Text Messages that Will Make Her Want You

2023 Most Romantic Text Messages that Will Make Her Want You

Relationships are vital parts of our human existence. One can not grow in isolation as the heart needs love. Love is more defined with the agape type based on one happening between a man and a woman, which brings me to my point. How does a man make a woman fall in love with him?

There are many ways to go about this, but we all know that women are easily swayed by words, but what are the right words for her? Below are text messages that will make your girlfriend find your heart so warming for hers to sit with you.

Heart Touching Text Messages that Will Make Her Want You

Here are top text messages that will make her not to deny you that you can use to woo that girl/lady of your choice. All you need to do is to copy, paste and send it to her.

1. I have found a new heart since I met you. My smiles have become laughter and my me has become we.

2. There’s someone who loves you, the person adores you, the person thinks you’re the sweetest person alive. The person just sent this

3. My love for you grows every day. It is as beautiful as the galaxy

4. Dear babe, your arms are where my sorrows fade. Your lips is where I want to sink my ship.

5. With a lot of words you have heard today, here is mine from a heart that feels you are the most special being alive.

6. Your eyes are where my weakness lies, each moment you see through my heart.

7. Falling for you has never been risky. You are worth every risk because I feel butterflies when I think of you.

8. Whenever I prayed, I asked for one thing. I asked for a definition of love and you came into my life.

9. All my life, I have waited for that one special thing. It came to be love and brought you along

10. A happy smile curves my lips whenever your thoughts brush pass my heart.

11. Your happiness is a seed in my heart I love to see grow, that is why my love is all yours.

12. Each time your sweet beautiful face finds mine, my love for you feels like the beginning.

Text messages to make her want you

13. To define what I feel for you will be describing how the Orange holds water and seeds in itself.

14. Just like an aeroplane with no pilot in the sky, life without you will feel lost.

15. I cherish every moment with you because you give me more reasons to love you every day.

16. I want you to know you are the most special woman of my life.

17. However I want to explain this, it’s never suitable. My heart skips a beat anytime you’re around me.

18. I have never found the right words to tell or describe how I feel about you, just so you know I love you.

19. You are the reason sleep escapes my eyes every night. You’re as beautiful as the girl of my dreams.

20. No matter when my eyes open or close. You are there as the most beautiful being I have ever met.

21. The most difficult thing to do is to not think about you. My love always finds you attached.

22. I had to see a doctor today because I felt I was losing my mind. I love you and I feel out of control

23. Do you care about me more than I care about you? I wake up each day thinking of how you’re driving me crazy.

24. Our moments together matter more to me than the sun been in the sky

25. My love for you is ever true, and as real as the drums of your heart.

What to text a girl to make her want you

26. Whenever you lay close to me, listen closely to my heart. It beats for you

27. I dreamt I was the sun that came to your window and woke you up. And because I love you I became the air that went through your lungs, and because of how I feel about you, I became the Rhythm your heart kept beating to.

28. If I write the story of my future. I always find you lurking in it cause of your beautiful eyes.

29. As unique as you are, I never saw you loving me and I falling in love with you. I love you in oceans.

30. So long I am alive in this world, my heart will always be filled with love for you.

31. There is no story better than how love found us both. I can tell it over and over again. I love you

32. I’m willing to make you happy and in love for the rest of our lives.

33. Our love will always be colourful like the rainbow. I’d spend the rest of my life with you.

34. Nothing will ever change how I have always felt the first day I saw you. I love you to the moon and back.

35. Only you will fill the hole missing in my heart, the hole of emptiness. The hole of love.

36. With you, I have found what to smile, giggle and laugh about. I have found my future with love.

37. My love for you is like the sand on the shores, if it’s countable then that’s how much I love you.

38. Don’t ever ask why I love you because there’s never a reason enough. I love you.

39. I am looking forward to starting a home with you, of writing chapters on love. On showing the world how much you mean to me.

40. I and you will make the world redefine love because I and you spell more than love. You mean everything to me.

41. I hope you know that my love for you grows with each breath in the depth of my heart. I love you always.

42. Your smile is radiant like the sun. It can melt an ice cold heart like mine. You are a pool of happiness.

43. Mistress of my heart, Queen to my smile. You are the best thing happening to me.

44. If I was to give you a gift that appreciates the deep love I have for you. I would give my heart to you again.

45. You glow like the star, sometimes I feel you were plucked out of heaven to bring light to my life.

Texts to Make Her Want You

46. You are brilliantly beautiful that nothing can define you. Your eyes are a sparkle I always want to remember

47. If I were to define happiness, it would be you. Each second, each minute is a romantic tale I want to remember.

48. Our love can heal broken hearts, your smile can make the sun still so I keep seeing your face.

49. You are the girl who decorated my life, eases my pain and makes life better. I love you

50. You are the beautiful dream that came true, a love definition I want to talk about.

51. I have found a story so beautiful and it involves a smile that belongs to you, a laughter like yours and a face with your name.

