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2023 Cute Love Paragraphs for Her or Him

Cutest Love Paragraphs for Him / Her, Sweetest Loving Paragraphs, I Love You Paragraphs to send to your Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Husband or Wife…? 

Then expect to get the best of them, guaranteed.

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Let’s Talk about Love and Relationships

Will you agree with this?

Searching online for Romantic love messages, Sweet Love Poems, Cute Love Letters, Loving Paragraphs, Cute Relationship Paragraphs for Him or Her that you love so much,  or whatsoever is it that has brought you to this website is good. Copying and Pasting them for your use (Copy and Paste Love Paragraphs for Him or Her), in the bid to fulfill all romantic righteousness is better. . . But I need to let you know that relationship isn’t built on mere words; you need more than long or short paragraphs on love to build up your relationship, guaranteed.

As a matter of fact, I know the feelings that come with you sending one of those lovely-written love letters of mine, or those awing paragraphs to your boyfriend or girlfriend to wake up to, but millions of them wouldn’t just do to perpetuate your love for him or her.

Even if it’s true that I write all these stuff to make sure relationships all around are not void of the merriment they desire or deserve, there is a place in me with myriad questions begging for answers. With no gainsay, the way a 21st-century relationship is being run wouldn’t stop to numb me to the marrow.

You’re permitted to even shout “I love my boyfriend / I love my girlfriend” on the rooftops with these stuff’’ – it’s good, but I wish you would decide to take your relationship beyond the 21st-century limitations of relationships. There is more to successful relationships than sending some love piece.

Relax, We’re Going Somewhere!

And I will advise you to read this page slowly and carefully.

But before we continue, if you are sure that your relationship is wonderful, I want you to smile…

Now see this: more often than not, finding the right answers to the questions of romance and love in your relationship can undoubtedly change your life and relationship.

On Loversify, that’s what I give and of course what I do and then would want you to practice.

Are you still there? Good.

One thing is to have the loveliest of a partner, and another thing is to make sure the streaks you get from the relationship continue to shoot up. But the last time I checked, making this a reality is one of the hardest things to do for some people in relationships.

Wouldn’t you love to have the best of relationship? Even the worst of simpletons would answer yes to that question.

Truly, I take my time on a daily basis to attend to many relationships and even go online to see what interest lovers… In turn, I create lovely messages like you will see everywhere on this website… Free of charge remember!

In the same vein, I set up a dedicated blog where you can get the best of Relationship and Marriage Articles…

And do you know what?

The more of SMS, text messages, poems, wishes, quotes and articles we have on love relationships and marriage, divorce rate increases per day as much as broken relationships do. Whenever I think about this menace, I wouldn’t help but sigh!

My Desire

I want to see you get the best of your relationship. And even make sure many relationships lead to marriages as the married ones continue to keep the sparks in their marriages. So help me God.

That’s the best I can give! But the other side of the rope is extended to you, wishing you would do your part to help the world of lovers, starting with your own relationship.

When I see relationships bask in glamorous bliss, I am as happy as ever, and when I see the relationships that wallow in untold horridness, I can’t help but sigh. You know why? It’s because the success of any relationship you see around is pivotal to the stability of the society we live in, else decadence is nonnegotiable.

Love is a choice, a decision, a goal and of course a way of life. Give your best and you will get it back. Nothing is lost, when you give it to love. How amazing would it be if you can give your best!

Where from Here?

Well, there are few steps I would like you to take as you go through this website…
One is to make sure your life reflects the messages you copy on this website.

Two… As you read what I give freely, you can help me to grow by sharing them on any of the social media platforms… Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus, or any other… I will be glad you did.

In all, get the best for your lover. And, personally, I wish your relationship a lasting romantic experience.


Love Paragraphs for Him or Her | Loving Paragraphs for Him or Her

You won’t Regret Sending These Love Paragraphs for Him or Her / Loving Paragraphs for Him or Her.

► From Kaitlyn to Devin

Relationship: Boyfriend and Girlfriend
Country: United States

The Request:

He is sweet to me. So sweet. He really deserves my heart and all of me.
He makes me feel so special. He is always there for me whenever I needed someone near.
He has proven himself to be a man that deserves a lady in his life.
He’s simply my best, I couldn’t have asked for a better boyfriend.

The Reply:

 Love Paragraph to My Special Boyfriend

People ask, what else can be sweeter than honey?
Many say, nothing can be more soothing than enjoying blues in a cool atmosphere.
They say no gift can be more precious than Gold.
But knowing you has overruled all these sayings.
For your love is far sweeter than honey…
Your touch is more soothing than any music…
And you worth to me more than what currency can buy.

You have built my self-esteem to its peak with the way you treat me.
Your tender loving care would make any woman throw herself at you.
Love reflects in all that you do. Love appears in all that you do.
The kind of royal care you shower on me can only be gotten from a King like you.
When I look at the mirror, what I see starring back at me is the special lady you’ve built me into.

