I Love You Infinitely Quotes With Images

2023 I Love You Infinitely Quotes With Images

We have heard often of star-crossed couples in movies and soul mates in reality. Once in a while, the world decides to smile on us so it gives us someone to hopelessly fall in love with.

It’s imperative and only healthy to let them know the intensity of our love for them. See below some messages that will help you convey what your heart is saying expressly.

I Love You Infinitely Quotes with Images

I love you infinitely quotes and messages for him or her – I love you infinitely messages and quotes for boyfriend or girlfriend.

1. “It’s no longer news that I’ve loved you since I first met you. This time, I just thought I should let you know that I will be loving you until eons.”

I Love You Infinitely

2. “You’re my favourite ink, you’ve spilled bountifully on the surface of my heart. My heart is now made only of the beauty you’ve caused to happen. You’re my endless love.”

I Love You Infinitely

3. “I haven’t the tiniest idea how you did it. All I know is every passing second, You’re all that dominates my heart. I love you infinitely.”

I Love You Infinitely



4. “Baby, I hope to never experience the pain of having to let you go because your love keeps me going. I love you.”

I Love You Infinitely

5. “Your love is the most overwhelming feeling I’ve ever experienced. I do not think I can ever get over it. I love you infinitely.”

I Love You Infinitely

6. “I will let go of my breath and your love at once. One can’t exist without the other. I love you infinitely.”

I Love You Infinitely

7. “It’s been you and no one else ever since you made me bask in the euphoria of your voice and the words of your mouth. I can’t stop loving you.”

I Love You Infinitely

8. “I have never had a rising in my heart like I have right now. All because of you, I know what divine feels like. I love you infinitely.”

I Love You Infinitely

9. “I will hang on forever and cling to you as if my life depends on you because it does. I love you infinitely!”

I Love You Infinitely

10. “This love that roars sonorously, this feeling of soul freedom that springs from loving you is permanent. I love you infinitely.”

I Love You Infinitely



11. “Everything that you are and does just gives me an assurance that we will be together forever. I love you…”

I Love You Infinitely

12. “You’re my muse, I do everything I do well because there’s you to support and encourage me. I love you infinitely.”

I Love You Infinitely

13. “It’s been said that one thing called love is capable of helping us conquer our fears and problems. You’re a proof that this saying is absolutely correct. I love you.”

I love you infinitely



14. “There remains a single fact that has the ability to make my heart leap for joy, Your existence! I love you infinitely.”

I love you infinitely

15. “Your soul feels a lot like mine, your heart beats a lot like mine, your smile looks a lot like mine. I love your spirit, body and soul.”

I love you infinitely

16. “This smile that you wear confidently is one of the many reasons I don’t ever want to let you go. I love you infinitely.”

I love you infinitely

17. “I have always said it. There is nothing ordinary about you. You’re a divine being put to this world just for my happiness. I love you infinitely.”

I love you infinitely



18. “You’re the only shape of love I want to cuddle with for the rest of my life. I love you infinitely.”

I Love You Infinitely

19. “It’s not just my arms that relish holding you, my heart has found joy since the beginning of holding you. It will never let you go.”

I Love You Infinitely

20. “I will never stop choosing you, what you do to my heart has made you worthy of every sweat and effort. I love you infinitely.”

I Love You Infinitely

21. “I’m in love with every detail of your body and soul. You’re my perfect love, the one I will love forever.”

22. “There’s not much in my life that would score in the top ten of any kind of rating. You easily have a 10 and extra. You’re my endless love.”

23. “I love the way you make me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. I’d give anything to feel this way forever. I love you.”

24. “You’re a combination of strength, beauty and kindness. I will love you forever.”

25. “From the first moment I met you, you captured my heart, I hope that our hearts will be intertwined forever!”

26. “No matter the charm and finesse others present, it will still be you that makes my heart pulsate with joy. I love you infinitely.”

27. “You’re a king among your peers. You’re the one for me. My always and forever.”

28. “We’ve been through so much. Feelings have faded, some people left but one thing that has remained constant is the way we feel about each other. I’m convinced that you are my endless love.”

29. “The way our fingers fit in perfectly is a proof that we were meant to be together forever. I love you infinitely.”

30. “My heart will forever love you, my lips will forever sing praises of you, and my hands will never cease to seek your body. I love you infinitely.”

31. “I was created to make you happy and you were created to make me happy. I hope for days that will unveil how much love we have for each other. I love you infinitely.”

32. “Nothing in this world is capable of changing the way I feel about you. I love you infinitely.”

33. “I have found a lover, friend and confidence in you. You’re the love of my life baby.”

34. “All the things you do have convinced me of your stance. Your kindness has found a place in my heart to dwell. I love you now, always and forever.”