52. On my mind I can find a blueprint of us, my heart whispers closer your name so your face is always in my dreams. I love you so much.

53. The most Romantic thing in life is seeing your eyes find sleep, and my body hugging you every morning. I need you more in my life.

54. Do not ever believe that love makes you defenceless, for I know only strong and courageous people are able to fall in love and that is who you are to me.

55. At first, I thought you to be my girlfriend only did I just realize that you are the changer of my life. The one who is so important to my life.

56. I would exchange my right arm to have a glance of your love, steal over my heart and tell me that love is for real and it exists in you.

57. When I define love, you are the only hope to what is close, you have cause so many moons happen in my darkest moments.

58. The word that makes my heart beat forever is yours. I love you so much.

59. The storms of life will not bring me down for your love is heavier than the tide and softer than your lips.

60. Your beautiful body, sexy lips, curvy hips only makes me want you more than air that I breathe.

61. When my heart finds sleep, you become a sweet rhythm of the night.

62. I want to wake up every morning and see you beside me marking the curves that make me smile and the giggles that make me love.

63. I have never been happier having you in my life, than a morning with so much laughter telling how much I love you.

64. The best feeling that wakes me up is being your boyfriend everyday and anytime. I love you puddles.

65. Whenever you hold my hands I feel the surge that can never tell where my love begins from or ends.

66. Whenever I am asked where does my eternity lies, I’d say it lies in your hands. With you is me so complete.

67. You always compete on who is the brightest, that is why the moon is stale at night with how much it shines.

68. Whenever I spend time with you, it is like an eternity has found the beginning of love.

69. You are my flower, the one that never withers. You take my breath away always.

70. If I was to ever define what beauty meant, it would be you. You are a flower, a beautiful kind and you make my heart feel loved.

71. If I was to choose a time on earth, it would forever be with you.

72. Your eyes are as captivating as the feeling in my heart.

73. Tonight is you I want to hold tight, because when I’m close to you. It feels like a haven.

74. Give me an ear of your mind and hear these words. I love you, babe.

75. I’d never let you stop blossoming if you were a flower because I’d always want to keep you.

76. You don’t only spark my soul, you set me on fire.

77. Your smile is nothing compared to Northern lights. You stir me up every day

78. Time on earthier one I remember with you the most. I want our memories to be beautiful always

79. You are my 6th vowel, my 27th alphabet. I wish we would spend the 25th hour of the day together

80. Your understanding makes you stunningly adorable each time I’m with you.

81. If I am to leave a mark in this world, I would need a star, moon and the sun and you’re all of it.

82. If I am to be an artist, your pictures will occupy every canvass for you are always on my mind.

83. If I am given the sky to tell our stories. It wouldn’t even be enough to tell how beautiful you are

84. Do you know you make a definition of happiness? Time with you, your eyes and your heart.

85. My life tells more happy stories since I have met you. You are all I want.

86. Have you heard the word beautiful before, I keep telling people, your smile invented the word.

87. I was watching the morning and when I saw the sunrise, I felt you were the sun shining into my life.

88. I am your Earth, you are my sun and moon.

89. Forever in my heart, out would be the soul to my rhythm. You are everything to me

90. In the storm, I want to be with you. Spending my fears with you and living a lifetime with you.

91. Moments with you make pure magic, it’s like a tunnel of eternal happiness and love.

92. You are like my Moon whenever I feel there’s going to be a night. You are my happiness whenever I think of love.

93. Let me tell you about beautiful words, stars, ocean, ruby, moon and you.

94. The most beautiful thing in the world is watching your eyes fall unto sleep especially beside me.

95. You are queen, you rule my world like the sun rules the day.

96. Trust me, there are not enough gifts to tell of your beauty, cause even the word is not enough to tell of you.

97. If I am to spend another lifetime. I will choose 3 things, I and you and another lifetime.

98. Love of you grows every day and unconditionally, it’s with warmth and affection.

99. Whenever I say I love you, it only means I want you to have my kids and never stop loving me.

100. My sweetness, nothing is better than looking into your eyes, it feels like seeing your soul and loving you more.

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