Romantic Love Letters for Her

2023 Romantic Love Letters for Her – Love Letters for Girlfriend or Wife

I know how it feels to be loved and cherished, and how great it is when two hearts meet in love. If you’ve been a candidate of the love that wins and binds, you sure know what it feels to be in love!

You can tell that love is magical!

Words Wouldn’t Just Say it Enough

This is best sent to your lover when all they’ve done for you is so much that you can tell it all.

Throughout my life, I have learned and seen the power of words. The right ones are like honey and honey comb to the heart of the hearer, especially when said at the right time.

I am a big fan of the romantic ones. And sometimes I would have to pick one that I thought would best describe your love and care for me. Guess what? I always failed as I never had the right word to tell how your love makes me feel. And yet the worst happened, I tried finding the right word again and I just failed.

Days go by and I wish to tell what a wonder you have been to my world. And it’s much of struggle within to see myself trying to fix what can’t be fixed. Hey! I give up trying to get the perfect word for you. But you will forgive me each time I use the normal words…

If I call you an angel, you are more than one. To say you are a Lover and a friend together wouldn’t just do. My heart knows the expression but my mouth would fail me to use the right word.

Like every other time, allow me to call you my all. You are everything to me dear. And the world should know about this.

Thank you for being more than my dream lady. You deserve the best of me. I love you. Kisses.

I Want to Say I Love You So Much

From the first smile, I knew your love would be more than fun.
From your very first gesture, I saw love in its truest form.
From the first meeting, I knew you’ll be here for long.

Days have gone by, the clock has said many tick tacks, you’ve been my muse, the sure reason to move on.

It’s more than amazing what your love has brought me; and if I’ll define it, I’ll be here counting from one to infinity.

On the flip side, I’ve come to say sorry for all my wrongs. I’m so sorry for all the pains and agony I’ve ever caused your lovely heart.
I’ve seen my wrongs and I can tell how horrible they’ve made you feel, with their consequential effects on our relationship.

To say it as it is, you’ve given me so much that a lifetime wouldn’t do to thank you for them all.
More than a million reasons have you given, that meeting you was more than a miracle.

My love, I just want you to know, that I’ll be here forever too. Beyond the highest of mountains, farther than the lowest of valleys, come rain come shine, even through the winter and the summer, I’ll sure be there!

I’ll be your best friend from now on and I will defend your cause. Ready, I am, to make you see all reasons to stay with me forever.

Once again, thank you for your untold love. I love you.

The One Billion Dollar Question

I’ve watched from afar, seen how my heart clung to you in love.

And I asked around, was told of the deeds of infatuation.

Then I thought to myself, could it be the dictates of a crush agenda?

I tried to break their hold on me but the feeling went deeper.

The more I tried to take a step back from you, the closer I became.

The weaker I made my thoughts about you, the stronger the affection became.

A lot of questions came rushing into my mind. The days are running and my heart keep calling….

I’ve not tasted real love but how I see yours smelling like a Ruby wine.

Even though I’ve seen the treats of friendship, yours appearing more sacred by the day.

Just a thought of you, my heart give in to many palpitations…

At a glance of my mind, it keeps running errands for the commands of your affection.

Until now I didn’t know that it’s true when they say, that love is beautiful.

Yes, I’ve gotten it twisted but your love is setting a new path.

I’ve watched from afar… Seen what being in love can do.

I’ve looked within… Gotten a glimpse of bliss with you with me.

I’ve got a thousand questions, but just a line of answer from you would do.

I’ve hoped for a better days ahead, and a thrust of your hand would help the walk.

Love is good, to as many as know how it feels to be given; I want to be that person who will savor yours.

(Her name), I see a future ahead. A perceive a Rome being built. I envisage a home of endless bliss… And I didn’t see me alone.

So I’m asking, will you be mine?

I Am Sorry Love Letters for Her – Apology Love Letters for Girlfriend, Apology Love Letters for Wife

 Letter To The One Who Has My Heart

Gold they say is the most expensive thing
Even silver comes in high values
Diamond is one of the greatest assets people know
All these and many more are valuables
But one thing is usually left out
It is of inestimable value
It worth more than all of these put together
Its price is not in cash
So rare to come by

Desired by many
Deserved by some
Given to few

Opportunity found me and I was one of the few who got it
Whether I deserved it or not… The purest was given to me

But my ignorance caught up with me
I toyed with this treasure
Deserted it to self growth

In my naivety, I almost lost True Love, an asset of indescribable quality.