I believe you when you say you love me because you stand by me even in the worst situation.
Only love could have made you feel concerned about me like your own very soul.
Nothing but love makes you come around for me whenever I’m in need.

What more could I have asked for in a lover!
You are good looking, loving, caring, supportive, and many more than I can mention.
I’m happy to have fallen in love with such a warm hearted guy.
I love you forever and a day more Delvin.

From Natalle to Gage

Relationship: Fiancé and Fiancée
Country: United States

The Request:

He’s my best friend and my choicest of all confidants. Whenever we are apart, all I think about is him. Whenever I’m in his arms, I feel so safe. His green eyes are so captivating I could get lost in them. He’s the reason I’m happy every day. He is the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last thing on my mind when I go to sleep. He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

The Reply:

Love Paragraph to My Cute Fiancé

The best gift in life is the gift of a true friend. But the greatest is having your lover as your best friend.

See my lover, see my confidant.
See my sweetheart, see my playmate.
See my heartthrob, see my gist-partner.
You are he who lies in my bosom.
Closer to me are you than my flesh.

You are the friend I freely express love to and the lover that comes with all the qualities of a good friend.
Your thoughts have dominated my heart, Honey. It’s such a jealous one that it hardly allows other thoughts in there.

This has kept you close to my heart, as you’re always present there.

Even when we’re apart, you are just by my side, I still look into your captivating eyes that keep melting my soul, making me lost in myself. I still hold your warm hands that give me assurance, ministering Peace to my soul.
I still wink at you and you respond with a lovelier gesture.

Your thoughts like magnet have glued to my heart.
It sleeps with me at night, fetching me the kind of rest a new born babe has.
It stays with me in my dream, keeping up the romance from where we stopped.
It wakes with me in the morning, causing me to release a fulfilling smile as the cool morning ray falls on me.

Joy unspeakable has taken over my life since you came in there.
You make my day complete.
You make my heart rejoice.
You make my lips involuntarily curve, dishing out smiles every time.
You make my face bright as the sun.

Each time I open my eyes to a new day, I could only thank my stars for the opportunity to keep loving you.
I know it’s another great day to express what we feel for each other… And a better opportunity to grow the seed of love in our hearts

When you see me blush uncontrollably…. It’s owned to your love.
When you see tears roll down my cheeks… It’s in awe of your sweet love.
When I walk proudly with my head up… It’s because I’m in love with the cutest guy in the world.
When I talk to people about you… It’s in appreciation of what goodies love has brought to me.

If there’s ever a book of history where the story of one’s life is written.
The chapters where we met and began our love story will be the sweetest, loveliest and best part of the book.
So far so good, you’ve been the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.

You’re the sweetest song my ears have ever listened to.
The most appealing thing my eyes have ever beheld.
The smoothest thing my hands have ever held.
And the warmest thing my heart has ever embraced.
For you are the one person me heart pants after.

From Obinna to Judith

Relationship: Admirer
Country: Nigeria

The Request: 

My name is Obinna. I am a student.

Judith used to be my girlfriend in secondary school. But I never gave her the maximum attention she needed then and she had to leave.
Now we met again in the university. She is still everything I need in a woman. I tried to bring her close but she never wanted to see me.
It’s painful how she’s everything I need in a woman and I let her go. That was 6 years ago anyways, maybe I wasn’t ready then or too lazy to manage a relationship.

I would you love the content of the letter to be “Seeking for a Second Chance” and how I’m ready to love and cherish her now.

The Request:

Love Paragraph to My Admirer – Asking for a Second Chance

Though with minds as young as a newborn babe, my love for you was greener than the pasture.
Cares of life parade before me… Until I got side attracted to them.
Your heartbeat for me was strong enough to cause a quake… But I was insensitive.
I was blind, deaf and dumb in heart.

What sane man would not desire a lady like you!
You glow like diamond and shine bright like the stars.
It’s crazy how I let you slip off my hands.

Sometimes I wish the hands of the clock could be turned back.
So I could hold you tight, not letting you go for anything, then shower you with undiluted water of love that flows from the stream of my heart.

Your love I tucked into a corner of my heart, where you have always been.
I thought it would always be there whenever I needed it.
I was right… It grew stronger.
But I was a fool… It was past the clock. I neglected it for too long.
I had no clue attention was the soul of love. I missed it there.
And for years, I longed in my heart to right my wrong and restore my love.

Only one wish I’ve been asking for since our paths crossed again… That you’ll give me a chance afresh.
Another chance to prove to you how your love drives me.
Another chance to show you how much I’ve grown to love you.
Another chance to shower you with love.
Another chance to compensate for my naivety.

That I may just for once, give you the tender love that you deserve.
That you may for the first time believe I really do love you.
And that we may live together forever in this second chance.

