Sweet Paragraphs to Say to Your Girlfriend

100+ Sweet Paragraphs to Say to Your Girlfriend in 2023

How you may have bumped into this website could be to search for sweet paragraphs to send for her. This happens as a result of the love you feel for your girlfriend, it’s okay to be in love, it’s very okay to want to express it in such form.

Every morning she can wake to such messages, or whenever you choose to send, it could help spice up the relationship as you send such lovely messages to her.

Spoil her with love and I wish for you to have the best. Below are sweet paragraphs you wouldn’t want to not send to her.

Heart Touching Paragraphs to Say to Your Girlfriend

There are words you can put together that will make your girlfriend fall in love with again and again. And the only way to get those words is to scroll through the following touching love paragraphs you can say to your girlfriend and send it to her.

1. My dear, I need to be honest with you. You are the most precious being I’ve found. For every day I wake, its a great feeling knowing you are the partner I’d want to spend my life with. To spend the rest of my life with you is a craving I wish to be fulfilled so I wake up daily with Joy in my heart.

2. Whenever I look deep into your eyes, I get lost believing you are meant for me alone. You capture my heart and sink deep into my soul. Whenever I close my eyes, I see us deep into each other waking up beside ourselves and making love as though we were on clouds.

3. Your skin is a tale I admire whenever I find my eyes on your legs, those sexy heels of yours cannot skip my eyes every moment. Your astonishing look leaves me breathless especially if I see you on short skirts and crop tops. When my eyes see these, I just want to show the world how beautiful for an angel you are. I love you, my angel.

4. Babe, whenever I tell you I am hungry, it’s me just wanting to taste your food because it takes over my senses and leaves me in awe. Your cooking is so great I don’t know how to even go about it, thanks for the magic you make with those pots. It makes me love you the more.

5. For every morning I wake, I love that you are beside me, treating me like a King. To wake up beside the most beautiful woman is something so pampering. To my bones, I feel a lot of happiness when I am home feeling so tired, for I know I’m coming home to a woman is more than caring. You make me happy and our home so full of happiness and love.

6. How do I describe you when all in my heart I’m feeling so proud knowing I belong to a woman such as you. You’re a woman so bold, beautiful, intelligent and you inspire me a lot. You who is always behind me, I love how you motivate and support me, it makes me the luckiest man in the world.

7. Falling in love with you makes me lose control of myself. It’s a good feeling because it makes me feel on top of the world. I love that our paths have crossed for it has changed and made me a better man. I will love you forever.

8. Forever you’re mine, as my heart chooses you. I was far from loving until you came into my life and defined love. I do understand what it means to be in love now and that has made me love you unconditionally. I will forever be honest with loving you for turning my life around. I love you always.

9. Always and forever I know we will be together, you have always been there for me with your love despite my imperfections. It’s so amazing knowing you are the queen of my heart. We deserve each other but I deserve you even more. You’re such a smile in my life that brightens my day.

10. As long as I can remember, you are the reason I believed love exist again. I remember how broken you met me and yet fixed me, our stars didn’t cross by mistake, it did to tell who we were becoming, as I’m your king and you be my Queen. I love you forever my love.

11. I want to wake and see the fairest of my soul. Watching you sleep all night is not enough for time to render what kind of love you have opened in my heart. I want to always feel new and fulfilled knowing you are beside me, not only now but always.

12. Forever I want to spend the rest of my life with you fulfilling my duties to you of treating you like a queen that you are. You are a treatment that heals my broken heart and I am so happy I have met you in my lifetime. I love you my darling.

13. My life I will give as a devotion to you my love, so you know that you’re everything to me as my world revolves around you. This world may hold it’s perks and harshness but I promise to be gentle and soft on you, I will be open for you to understand and our love will be fulfilled with goodness. I love you and will never stop.

14. Meeting you has changed me, it has been wonderful growing and having an angel beside you to show me the true nature of love. You have defines what perfection means and have opened my heart to many great things. I know with you I’d love forever.

15. This has been a great dimension since I decided to make this Union happen, a sky needs a sun, a darkness needs a moon, you have become my star and I will forever be here to support you too. Love me unconditionally my love.

16. A day never goes by that I don’t sing about you, the rhythm is even sweeter when the melody tends to talk about meeting you. I know my heart dances in the steps of love each time the drums of togetherness comes on. All I am trying to say my love is I am nothing without you.

17. If I ever choose to tell you the reasons why I love you, you may never get to finish reading or listening to them but one of it is how you inspire me to be a better version of myself. Without you, I will never know the strength I have and it is with the same strength I love you soo much.

18. With you, I will say life is incomparable to me. I and you are a perfect match for each other that is why the name my lips whispers in the morning is you, the way my heart beats, it’s only yours that understand and the worst mistake I will ever make in my life is leaving you or stop loving you.

