Sweet Love Letters for Her Love Letters for Girlfriend or Wife

2023 Sweet Love Letters for Her – Love Letters for Girlfriend or Wife

Sweet Love Letters for Her: Sweet Love Letters for Girlfriend, Sweet Love Letters for Wife.

Love Letters for Girlfriend or Wife

Spice up your relationship with these charming Love Letters for Girlfriend or Wife.

1. My Wholeness

Whenever you are around to share in my minutes and hours, my life is so complete. I feel whole having you around me. You are my heart, my soul, my mind. You are all I think about.

Whenever you are with me, I feel the validity of my existence and I have that eternal peace of mind that I will have a good home because I know that you will be a good mother to my children and a good caretaker of the home. You area beautiful lady to look at all the time. I love you anytime, anywhere.

2. My Queen Of Slayers

Your look usually renders me speechless. I usually pray silently in my heart that our future daughters look like you. I’d be sure that many men would vie after them.

Your face is what many ladies wish themselves. Your eyeballs usually look up to me singing a seducing tune. Your nose fits perfectly to your face. Your lips keep calling me for a kiss. Your cheeks are perfectly rounded like the shape of a well-made samosa. Each blink of your eyelashes reminds me of your love for me. You slay me with your charms. You are the queen of all slayers.

3. I Love Every Part Of You

I love how you speak. I love your look. I love your sense of fashion. I love the way you walk. I love your handwriting. I love your sense of humor. I love every part of you. I love the you in you.

My heart belongs to you. My love belongs to you. You have lit a brightness in my heart since you said yes to my proposal. I will forever love you.

4. My Queen

I crown you as the queen of my empire. Walk majestically into the chambers of my heart and establish your throne of beauty.

You are royalty dearie. Royalty is written all over you. Just a glance at you shows that you are a princess. The queen of a King. Dignity and honour surround you. You are fair to look at. You are beauty personified. I declare you my queen.

5. Passion of Love

You and I are created to be one. My love for you is ever new. Baby, let’s nurture our love, let’s wet it with commitment and passion to keep it growing day by day.

My love for you flows like the water of a large stream. The feelings I have for you increases each time I here from you. I once heard that a person falls in love just once but I keep falling in love with you day by day. I love you.

6. Love Of My Heart

I am much happier since the day I met you, my eternal love. At first sight, our first glance, the first contact made the miracle of our love to be born. The baby love has then been growing up every single day.

On that first day when we were together, I wish to be really close to you. It would be really a bliss if I could be by your side, as our joy comes from the attraction we had for each other.

7. Nice Night To You

I am sending trillions of romantic kisses to cool you and my garden of love to relax you from the stress of the day.

May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with us as we go to bed
May He make us conquer all our adversaries and grant us victory over the night

8. You Are My Hope

I don’t want our love to fizzle out, likewise, I don’t want you to lack anything that love offers.
I wish you are here tonight on my chest. I wish you are closer for me to lay my head on your laps.

I have often fantasized how I will sing and rap for you on our wedding day. In the presence of your friends. I even have a song already. I’m waiting for that day. You matter to me.

9. I Love You Unconditionally

I prefer you to any other person. You are second to none. My life is for you. I love you unconditionally. I need you more than ever before in my life. I just love everything about you.
I will stay beside you, look up to your face smiling and have every reason to bless God for making us marry each other in the years to come.

10. I Prefer You

Do you know that I want you? You are Just perfect for me in all situations. How I wish I could express how my body and soul do react to your voice whenever we speak and the tendency of my feelings for you.
I keep holding on to my pillow imagining how it will be when you are the one laying on my chest, not a pillow.
I can now handle many emotional issues having got someone to share my feelings with. It’s enough to relieve me, my love.

11. My Lover Of Life

My lover, my lovely friend, my best friend, I will love you forever… I am writing this just because I feel like telling you that I want you. I feel like shouting it out loud to your hearing that I want you.

I once imagined what the comments of people would be when we upload our wedding pictures. Smiles…
I have reached my destination of love. I want to highlight from the vehicle that transports those in search of through love because I have reached the junction I want which is you. You are my life.
I love you!

12. Keeper Of My Dreams

You are the keeper of my dreams. I want to live the rest of my life beside you as we work together to realise our dreams together.
May God want us always this way, happy and satisfied with the reality of this romance. I will be the keeper of your dreams and you will be the keeper of my dreams. Aside our dreams of impacting the world, we will fulfill our dreams of love. I love you and always will. I feel like this love will last.

13. Our Journey Of Love

May our journey of love be smooth and accident-free. May our love keeps us going in our journey of life. May our love keeps us in the different places and different weather that we will experience with time in the journey of life.

