Happy Birthday Sister in Law Messages Wishes Poems and Quotes

Happy Birthday Sister in Law Messages, Wishes, Poems and Quotes

I wish You Happy Birthday Sister in Law

I stood afar and watched how your presence in my family has wrought untold joy. I waited to see if it was all a mirage or faint shadows that wouldn’t last. But the more I looked and waited, the better you became.

It’s amazing how you always look out for the family and I just must confess that your type is rare.

Is it your Words, encouragement, care? Time will fail me to talk about how sweet they are altogether.

As I waited and discovered today is your day again, I can’t but say a big happy birthday to you in this way. And I just wish this little will be enough.
Sister, you are a rare gem. I really love you, and I will say that again and again. Thanks for being part of the family. Mwah.


Happy birthday to You Sister in Law

History has been made… Crooked ways have been made straight… Lines have been made to fall in pleasant places for all…. The Atmosphere would not stop ushering in its gaiety… And hearts wouldn’t stop getting their timely muse…

I returned and I saw under the sun, that the place of love is fit for the one who’s got more than streaks to call the shots….

Think about how lovely the above is, and you could come close to finding out about someone who’s worth more than mere wishes…. Someone who’s closer than a brother and a sister altogether.
Well, I know thousands could deserve more than a rapturous applause, but I know someone who deserves more. And why not wait to know why such deserves this much?

An embodiment of care, is none else but her.
To look for the best of heart, I wouldn’t go far.
She’s everyone’s muse, from here to Madagascar
And even my shadow can tell of her goodness, that’s up to par.

I wish I can tell of your input to the family
Wish I can say it in words or demonstrate it really
You are more than a gem, I know that truly.
And in everyone’s heart, you are one of a kind ideally.

She sees herself as my sister-in-law
But she’s my sister without the in-law
She’s a gift from God to all and sundry
And her love in us all has no boundary

Happy birthday to you sister.

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