I Love You Paragraphs for Her

2020 Best I Love You Paragraphs for Her

Love is a beautiful thing and it is even more beautiful when we express it to our lovers. Sending long love paragraphs to your woman to show her how much she means to you will not only make her feel special but will also

show her how much thoughts you put into loving her.

I Love You Paragraphs for Her

One of the most important tasks to carry out in a love relationship is expressing your love. Ready? Here are I Love You Paragraphs for Her you can send to express your feelings for her.

1. My life is better because you are in it. I am so much better because you have found a place with me.
I will spend forever letting you see how much you mean to me. I will spend eternity letting you know I will always love you.

2. Within a short time, you have contributed so much to my life. My life is so much fuller, so much happier because of you.
Seeing you alone fills me with so much joy. I never want to go a day without you. I love you so much.

3. It is very easy to take the person you love for granted because you know they will always be there.
I never want to fall into that trap of not letting you know how appreciative I am of your love. Your love completes me.

4. I felt a connection immediately I set eyes on you, the kind of connection that told me you are made just for me.
And I am happy to know I wasn’t wrong. You fit me perfectly. You are all I want, my one and only.

5. My birthday used to be my only favourite date in the calendar. Then I met you, now, I have two other favourite dates.
Your birthday, because it was the date the love of my life was born and the day I met you because that day blessed me with you.

6. Your smile is the most beautiful thing to me and also indispensable to me. Your smile makes my day better, it assures me all is alright in the world. That’s why I will do anything in the world to make you keep smiling. I love you so much, the angel of my life.

7. I’m so excited about our future, excited about all the great things we will do together. The world is yet to see anything.
A combination of me and you is explosive. We are a team and a great one at that. I love you always.

8. I don’t want you to ever doubt how much you mean to me. I don’t want you to ever be in doubt of how much I love you.
If I had to tell you every day, I will. If I had to scream it on the rooftops, I will. I just want you to know I love you.

9. You are more beautiful than the lilies, more beautiful to me than the rainbows.
Your smile is brighter than the sun and your eyes always call to me.
All I am saying is you are a very beautiful woman and I love you.

10. You are an awesome person. As far as I am concerned, you are perfect.
Every day, I find a new reason to love you because you keep springing up new great things that I hadn’t noticed earlier. I really love you, my darling.

11. Opening your heart to someone is a risk. You never know if the outcome will be a great fairy tale or a nightmare.
I have always been scared to open my heart to love but then I met you. You make it easy to take the risk. I am so in love with you, angel.

12. I always wake up with a smile these days, filled with joy that I am loved and I am in love.
It is a feeling I can’t explain, this feeling that you invoke in me. That’s why I can never trade you for anything. Nothing and nobody makes me feel the way you do. I love you, sweetheart.

13. You are like a breath of fresh air. You are like sunshine on a cloudy day. You are like cold water for a parched throat. You are like delicious food for a hungry soul.
What I am trying to say is that you make everything better. Life suddenly blossoms anytime you are around.

14. You do so much for me. You always make sure I am okay and you have made my welfare a priority.
I wish I know what I did to deserve it. All I know is that you love me.
I want you to know that I see all you do and I appreciate you.

15. I wish you could see yourself the way I see you. I wish you could feel for yourself how I feel about you.
Then you will know I mean it when I say you are my world, my everything and you complete me. I love you.

16. The world is full of so many fake people. It is hard, sometimes, to separate the good from the bad and the ugly.
But your goodness shines. It is obvious and conspicuous and it fills me with so much joy.

17. Being in love with you and being loved by you is like 24/7 bliss. Even when I’m faced with unhappy situations, the joy in my heart never leaves.
It is so serious I smile in my sleep and always wake up happy. It should not surprise you that I’m never letting you go.

18. I have heard people say love is hard work and they are probably right. But that’s not my experience with you. With you, it is easy to work. It comes so naturally to me to love you and it comes naturally to me to rest in your love because I know you love me.

19. I want to always tell you I love you. I want to always tell you how much I care about you. My heart is so full of love for you, so it is difficult to keep shut. I have this strong urge to want to scream it on the rooftop that I love you.

20. The way I fell in love with you reminds me of the movie, “the fault in our stars.” The movie captures it well.
I fell in love with you the way I fall asleep, slowly and then all at once and deeply. And it is a feeling I never want to recover from.

21. Romeo and Juliet got nothing on us. We are the definition of true love. We are a testament to how it is done.
Our love is unconditional, stable and eternal. I will never stop loving you. You are the only one for me.