35. “You’ve damned all situations to prove your love for me. I hope for the same courage to prove my love to you forever.”

36. “I love your smile, it reminds me of a good day during vacation, your laugh brings memories of everything beautiful. I don’t want to live a life without your active existence.”

37. “I want to kiss you in the rain and tell the world how I can’t stop loving you.”

38. “All I do today and every other day are so that our love story will never be once upon a time. I really love you and I know I will be loving you forever.”

39. “I am impressed, you’re impressive. You’re the calm to my chaos, you’re the light to my day. I love you infinitely.”

40. “The most amazing thing about you is that your beauty transcends the physical. You’re a gift I will never take for granted. I love you infinitely.”

41. “I bask in the euphoria of your sweetnesses daily. You’ve spoiled me silly and I’m totally smitten with you.”

42. “At night when I hold you close, I’m confident of tomorrow and during the day when you smile at me across a room, I can’t wait to hold you at night. I love you infinitely!”

43. “You make my dreams beautiful and my reality even more amazing.I will be loving you till the end of time.”

44. “No one has a say where our love is concerned. At least I know my love for you will never fade regardless of people’s thought.”

46. “When my dreams come through and if they don’t. You’re the one I want next to me. I love you infinitely.”

47. “Your music has managed to melt my heart invariably and has made my love for you constant.”

48. “Just thinking of living without you alone gives me the most traumatizing feeling. I love you infinitely.”

49. “I don’t need this body if they will have to wake in the dead of the to not feeling you close. I love you infinitely.”

50. “You’re like a star, the kind that catches a couple’s attention as they stare at the sky. You caught my heart, never to let it go. You’re the most constant thing in my heart.”

51. “I won’t get over you, just informing you ahead that I’m incapable of unloving you. You’re my forever.”

52. “The chains of fear that clung closely to my soul broke immediately you appeared, our meeting is still the most magical moment of my life. I love you infinitely.”

53. “So long the world stands, in as much as men can breathe and eyes can see, my love for you stands!”

54. “I’ve loved you ceaselessly for years, here is a promise that I will love you with the same fervour infinitely.”

55. “The love we have shared has convinced me that life is good. I really love you Dear.”

56. “My soul is lifted daily with the blessing of love and joy because of your existence. I love you infinitely.”

57. “This is a love confession for all the intense things you make me feel. I love you infinitely.”

58. “I wish I would spend every moment of my day by your side. When you’re not with me, all I think of is you. I love you infinitely.”

59. “You are the most passionate person I know, I see this in the way you look at me, feed me and touch my curves. I love you infinitely.”

60. “I’ve spent my entire day thinking about you, if this is not loving, I don’t know what it is. I’m so crazy about you.”

61. “When I lay to sleep, I see flashes of your smile, If I eventually sleep, you dominate my dreams. I’m hopelessly in love with you.”

62. “No one has ever made me want to do the things I would readily do with you. You’re always in my head and your presence is permanent in my heart.”

63. “I will think about today in the next twenty years and still, love the feeling we share. We’ll be together forever.”

64. “Just sitting next to you opens my heart to an amazing picture of us living and dying together. I love you infinitely!”

65. “They don’t understand the love we share, it looks to them like we are two crazy people that need cure. But, I know there’s no cure to the way I feel about you.”

66. “I have said this before, and I will always say this; you’re the love that I need, want and deserve. I love you infinitely.”

67. “I will do all that’s in my power to always have you around for the rest of our lives. I love you infinitely.”

68. “Happiness is where you are, you’re the abode of joy. I’m committed to loving you forever.”

69. “The thoughts of your voice alone is consuming. The sound of your laughter resonates continually in my ears. I’m deeply in love with you.”

70. “I don’t like to put my eggs in one basket. But if there’s something I’m willing to trust completely, it’s that our love is endless.”

71. “You’ve made me believe that my intensity is a blessing. This act of yours has geared me towards having a complete sense of acceptance around you. I’m in love with you.”

72. “Several years after, all I want to be is the one that makes you happy. I love you infinitely.”

73. “Our conversation looks a lot like art. And I love art. Till death, you’ll still be my favourite idea of art.”

74. “Like the grace of the flower is smitten with rain, so is my heart hinged on your existence. I love you infinitely.”

75. “Your existence gives me hope of a bright tomorrow. I love you now, always and forever.”.

76. “You know how to awaken my senses with your full blown love. Nobody loves me like you do, I love no other person but you.”

77. “Stir my heart once again with your voice, make my lips tremble with your kiss, give me an everlasting memory of bliss. My joy lies in you.”

78. “I long to be totally intertwined with you, seen only in the light of you and you being seen only in my light. I want our love to be destined forever. Love you infinitely!”

