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2023 Trending I Love You Poems for Him – Love Poems for Boyfriend

Romantic I Love You Poems for Him

Here ar heartfelt I love you poems you can send to your husband or boyfriend that will make him to stand by you, and also love you forever.

The Peace Felt Loving You

I am loosed this evening,
Staring at the gentle sea,
Enjoying the ocean breeze,
As the waves move rhythmically,
Reflections of the sun shimmered the view,
I feel at peace,
At such beauty as yours,
More like in a dream,
Still, as I drift,
The tides embraced me,
The thoughts of you remain,
For my heart longs for you,
From a distant at the shore,
Especially on a night as this,
I love you more.

You Love Me Still

The feel of your love and your touch caresses the soul,
We are so close, I can hear your heart beat,
Everything I felt missing has been fixed by your presence,
I love you today, tomorrow, and forever
You love has opened my heart,
You have seen me in my bad,
You have seen me in my ugly,
You don’t give a care,
You love me still,
My love for you has become my reason to live,
I love you forever.

Love Unending Tale

You are the one I can’t breathe without,
You are the one I can’t sleep without,
Without you, I am less active,
This is a sure fact and I am not doubting that;
I love the way you smile,
You can be funny and annoying,
I love you still,
you are real and that brings out your beauty,
Remain true and my love for you would wax stronger.

My Love! My Luck Charm

Your lips are so soft and red,
Kissing you is a thought stuck in my head,
Bright and warm is your beauty,
T’s appealing to the soul,
Shining through the darkest storm is your heart,
Sparkling in the night skies are your eyes,
When I stare into them I feel like I am soaring high,
Let me be your second wing that would help you fly better,
Let me be the hand that would carry you when you fall,
My love for you is pure and true,
The thought of you in my heart is real,
The anxiety of you saying “I love you” in return makes my heart beat fast,
I promise to love you forever,
And when everything crumbles, I will never leave you,
I wish to protect you from all harm
‘Cause in you I have found my luck charm
You are my world and that’s how it would remain,
Till eternity.

Love’s Planet

Never in a million years have I thought that I would be this close to a Star,
You have not just proven that you are a Star,
It’s obvious you are a rare kind of Star in the sky,
That happened to wow my Universe,
you have proven that you are the Sun,
You illuminate my world,
You give me warmth when I’m cold,
I ain’t the same, without you,
You give me oxygen… the air I breathe,
You add colour to me and the life I live,
You give me enough energy to keep on,
You keep me in my orbit,
Without you, I am reckless and would lack direction,
When you curl in your shell,
It’s gloomy and shady,
When you come out, I could proudly show you off that’s how much you shine,
You seem to brighten up my day at all times,
And for that, I remain your Earth.

With You, Nothing Else Matters

I remember our being together,
Time just pass and nothing else matters,
Not the day,
Not the year,
Not the time,
Sometimes when I am in bed alone,
I remember those full lips of yours and that body that would soon be mine,
And I miss them so much,
I can imagine you laughing at me right now,
Truths and facts need to be told,
I watch you and I stroke your body sometimes when we sleep together,
Because I’m mesmerized by your beauty,
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you,
My feelings… uncontrollable,
I’ve been in love with you from the start and I haven’t stopped,
I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you,
I need you and love you, today and forever.

My Rare Man

When we first made contact,
My heart flew high,
Twas like it would jump out of my mouth,
I have met a lot of men that build their truth on many lies,
They told me their feelings,
I soaked in every word like an idiot,
But all those words faded like smoke in the air,
Trying to put my past behind,
I have weighed out every word you said,
I weighed out what I feel for you,
I tried pushing it aside, I can’t,
True love can change a river’s course or pierce the strongest vault with ease… the saying goes,
I won’t deny it’s working for me,
True love can turn coal into gold or tame the tempest to a balmy breeze…

Another saying,
Sincerely it has worked for me,
You are a rare man,
My feelings wouldn’t change today,
It won’t tomorrow, and forever.

I Would Love Whatever You Are!

When you are dumb,
When you are dull and not active,
When you are smart and active,
I love you still,

Whether you are tall,
Whether you are short,
Whether you are beautiful,
Whether you are ugly,
Whether you are angry,
Whether you are happy,
It wouldn’t change a thing,
I love you still,

When you grow old and you are toothless,
When you are too old to see,
When you can no longer walk,
I would still love you,

Today I will love you,
Tomorrow I would,
Forever I would still love you,
Be rest assured.

The Fight for Love

When you are alone,
When all is crashing down,
When there is no one around,
When you are full of depression,
When life is dull and shady,
When you feel hopeless and lost,
When you are unwanted and rejected,
When everyone has given up on you,
When there is no more hope,
I will be there,
I will pick you up even before you fall,
I will fight for you, every single bit of you,
I will fight for you,
With every inch of me,
For as long as I can,
I will fight for you,
Even when am dying,
I would yet fight for you.

A Letter to My Love

Hey Honey,
My love for you will never fade,
Combining my feelings with yours makes our love get its originality,
You give me the strength to stand up tall,
Irrespective of the current situation,
You have reached out to me every time I’m about to fall,
Forever you are always on my mind,
Definitely, your kind is rare,
A day without you, I can’t explain the feel,
A weekend without you is so hard,
A week without you is serious suffering,
A year without you is suffering eternity,
I cannot even live a day without you coming to mind,
I love to hold you,
I love to kiss you,
I don’t mind being inside you but I sure can wait,
you remain my very lover and my best friend,
“I love you” a default words that won’t leave my mouth,
In you is no hatred,
In you, no lies,
Your eyes are sincere,
And for all these I love you.

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