22. Distance is wide and time is long but both of them are powerless before our love. Distance cannot take away my love for you and time cannot reduce the way I feel about you. No matter the time or place, one thing is certain, I will always love you.

23. You know I love my sleep and usually, nothing or nobody can come between me and my beauty sleep. But you changed that

Now, I can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning just to behold your beautiful face. I can’t wait to open my eyes so I can see you. You are my angel.

24. The story of my life can never be complete without you taking centre stage of the story.
In fact, the story of my life began when I met you. All the others were prologue to the main story. You are the one who makes my story worth telling. I love you so much.

25. I am happy that we are not just lovers but friends. You are my closest and best friend. If for any reason we ever break up, I will not just be losing my lover but my best friend. And that is unacceptable to me. You are stuck with me.

26. Win or lose, I will always be by your side. We rejoice and mourn together. We win and lose together.
I am not a lover only by words but I am a lover indeed and indeed. You are forever special to me. And I love you so much.

27. I have been happy since the day I met you but there is a day I am waiting for that I am sure will make me even happier than I am now.
I am sure you are wondering what that day is? It is the day I watch you walk down the aisle to marry me. I can’t wait for that day to be joined with you in marriage. I love you with all my heart.

28. You are a natural brightener. You brighten and lighten my world. Without bias, I believe even darkness respects you.
You are my angel of light, who came into my life and chased every darkness away. I love you.

29. I now know about two bodies coming together to create heat and two hearts coming together to create warmth. I was living in great chill before our paths crossed. Now, I’m perpetually filled with warmth in my heart.

30. I find it hilarious when I see you wondering if I will ever run out of ways to tell you I love you. That’s not possible.
You inspire the different ways I express my love for you. It comes very naturally to me. My heart is full of love for you.

31. The storms of life do not seem as daunting as they used to. I dive into them with valour ready to make progress.

Suddenly, I have renewed strength and challenges that look intimidating now seem surmountable because I am in love with you.

32. I am eternally grateful to whatever stroke of fate that made our paths cross. I will always appreciate having you in my life. And if I come to this world a second time, you are the one I want as my woman. You are perfect for me.

33. I prayed to have an awesome person in my life. I prayed for a relationship with someone who will care about my happiness. I prayed for a woman who will love me in words and action. It seems that my prayers have been answered. I love you so much.

34. I like telling you I love you but I fear it does not suffice. I know you don’t care much about it and you are good with it. But I am not.
I really want you to know how much I love you in a much more accurate way. I wish there were, but there are no perfect words to describe it.

35. I am drunk in love with you and I don’t even take alcohol. I am just dizzy in my love for you.
The sight of you alone intoxicates me then I hear your voice and I can’t be saved from loving you. And the good thing is, this drunk is the good kind and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

36. My friend saw me smiling the other day and asked me what was funny. I had no words for him because nothing was funny. I simply thought of you and I couldn’t stop my lips from curving. That’s what thinking about you does to me. I love you.

37. The first thing that attracted me to you was your smile, it is so beautiful.
Then I heard your voice and I was hooked as well. It is so soothing.
And now that I know you, I am attracted to every part of you. You are perfect to me.

38. I pray for grace to keep doing whatever I did to deserve you. I keep thinking and wondering what I could have done to make you fall in love with me and I can’t find any. But I do hope, that whatever it is, I never lose touch of it. I’m so in love with you, honey.

39. The universe took pity on me and blessed me with an indispensable gift; you.
You are the most special gift I have ever received in my life.
And I am assuring you today that I will always treasure you because special things should be treated with special care.

40. I face a lot of challenges and hiccups in life, both with my career, interpersonal relationships and general life affairs.
However, the most difficult challenge I face is being away from you. The distance is killing but the love will always remain strong. I love you desperately.

41. I am so in tune with you. I feel you even before I see you once you enter a room. How I feel about you is the craziest thing. It is, in fact, something that I never imagined I would ever have; this amazing connection we have.

42. The biggest ocean cannot drown love. As far as it is true love, nothing or no one can drown or stop it. I used to think I was in love until I discovered what I felt then was fickle. What I feel about you is different. I know it is eternal.

43. Love happens in mysterious ways. Many times, we have set ways we believe love should come but love always surprises us. I didn’t know when I met you that you will become the most important person in my life. But that’s what happened.

44. All you need to do is find the right girl to show you how awesome love is, how fulfilling it is and show you, love is and can be worth it. I’m so glad that I was lucky to find the right girl. I love you, my angel.

45. The flame of love has been ignited in my heart and it is rekindled every day and every time I spend with you. This fire of love for you that has been started in my heart. I don’t think anything can quench it. I love you so much.