19. Seeing you happy each day gives me so much joy, knowing I am the reason behind your beauty is my utmost desire as it breaks me into parts and leaves me ajar. A moment of unhappiness is never my prayer while I am with you, that is why I will love you always and every time.

20. With you I must say, you showed me that love is beyond description. Amazing is what I call giving myself to you, you are my all in one, I may never find the right gifts or parcel or feelings to ever be grateful for loving me but I will never stop loving you.

21. Whenever I wake in the morning, you are the first thought of the day, whenever I go to sleep at night you’re the last thought of the night. In my dreams you live, why? Because you are the one for me, you’re the priceless gem I had wished for and found. You keep shining like a star and I love you for that.

22. I wake up everyday hoping you will never grow sad, I want us to be like the morning and always blossoming. There’s a lot of pleasure to know I am the reason for your smiles, the second thing to your happiness. You deserve my all my love for you rock my world.

23. Giving myself to you is unrivalled, for the love you showed me. My life has never been beautiful like now, meeting you, falling in love with you, waking up beside you. I know no matter what I do, you deserve more but never forget that I love you so much.

24. For each day I wake, you are the first thought with a future I believe to live happy knowing you are the love of my life. My love for you is filled and I will be so foolish to let you slide off my heart.

25. Forever and together is for me and you, in sunshine or rain, sweetness or sour moments, I will forever want you to be my only pair, you are a bottled filled with amazing smile, elegant laughter. It’s such a pleasure having you in my life, I love you so much, my love.

26. My sweetness, your love is a sweetened ecstasy that I can joyfully accept as you release me from loneliness and great misery. Your blessing is divine being my love as you are a gift from God. With you always is happiness in my heart, I love you more than words can ever tell.

27. Of everything I have become today, I owe it to the most beautiful person reading this message. I have found love and peace when I first fell in love with you, I owe you a strong connection for the rest of my life and I will show it to you every day of my life.

28. In a short time, it is evident I have changed to be a more loving person. It is because I met you, you are beautiful cause I am happy to have made a part of my story. You are a perfect dream.

29. I remember how you always hold me tight in times when I needed support, your soft body relieved me from sadness. You’re fun to be with always. I appreciate you and how you care, my love is for you forever.

30. I cannot compare our love with anything else in this life, I and you have moved past mountains that should have brought us down, we are still here because the love we have is second to none. The mistake I will never make is loving someone who is not you. You are all I want.

31. Seeing you smile always, makes me derive joy. My laughter is as a result of you, with you is so much peace. I cannot bear the moment knowing you are sad or unhappy because of me that is why my love is forever yours.

32. Whenever the sun touches my face in the morning, I smile to know my heart belongs to a Queen. You will never leave my heart, as you are the most spectacular being I have ever met. May you continually be blessed because you deserve a love more than what I show to you.

33. If I was to build a future without you, my dear, it would have crumbles walls. A future without you is so useless. I cannot let you out of my life my dear. I love you with all my heart.

34. My heart I will give to you for you are my love. With you I have found so much peace and happiness, liberation comes with loving you as my past doesn’t have a meaning to my life like this present moment. I wish I had words to prove your astonishing love.

35. I tell everyone about you, our meeting and how amazing you are to me, my love. I am one of the most fortunate people to have met a dazzling young and amazing person such as you. I cherish you more my darling in this world.

36. You have turned my life around, I am this person because of you and the love you have shown has really sparked me to be this great man. Continue to love me and I will love you forever my love.

37. For every morning I wake, I see a sweet woman beside me. Your face is the sun in my life, your smile is glorious, your laughter tickles me and tells me that the choice I have made in my life is the best.

38. Hey dear, you deserve more gold and diamonds in this life. I wish I had more than that to give you whenever I look deep into your eyes, but all I have is my heart. Our souls are connected, I am sure of that because each night I see you in my dreams. I love you, you have no idea how much.

39. For everything you have done, I appreciate you as you make me happy, you make me feel so loved as the only man in this world. Keep showing me that you love me and I will never fade away my love.

40. No matter the number of girls that run into my life, none will be sweeter than you. None will know what it is like to fall in love with such warmness, such kindness, such passion. I love you so much.

41. My world, everything to me in this world means more if I wake up each day knowing you are mine, can our love grow into an unshakable wall because, for you, I will do anything. I love you beyond words.

42. Professing my love for you is beyond what you read here, it’s deep in my heart and I wish I could express it even better. Open your heart always to me and I will never leave you my darling. I love you.

43. It is safer with you all night when I’m wrapped in your blanket cuddling you with a sweet melody from my chest, heart and lips. I will forever be yours to hold as you are the love of my heart.

