Cute Love Paragraphs to Send to Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Cute Love Paragraphs to Send to Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

The Cutest Love Paragraphs to Send to Your Girlfriend and The Sweetest Love Paragraphs to Send to Your Boyfriend

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Cutest Short Love Paragraphs for Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

heart We Are Perfect for Each Other

Every little thing we do together is a pointer to the longevity of this relationship.

Without doubt, we were made for each other and for a tomorrow of incessant joy. 

I love you.

heart I Am Complete With You

You were the missing piece of my life's puzzle.

You were the completeness that my life waited for all these while.

And with everything you do, a better me emerges.

So I've got to let myself know that you're my complement.

heart Made to Last

Events have brought us together, moments have made us stick together and love has bound us together.

So there is no gainsaying the truth that we are made to last in love.

I love you and me - I love us.

heart No Regrets

Your love did call the rhythmical shots, and I found my heart beating to yours.

With every decision I make, in every of my thoughts, you come in so strong.

Now is the right time to tell myself that I have no regrets letting you into my heart.

heart Made of More

Every moment with you opens up another opportunity to know how limitless love thrills can be.

And whenever I seem to be less of myself, your love proves to be the fuel I need to carry on. 

Can't you see that you've more than enough? 

Yes, I love you for it all.

heart You Make Me proud of You

I love you deeds, love you ways,

I love your charisma and every thing that makes the best of men.

It energizes my spine to see that I can vouch for you in all ways.

I love you.

heart You Made It Happen

I blew up all the chances I had to be a better me.

It got so bad that I lost the hope of a greater future.

And when I had, by reason of fate, subscribed to the status quo, you came and saved the day.

So if there's any level of joy I operate from, you made it happen! I love you.

heart I Feel Alright

Each moment with you answers to endless gaiety.

With every thought of you comes the knowledge that there's no fear in love - especially when it's true and undying.

Morning, night and noon, you make me feel alright. I love you.

heart Until You Came

I never cared how much love worth,

I never ever imagined the ecstasy that comes with love

Never did I ever try to boast of a heart unbreakable...

Until you came and shined your light in every dark area of my life.

You made it happen!

heart You Didn't Fail Me

I tested your love and it's true and real

I tested your commitment and it's unwavering

I tested your loyalty and I was Amazed.

In all that I know of you, excellence is rife.

So why won't I love you!


Long Love Paragraphs to Send to Your Boyfriend

heart You Are the King of My Heart

My heart was empty and dry

Until you came and put a loving royal touch

Like a watered plant, it sprouted

Like the hibiscus flower, blossomed

It grew into a big Palace and I became a queen mother

But who else is worth to be crowned the King of this palace if not the only guy who resides there?

You are the reason I'm a queen

The crown on your head is designed with love

Your royal clothes embroidered with honour

You sit on the throne of my heart and forever you'll be the king of my life.

I love you so much, my King.

heart You Are My Price Charming

You are not only Charming in the physical, you also have an attractive heart

A kind of heart that many ladies desire to be theirs

That's why I count myself favoured to have you, my love

You are handsome inside out

And this has remained a charm that makes me love you more by the day

I am my Prince's and he is mine

We belong together forever.

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Long Love Paragraphs to Send to Your Girlfriend

heart Your Love is so Real

Love, they say resides in the heart

But I keep wondering if this is true

How can it be in the heart, when I see it all over you

I see it when I look into your eyes

I feel it anytime you give me that warm hug

In your voice, it is so audible

And reading your heartbeat, the realness of your love is obvious

I feel every part of you conveying lovely words to me

Now I know that, though love originates from the heart, it doesn't stay there.

Sometimes it rests on your lips

And when it opens to say "I love You"

My heart confirms it is real.

heart Your Beauty Thrills Me

I know of a beauty that fades

I have seen people lose their attractiveness over time

Even colourfully painted houses ware off with time

But months have rolled into years and your beauty has only become more appealing

Day after day, it remains pleasing to my heart and soul

And has kept me in amazement all this while

Only now do I realized the reason behind your sparkling cuteness

That your exquisiteness is from within

That your heart is the seat of gorgeousness

And that to this flow of beauty, there shall be no end.

That I may forever be thrilled by your exceptionally astonishing.

heart You Are My Angel

You always make me feel like I am in heaven

Because you have the exact likeness and form of an angel

And to me, that is just what you are

Your kindness can only be found among angels

Your character is that of an angel

And to crown it all

You have an angelic beauty

That makes you my angel now and in the world to come.

I love you, my Angel.

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heart I Care

When you walk, I fear that your feet might hurt

When you sleep, I care that you have a sweet dream

When you smile, I hope that it is from within

When I pray, I ask that you would always be happy

When I say I love you, I wish that you would understand the depth and height of how much I do

More than I can express, I care about you, my love.

heart You Are My Dream Come True

For so long a time, I craved for a friend

I yearned for a soul mate

I desired a person of like mind

Someone whose heart will beat together with mine

Someone I can call My Own

But it seemed I was asking for too much

I was losing hope

And just then, you showed up

Bearing more than I asked for

What else can I say... You are my dream come true and I love you.

heart You Are My Treasure Box

When life was rough, I went in search of peace

It became gloomy and I went in search of Joy

Then it emitted harshness

And that set me on a course to finding Love

My heart hunted and came back with your love

Then I discovered you are the treasure that I seek

For in you, I found Joy, Peace, Love and lots more

I love you, my treasure.

heart I Am Dazed by Your Love

I gave you my feelings

You gave me love in return

I gave you my heart

And you gave to me all of you 

Now, all of me belongs to you

Everything I do, I do for you

All I want to become is for you

For you have amazed me with your astounding love

And what to give to you in return, I don't know

All of me is not enough to love you, my Love. 

I love you more than I understand.

heart Together Forever

60 Seconds have given many minutes 

60 Minutes have made many hours

24 hours have made days over days

Weeks have rolled into months, too

And our hearts have clung together in love.

Our relationship has stood strong and sure.

I looked back and sighed in awe

Yea, we've been here for so long...

We've made a union so sacred, 

We've launched a future of bliss.

In ecstasy, I can now envisage. 

In assurance, I see it playing out.

Then thinking about this every day, 

I see no reason to leave you.

I've got no reason to call this off

So I'm sticking with you forever.

Yes, you, you and you alone. 

I love you.

heart You Complete Me

I thought all I needed was happiness

Until you brought Joy into my life 

An acquaintance was what I expected

But you came to be a friend

One who lies in my bosom

What more could I have wished for in a darling 

You don't only complete me 

You also compliment me

You fill me with so much love... Much more than I can contain

In your love I am fulfilled 

You are my satisfaction 

heart You Matter To Me

The moment you stepped into my life

What used to matter stopped to matter no more

Because you became all that matter

Nothing more interests me than being with you 

No sound appeals to my soul other than your voice, my Love

And the feeling your touch gives me is second to none

You're important to me

You're the oil that lubricates my heart and keeps it beating 

I love you, my heart.

heart I Cherish You

Every moment spent with you opens me to a fresh experience of love

You're of a truth an embodiment of love

You have given me a new definition of love and made me see the whole concept from a different view

Now, I realize that Love is you and I 

You're most adored in my heart

You're the apple of my eyes

More than I can express, I cherish you, my love.

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