Romantic Love Poems for Him

Romantic Love Poems for Him in 2023

Heartfelt I Love You Poems for Him

Romantic Love Poems for Him: Best of Romantic Love Poems for Boyfriend or Husband

A Friend in Need

Many a time I spend
On few of them, I depend

Many a friend I have
Few of them would stand

I have you in every hour
Muscling around me with power

When others I found not beside
You stood firm to guide

I owe you heaven on earth
Do check my heart to search

Your love I hide without sorrow
Peaceful days, blessed morrow

Counting the stars up yonder
I found you standing between in order

My dearest, you are a gem
Congestion I entered to write with my pen.
I love you.

My Man

In the place of authority
I found a jewel laying in love vicinity

Rushed to caress it gently
A hand I felt snatched it swiftly

Another I picked to feel
It slipped off my hands to sink

Gold that glows
It then came to show

I picked to check
My lips glued on it, a peck

It didn’t fall, looked so strong
What I’ve been yearning for so long

When others fell
It stood firm to foretell

Wonderful story of love
Tell it to me aloud

I don’t know about yours
Mine remains the boss

He is mine, truly mine
Made for mine, I thine

My man, my everything
Showing me love since 1970

I love my man!

Undying love

It keeps burning
Its flames, goes higher
In the air, it never varnished
Strange it is, to me

The mystery turns my imagination
Screams filled my mouth
Words cupped my tongue
Curiosity overthrew me

Then I got it
The meaning, in a simple way
It’s a love that goes up
And never comes down

Good Night Love Poems for Him – Sweet Dreams

Here are romantic good night I love you poems for him that you can send to your husband or boyfriend to wish him a lovely night rest.

Oh! Love Wilt Not

Love that spreads our lives
You lay to sleep and snore
May the love go across
Every part of you to abound.
Good night, my love.

A Gentle Lay

You followed me all way
Sought me through pain
Lifted me up to say
A peaceful rest is all I pray.
Good night to you my dear.

You Ring in My Heart

Outside there, I found none
No one else loves like you do
Our is not infatuation
But that love that stands still.
Sweet dreams and good night.


Fill me till I drip
Kiss me till I suffocate
Hug me till I melt
In the city beyond earth
Do that till my last breath
For I love you beyond the night.
Good night to you.

The Woman You Want

In the “Good Book” I found “Virtuous Woman”
I read of her immeasurable virtues, too
Then I promise to surpass her
And with you, it’s going to be easier
For all I want and need is just you
You alone, and alone, nothing else.
Good night to you from me.

I Am Sorry Romantic Poems for Him

The most perfect way to make the wrong right in a relationship is to sincerely say I’m sorry to your partner. Here is romantic I’m sorry poems you can send to your husband or boyfriend, to correct your wrong after a misunderstanding.

Just A Chance

Thorn apart
Meek I am
The seed I bred
My heart did bleed.

My wrong, my right
Are nothing in your sight
Hatred you might
Give a place in your heart.

But do so not I plea
My battered heart you should see
Set them free
According to your will

Nothing much to it
Just a chance it is
A place in your heart to sit
In your heart again.

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