Romantic poem for her

Romantic Love Poems for Her in 2023

Heart Touching I Love You Poems for Her

Romantic Love Poems for Her: Most Romantic Love Poems for Girlfriend or Wife

Her Eyes

When I peeped through to view
I found love glittering when I glue

In her eyes, I found it
Charming eyes with glasses

I bent over to look else
Her eyes grabbed me to check it well

On the eyes my attention went
Slowly fell for the test

Of all things I can betray
Her eyes, from mine, would never go astray.

 My Soul

My soul I kept
She stylishly crept

Into my heart to steal
One thing that belongs to me

I drowned in love
She made me lost

I went to the love realm
With her alone that night

Alone I was
She changed the story clause

I no longer feel lonely
Cos with her I’m not above

If love is a crime
I chose to make it mine

She found her way to enter
Would you ever think it’s a banter.

Willingly I gave
My heart to free

To who would cherish
And never allow it perish.

I Am Sorry Love Poems for Her

The most perfect way to make the wrong right in a relationship is to sincerely say I’m sorry to your partner. Here is romantic I’m sorry poems you can send to your wife or girlfriend, to correct your wrong after a misunderstanding.

I Am so Sorry

Think about my wrongs not
Love could overcome all every nut

If love still exist let me see
Forgive me and prove it real

For the wrongs that stabbed your heart
The ones that made you squirt

I’m sorry is all I have
Gently accept this from my hand

Never to commit it again
Because it would cause you pain

To make you happy is all I pray
That our bond may come to stay.

Good Morning Love Poems for Her

Wish you wife or girlfriend good and pleasant morning with the following romantic good morning I love you poems for her from the heart.

A Good Morning to You My Love

When I think of you so dear
I feel your breath gently near

Your tiny eyes I love to see
For thou hast given me much peace

‘Good Morning, love’ in your voice
Makes my heart jump out to rejoice

I found you and none
I held you firm so long

It would be a great day with you
When we walk down to hustle in two

Success with you is nothing less
You do ravish with awesome-ness
Good Morning, Love!

Good Night Love Poems for Her

Here are romantic good night I love you poems for him that you can send to your husband or boyfriend to wish him a lovely night rest.

In love

Dream well
See me
In the dream land
My heart I hold
Your sight is all I behold.
Good Night.

If Only

If only you know
How I stare vividly
at the bulb
Thinking about you…
You’ll sink deeply in love.
Anyways, good night.

The Ultimate Search

From many books I sought
For the best word to define you
But couldn’t find the best
So I ended up calling you dynamism
I love you, good night.

My Other Half

The woman God made
Out of my ribs she came
She glitters around me like gold
All I have to give is love.
To her I say good night.
I love you.

It’s All Yours

My heart, Your own
Your heart, it’s mine
Strut it, I want to see
Then I’ll flaunt mine too
Yes, in the dream land, tonight!
Good night to you dearie.

Let Me

Let me sing you to sleep
Let me wriggle out melodies

Let me caress your spots
Let me wiggle my tongue around

Let me lead you to dream land
Let me spray my ultimate aura

Let me place you on sleepy romance
Let me write with calligraphic artistry

Let me exude the prowess with aura
And with a wave of relief.
Good night!

Sleep Tight

Lay gently as I watch
Your blinking eyes makes me laugh
Pretending as if you are asleep.

Sleep tight in love
Snore deeply in its realm
Remember someone cares.
Good night my love.

Wannabe Convict

If love is a crime
I chose to remain a convict
I fell for you in no time
It really means something

It’s must I send
A message to feed you well to bed
Of all the angels that watch over you in night
I belong to one that flies.
Good night from me to you.

A Hug Would Do?

I know you are yet to sleep
A hug you need to make you doze
Feel my chest as it beat
It rings for you from here to there

Hugging you tight, I’m doing
Reading your mind like stethoscope
Your mind reads ‘I want you beside’
Lay down and let me fall your side.
Good night to you.

My Good Night Gift

Rosy furnished atmosphere
It’s a night that met you in there
Close your eyes very well
A peck on your nose will make you dream

Dream of me pretty
Tell not anybody like Joseph
Tell it into my ears
Lick my earlobe and met it wet.
Good night to you.

Tasty Beyond Sumptuous

Love is sweet
When I dance to its sensation rhythm
Love is real
When it’s words I had it meaning

Love me till the day
Keep the love in the night
Make sure you may
Everything to do it right.
Good night.

Run the Errand

When you get to the dreamland
Tell fate we do want favour
To make our way sweet
To meet again in the next day

When you meet love on the way
Tell it to excort you throughout the night
There is someone I won’t loose
You, my love, of course, you know.
Good night.

Thank You Love Poems for Her

Appreciate your wife or girlfriend for being there for you in time you thought all is done, with the following thank you so much love poem for her.

Thank You so Much

Thank you
For standing by

Thank you
For loving still

Thank you
For trusting so

Thank you
For leaning on

Thank you
For showing forth

Thank you
For being you

Thank you
For keeping me

Thank you
For keeping love

Thank you
For neglecting all

Thank you
For breeding ‘us’

Thank you for all

I Miss You Love Poems for Her

Let your wife or girlfriend know you are missing her and that you can’t just wait to have her back in your arms with this romantic I miss you my love poems for her from the heart.

I Miss You

When we threw pillows at each other
We tickled our ribs to laugh
I surely miss

Hours I stared into your eyes
Love was all I saw
I miss those eyes

Minutes I laid myself on your laps
Flipping your small navel to dance
I miss them

Seconds we kissed
How I felt your breath entering my nose
How I smooched your cheek to comply
I greatly miss

Your voice
Feminine too much for other types
I really miss

When I give sign
You sure do know
What it means

Rubbed my toes with your fingers
Painted with love
I miss this moment

When you acted silly, I spanked
You pulled at my ear and bite
It electrifies my body
I do miss it

How big you are!
You still insist I back
You jumped on my back and lay
Crossing your legs around waist

Tears drip as I write
I hope it drops stains on this letter
When you read I want you to see
That I miss you greatly.

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