Cute Paragraphs for Your Crush

Cute Paragraphs for Your Crush (2023)

It’s seemingly impossible to figure out what to say when you have a crush on someone. By introducing yourself to starting a good conversation, and how to express your feelings, it may seem difficult to give out the right words.

Once you have an interest in a person, you should try to draw them out. Try sending some of these cute paragraphs for your crush if you want to make a good impression on him or her.

Cute Love Paragraphs to Send to Your Crush

Best of sweet collection of cute love paragraphs to send to your crush.

1. All I want is to be the reason you see the need to give a guy an opportunity to prove how much he feels for you.

2. Thoughts about you light up my outlook and make me feel so happy. I’d be smiling every time I am texting you. All I want is to call you mine.

3. You and I should be together, this is my utmost wish but I also hope that it someday becomes a reality.

4. Every day, I feel hurt when I think of the fact that you’re not mine. But I get to feel happy when I remember that I really to feel deeply for you and I will treat you right if you ever give me the opportunity.

5. I’m always depressed staying alone without seeing your face. The only thing that makes me smile is the thought that I will get to see you again. My heart is so yearning to be yours.

6. I do think about you so much that nothing else comes into my head. I do wish to one day call you mine. I do wish that your heart belongs to me one day. I do hope that we get to become the best to each other. I do want to treat you as the best person in the world.

7. My eyes behold an angel in human form. You’re one girl I’d ever want to do anything just to be with. My heart keeps crushing on you and sure there’s nothing I can do to stop this. I really do need you in my life dear.

8. I keep wondering why my head keeps having a picture of you every second, then I realized that you captured my heart the very day we met each other, and now I can’t help but wish to be with you.

9. I took just a moment to say a hi to you, but now it’s the case that I cannot afford to let go of your image in my head. My heart really yearns to belong to you and I promise to treat you like the queen that you are if I am given the opportunity.

Cute Paragraphs For Crush To Make Her Smile

When you need to make your female crush smile and happy, use these cute paragraphs for crush to make her smile.

10. Ever since we met, I’ve always been thinking about you. You’re now all I desire to have. You’re one angelic person I have been opportune to meet in my life and I can’t afford to let you pass me by.

11. Just one message from you is enough to set my soul on fire. I hope I get to be lucky enough to call you mine, I hope we get to become the best that can ever happen to each other. My heart will never stop loving you if it’s been accepted.

12. I spend so much time thinking about what will make you understand just how much I really do feel you. You’re now my favourite person and I realized that I’m getting to love you so much. I hope I don’t get to feel rejected.

13. My life and love story has never been perfect but I it’s now close to perfection right from the very first moment I met you. I request that you let me see you again. One thing is certain that I’ll treat you like the best that you are if you get to feel tired.

14. Through my years of existence till this moment, I have always not believed in this feeling of a thing. But guess what? You’ve captured my heart so much that I now become a professor of the existence of this very feeling of love.

15. I can hardly figure out why I have such a deep crush on you, that’s because my crush isn’t a run-of-the-mill but the very best of its kind. I believe One day, you’ll be mine and I will be yours.

16. All I want to be in life is to be that very special person to you. All I want is to be the reason you’ll smile through tough days because my heart will be yours and the race is what we shall run together.

17. That which my heart feels for you can hardly be expressed through words. I hope I get to be opportune enough to show you all I feel and I promise that you shall ever love it too. All I want is to please you, care about you, and also be the reason you wake up smiling.

18. I wish I could ever call you my own, then I will give you a queenly treated that suits you well. I will be proud of the whole world that I have the best person in the world, and I will continue to let you know how one feels to be loved.

19. We met just a couple of weeks ago and it’s now more like I have been with you all through my life. You’re the very person I wish to call my one, you’re the one who takes my breath away. I hope you get to understand that you occupy a very special place in my heart.

20. Well, I may not say it all now because words lack the ability to express my exact feelings, but I’d feel so much for you that I can’t think of going through every single hour without thinking about you. You’re one lady I will always pray to have.

21. I am so pleased to let you know that you are all I have been thinking about since we met, you’re indeed an angel in human form and I am lucky to even behold your beauty. I really do wish to have you in my arms and give you the best that you deserve.