Not for a day has my love for you wavered.
Rather it has continued to grow deep, wide and tall.
That is how I know this love is immortal.
All I ask for is another chance for you to know that my heart was, is and forever will be yours.
This heart pledges to cherish and love you, never ever forsaking you for anything at all.

Judith, with bended knees I say… Please, give my poor heart a second chance.
Let’s do this again. Let’s give it another trial.
Come closer and open up this heart… See how it beats for you alone.
Just one more chance, and you’ll be happy you did.

You can also use the I Love You Paragraphs below as Love Paragraphs or Loving Paragraphs

I Love You Paragraphs for Him or Her

Do you really want some I Love you Paragraphs for Him or I Love You Paragraphs for Her?

The, don’t dull yourself on this segment! And if you would love some customized “I love you paragraphs for your lover” too, make a request below.

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From Ibrahim to Nayyarah

The Request:

Hi I’m Ibrahim, a subscriber to your site and I intended to get a personalized love paragraphs for her, from you, but I had to follow your Facebook profile link from the email you sent me since you had myriads of requests already.

As I’ve said, my name is Ibrahim and my partner’s name is Nayyarah.
We’ve been dating (with intentions to get married) for 8 months now, and things get rosier by the day. Though we are miles apart (I am in Ilorin and she is in Lagos), we are mutually in unfathomable love.

We both confess the incomprehensible love between us, with promises of more. She thinks about me even before herself and is ready to go against all odds to be with me. I love her beyond love itself, but she loves me more.

I want something detailed and worthy of her, to let her feel more than special because that’s what she is… And one more thing, her beauty. OMG it blows me out of time and space. Thanks in anticipation.

Relationship: Boyfriend and Girlfriend
Country: Nigeria

The Reply: 

I Love You Paragraphs from Me to You

I’ve seen many lovely things. I’ve heard a lot of fairy tales. I’ve experienced series of sweet moments… But none of this can be compared to our love story.
I thought I’ve seen it all in my life until I met you.

To describe what you mean to me in words, would take eternity.
I dig deep down my heart to find that word that perfectly expresses how I feel about you, but I find none… This is beyond even me.
I feel so favoured to have you as my own sweetest heart.
I can’t imagine what life without you would look like.
I wonder how I survived those years before I met you.

To be candid, I can’t wait to have you as my wife. I can’t wait to see you sleep and wake in my arms. I can’t wait to live with you forever. I can’t wait to have babies with you.
I’ve never for a second doubted your love for me. Sometimes, I wonder what I’ve done to deserve this unquantifiable unconditional love you have for me.

You’re just as lovely as the lilies by the riverside.
You’re like the lotus flower that blossoms irrespective of the environment.
You’re more precious than silver and gold.
You’re just endowed inside out, Nayyarah
You’re everyman’s dream but came true for me.

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and the best news I’ve ever received.
It’s been 8 months and your love has remained evergreen in my heart.
Even distance isn’t a barrier to reaching you for you reside right inside my heart.

Have I told you how your beauty makes me feel? It sweeps me off my feet, leaving me swinging in the air. It commands the stare of everyone and makes me a proud lover of an angel.
I crown you the Miss of my World, my baby. It’s the least of what the place you hold in my life.

I pledge my love you again today and I promise to love you forever and a day more.

 From Melecio to Cristaleigh

The Request: 

She is my world, I can’t live without her. Seeing her makes me happy. She is perfect. She is the most beautiful person and I only want her. I may not be the best man for her but I will love her.

She may think I’m like the rest but I’ll prove to her I am in love with her. I wanna make her my wife and I’m not giving up on her no matter what. I’m always gonna be in love with her. She is my future and losing her is not an option.

Relationship: Boyfriend and Girlfriend
Country: USA

The Reply: 

♦ I Love You Paragraphs for Her that I Love

If I continue to say “I love you” now till the world ends, it would still not totally express how much I do.
I love you more than I can express. You are the light that shines into my life that makes it meaningful. You are the flower that beautifies my world.

Forget about the past, baby. Leave yesterday and let’s live today so we can be together tomorrow.
Some people might have promised and failed. Some might have disappointed you. I want you to know that I am ME and I’m different.
I promise never to make you cry or regret ever loving me.

Hold my hands let’s run this race together.
Let’s build our own world. The world full of love and love and love alone.
Let’s create an enviable future together. I’ve been dreaming of a life with you. I know it’s going to happen. As I’m not giving you up for anything whatsoever.
Nothing on earth and above can make me walk away from your love.

I may not be the best for you, but I’ll do my best to keep you. I’ll give up anything for you because you worth more than my most valuable asset. I don’t want to love someone else aside you. I’ve given you my heart completely and forever.
I’m yours eternally. I love you.