With love, I will stand by you day by day through thick and thin and through whatever life will bring along our way.

14. I Love You Forever

The apple of my eyes. I want to be with you forever. I want to be your best friend, your only soul mate and your lover. My heart has been searching for love all this while and as my heart has found yours and you have made my heart to stop the search.

May we be unquenchable and kind lovers forever and ever. Today, I renew, once more, all love declarations I have said to you over the year.

15. Embrace Of Love

Our hearts and our souls felt attracted to each other and they embrace each other. There is an end to the search for love because you do not keep looking for what you have found already.
I want to say that the best kisses and most loving passion are reserved for when the time is right for them! Your brief absence is not going to be a reason for concern. A big kiss to you dearie.

16. Our First Day

Your eyes look so cool and your smile is just breathtaking. I knew you were meant for me the first day I met you. My body is just wired to respond to every of your moves.

When your hand touched me that day, I knew you were the woman for me because everything in me responded immediately.
Ever since then, every moment spent with you has been wonderful. I will ever love you, dearie.

17. Past And Present

I keep remembering the lovely moments we have shared. I shall cherish those beautiful moments we have shared and the ones we will share with time.

Aside the memory of the past is my fantasies about our future and what will become of us as our children will appear and we are surrounded by our own family. I will wait patiently for that time to come.

18. Eternal Love
I want our bond of love to be very strong while I hold you very tightly. Holding my one true love tightly.
You speak gently and speak lovingly. As the time goes by, I am more convinced that you are created for me.

May our love be an eternal one. I want to love you today, tomorrow and every day of my life. Keep being my lover.

19. Moments Of Love

I would not mind freezing the time like God did for Hezekiah whenever I am with you so that I could hold you close in my arms for long.

I would make the time to stand still if I could, just for you.
You are a blessing sent from God to me to keep me happy always. Our lives have been getting intertwined day by day which gives us the assurance that we are meant for each other.

20. Your Love is Enchanting

You usually make me feel loved than I had ever felt with your true love. Your love has changed my perspective about some things in life. I’m blessed to have you to myself. I’m blessed that you reciprocate my love for you.

My heart belongs to you and to you along. I have naked my life before you and you love me the same. You are rare lady. I will always love you.

21. Eternal Love

I want our bond of love to be very strong while I hold you very tightly. Holding my one true love tightly.

My our love be an eternal one. I want to love you today, tomorrow and every day of my life. Keep being my lover.

22. My Love For You

My love for you is just like a flower that germinates from under the ground of fine dark sand. It is growing up to reach out for the sun for warmth and food, for heat and ray.

My love for you has been growing ever since and will keep growing. In spite the cold of this season, the warmth of your love in my heart cannot reduce.

23. I’m Missing You

I’m missing you. I miss your soft touch. I long to see you smile again. It has been a while we were together when we talk, gist and learn from each other.
I’m in love with you. I can see the future where our dreams are coming to fulfillment.

24. Deeper and Deeper

The plant of our love has been planted and it has germinated. The leaves are green every morning. The flower shines forth day by day. The stem grows very strong and the roots keeps going deeper and deeper.
I’m sure that our love will withstand every weather. I love you and will keep loving you.

25. The Future

I look forward to when we will be old after many years. How we will get old and still be standing together.
I’m of a certainty that our love will still be very strong. Stronger as the years roll by. Our children will be there to listen to our love story. The story of how we are starting now.

26. Your Soothing Words

Thanks for the comforting words you gave me. Your words of encouragement are always with me. They keep resounding in my ears just as your soft touch is always with me. I keep feeling it every time. Your voice is very soft.

It is soothing to speak with you. Network providers need to give me a special discount for the airtime I use everyday just to hear your sweet voice. I will appreciate a voice note from you soon.

27. Brightest Light Of Love

You are an angel sent to me from heaven above. You radiate a light that beams forth the presence of an inner love.
The light shines here, there, and everywhere. No man will be able to resist or overlook you. Anyway, I will keep showering you with love that none of those men will be able to call your attention from me.

28. A Love So Right

It is widely believed that a beautiful lady will of necessity lack good character but you have proved that general assumption wrong.

Before I met you, I thought that I have known all there is to know about love but I have realized that I didn’t even have the slightest idea about love.

I have found a love so true in you and will keep the love with all my life.

29. Human Angels

I believe now that human angels still exist. Your heart is a beautiful gift from God to you. It seeks to make people happy.
You have got an heart that shines forth light which have been brightening my life and the life of people who crosses your paths. It brightens the day of everyone that comes your way.