46. Sometimes, when people say they love you, it is usually because of a certain thing or what they can get from you. But love is only true when the love is in spite. Thank you for loving me in spite. I am glad I met you in this part of eternity. I love you.

48. I love you
I love you so much
I love you very much
I am desperately in love with you
I am completely in love with you
I am madly in love with you.
I just love you and I want you to know.

49. You are so beautiful, my angel. The beautiful butterfly and radiant peacock got nothing on you. You are far more attractive. And even better, you have a beautiful heart. Is it any wonder I don’t want to ever leave you?

50. You are the one that gives me strength and motivation to never give up and keep moving on. I push on to achieve these feats because you told me I can and because I want you to be proud of me. You really are my good fortune.

51. I can’t imagine any other person with whom I would rather build a life. I can’t think of anybody whom I would rather carry my children. I can’t think of any other person with whom I would rather spend my life; just you. I love you.

52. I’m trying to send this message to you in order to communicate how much I love you. But I just can’t find the words. Every word I know seems insufficient and incomplete. But I want you to know that I love you very much.

53. There is this awesome aura that I feel around you anytime I see you. I don’t know how to explain it but it fills me with so much joy and strengthens me. That’s one reason I always want to be around you. I love you.

54. You are one of a kind. You are a true jewel among stones. There is no one like you, my love. You are a special human being, that’s why people flock around you and you are special to me, that’s why I never want to leave you.

55. They say no one is indispensable or irreplaceable. That might be true but they have not met you and seen the value you add to me. Darling, to me, you are irreplaceable and indispensable.

56. The worst thing that can happen to me is to see you in tears. I am happy when you are happy, so I definitely hurt when you hurt. I don’t want to ever be the reason you cry and I don’t want to ever see other people or situations make you cry as well. I love you.

57. If it is my last day on earth, I will want to spend it with you. If there is a possibility of reincarnation, I want to still be with you. If I and another woman were the last people on earth, then I would rather be single. I don’t want to be without you.

58. I had lived a happy life before I met you. I had accomplished certain feats before our paths crossed. But nothing I have achieved compares to the knowledge of being your man and no happiness I felt before compares to how I feel about you now. I love you.

59. I practically act like a teenager around you. I am always giddy when you step into a room and I can’t seem to be able to help myself. Just by being you around you, I have butterflies in my belly.

60. I know how much you love nature and the amount of time you like to spend staring at the stars and the moon at night. Sometimes, I wish I were the star or the moon so you can stare at me with that same reverence. I am so in love with you.

61. The distance is killing me. I wish we can always be together but I understand why we are not always together. But no matter the distance, I always carry you around in my heart, that’s your permanent resident.

62. The most cherished place I want to be is in your heart. The best place I want to be is wrapped in your arms. My favourite time is the time spent with you. I love you very much, my love.

63. I think about you always and spend time daydreaming about the life I want to live with you. I can already see us getting old together, taking walks with our walking sticks and spoiling our grandchildren. My love for you is always and forever.

64. Lord, I just want to tell you that I love the lady that I sent this message to very much. I want you to help me bless her, increase her, strengthen her and always make her happy because by making her happy, you are making me happy.

65. No matter where I am, what I’m doing, who I am talking to, you are the one I’m constantly thinking about. My heart has found a permanent place for you. I love you.

66. Our love story is my favourite love story. Ours is a story with many adventurous experiences, passionate and sacrificial love and a whole lot of fun memories.

67. You are indeed an angel, purposed by God to come to take care of the rest of us, mere mortals. How else can I explain how someone can be as pretty as you and also have a beautiful soul.

68. You are the beauty in my world, the light in my darkness. You illuminate my life and make me better. I am lucky to have you in my life and I am privileged to call you my love. I am immensely in love with you.

69. I always lived my life with positivity and hoping life turns out for the best. I dreamt of a good life but you gave me the best life. You are my dream come true, my assurance that it is alright with my life. I love you.

70. I could write a whole book about how awesome you are. A two or three or even five line message is not enough to communicate how awesome I think you are. I believe it will take a whole book. You are an amazing person, my love.

71. I don’t usually make promises because I have never thought it was necessary or ever felt the need to want to assure anyone of my commitment. However, I promise you, my love, always and forever.

72. I am making a lot of exceptions for you. I am usually in bed very early, but I have started sleeping late since I met you because I want to keep talking to you. I didn’t understand some of the romantic things that people did. Those romantic things I considered silly, I find myself wanting to do with you. You have really changed me and I couldn’t be happier. I love you.

73. My past relationship left me bitter; I didn’t think I could possibly be ever happy again or open my heart to another. You have not only been able to break down the wall I built around my heart but you have also healed me. Thank you, my love.