22. All I want is to be the reason you always stay happy. All I want is to call you mine and treat you with love and care.

23. Whenever I see you, my heart skips because your presence makes the world seem stopped. You’re all I desire to have and I will always respect you if I am granted the opportunity.

24. Just one message from you could turn my day into a very happy one. All I need is to know that you care and my mind will be at peace.

25. Each time I hear your voice, my heart keeps telling me that is where it beings. You’re indeed all I wish to have.

26. My life has always been imperfect, but it’s going to be close to perfection with you around. You’re the angel I long to call my own.

27. I have met so many persons but none has been able to capture my heart as you have done. You’re the moon I hope will shine in my dark days.

28. My wish is to have you, then I will treat you like a princess that you are. You deserve the very best dear and I hope I get opportune to show you just how much your beauty worth.

29. I can not actually figure out the actual reason why I am crushing so deeply on you, sure it’s because your eyes have captured my heart so much that I do not have any option but to love you.

30. Your eyes speak love to me. Your smile speaks a language only my heart understands. You’re all I wish to have and I will always be happy to call you mine.

31. My heart lingers around you now. I can rarely go a whole minute without thinking about how beautiful you are. You are truly an angel that has manifested in human form. You’re the right person a man needs to build an empire. I really do wish to call you mine.

32. Here’s the most amazing moment, the moment I keep looking at you and everything in my memory gets formatted. The very moment I see you and all I wish for is to be together with you.

33. I am certain we’re meant to be together. All we need is for you to give me the opportunity to show you just how much love I have for you. I am sure you will be the real deal.

34. Now, every moment I spend with you describes perfection. My life has been interesting without you, but now it’s so amazing because I just met my own soul mate.

35. Just so you know, I feel so much for you that I do not mind what it takes to make you happy. All I want is your happiness and I will always be by you to create that sweet impact.

36. Well, I know there are equally so many persons out there, looking for an equal opportunity to call you theirs. But then, mine comes with all sincerity from the heart, and words alone cannot express the exact ways in which I desire to lavish love upon you. Goodnight dear.

37. Hey there! I just want to let you know that you make me feel so happy whenever you smile. You’re like the sun to me, my day is always not bright without you. I really do wish to be yours.

38. In my capacity as a human, I will always put in my best just to show you how much you mean to me. I hope I get lucky enough to call you mine.

39. Dear, just know that I do not plan on chasing you forever. I believe that you will be mine someday and we will have the very best of our times together.

40. I would keep on talking if every word could keep on bringing out gorgeous smiles from you. Your smiles feel my heart with happiness and I just know my life would be complete with you.

41. Each day, I get to meet and talk to other people. Most times I’d sit out with them, or invite them over on weekends. But amidst all this, no one captures my heart as much as you do. You’re all I wish to have dear.

42. Every minute we spend together makes my love for you to grow deeper than it was. Now I am scared that you’ll take over me completely and I would likely not have any control over my heart. You’re all that matters to me.

43. I just get to think about you every time. I’d be thinking about you every mid-day that I sometimes forget my official duties. You’re not just a friend but one special person I wish to call my own.

44. I hope to discover that which puts so much smile on your face, that will help me to do it every single day so you’ll always stay happy.

45. Dear crush, you’re the most important person I wish to call mine now, you’re so special to my heart that it never lets me forget about you no matter how much I try. You now own my heart, I hope you accept it.

46. I am not saying it all so you can turn pink in the face. I am saying this because you’re all that my heart yearns for and I can’t stop imagining how beautiful life would be with you.

47. When I saw you, I was too shy to say hello, but then I had to so because I had a thought that we are Africans and we are not supposed to turn pink on the face. Till this very moment, I have always been having a deep crush on you.

48. If I had the ability, I would turn the time faster so it moves to the very time that you’ll be mine, then I’ll have the opportunity to prove how much I love you.

49. I never believed one could get my heart going so deep just on the first date, but you have captured my heart and it has another choice to be with you.

50. It is within your power to make me happy, it is in staying together with you that I will always be assured life has the best to offer.

51. I wake up every morning smiling because a picture of your beautiful face pops into my head. My heart keeps telling me that I know where it belongs and it’s with you. You’re all I need.