30. The Timely Dividend

God has looked down from heaven to answer my earnest prayer for a true love by sending you to me.
Your voice calms my fears and soothes my nerve. I know I’m lucky to have you and I know I will never be able to repay you for your motherly love and care.

31. Picture of Radiance

You are the picture of radiance in my heart. You are all that I want in Selma. You have breathe life to my heart. I love you and will never forget you or leave you.

You have affected the level of joy in my heart since the day you accepted me in to your life. The tank of my joy is now full because of your presence in my life.

This is the moment that I have always envisioned since I was a little child. You are making my dream of true love to come to reality.

32. My Feelings

I miss you a lot dearie. I remember the beginning of our love life. I can remember how close we were but you didn’t have a glimpse of how I love you then. I was always having to contro myself so that I would not just grab you some day and do irrational things.

I can’t still comprehend how I was able to put my emotions under control at that time. It got to a time that I knew I had to express my feelings towards you. I did many rehearsals and it was after those rehearsals that I walked up to you but will you believe that all the words that I have rehearsed fled away but a glance at your beautiful face made me speak naturally. I love you!

33. Beauty Plus Brain

The Lord is so good to me to have given you to me. You are all that I have ever wanted in a woman. You are more than money. I feel brave because I know that I have an intelligent lady like you.
A beautiful lady with an attractive brain content is all that a man will want in a woman. You have got it both. I will keep loving you till my last breathe.

34. Mild Bondage of Love

I am in the bondage of your love and I do not want to leave this state. I will love to commit whichever crime that I had committed to get under this bondage of your love. May I continue to be the prisoner of your love dearie.

35. You Are My Concern

I will take care of you forever. I cherish you forever because my love for you is genuine. Your welfare is my concern. Yes, I’m seek to see that you are comfortable and happy. May I be to take you to all the places that you will wish to visit to enjoy yourself.

I wish to take you to places you’ve only watched on movies. I wish to take you to amusement parks and resort centers. I love you and wish to make you as happy as you can ever be.

36. My Beauty Queen

Bright beauty, shinning beauty, beauty of light, my Queen. Your beauty is so bright that I know that men would find it hard to look away from you. I’m ever happy that you are mine.

My beauty Queen, you are the queen of beauty. I’m sure that many ladies will be envying your beauty. My Queen you only have to be taking care of yourself, hold your head high and keep being your beautiful self.

37. My Angel

I have never fall in love this way. My love for you is intense. This kind of love, is not common. You occupy my heart.

My family and friends knows your name and they keep saying that I talk about you all the time. Why won’t I talk about you? Why won’t I talk about the lady I love intensely? You are on my heart all the time because that is how I can have you with me everywhere I go. You are my angel You are all I need.

38. I Miss You

My wealth has increased. My crown now has a diadem of gold which is you. I’m missing you and I wish to see you son. I miss placing my head on your laps. I miss placing your head on my chest. I miss watching movies with you. I miss everything about you.

39. You Are My Priority

In the ordering of priorities in my life, you come immediately after God in my life. You are my heart. You are my love. You are my life. I see you in my dreams. I see your face on ladies faces. You are just too much dearie.

Let’s keep the fire of outr love burning. Let’s rejoice in our youthful days. Let’s enjoy our love. I believe that our love will last forever.

I can’t imagine what life would look like if you were not in my life. You brighten my life day by day. I will always love you.

40. Expression of Love

The day I set my eyes on you, I knew you are meant for me and I am meant for you. I tried to take my time to get to know you well before speaking up but I lost the ability to bottle my feelings towards you the day that I asked you out. It was not planned.

I love you from the depths of my heart. I do not even know how to express my love to you because I love you beyond expression.

41. Unique Lady

You have the height I love. You have the shape I love. You have the cool sexy voice I love. I love the shape and the brightness of your eyeballs. I love the distinct shape of your eyebrows.

I always wish to have you with me. I always wish that you do not get away from my view. A glance at you will tell just anyone that you are the best of your kind. The Lord has created you uniquely.

42. The Subject Matter of my Heart

I salivate whenever I see you. You turn me on without stress. I can say it again and again that all I will ever want in a woman is in you. You have been the subject matter of my heart since the first day my eyes saw you. My heart has been thinking about you ever since then.

How have you been able to capture my heart unknown to you? How have you been able to consume me with your love unknown to you? I love you unconditionally.

43. My Online Crush

I have checked your facebook timeline to see the kind of posts you made, checked to see how people address you and I know that I will be a blessed person if you eventually becomes mine. I saw your pictures online and felt that they must have been the end result of editing but when I met you, I knew I was wrong.

You are very beautiful in person. I love everything about you.

44. Gift From Heaven

You are a gift from God to me. God must have seen the desire of my heart to have a lady like you to love. It is my desire to love and look after you. I declare that I LOVE you.