44. My darling, I will never stay away from you, I want to always be by your side. I don’t ever believe there’s a love sweeter than this because with you feels like the highest point of connection. I find everything I seek with you, you are the source of my happiness. I am grateful to you for coming into my life.

45. You are such a blessing not just being a partner, you are joy, you are happy, you are peace, you are love. I love you so much my darling.

46. I woke up today thinking of the dream I had, it’s not just today it’s every day. I just know I could spend my whole life with you.

47. You will never understand the depth of my love for you my love. I shed tears of passion from a heart that loves you forever.

48. Whenever I look deep into your eyes, I get so lost thinking of us. I admire the beautiful eyes you have as it makes me deeply addicted to you, you’re captivating as your name always.

49. I have enjoyed every moment I found and spent with you. It has impacted a lot in me as I have grown to be a better man always. I will and want to love you every day of my life.

50. A lot of times in my life, I have seen a lot of people take love for granted. I haven’t retired from having a wonderful person like you in my life. Every moment of my life, I have been grateful to have you beside me, my love.

51. Just so you know, you mean a lot to me. You are so very important to me and I see you as the centre of my existence. You are such an inspiration to me and because of that our relationship will always be stronger.

52. I knew I will always succeed if I met the right woman, you came into my life at the moment I needed support. Together I know we make the world jealous.

53. Dear love of my life, I’m so delighted I have found you like how the valleys found a Lilly. You are a flower I would want to keep for eternity. Will you always blossom to keep our love outpouring? Each night you sleep, dream of me.

54. You’re such a strength I would love to write off, you steer the ship to make me believe love is beautiful and wonderful. For the rest of my life, I want to be with you till forever.

55. Whenever you wake to read these feelings of mine, know that I dug them from the deepest part of my heart. I want to always be by your side, telling you of how I feel for you and how I want to keep you forever. Show me your true colours and I will bloom with you.

56. My lovely one, being with you has made me understand why wonderful things are never taken for granted. For every moment we have spent together, I want to tell you I loved it, I want to cherish each of it and will always keep you forever and always as my favourite person.

57. Know that I love you, I cherish you, you are my joy, you are my happiness, you are comfort, you are laughing. I love you my dear and will always be with you, now and always.

58. Let the sky always tell you I wake up with your thoughts. When you see the morning always think of me when you see the sun let it be us.

59. I wish you knew how rare it is to find a friend who is also a lover, and how it feels sweet to have such a person close to you in the heart and mind. I love you.

60. You came as light and paved my dark into Oblivion. I love that I wake every day to think of you like the sun thinks of morning. May our love continue to overflow always.

61. I remember how shattered my heart was and you came and fixed it, how dark my night grew into but you became light. I love how you give me reason to live, as you love me every day.

62. If I am to tell you how much I love you, it’s like me touching the sky and using the clouds to write your name and so with the stars. My love for you is big, it is limitless and you will never be in doubt.

63. I never find the right words to tell how much I love you, no phrase can give in so much detail how my heart beats for you. I love you, my love.

64. To spend the day with you is all I seek so I keep staring at your beautiful soul through your eyes, your face is enough to make my day, I will pray for infinity of eternities to happen with you beside me because it is you I love.

65. If I used the ocean to describe you, you’d be flawless, if I used the sky to describe you, you’d be perfect, if I used a smile to describe you, I’d keep on laughing because you’re full of love and happiness whenever your thoughts come on my mind.

66. My darling, you are my sun, I can only shine when you’re around me. You’re as endearing as a music composed by Mozart. If I understood what beauty meant, then it was after I met you.

67. You give me light, life, love, laughter, smile, happiness, joy, peace. I can go on telling how complete you make me feel. It so beautiful knowing you are a part of my life.

68. Breathtaking is what happens when I think of you, you’re like a mountain I love to see every time. You have such a big heart that radiates every day. I love you.

69. There was a time in my life when I was an ordinary person with no love, no smile, no glow in my heart, but since I met you. You have lighten up my life and given me reasons to know why such a beautiful person like you had to find me. I love you, babe.

70. My believe lies solely that no matter what age you were born into, I’d have found a way of always making our paths cross because I feel you were made for me, to compliment my story and to make me whole.

71. If I was to compare you to the sun, I will say you shine the brightest, you’re my moon at night and you light up my world, if you see through my eyes you would know you mean more than the world to me.

72. The day I set my eyes on you brought so many memories of unshattered love, only you came and loved me despite my flaws. I love how I and you have grown fond of each other and healed many broken bridges together.

73. With you I just wish there was a better way to freeze time so moments I will spend with you will never melt away or burn with just mere memories. I want to always hold back those moments you made my heart melt or made me feel so complete. I will always create a time machine if it means to prove how much I love you.