► From Sarah to Joseph

The Requested Love Paragraph:

We’ve been together for 2 years and he’s proven to be more than a friend. He loves me more than I can explain. With him, I see a future full of joy.
When we quarrel, his maturity in handling things are just exceptional. I will love you to help write a love paragraph that will show that I love him so much, even beyond words. That should be under the category: I Love You so Much Paragraphs for Him or Her.

Relationship: Boyfriend and Girlfriend
Country: Nigeria

The Reply:

♦ I Love You Paragraphs to the Centre of My Joy

Waking up and sleeping, moving through the rigorous activities of my days, there’s one who has been more than a friend and have proven to be one indeed.

My dear, no one is as qualified as you are and no one will even be. In words and in deeds have you truly proven to me what love is and I never have a moment of regrets.

We quarreled and I see your maturity in settling differences on each count and always am I  baffled at how you’ve grown to become a man of my dreams.

When I look into the future, with you I see untold bliss, and I can only laugh whenever I’m reminded to look into my past horrible moments.

With the whole of me, I am thanking you today for so much of care and affection you show me daily as I bask in the awe of you.

So far, all the expressions of my love towards you can never seem to quantify the magnanimity of your outlandish display of love and care for me. You are my very best.

With a grateful heart, I thank you for your understanding and care through the years. I am indebted to all that you’ve given to me and have made me become.

With you, every day is special and every gesture is symbolic to the success of our relationship. The thought of it all is the pillar of my daily joy. I’m awed!

And here I am with the earnest desire is to know you more and more and stand by you undivided attention.

Long live my hero.
Long live our love.
Long live our happiness.
Long live our joy.
I love you so much. 

Thank You for Everything Cute Paragraphs for Him | Thank You for Everything Cute Paragraphs for Her

Would you love to say a big thank you to your lover for whatever thing they’ve done for you? For whatsoever reasons, you should find a paragraph of appreciation to send to him or her.

► From Jade to David

The Request:

Hi. First of all, I want to commend your effort on this website for keeping relationships going. I stumbled on your site by chance some time ago and the posts here are overwhelming, to say the least. They’ve been helping my relationship. Thank you so much. I wish I could write the best of appreciation letter to you myself and I hope this little will do.

So I just remembered today how my love started helping me up with words of encouragements and I deem it fit to write something to appreciate him in return. But the more I tried the worse it turned.

Here’s a little I can tell:

I remember I once gave up about love and life. Everything around me was pointing to the fact that my life was going to end in misery. I lost every sense of worth and I gave up the hope for a better future.

And sincerely, he came from nowhere and choose to help me. He demanded nothing from me! And I would get him vexed at all times, yet he wasn’t moved.

He’s my angel from up above. He’s my testimony. He’s my song and my proof of undying love.

Can you help write some paragraphs of appreciation to him?

Country: Canada

Relationship: Fiancé and Fiancée. 

The Reply:

♦ Thank You for Bringing me Back to Love

There was a time I thought silence was a better word for my pain. The more they came the bolder I became in killing myself with their doses – I died within on a daily basis! The situations around me were haunting and every happening to me was nothing but foreshadows of a pitiable ending.

I remember I almost gave up.
I remember I bid farewell to love.
I remember how I termed everything around me impossible.
And I still remember how I gave up the hope of becoming a better version of me.

With every passing moment, I wished my gloomy days would end.

With every heartbeat from my heart, I counted my mystery and they summed up to infinity…

With every gaze, I watched how dejection took its toll on me.
How you came was a mystery. How you turned out to be my saving arm is magical.
How it all happened is still beyond my reasoning…
Thinking about it all, I could go numb!

I don’t know who your teacher is, but you’ve learned so much about the act of *heart-mending*. I don’t know the mental drugs you administered on me, but they brought an outlandish recovery.

My pains were many but you soothed them all…
My agony seemed timeless and it’s unimaginable how you ended them all…
With a touch of a button, you defaulted me to awesomeness.
With the warmest of gestures, you made a happy version of me…

Through you, life’s light began to shine on me again…
Through your altruism, my heart is back again, beating to the rhythms of a winning love.

My face glitters, with every little smile you share,
My soul is kept alive with every act of benevolence from you.
With each word of affirmation from you, my future keeps setting a pace for awesomeness…
And it’s about time that I show the world how far with me you’ve come.

While I live, there’s no amount of appreciative measures that would help to thank you for the good memories you’ve brought, and still counting…

When I look into my future, I see you… With the sight, I see a home… With the home, I see our kids… In them all, I see your face…

Today, with the best of Orchestra on string instruments, I join the chorus of gratitude…

Thank you for it all.

Thank you for bringing the best out of me again.

I love you and I owe you so much.

Yes, I love you.

Cute Long Paragraphs for Him or Her

Whenever you wish to send some cute long paragraphs to your boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband or wife, these Love Paragraphs will do the needful. You can pick any of them and send to him or her. You can also make a special request for yours.



