I Love You Paragraphs

101 I Love You Paragraphs for Her or Him; Girlfriend or Boyfriend

I Love You Paragraphs for Boyfriend, I Love You Paragraphs for Girlfriend, I Love You Paragraphs for Husband, I Love You Paragraphs for Wife.

Loving You Paragraphs

1. My Love for You is Constant

Amidst our flaws, differences, resentment, disagreement and quarrels every here and there, my love for you will never move an inch. I love you forever.

2. You Are My Super Woman

As a kid I always admire and wanted a super woman, one who stands out amidst her equals. It came to reality the day our path crossed and you came into my life. I cherish you.

3. The One Who Stole My Heart

I’m sure and certain to live a healthy life henceforth because someone who wouldn’t mind to lose his life to save mine has my heart already. You’re my sweet heart robber and not a armed robber. I love you beyond words.

4. I Will Break Rules for You

For you there’s basically just anything I can’t do, no trick I won’t be able to pull off. I wouldn’t mind to travel back in time and space or do the unthinkable just to brighten up your face my love. I love you than love itself

5. We Are Meant for Each Other

I was called to love you; made to love you, come rain or sunshine it will always be you. I love you, my baby.

6. You Are My Comforter

In a cruel world and times of loneliness, feeling unloved and dejected, I yearned to be in your arms because its the only place I feel secured and comforted. I love you.

7. We Make an Unbeatable Team

Just as it takes two to tangle; two heads better than one and takes two to walk in love, you and I teaming up together will always be unbeatable. I love you so much.

8. You Are the Perfect Definition of Beauty

I was swept away by your scent, moved by the flow of your hair, lost by the glitters in your face and I wondered and said to myself… You’re indeed an epitome of beauty. I love you beyond words.

9. I See My Future Prince Charming in You

All I ever wanted was having a person who will adore, cherish, admire and treat me as the princess I’m, it came to reality the day we met. You’re my prince charming. I cherish you.

10. You Are My Inspiration

Walking down the dark gloomy hallway of life, when all odds seem to be against me and I feel like giving up, thought that you care and love for me inspires me to press on. I love you forever.

11. Everything About You Leaves Me Dumbfounded

It all started with just a snap and the magic began: too fast to capture, too glamorous to ignore, too spectacular to behold and too stupendous it left me dumbfounded was meeting and knowing has caused me. I love you more than love itself

12. You Are my Beautiful Imperfections

Yes! No one is perfect, which reminds us we’re only humans with blood and water running through our veins, still I love all of you like that. I love you much more than you know.

13. Your Company Means so Much to Me

Even if I was given a chance, I can’t stay mad at you for so long, because I have come to love us and enjoy our company the more. I love you to the moon and back.

14. You’re My Life Support

In days of calamity and times of trials, it’s one place I yearn to be – in your arms, because it’s the perfect place I’d find the support I needed the most. I love you.

15. The Right Antidote for Me

When I’m emotionally drain and physically weak, your love is always the right antidote for me anytime any day. I love you, my baby.

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16. My Woman, My Everything

What I dreamed, desired, admired and cherished in a woman, you’ve got it all. I couldn’t have wish for another beside you. I love you more than love itself.

17. I’m Drunk in Your Love

Some folks get tipsy on liquor; others with football games, but for me I’ll always be drunk on your love. I love you more than you know.

18. You Are my Cheerleader

When I’m down, weary and I needed motivation – someone to cheer me up, you’re my solution. I cherish you.

19. You Are Just too Right for Me

I never could have wish it will turned out this way. You’re the right one for me today, tomorrow and forever. I love you so much.

20. You Are My Thought Daily

Not a day goes by without me thinking about you, you mean so much more to me. I love you today and always.

21. You Plus Me Equals the Real Deal

Applying the appropriate recipes to a sauce makes it delicious, just as you plus me make an awesome and incredible deal. I cherish you

22. You Are a Gift to Me

Just like gifts are sometimes given to people even when they don’t deserve them, likewise God gave you to me even when I don’t deserve you. You know that I love you right? Well I do!

23. You’re the Best Among the Rest

You turned out to be the best thing that I ever had and will always have. I love you to the moon and back.

24. No Dull Moment with You

Being with you, they has never been a moment of dryness. Every time and day spent with you so far have been fun filled. I love you.

25. You Are a Magician

You’ve cast a spell on me with your magic wand by your care and love, and I don’t want to recover from it forever. I love you dear.

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26. You’ve Light up My Life

Living in a dreary and bleak world, I’ve no cause to be afraid anymore. Your love has lighten up my life. I love you so much.

27. Having You gives Me a Sense to Live

When I found myself at the bleak of giving up on life, knowing that I have you gives me a reason to live on. I love you beyond words.

28. When I Met You

There would be no reason for forgotten promises each time you stood me up. But, I am happy I did, because, you were the one who always inspires me to soar higher every single day; brings out the best in me. I love you so much.

29. Your Love Strengthens Me

In trying times, when I’m knocked down to earth, your love provides me the strength I needed to carry on. I love you to the moon and back.