74. My love is not based on only who you are today or who you were yesterday, it is also based on who you will be tomorrow. I will love you through the grey hair, wrinkled and weathered face and even sagged skin.

75. You are a blessing to the world. You bring nothing but goodness to every life you come across. You have brought nothing but blessings to me. I really appreciate and I’m thankful for your presence in my life.

76. You are the definition of love to me.
You are the definition of perfection to me.
You are the definition of awesome to me.
You are the definition of everything good to me. I love you.

77. You are my life.
You are my world.
You are my everything.
My life makes sense because you are there. You are the one who gives my life meaning, who gives me a reason to go on. I love you very much.

78. I give my heart to you without fear. I trust you completely with my heart because I am totally reassured that you will take care of it like your own and you will never break it. I love you, love of my life.

79. I knew something was missing in my life all these years. I was sure a piece of me was not there to make me feel whole. There was just this gaping void that nothing else could fill. Then you came around and that void was filled and I was whole. I am never letting you go, my darling.

80. I wish I was an artist, so I could draw or paint my favourite picture; which would be a picture of you or our love. I wish I could put how I feel for you into canvass and stare at it all day. I am so in love with you.

81. The person reading this message is an angel, my special angel. She is the woman of my life, the love of my life, the one who stole my heart and I couldn’t be happier about it. I want her to know that I will always love her.

82. My favourite song is definitely a song about us. Our love is so unique, if it were made into a song, it will be number one on the billboards. I believe the way we feel about each other is inspiring, with you being the really special one.

83. Since I met you, I have had many heart-stopping, breathtaking moments. And those moments are usually any time I see you. It does not matter how many times I see you, you always take my breath away, sweetheart.

84. I know I am a mere mortal and so, incapacitated sometimes but as far as it is within my power, my love, I will move mountains, capture the moon and stars, visit the sun just to make you happy. I love you so much.

85. I love that, just like Westlife sang, our love is unbreakable and it is unmistakable. I love that nothing can tear us apart and nothing can drown our love. I just love that we are us and so in love with each other.

86. I am reminded to be grateful to God anytime I see you that He gave me somebody as wonderful as you. I wish I know what I did to deserve you, so I can keep it up. I really cherish you, my one and only.

87. Someone asked me today what I wanted most in life. I thought hard about it and remembered many luxuries of life that I will like to have. But they are not what I want most in life, what I want most is that you never stop loving me. I love you very much.

88. Thank you for being my lover and my best friend. Thank you for giving me the joy of enjoying the best of both worlds. Thank you for being in my life and showing me so much love. I love you too.

89. You never know when you will meet someone who will completely change how you see love and relationships. You have taught me true and unconditional love. I’m glad I found both with you.

90. With me, you never have to doubt how strong my love is and that it will remain forever. All you have to do is look into my eyes if you are in doubt, it shines in unending love for you.

91. Sleeping beside you is the best thing ever. Waking up with you in my arms is very fulfilling. Coming home to you completes me. Everything about me blossoms because of you. I love you, darling.

92. We are destined to be together; I knew that right from when I set eyes on you. Fate has already written that our paths should cross and we should fall completely in love with each other. I’m happy we fulfilled destiny.

93. I know you don’t like me making promises. Sometimes, I fear it is because you fear I might not keep it. But I can’t help wanting to promise you because it is true; I will always love you and we will always be together.

94. Nothing good in life comes easy and without challenges. Through those challenges, our love has proven to be unbreakable. I assure you that it will remain so. I love you so much, honey.

95. I was asked if it was possible to ever stop loving you. And I said I will stop loving you only when artic ocean boils. I will stop loving you only when elephants start swimming. I will stop loving you only when hell freezes over. That means I will never stop loving you.

96. If our relationship is a dream, I never want to be awakened from my sleep. I am enjoying this dream too much, I don’t want to experience reality without you. I just want to be with you and keep enjoying this love.

97. You are unique and special. You are one of a kind and there is no one like you. No one can do it for me like you do. I can never love any other the way I love you. You are the only one for me, my one and only love.

98. You are my inspiration and my muse. Believe it or not, I have achieved greater feat since you came into my life. Your love gives me strength and makes me feel like I can do anything.

99. God must have really heard my heart cry and prayers when He decided to bring you into my life. He must have really decided to have mercy on me when He made us meet. You are the best thing to ever happen to me. I love you, darling.

100. You are the last person I think about before I go to sleep and the first person I think about when I wake up. I think about you always and I enjoy doing so because you are my happy place. I am completely in love with you, my angel.



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