From Fraha to Rasheed

Relationship: Boyfriend and Girlfriend
Country: Malawi

The Request:

I met this loving guy out of the blue and it’s been awesome 5 months with him. He always makes me laugh even though we have misunderstandings sometimes. But that’s a relationship right?

He always has his ways to lighten up my mood.

He is someone am always comfortable with, someone that feels just right to spend my life with, someone am proud to call mine. He is all l can ask for in a husband and a life partner.

We both want our relationship to end into marriage. I want to tell him that I love him and that I want a future with him and that I mean every word of it. Can you please help me write a paragraph for the love of my life.

The Reply:

♦ Love Paragraphs to the Love of My Life.

It’s hard to believe it’s only been 5 months.
Our love has grown past time, even beyond our expectations.
To count the things I love in you means to count the sand in the sea.

How many can I mention! Is it from the way you lighten up my heart?
There’s no dull moment with you, my love.

You care so much about my mood that you do everything and anything to make me smile.
Or is it the way I’m comfortable with you?

Your presence alone is reassuring. I’m relaxed and confident with you. This is owned up to the way you treat me. You respect and care about the little details of my life.

Though we have our not-too-good times. We quarrel and have misunderstandings, which is not uncommon in relationships. But each time, you handle it with utmost maturity allowing our love to overcome.

I love you beyond our down times. Even when I’m so angry with you, I’m seriously loving you up.

And nothing on earth or beneath it can stop me from loving you because You are all I could ever ask for in a husband.

My mind is made up on spending the rest of my life with you and I know you want that too.

I want to sleep and wake in your arms. I want our love to know no end.

Rasheed, I mean every word in this paragraph. I’ve found true love in you and I’m not letting it go.
Rather, I will water and nurture it to grow till it produces fruits ripe enough to make a happy family.

I’m committed to seeing this happen.

I love you Rasheedously!

► From Giancarlo to Maegan

Relationship: Boyfriend and Girlfriend
Country: Florida, United States.

The Request:

First of all, what I can say is that I love her with all my heart and always. I can never leave her. I’ve known her for 12 years. I care so much about her. She means the world to me she’s my everything.

She changed me a lot in lots of ways and I love her so much for that and she’s always there for me when I need her in the ups and downs she got me closer to God.

She loves me for who I am and not for just looks. I love every little thing about her. The thing is that I struggle a lot in expressing myself especially in love letters or long paragraphs I don’t know why but for sure I know that I have problems with expressing how I feel I try my best but in words, it’s so hard to express and she means everything to me.

I just wish somehow I could show her how much I care in a  long love paragraph like you can do please help me on this I could tell you our story of how we met and everything if u want me to but look that’s one reason why I’m here requesting one.

Second is because it’s our 1 year anniversary and that’s happening to me hard to express how much I appreciate her and love her so much I would die for her.

Olalekan I’d get in front of a bullet to save her life that’s how much I care and love her. I never want to let her go I plan on marrying her soon after college. We’re both going to graduate from high school this year and both go to college. Olalekan do you want me to tell you how we met and our story?

And I know that she cares and loves and appreciates me like I do because she tells me and shows it; I mean I show her physically but in words like I said is way too hard.

I could have so much to say but still can’t write it. By the way, you can make this a long love letter and an anniversary one at the same time telling her how much I appreciate her, love and care about her. She’s so special to me I never wanna lose her. I love her unconditionally

I hope that’s enough for the long love paragraph. My long love paragraph will be for my amazing girlfriend.

The Reply:

♦ Love Paragraphs to My Amazing Girlfriend

I have struggled over the months, my love, searching for the best and perfect word to describe what I feel for you. I regret not being able to ever show in the least of ways how your love has fashioned me.

The words in this paragraph are just the crumbs I came by while searching.

I’ve heard how new wine shacks, but I must say it isn’t anywhere near how your love drives me.
Your love springs up in me rivers of joy from within, gives me palpitations, even.

How hard it is to control my heartbeat when I think of you. The current that travels down my nerve each time I see you is unexplainable. And with every smile and gesture you make comes the boundless nature of your love.

You have completely taken over me. I’m nothing without you.
Your love makes a whole lot of difference since you came into my life.
You brought me closer to God and taught my heart to love.
You gave me a reason to live and be hopeful.

I wasn’t the best and yet you chose me.
I wasn’t the most caring, still, you loved me ceaselessly.
Even when I didn’t give much you gave me your all.
And it’s just a proof of how rare you are.

Among animals, kingly is a lion;
Among birds, most special is a peacock;
Among lights, greatest is the sunshine…
Among women, blessed are you!

In my ups, you were there and down the lowest ebb your love stood strong. I gave my heart to sleep and you’re the dream that came true from it.

In my description, you’re more than special and the love you have for me how indefinable!

How we’ve come to have a covetable relationship, how we grow daily, how we built the commitment to stay together, I owe it to you Maegan; in return is a heart that will care for and love you unconditionally forever.