52. Hey cutie! We haven’t talked in a while but my heart keeps disturbing about how much it misses you.

53. Oh, I like the sound of my heart coming close to yours. I really do desire to have you, dear. Pleasant dreams with me in them.

54. Good morning dear. If I had one wish that will surely come to pass, then it’s the wish for us to be together as one, that alone will bring us to be very best to each other.

55. Today I want to eat your favourite foods with you. Please, hope you wouldn’t mind making out time for me.

56. Wow. You’re always looking so gorgeous, dear. In my dreams, you look awesome but in reality, there’s no single word good enough to describe how angelic you look. I just can’t stop thinking about you.

57. I had so many dreams last night and none was completed without you. You’re the real deal dear.

58. Hey! I never really believed in love at first sight but I can’t doubt that anymore. Know why? I met you and you proved me wrong. You’re all I need to be whole dear.

59. I know you’ll surely have a busy day ahead, but then, I just woke up and you’re all I am thinking about. Can you please add me to your to-do- list?

60. I really can’t wait to see you again dear. You have the most amazing smile I have ever seen and you’ve stolen my heart with this.

61. Dear, I like you with all my heart’s might. Looking at you gets me smiling, coming close to you makes my heart beat faster, I keep thinking about you every moment.

62. When I seat very close to you, my heart wishes to dwell in you. I just can’t get you off my mind because you’re one person I desire to have.

63. I may or may not be the very best guy you’ve met. But believe me, you’re meeting someone who likes you with all the sincerity of his heart. I hope you consider giving me a chance to prove just how much you mean to me.

64. I really do believe your heart wouldn’t say no. I have a massive crush on you and all I want is for us to be together. Sure ours will be the best.

65. You’re really dazzling in beauty dear. I do not just have the right words to let you know how much I am crushing on you. I’d treat you like an angel if you let me do so.

66. I am crushing on an extraordinary person. I am crushing on someone who isn’t only pretty but one who is smart and intelligent. I am not crushing only on your pretty smiles but also on the belief that you have the ability to create an impact only genius possess.

67. I’ve always tried to let you know how much you mean to me. You’re one special person I need so much and it can’t be all fine without you.

68. Most of the hours of my days go by when I think about you. Now, I can’t even stop the picture of your pretty face popping into my head. I really do heart you dearly.

69. My heart would run after you if it has legs of its own. But since it doesn’t, my lips can’t stop letting you know how much you mean to me.

70. I can feel it deeply, my heart keeps telling me how much it likes you. I wish your heart could tell you same thing.

71. Whenever you catch my eye, my breath goes away because my heart can’t withstand your angelic face without wishing to be yours.

72. Thinking about you makes me sleepless in the night. So I do not get to dream but always, your face never departs from my imaginations.

73. I’d like talking to you so much. I do like to watch smile. I do like to watch us stay together with each other. I do wish to call you mine.

74. I do like today hello to you because at least for a minute I get your attention and nothing else makes me feel happier than this.

75. I have tried several times to control how much I think about you, but I just miss it all. I can’t help but continue to think about you. I can’t promise to be perfect but I’ll try to be at my best if I ever get a chance from you.

76. I have tried so much to convince my heart, but it keeps telling me that it knows where it belongs. I just can’t stop thinking about you, and you alone make me feel this way.

77. You’re the medic to my soul, thinking about you sets my soul on fire and all I do as a human is to smile all day.

78. Let me make an honest confession, I have a deep crush on you and I just can’t keep it to myself anymore. I really do desire to call you mine and you alone can make me happy.

79. Everyone knows that there is that one person in life, that you meet and never stop thinking about. You’re that one person to me and I hope we see the need to be together.

80. Well, I know there are equally so many persons out there, looking for an equal opportunity to call you theirs. But then, mine comes with all sincerity from the heart, and words alone cannot express the exact ways in which I desire to lavish love upon you.

81. My heart tells me that you are the very best one can ever have. I can’t doubt what my heart feels because I know how genuine it is.

82. You’re not only a beautiful person but someone who has captured my heart. My heart now belongs to you, do what you want but please don’t reject it.

83. Wow, my eyes have never been opportune to behold such beauty in one person. You’re so special to my heart that it can never stop thinking about you.