You have the combination of being beautiful, intelligent, and having the good character that I sometimes question if you were not a goddess in Human flesh. I declare, once again, that I love you.

45. My Lover

My lover, my darling friend, you own the key to my heart. I have opened the door of my heart for you to walk in. You have walked in and now I give you the key to my heart. I’m controlled by your love, dearie.
Keep occupying the inner bedrooms in my heart. Keep being the manager of the love affairs of my hear. I love.

46. Confession

I want to create an event where my friends and your friends will be present so that I will make a public confession of my love for you. I want to make you the envy of your friends.

I want you to be very happy that you can boldly tell how beautiful it is to be in a love relationship and you will not be framing things up but will be living the reality of your dreams about love.

47. My Mental Picture

To tell you the truth, before I met you. I have had a mental picture of a lady like you. You have existed in my inner mind. This makes it easier for me to recognise you as the lady meant for me when I saw you.

I promise to show you what true love means to the extent that you can argue in favour of being faithful to one’s partner and in the favour of being in a love relationship is better than being single.

48. Distinct Lady

I don’t want to be separated from you because you have added a bright illumination to my life. May I not wander away from the path of your love.

I know you are the best of your kind. I can profess my love for you publicly because my love for you is genuine.

49. My Feelings For You

I have got no doubt that you will make a good wife. I will forever love you and can boldly tell you that I will forever love you.

I want to see a smile on your face as you look at me whenever we are together and I want you to have a smile on your face whenever you remember me when I am with you.

50. Exceptional Personality

Did you know you are the best thing that have ever happened to me? Could it be that I’m the only one who have noticed because everything about you is just perfect and okay to my taste.
Your personality is exceptional. Your thinking and reasoning ability are unique. You put in your best not to be an ordinary woman in this generation but an exceptional woman impacting this world in a Godly manner. I cherish you.

51. Appreciation

I thank you for choosing not to look at my present financial state but believe in my future. You believe I will be great and you have been encouraging me with your soothing words of hope.

I promise to do all I should do to be who you can be proud of. I cherish you dearie.

52. My Wish

Love, I want to know you more. I want to kiss you. I want to massage your body. I want to play with those two twins up there. I want to dig deep into your heart. I want to play with you like the days when we were kids.

I want to be your friend. I want to be your father and your mother. I want to be the sun to light your darkest days. I want to be your only friend in whom you can put all of your trust.

53. Your Passion for Me

The fragrance of your good heart encompasses me. I can never forget your actions of love and your passion for my success.

I can confidently move forward in my career because I know you’ve got my back. You are a stickler to excellence to the extent that I am unconsciously influenced by you to be the best in whatever I do. I respect you my lady.

54. Burning Fire of Love

I cannot give expression to the burning fire of love in my heart. I love you deeply. I hold you dearly in my heart.
My desire and heart wish is that I will be able to make you as happy as you can possibly be. I have a taste for beauty that I am determined to create a beautiful environmental for you to live so that you can be as beautiful as you are forever.

55. The Power Of Love

I appreciate your influence on me. I want to tell you what you might not know you are doing to me. Ever since we have started our relationship, it seems you bring out the best in me.

Can you remember how I responded quickly when you arrived at the hospital to check me last year. Our love is powerful. I love you.

56. Light Of Love

You have taken the darkness of loneliness away from me. You have opened my heart to embrace true love. You make the light of love to shine in my heart.
You are making me to enjoy the divine provision of love that God made with the purpose of adding happiness to life.

57. The Search

There was a voice that cries out in me. It was searching for a heart that will give me the tropical love it yearns for. That voice is what draws you to me.

You are the answer to my inner voice. You are with me to make me feel good. You are the one sent to me and ever since I have met you, my search has stopped.

58. You Are Essential To Me

You have engaged me in a way that inspires and stimulates me to be a better person. I love you more daily. You are essential to my life. I will keep loving you dearly.

I will get you all that is needed to ease up house hold chores and will do many myself. I know that I’m stronger than you physically.

59. You Are Mine

You are mine. You match me and we just got together. Do not worry, I will never run away from my responsibility. I will strive to protect and provide for you always.

I won’t let you slip away from me. I won’t pretend as if I don’t see your needs. I will always try to provide for you as much as it is in my capacity. I promise to be a real man for you.

60. My Woman

Keep being the lovely and lively lady that I know you to be. Do you know that I love you the way you are? I love you for who you are and you are capable of keeping me spell bound for the rest of our lives.
I want to be beside you day by day. I want to wake up to see you still sleeping curled up in my arms, breathing softly into my chest.

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