My true love, You are real
You are transparent
You are a priceless gift
You are the dream of many, but came true for me
Your smartness is not this world
Your intelligence turns me on
And you’re the cutest human I know

I haven’t been all you desire in a man but you love me still
You say I’m complacent and not committed and I admit it

Yes, I won’t deny my imperfection
But your assumption is wrong
It’s not right to think this guy doesn’t love you
I do.
I do more
Much more than I can express
I love you so much and can’t stand losing you

I apologize for every hurt I’ve caused you
Like everyone, I’m just an imperfect human

I only wish you would see beyond the surface into my heart and read how it beats for you alone

You seem to be the only one who knows the keys and buttons that lead to my heart

Oluwafenwa, I miss you
I want you back, my baby
Please, redirect your heart back to me
Let’s be back and better than we used to be

I’m sorry for making you feel unloved
Deep down, you know I love you
I wish I could find more perfect words to express myself
Believe me, I love you… Always.

The Request

Her name is Mary Oluwafenwa. My mum fondly calls her Rolake. We met like jokingly. In Ife. Through a friend. She is very brilliant and smart. I’m turned on by that. She’s cute(if not my mom will kill me). Our values align. She knows me very well. She’s my girlfriend.

I Miss You Love Letters for Her

I Still Think About You

That fateful day, which started as usual but ended special.
I never had a clue it was gonna be a unique one for me until I set my eyes on you.
Something within me leaped for joy
My heart skipped more than a beat
It was the first time a stranger touched my heart in that manner
I knew there was more to what my eyes were seeing
I was sure it was worth probing
A bold step that earned me my true love was taken that day.

Everything happened like it has been preordained
How could I have thought it wasn’t anyway.
You walked into my life
And like mystery turned it around
You became the reason I smile
My life got a better meaning
I knew I had found a soul mate
Our love was pure and real
Wrapped with better days ahead

Having you in my life is the best thing that has ever and can ever happen to me, dear.
I know I ain’t anywhere near being perfect but my weaknesses were made perfect in you.
You were my light and inspiration
The one my heart beats for

Eagles are also called birds but obviously unique in all spheres.
You are a female by nature but your intelligence and beauty stands you out.
You are hard working and competent
You are decent and of high moral standard
Your ideologies about life makes me fall for you everyday

I knew I’ve gotten all my heart ever desired when I found you
But your recent attitude towards me question my heart over and again
I wonder where the angel I fell in love with had gone
I can’t seem to find my gem
I’ve searched every place… I still can’t find her.
The lady that loved and cared about my feelings per time
The lady my heart beats for day after day.

I can’t seem to find you, my love
I can only see you far away at a distance
Please return quickly to me, darling.
I can’t cope without you in my life
We have come this far, let’s together make this journey worth it.

Open your heart that I may know where I’ve wronged you
I apologize for every hurt I’ve caused you
I wouldn’t hurt you intentionally
Look back at how we started and let us together rekindle the fire of our love
You mean more than I can explain to me

I can’t bear not having you around me no more.
I miss you
I miss us
I love you.
Be back to your love, my love.

The Request

What her cousin told me about her before I see her, she told me that is kind of girl that she doesn’t have time for men, she’s a hard work girl, she was not engage in relationship. She also tell me that she an orphan… that was what makes me have more interest.

The first time I saw her, l was overwhelmed by her love, and they was a spirit that came upon me, that’s kind girl I’m looking for.. And when she said Yes to request, I was so impressed and count myself a most luckiest person on EARTH. And I was convinced that it way God that brought her to my way!!

now about two weeks ago , she suddenly stopped picking my call. l called her several times she didn’t pick.. l said well, l pray all is well with her. I was like waiting to see her call or WhatsApp text as she normally does. And she didn’t.

In the night I saw her online, I wait for while, and I ask her, ” what happened that you’re not been picking my call? She said nothing happened! I ask her, You just refused to pick my call right? She didn’t reply. l said well, it’s true that we are in the free World, but I’m very much disappointed seeing you do this to me…

Consequently, when she see me online she will greet and I reply her.. And if I want to chat further she will not reply… After someday I called her she didn’t pick.. l used my friend number and she picked, l ask her, why are you not been picking my call? She said Nothing! I said, why u didn’t have my time?
She said, I’ll not Understand!
I don’t know what to do!!

I want tell her what will touch her., I’m missing her… and she meant so much to me…

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