84. You’re all I think about throughout the day. My heart never seems to acknowledge the fact thy you’re not yet mine. I hope you see the need to let me show you how sincere my feelings are.

85. Your eyes burn fire. You’re smiling shine like a diamond. Your voice sounds so angelic. Then I should keep wondering what a cuddle from you would feel like, and my heart keeps asking where a kiss from you will take me to. What I feel for you is sincerely genuine.

86. I know I try so hard to act like I feel very okay around you. But you know the truth? My heart skips and my eyes just cannot stop forcing itself to looks towards your direction. My heart needs you and I have no control over it.

87. Thinking about you always makes me smile. You’re all I need and no one else really matters to me. You’re the angel I desire to have in my life.

88. I may or may not be the best or the most popular, but then I promise to give the very best I have if I am opportune. Yes, I truly do love you.

89. You’re my crush because you’re exceptionally talented, beautiful, and all one needs in another human. You’ve captured my heart and the only language it wants to listen to is your voice.

90. Fate made us come across each other, your dazzling beauty couldn’t let me go without saying hello, luck made you give a nice impression, and I hope love will be the reason we’ll stay together.

91. You’ve always been in my dreams and there were the best to each other. Please, let’s make it happen here in reality.

92. You’re now a part of my soul. You lay close to the most important place in my hand. I love you so much that I will never let you go if you let me in.

93. Only your kiss and set up my soul on fire, my heart is already ablaze because of your smile and all I wish is to hold you in my arms and call you mine.

94. What I want from you is more than just mere love. What I want is love filled with sincerity from the heart because what I feel for you is not an illusion but truly love.

95. I desire to have you all day, I keep dreaming about you even in the day, you’re truly special to my heart and I will do my best to let you understand this.

96. I don’t want you not to forget me, I want to be with you now and always, giving the best you deserve to you.

97. It’s very difficult to imagine a life without you. You’re where my happiness lies, you’re all I desire to call mine, you make me feel too happy.

98. I wish I could use words to tell you how I really do feel about you, but words cannot do it all. The way I love you can only be shown if your heart warmly receives mine.

99. I saw you and I I have not been able to stop thinking about you. Your beauty keeps ringing in my head as though a cell phone is vibrating in it. I sincerely do love you dear and I hope you get to understand this.

100. If words could make you understand how I feel, then I would keep sending thousands. But the truth is, my heart desires to have you so much that nothing else can make me feel happy.

101. My biggest wish to have you fall in love with me. I will so happy in life that you will never regret calling me yours.

102. Every love book I read reminds me of you. It’s more like every love song I listen to is directed to you. The only therapy to my imaginations is to have you close to my arm.

103. You’re someone I want to have a million things to do with. You’re one person I want to go to the beach with, lie down, and watch the stars as they rise, then I’ll be able to point at the exact thing you are. You’re truly a living star.

104. I need but just one precious and important gift, and that’s the gift to be with you always.

105. My happiness will know no bound the very moment I can call you mine. You’re so special to my heart that all I desire for is you.

106. I may not always say everything in my mouth, but my heart keeps wishing that you understand just how much I love you. You’re my biggest wish.

107. So much money I do not have to shower you with luxurious gifts. Plater of gold is what I do not have to promise you. Paradise isn’t what I will give you. What I have to offer you is sincerity, a sincere and a loving heart. A heart that will make sure you never regret anything whatsoever it is.

108. So many words to say, but my mouth keeps being shut around you because you send my soul to another realm. You’re all I long to have dear.

109. I can not promise all you want but I promise to give you the very best which you deserve. I love you from the depth of my heart.

110. How can a human be so adorable, beautiful, courageous, and multi-talented? You’re the best I have ever met and I hope you understand the language which my heart is speaking to you.

111. I had always doubted if there’s anything like love at first sight. But you’ve given me more than enough reason to believe in it now. You’re indeed one person that stole my heart away right from the first sight.

112. I never get bold enough to tell you just how pretty you are, but truly I behold an angel the very moment I see you. You’re truly an amazing person.

113. If you love songs, then I’ll beg God to give me an angelic voice that will capture your attention. If you love messages, then I will continue to fill your phone with it every second. But I know the best you need is a sincere heart and I am here to offer it.