When I close my eyes and picture the future….
I see you beside me in a wedding gown.
I see you in my arms on our bed.
I see you pregnant with our baby.
I see you and I walking down the road, hand in hand.
I see us shopping, having fun and raising lovely kids together.
I see us growing old together with our love remaining ever young.
I’m convinced you are the one with whom I want to spend all my life, and I’m not giving that up for anything.

It’s been twelve years you stole my heart away, even before we fell in love. To the world’s calendar, it could have been some 56 weeks of indescribable measure of fun and joy, but I know my heart doesn’t count 7days as a week! It’s been around 365 days of monumental glamour, but it’s like forever to my heart. And my love for you has been growing and glowing since then.

What more can I say to you, Maegan? With which words do I describe what I feel?

I’m yet to find that word.

But in the meanwhile, will you just place your head on my chest and listen to my heartbeat!
Read the rhythmic beat of love.
Read the words it’s saying.
See how it beats for you.
Hear the sweet sound humming from there… From my heart… Where you reside… To your heart… Where I live.

Loving you is all that matters, my love.
I love you and I will forever do.

► From Gabriella to Previah

Relationship: Fiancé and Fiancée
Country: Little Rock

The Request:

He is very sweet. Amazing at treating me like a queen. Always provides for me. He is always there for me when I need help. Always keeps me out the bad and keeps my self-esteem high. I have never met someone so amazing and wonderful to me. He keeps me from committing suicide. When hard times come he is there by my side. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. He keeps me out of jail and my family loves him so much.

The Reply:

♦ Love Paragraph to My Lover Indeed.

Since you stepped into my life, you have kept me wondering if you’re human or angel.

I wonder if you are a human being with an angelic heart or an angel in human form…
But your love for me constantly clear my wonder, so I concluded you are completely an angel.

Only an angel loves the way you love.
Only an angel cares the way you do.
Only an angel protects the way you do.
Only an angel provides the way you do.
Only an angel never gives up on people.

You’re simply a God sent.

You are always there for me. When I thought it was the end, you said you have just begun. When I lost hope and almost walking away, you drew me closer.

When I gave up on my very self, you never gave up on me. You held my hands and led me through the path of hope. You showed me light and brightness in your love. You restored my lost hope and self-esteem.

You put a price tag that read ‘Inestimable’ on me.
Each time I looked back, I see you there with your always ready arms to comfort me.
I can imagine what my life would have been without you.
Yes! There wouldn’t have been none at all.

I could have been jailed, depressed or dead. But you are the angel who’s always on the alert.

The night will fall and go, again and again, if I am to describe what you mean to me.

I don’t know how to repay you all, for this is much more than a life time of love can cover. So I promise to love you in the world beyond for I’m in love with an angel.

► From Sarah to James

The Request:

Hi. Please, I will love to have a love paragraph for James my boyfriend and my husband to be. He is everything to me. He changed me and made me know true love. I’ve been through a lot before I met him. I’ve had series of heartbreaks that broke my soul.

Meeting him changed it all. At first, I didn’t want to accept his proposal thinking he’ll be one of those Heartbreakers. He proved me wrong. Please help me with a love paragraph to appreciate him. I really love him.

Relationship: Boyfriend and Girlfriend
County: Uganda

The Reply: 

♦ You Saved My Soul and Rebuilt My Heart 

Hi, my love… How is it going with you there? I’m as happy as ever here all because of your love for me. I touched my heart and wondered aloud when I discovered how it beats to the magnificence of your love

Wait… I was just thinking and some moments back and I came to realize some things about this love and romance thingy. Permit me to share my thoughts with you.

You see, before now, I know what it takes to be the victim of heartbreak as much as I know what holds for anyone with a relationship that’s growing on a daily basis.

I know the taste of real love and the fake ones in a relationship. I’ve been there and sure knows how each feels. Being with you has increased my knowledge about it and I wouldn’t let the moment pass without telling it all.

You whet my appetite for ecstasy and opened me up to a world of ceaseless wonders. With your show of love and care have you proven that true love still exists! I will live to tell of its dictates in my life.

While some chose to be a hardened Heartbreaker, you took the path of respectable and enviable disposition about love, against all odds; that wouldn’t stop to amaze me.

If I will say it… You gave the turning point for my heavy laden soul and made a way of escape for my heart when I thought all was lost.

With your love have you given me enough proof that I can love again; with your care have you shown that love supersedes all things!

You’re my hero. You’re my song. You’re the sunshine at the end of my tunnel. You’re my joy and my sweetness.

Thanks for loving me. I’m grateful.

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► From Armando to Brittney

The Request:

She is more than a friend to me. I can’t live without her. She’s really beautiful. I care about her so much. She’s the only girl I love with all my heart.