74. My beautiful angel, I am the most happiest person on Earth to have met you, you are a powerful Queen and I love you for making me your king, your everything and your all. You are the most beautiful thing that has happened to me.

75. Meeting you has put alot of ink in pages where I didn’t think. You have built a home with me. I hope you know that my life has always been better since I met you. I am happy to have spend moments of memories with you.

76. Your presence makes me feel so true at heart. I wish I could describe it even more, being around you makes life even easier to laugh, be happy, every moment with you is light-hearting and I feel loved.

77. If I had a confession to make, it is that for each moment I have spent with you I have resisted urges to not let you go because with you there’s so much warmth. I enjoy having moments spent with you that I dream every night about it.

78. To be heartbroken is the moments I spend away from you, every moment counts for me. I just know we belong to each other, because each absence I feel without you is missing puzzle.

79. Nothing in my life worths more if not moments with you. The relationship is at a point where I want to always lay my flaws, my troubles because you are always there for me.

80. If I think of how far you are from me, every little time we have spent becomes a memory worth cherishing. The touch of your hands feels real, some days I feel like you are sitting beside me. Your presence makes me feel light, I do not want to leave your sight no matter what.

81. Everyday with you is a story of patience, love, understanding and care. You have always supported me and showed me what love actually means. Thank you for always putting up with my imperfections and showing that I matter more to you in life. I appreciate you alot.

82. For ever wiping tears away from my eyes, I feel so loved and respect you alot. With you are no horrible nights. You are a joyful story happening to me and I write this with so much peace that I love you so much my love.

83. To be very honest with you my love, there is no better way to describe the feeling in my heart because of what I feel for you. My heart aches in your absence as it wants to see you so it carves a smile on my face.

84. I want to always work out our differences my love, cause i feel tingles whenever you let out your heart to me, I love you when you’re mine, I love you when you smile. I am yours, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

85. You alone have showered me with love and laughter more than anyone in my life. As imperfect as I am you have accepted me like that. When I thought sadness was going to hunt me forever, you came showering memories of love. My prayers are that we spend eternity together.

86. You are a beautiful color I can seem to point out in the rainbow. You are a beautiful flower no bouquet can hold, a beautiful light the sun cannot compare. I love you with no end.

87. With you my life has changed, I have found understanding, my life was in perils until you came. My heart skips a beat when your smile comes up. With you everything is just perfect.

88. Have I ever told you how much you mean to me? All the happiness that you bring keeps growing like a seed to become a tree of love, laughter, joy and peace. You are the best thing that has happened to me in my life, know that I love.

89. You know that I love you, every second we spend together. To me, I cannot by any chance describe the feeling as it gives me goosebumps every moment my eyes fall on your body. I love you my angel.

90. Should I take a minute to talk of how absolute you are to me, it will be perfect enough to say you’re the center of my orbit. I have become a better person knowing I have an accomplishment such as you. It’s a new dawn with you always.

91. You have turned my life around my love, meeting you is a smile I will never let sadness wear. You are my entire life, I can care less about sadness and pain because you bring so much love to me every now and always.

92. I fell in love with the most angelic being and have become a journey I cherish every now and then, I appreciate everything and every moment we have shared so far that I cannot wait to spend eternity with you.

93. In my life, only you have contributed and shared so much bliss in my life. I have discovered that with you I have found true love, I find every moment a new experience with you and I want you to know, you’re always in my mind.

94. You are a Ruby, a rare gem, a beauty to behold. Having you as a partner is an experience I love to share in the takes to our children. My utmost desire is for love to abound with us until we live no more. Love you.

95. From heaven, I can guess you were molded for me, because how can such an angel find me on Earth and be beside me despite my flaws and mistakes. I cannot wait to build with you, I want you to be part of my future. I want you forever my love.

96. To put a smile on my face, I am sure God sent you to me as a surprise, well! I was surprised to find that angels live on Earth. Thank you for accepting me, for helping me grow in confidence, and for showing me love truly exists.

97. Life used to be a dark place for me, then you came. You brought warmth, you brought love, you showered beauty and made me shine brighter than the sun. Without you is my feet with no footpath. You are needed beside me to prove what love is.

98. As my biggest fan and supporter, I will love you, for always having my back, I will love you, for been unconditionally there for me, I will love you. So no matter what the world defines, my love for you remains real and pure, strong and healthy.

99. Whenever my eyes look at you, my heart giggles, I become stronger in love knowing I have found a good thing. Your love is a miracle I love to tell tales of, Knowing you fill me with so much sensation and love. I pray eternity finds us together.

100. My heart desires is to live you unconditionally. Being in love with you is a blessing I thank God for, it is a feeling I would never want to loose, I feel special knowing you and falling for you. May your heart always be mine and mine forever.

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