30. I Admire All of You

I admire all of it; from your compassionate and loving heart to your broad shoulders, the way you talk to how you walk. I admire. I love you so much.

31. Thanks for Everything

Words will fail me if I start to mention. So with an humble attitude I’m saying: thanks for everything great – big, medium or small – knowing you have brought into my life. You know that I love you right? Well I do.

32. I Have no Excuse Not to Love You

From the day I set my eyes on you, and up till this very moment, I’d found no excuse(s) not to love you. I love you more than love itself.

33. You’re My God Sent

You were sent from above just for me and me alone; to love and behold, respect and honor. And I’ll forever be grateful to God the day our path crossed. I love you so much.

34. I Love You Today, Tomorrow and Forever

You’re so endowed with all a woman could ever wanted, needed or asked for in a man, and I’m loving you till eternity. I love you to the moon and back.

35. You Make My World a Better Place

The world has become a better place to stay and live in, as you’re a big part of my world now. I love you so much.

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36. You’ve Satisfied My Hunger for Love

I’ve always wanted to be filled to the brim with love and affections, that came right through the day you walked into my life. I love you forever.

37. You’ve Made Me to Love the More

Knowing and having you in my life have taught me how to love a bit more than I do before. I love you so much.

38. For Me to Live is You

I wouldn’t mind dying for you in as much as I will live for you, because for me to live is you. I love you more than love itself.

39. You’re My Best From the Rest

I couldn’t have imagine what it means not to have someone like you, as you turned out to be the best from the rest. I love you dearly.

40. Reminiscing Your Love is Unstoppable

I hardly consider nor think much about myself since the moment you stepped into my life and occupied my heart. All I do all day is thinking about you and your love for me. I love you to the moon and back.

41. My Love for You is Priceless

I searched through the mall of love in other to quantify my love for you, but I couldn’t find a price tag that fits. It’s then I realized its priceless. You know that I love you right? Well I do.

42. I’ve Found my Dream Man

If I would be chanced to meet you again in another generation, its going to be you and will always be you, as I found my dream man in you. I love you so much.

43. I Adore You So Much

All of me admires all of you. I adored you yesterday, I will today, and likewise tomorrow, day after tomorrow and forever. I love you dearly.

44. You Gave Me Reason to Love Again

When I was knocked out of love; and unlucky with love, you gave me a reason to love again with every of your affections toward me. You know that I love you right? Well I do.

45. Every Moment with You is Awesome

There’s always this sensational feeling within me whenever I’m around you as each moment with you is awesome. I love you so much.

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46. You’re My Defense Attorney

When love suits are filed against me by the unaffectionate magistrate court, you’re always at my rescue as you turned out to be my defense attorney. I love you forever.

47. I Can’t Imagine a Life Without You

I won’t dare to dream of what my life would be without you in it. A life without you and your love is unimaginable for me. I love you more than love itself.

48. Your Love Is a Lamp to My Feet

Thou I walk in the dark tunnel searching for a real and true love, I will not stumbled as your love is a lamp to my feet. I love you to the moon and back.

49. You’ve Won All of Me

Since you came into my life, you’ve won not just a part of me, but all of me over and over again. I love you beyond words.

50. You Turn Me On

Each time I hear your charming voice from afar, it sends a chill through my spine as it always turns me on. I love you to the moon and back.

Good Morning Love Paragraphs for Her or Him

51. A New Dawn

It’s a new dawn with new ideas, new opportunities, new motivations, new zeal and new task to accomplish. Good morning dear.

52. Wakey Wakey

Wakey wakey beautiful, I’ve dished a 16 course meal cuisine just for you on a golden plate full of; love, grace, care, joy, peace, kindness, and goodness. Good morning.

53. Another Day

It’s yet another day to explore the world better than yesterday – to visit new places, try new delicacies, learn new skills with you beside me all the way. Good morning my love.

54. Yesterday’s Gone

Yesterday is gone with all its stress and anxiety, it’s a new day that’s full of wonderful things to do and achieved. Good morning dear.

55. Arise and Shine

Arise and shine my African queen, it’s a beautiful day as it promised to be splendid, great and spectacular all day long. Why? because I’ll be part of it. Good morning my love.

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56. Up and Energized

I’m up and full of much more energy to surpass yesterday’s achievements, to care for you the more and love you better. Good morning.

57. A New Day

Here’s a new day to start afresh on a clean slate; a new day to be stronger, a new day to be better than the person I was yesterday. Good morning dear.

58. No Worries

I’ve no need to worry myself out with past failures and disappointments, as I’m been ushered into another lovely day to do and be better. Good morning love.

59. I’m Thankful

I’m thankful for night that turn to day, foe to friend, and friend to lover, but most especially I’m delighted I’ve you in my life. Good morning dear.

60. Wake up Love

Wake up my love, it’s time to get out of bed as the sun is rising already, time to attain new heights and accomplish new goals. Good morning my love.

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61. Off to Bed

I’m off to bed where I don’t have to worry about the day’s trouble; the ups and downs, the hustle and bustle anymore. Goodnight my love.

62. Bed Calling

Bed is calling and I need to answer the call, as it’s been a long stressful day and my body aches so bad. Goodnight.