Relationship: Boyfriend and Girlfriend
Country: United States

The Reply: 

♦ Sweet Love Paragraphs to My Beauty Queen 

You are not just my love but a friend who lies in my bosom.
You are not close to my heart, you’re my heartbeat.
You are someone whose thoughts follow me to bed at night.
You are the same whose thoughts wake up with me in the morning.
You’re ever present in my heart.

I can’t imagine what life would look like without you. In fact, I doubt if there would be any life at all, without you. You’ve become part of my being. I’m alive every day because you’re here with me.
If I have to choose between you or life, I’ll choose you because with you I have both.

Your beauty is like a charm, it travels down my nerves and melts my heart.
Your figure is so captivating that each time I see you and remember you’re mine, I thank my stars again and again for giving me you.
Your face shines brighter than the stars. Your elegance is not of this world, my angel. You’re simply an epitome of beauty.

I can walk a thousand mile for you, baby.
I care so much about every detail of your life. You come first in all that I do. And no matter the geographical distance between us, I see you every time because you’re permanently there in my heart.

When you hear my heart beat, it’s because you’re there.
You’re the only lady that has the key to my heart. The only one I love with all of me.
I can’t stop loving you, Brittney, my beauty queen.

► From Bridget to Alex

The Requested Love Paragraph:

Hey, how I wish you would help me write a love paragraph to my lover. I just hope this request will be granted so I will for once express my heart to my love.

See, there are many things on my mind about him and I just lack how to express myself with words. He’s one of a kind to me and he shows this with every act. The whole thing is like a dream to me and it’s just much for me to comprehend.

It might be true that there is no true love, but with him, I can see it. Just help me write a customized love paragraph and I’ll be grateful forever. Thanks if you will do it.

Relationship: Boyfriend and Girlfriend
Country: Sierra Leone

The Reply:

♦ I Wish I Could Tell of Your Love to the Whole World

Hi, love. It’s one of those moments again when all I could do is to look back and forth, smile and sigh… You got it? Then follow me and I’ll make you understand.

With the way I’m feeling, I wish I could tell all about your love to the whole world. I wish I could hire the best of orchestras to help sing the chorus of your love. I wish I could go on the mountains to announce the untold wonders of your love.

If you care to know, here is why…

I love you and you love me back, you show me what it is to have someone who cares. With every single act, you give a better definition to love. Your love is super and your love is great. Your love is more than the sand of the sea.

I’m amazed at how I’ve come this far with you. It’s like a dream enjoying this much of romance with you. It’s even beyond my thinking faculty to see that you do everything to make me experience a lasting relationship.

Your ways of love are sure past finding as your thrust of care is beyond par. The totality of your person leaves me numbed. And permit me to say that you’re a magic! I can say that again and again and yet again.

Seriously, it’s now I know that there’s no gift as precious as love to every heart as there is no gift as precious as carbon dioxide to a living soul. Think about it a little and you’ll understand the least of what you mean to me.

In the darkest of my days and in gruesome moments of mine, your love has been the saving arm. And when I thought life had nothing great in stock for them, your love proved to be the all-encompassing lifeline through which I could enjoy the best that life can give.

Your Love for me is magical and its deeds are way too limitless. Your love is awesome and it means so much more to me – more than you could ever imagine. You’re my choice!

Will you please permit me to stop here? I’ll continue another day. Kisses from the one who’s loved and cherished. A whisper – I really love you.

► From Ibe to Igwe

The Requested Love Paragraph:

He is my one and only. He is my love and my king. I really love him and would do all daring things to keep on loving him. I was lucky to have met him. Each time I think about how far he has brought me in love, I can’t but wonder why heaven has blessed me with such an Angel that he is. I will like you to write a Love Paragraph that Rhymes if you can. Thanks.

Relationship: Boyfriend and Girlfriend

The Reply:

♦ Your Love for Me is Indescribable

Yes, my name is Ibe.
And His name is my Igwe.
To stay with him, I Promise
And forever he’s mine, I am his.

Just like a dream when it started, Heart raced, to his world I ported.
Ready was I, wherever his love would carry me go
Like fast and furious, even down to Trinidad and Tobago.

Time has passed, history has been made
Our Love’s stronger, and never did fade.
Luck is what I call it having you,
And you’re my best, that’s true!

Our love is a world of wonder,
Blissful, and yet no blunder.
Closer we are like sister and brother
He’s the father of my future kids, and I the mother.

Well, he’s my one and only
Heart crossed, no another!
The one my heart beats for solely
The one I love, there’s no other!

And if you care to know my heart,
Here is it…

Since I don’t know how a heart is made,
I dare not break any that God made.
Precious to me is all about you, my heart and my love
Your smiles and laughter, soothing like rain from above.

It’s more than miracle having you in my life.
It’s sure a bundle of joy that I can’t just describe.
Thinking about your love, it isn’t what I deserve
To say it all, a million times, I will jibe!