114. Days come and pass, but I continue to hope that someday we will be together. Even if it’s in a minute, I hope to get the chance to prove to you just how special you are.

115. So many wishes to make but to have you is the greatest of all. You are a rare gem that is very difficult to find and I won’t let you pass me by. I sincerely do love you, dear.

116. Love they say comes when we least expect it to, and here you are at a time I never expected to meet someone as amazing as you. The beautiful thing is that I am prepared to give you the very best I have.

117. I do not know the exact way to prove to you how much you mean to me. But the truest of my heart desire is to call you mine. You’re really charming and beautiful dear.

118. I hope you get to understand that we should be together. I hope you realize that we can be the best to each other.

119. It feels so good to love you, I believe it will be the best if you let me have a chance. You mean so much dear.

120. I want a relationship that we will always go extra miles to support each other’s dream. I want to be with the most amazing person in the world. I want to be with you.

121. Let’s not only count how lucky I am to meet you but also how wonderful it will be if we see the need to be together.

122. Just as I wished to be loved by you, I am ready to lavish so much love on you too. All I need is your approval and I will forever be yours.

123. I hope the night goes away with the dreams of having you. I hope the day comes with the reality of having you in my arms. I heart you so much.

124. My night seems longer than normal, that’s because I really need you and everything can always be fine with you.

125. Just like tough days, staying without you makes everything seem too difficult. You’re so special that my greatest desire is to call you mine.

126. It’s already a very beautiful morning, all I wish is to see you today so I can behold your beautiful eyes and gorgeous smiles.

127. I slept well and I woke up, and then I realized just one thing was missing, and that’s your presence.

128. I always feel so happy and satisfied the very moment I see you smiling. You’re really a beautiful angel one can rarely find.

129. Though every day may not always be rosy, I still know that my best days will be the days I go through together with you. You’re really all I need.

130. Yes, my biggest fear is to never have you in my arms. I hope you realize just how much I love and need you.

131. Please, I am requesting that you see the need to let us be together, and I assure that you will definitely end up being happy that you did so.

132. Memory of the very day we met is still stocked in my head. My heart keeps telling me that it all belongs to you. I may not really have any choice but to let you know how much you mean to me.

133. You’re always mine whenever I close my eyes, and I never stop wishing to call you mine in reality.

134. I’m so happy that we came across each other, I hope we get to become good couples as time goes on, I heart you so much, dear.

135. I am by no means looking for someone who is perfect, all I need is someone who will love me with all sincerity, and I love you from the depth of my heart.

136. I have always refused to accept the fact anyone can be perfect, but sure I have seen now that you’re close to perfection. All I really need is you.

137. I am yet to realize the exact thing that gets me so excited whenever I am around you, but sure you’re the best I have ever see.

138. With all sincerity of the mind, I really do need you. I wish you were mine, then I will treat you like the angel that you are.

139. You’re all I have always desired to have, you’re indeed a very special person.

140. I keep thinking about you every moment, all I desire is to be with you because you alone can give me the happiness I desire to have.

141. Well, it’s good to know that your smile sets my soul on fire. It’s good to know that you’re one girl that has captured my heart, and there’s nothing more I can do but to love you.

142. Sweetheart, I never thought I could get to love another human this much, but now my heart belongs to you and I wish you to treat you like a queen that you are.

143. I never stop thinking about you. I doubt you understand how much I love you, all I want is to be with you.

144. I thank God for granting me the opportunity to come across someone as beautiful as you, I hope you get to understand that I love you from the depth of my heart.

145. Wow. What an angelic voice you have. Your smile so amazing, and your face extremely fine and shiny like a diamond.

146. Words can’t tell just how much you mean to me. I can’t stop thinking about you dear.

147. Well, it’s good to let you know that you’re the very best I have ever seen. You’re truly an angel in human form.

148. I’d consider being the luckiest person in the whole world. You’re the one I truly do desire to have.

149. My heart yearns to have you, I’ll consider myself to be the luckiest person in the world if you let me own a place in your heart.

150. I know thousands of persons in the world are wishing to have someone like you, and I also hope that my own wish becomes a reality. I really do heart you dearly.

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