79. “Of the few things I love ,you’re the most intense
I’m sure of my love for you like the dawn of a day.”

80. “I find you to be a beautiful and bright soul that’s deserving of all love and light. So, what I’m going to do is love you passionately forever.”

81. “My heart that once was full of dread and insecurity now basks in joy and the euphoria of your love. I love you infinitely.”

82. “I promise to be there with you every step of the way. With my quirkiness and chaos, I will stand by you forever.”

83. “My love is deep, and can’t be quenched. You’re my most cherished treasure.”

84. “Of all the riches unfolding universally, I want to be greatly enriched in the feel of your hands on mine and your breath on my neck. I love you infinitely.”

85. “You know my body better than I do, you’ve mastered the delights of my heart like a piece of art. I will never desire to be loved any other way. I love you infinitely.”

86. “I love your heart cause it is mine, I relish your smile cause it reminds me of happiness. I love you because you’re my muse.”

87. “You’re the boy whose music and art have inspired me to become this great person I am today. I love you infinitely.”

88. “It’s night again, and I still can’t stop thinking of you. I think I will be like this about you forever. My love for you immensely increases by the day.”

89. “We just keep on getting better, our smiles won’t stop, I believe we were destined to be together forever. I love you infinitely.”

90. “You gave away yourself from the very time we met, I will be doing the same for you as long as I live.”

91. “I’ve streamed the corners of my heart for reservations about my love for you but I found none. I love you infinitely.”

92. “You make me feel gay with your presence and the smell of you reminds me of bliss. I love you infinitely.”

93. “I am so glad that I chose you to spend forever with. Forever is assuredly going to be beautiful because of my choice.”

94. “The strength of my love for you will stand the test of time, I’m hopelessly in love with you.”

95. “You paint my world with a blend of beautiful colours and you do this effortlessly. You’re the one I want to wake up to everyday till my last breath.”

96. “I look forward to every day because, Of you, I can’t remember a day where blue was what I felt. You make me so happy and I love you infinitely.”

97. “What I feel for you is too strong for cure. Believe me, I’ve tried to recover from it but it been so impossible. I love you infinitely.”

98. “I see beneath the facade. So I know what others don’t know. I know you have a tremendously beautiful soul. I love you infinitely.”

99. “I’m in love with the way you make me comfortable around you, I breath better with you around. I love you infinitely.”

100. “I want all of you, the good, bad and ugly. Everything that comes from you is just what I live for. I love you infinitely.”

101. “Your love has taught me a lot, part of which is how to display my emotions. I’m romanticizing our love forever.”

102. “Cuddling is so much better when it’s done with the person that owns your heart. I look forward to forever cuddling with you.”

103. “I mean it when I call you mine forever. I hope you know today that there’s no other person like you.”

104. “I need you, believe me when I say this cause I need you to believe just as much as I need you. I love you infinitely.”

105. “Your voice serenades my soul, your breath wakes the emotions in my heart and your words set my mind ablaze. Tell me how I won’t be loving you forever.”

106. “My feelings for you have gone so wild that nothing can tame them. One thing I’m grateful for is that it’s directed only to you. I love you passionately.”

107. “I’ve whispered, shouted, murmured and sang of my love for you. You should know by now that I will be loving you until eon.”

108. “Baby, you should know that you take me higher and into the realm of ultimate love. I can’t unlove you.”

109. “When sunsets, you’re the one I want to experience it with and when it rises, I want to crawl gently out of your arms. I love you infinitely.”

110. “I get goosebumps every time I hear your name. You make me feel alive. I love you infinitely.”

111. “I have no fear of the morrow. This is because love conquers all. You’re my safety.”

112. “I am unbending about just one thing in this life. My love for you.”

113. “I can’t wait to start having our kids run around. I will like to watch that with your hands in mine. I love you infinitely.”

114. “I’ve whispered, shouted and sang about my love for you and I won’t stop singing about it. I love you infinitely.”

115. “I’m constantly aware of love and exposed to beautiful emotions. It’s bliss loving and being loved by you.”

116. “Nothing ever seems to lift my soul like the smile on your face. I am helplessly in love with your smile.”

117. “You’re the reason for all the great things happening in my life right now. I’m so glad I met you and decided to love you.”

118. “You may catch me doing and saying a lot of things in the next years of our lives but I’m sure you won’t catch me saying I love you no more. I love you infinitely.”

119. “Loving you is the ultimate thing going on for me right now and I am unapologetic about it. I love you infinitely.”

120. “Every day spent with you is a blessing, every hour I live in the consciousness of your love gives my heart a leap for joy. I will be loving you until eon.”

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