loving Me1

Thank You for Loving Me

From Ronewa to Aluwani

He said this about her…
She is the one I’m dreaming of. The one I can lay down my whole life. She is cute, slender and beautiful in my eyes
And then I wrote this love letter to her on his behalf.

Thank You for Loving Me

Hmmmm was all I could mutter when I nursed her thought
Knowing I could get her, I am comfort fraught
I couldn’t forget the soothing relief this brought
And quickly, for her love for me, I sought

Her frame was an admixture of glamour and gladness
And the tickling sensation of her all, oh what a madness!
She might not understand and I expect her to ask me, who?
And this special way I am feeling, I wish she feels same too.

I wish I could talk in a way she’d understand.
I wish she knows, of joy, she’s the best I can find
Something told me I needed rest
But I am restless, even to the crest!

She thought I spoke to another woman.
Maybe she thinks I am not her kinda man
Her name is none else but my Aluwani!
And you my match, my one and only.

Thank you for loving me, Aluwani.

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