Your love for me is truly indescribable and I love you, is all I can say.

► From Gina to Edward

The Requested Love Paragraph:

We have been together for roughly. 12 years now. We have had our ups and downs but he still holds my heart, but as I get older, my maturity has changed, dramatically. I now focus more on our kids and our future rather than living in the moment. Sometimes. I feel like he doesn’t like this change I do. But now feel more confident about myself and I want him to do the same. I love him no doubt but I need to know if we are ever going to be on the same page again.

Relationship: Husband and Wife

The Reply:

♦ A Loving Paragraph to the One who has My Heart in His Custody

My love, ever since we met I’ve thanked my heart for making you its choice. I must say that my heart is yet to get over all the grip it felt the first time you said to me “I Love You”.
It’s been years now and instead of reducing, my love for you has been increasing and getting stronger.

I was strong during the trying times. I smiled through the difficulties and slept in the midst of the raging storm all because you were there with me. You were always there to reassure me. I was always at peace because of the confidence I have in you.

Even when we went through the toughest season, you remained there in my heart. We came out stronger and finer after passing through the fire.

As much as I wish to constantly show how happy I feel to have you, few things around here constantly distract me. This has not in any way affected my feelings towards you, my Honey.
Nothing at all can contend with my love for you. Only that some things can’t be left hanging for the sake of a happy ending. All I’m doing is to build what we share and make the journey worth it.

As a matter of fact, now you have a better wife as all the things getting my attention has built me into a more confident woman for you.

I only wish you’ll understand this and join me so we both can enjoy this journey into a better life and brighter future together. Loving you remains my greatest achievement.


► From Makayla to Tyler

The Requested Love Paragraph:

He makes me so happy. He makes my day so much better. I honestly don’t deserve him. He is so good to me. He treats me like a princess. I couldn’t ask for anybody better.

Relationship: Boyfriend and Girlfriend

The Reply:

♦ Your Worth and Value to Me Can’t be Estimated

My happiness has never been brought to a halt, since you came into my life. Your presence gives me this unusual peace of mind and Joy which cannot be concealed. The reason my face beam with smile whenever I’m with you.

You don’t only make my heart leap with joy but also brighten up my day. Every day looks different, even the stars shine brighter because of your presence in my heart.

I’m most favoured among ladies to have been blessed with someone like you. You are so kind-hearted, loving and caring.
The way you treat me like a princess, I must confess is beyond me. It shows you’re a Prince yourself.

I couldn’t have asked for more, dear. Your worth and value to me can’t be estimated. And no amount of words I put up here can perfectly describe what you mean to me.
Tyler, you are simply my dream come true.


► From Madhan to Sangeetha

The Requested Love Paragraph:

She means a lot to me. I love u so much baby

Relationship: Boyfriend and Girlfriend

The Reply:

♦ Words will Fail me to Describe What You Mean to Me

If I say you are my Joy, I will be right, but it’s an understatement.
If I call you are my heartbeat, I won’t be lying, but you are much more than that.
If I say you’re my sunshine, it’ll be the fact, but your brightness supersedes that of the sun.
If I say you are my treasure, I’ll be accurate but you worth much more.

If I call you the smile that splits my face, it’ll be the truth but you split beyond my face down my heart.
If I say you are my honey, I’ll be right but isn’t your love even sweeter than honey?
If I say you are my dream come true, it will be lovely but you are far cuter than what I dreamt of.

What if I call you my breath? Then it will be perfect because I started living when I found you.
That’s why the most suitable name to call you right now is My Breath.
You spelt out life to me and gave my existence a meaning.
I love you so much my Breath.


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Good Morning Love Paragraphs for Him or Her

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Thank You for Your Love

I woke up this morning realizing how far we’ve come together as lovers. I’ve been privileged to see many lives in relationships and, of course, can tell between the good and the bad. I know what it is to enjoy life and love together at the same time. I know how it feels to love and be loved in return. I even know the joy that being in a relationship that’s bound for a place beyond the nuptials brings.

And, this morning, I am here to thank you for your love. That God gave me exactly what I needed would be an understatement because you’ve been more what my limited thought could have asked for. Your love spoilt me!

Just so you know, when the pathway to my heart was darkened, you love and care brought beaming light that defied all umbra and penumbras… Every of your act strengthened my faith and your assurance of love on a daily basis, with sweet verses of love words mellowed my hurt.

Now I know that with God, everything is lovingly-possible.

When I met you, my dream for true and undying love unfolded like a rainbow. Its appearance coloured my world, its beauty energized my soul. And unlike the known rainbow, your love wasn’t seasonal; with every day passing, your love stands sure!

And this I ask… Will you permit me to be in your heart forever, for as long as I breathe? If you want to know, you’re been cemented inside my own heart – forever!

Good Morning my dearest. Have a great day ahead.

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