63. Guardian Angel

I will keep wake to be your guardian angel, and watch over you while you’re sleeping and dreaming of us. Goodnight dear

64. I Want You

I want you here by my bedside not only to watch over me while I fall asleep, but also to be assured that I’m comfy. Goodnight my dear.

65. Sing for Me

I’m not a good singer, but I will try my best to sing lullaby from the depth of my heart for you. Goodnight love.

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66. Nature Calls

It’s that time of the day to answer nature’s call and bid the day good bye as we go to bed and sleep. Goodnight dear.

67. Dream of Me

As your body quietly retires to bed, cooling off the anxiety of the day, make sure you dream of me. Goodnight my love.

68. I Need You Here

I need you here as ever to tell me wonderful bedtime stories and how much you loved me while I fall asleep knowing that you’re here with me. Goodnight dear.

69. The Day is Over

Now the day is over and the night is here for us to be together in each other arms and enjoy each other company till sleep take us away. Goodnight my love.

70. Cuddle Me

I really yearn for your arms to cuddle me up and ease me of today’s stress and pain when I dose off to sleep, as I’m really exhausted. Goodnight baby.

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I Miss You Paragraphs For Her or Him

71. Everything

I miss your eyes, nose, mouth, your laughter and most especially the way you smile. I miss everything.

72. Part of Me

I long to be with you as soon as possible, I don’t want to be far from you as you’ve been a bigger part of me now. I miss you so much my baby.

73. Your Company

I missed your company so much and I can’t wait to be done with this project and be back in your bosom. I miss you like never before.

74. Stand a Chance

Take it all from me but not your love, because I won’t stand a chance to live. I miss you too badly baby.

75. State of Mind

When I’m in a state of mixed feeling, I yearn for your presence, because it’s all I needed to be rejuvenate. I miss your presence my lover.

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76. In your Arms

At a time like this, it’s one place I long to be -in your arms. I miss you so much dear.

77. Can’t Wait

I really needed to be cared for today, but you’re miles away. I can’t wait to see you my love as I miss you so much more than ever today.

78. Distant Apart

My lips yearn for yours, my body need you to caress it, but you’re distant from me. Come home quick. I miss you so much dear.

79. You Alone

No two persons does it like you; the way you caress, kiss, cuddle and cherish me. I miss you like never before.

80. Your Name

The thought that someone is calling your name makes me go gaga, as it send a chill down my spine. I miss you my baby.

I Am Sorry Paragraphs for Her or Him

81. Never Intentional

I never meant to cause you pain as it was not intentional, please forgive me.

82. In Your Heart

Didn’t mean to take your feelings for granted, please find a place in your heart to forgive me.

83. Don’t Stay Mad

I know it’s wrong of me to hurt your feelings, but don’t stay mad at me forever.

84. Let It Go

For the many times I’ve break your heart, can you please forgive me and let it go away?

85. Vent It on Me

Don’t take your love away from me, but vent all your anger out on me if that will make you feel better.

86. To Err is Human

I’m only a mortal being with blood and water running through me as to err is human. Please forgive me.

87. Not Again

Last time I promised not to hurt your emotions, and I just did again. I’m sorry dear.

88. Allow Me

Allow me one more chance to express how sorry I’m to have break your heart. Can you give me a second chance?

89. I Hurt You

All you’ve showed me is love and support, but it’s pain I gave to you in return. I never meant to hurt you, I’m sorry love.

90. Pardon Me

For many times that I’ve hurt you in the past; the ones now and for those I will later on in the future, please pardon me.

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91. A Reason to Live

You’ve given me a reason to live for another day as you inspires me to soar higher, take a step upward on the ladder of success. Thank you so much more.

92. One Who Encourages

During my down time, you’re the one who always encourages me to press on and never loss focus. Thank you my love.

93. An Assurance

With you in my life, it’s an assurance that our tomorrow is settled, glorious, wonderful, awesome and blessed. Thank you so much love.

94. For Everything

Thank you for everything great and small knowing and having you have brought to me, it’s more than a pleasure that I’ve you. Thank you.

95. I’m Delighted

I’m so much delighted that I have you, you gave me a reason to love deeper than I do before I met you. Thank you for being you.


96. Heaven on Earth

I couldn’t have envisaged it going to be like this, experiencing heaven on earth with the way you valued and loved me. Thank you so much.

97. Thank You

For everything you could possibly think of or imagine – from greatest to the least – I’m saying thank you, and thank you dearest.

98. Nothing but Joy

I’ll forever be grateful to God the day our path crossed, as you turned out to be nothing but joy to me. Thank you for being you.

99. Wish for Another

I couldn’t have wished for another, I’m gracious to have you in my life. Thank you so much my dear for being real.

100. I’m Blessed

I’m blessed because you loved me, and thanks for everything as words will fail me if I start to mention. Thank you so much my love.

101. You Made It Happen

Just like I thought.. Like I wished and I wanted. I thought I got the complete puzzle of love but a piece was missing. Missing you was the miracle I ever needed. Your love completed me – you made it happen, my love.

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