Sweetest Love Poems for the One You Love 1

2023 Sweetest Love Poems for the One You Love

So you want the sweetest love poems for the one you love? You will get just that. Get ready to get the cutest of love poems for the one you love too.

Let me open this poem collection with this romantic Chat between two Lovers.

Amazing Love Poems for the One You Love

Below are amazing love quotes and poems you can send to your lover, that will make you love in his or her heart grow faster.

1. From my Heart of Heart

From Him to Her:
Sometimes in this lifetime,
We meet a special soul,
Who fills our very essence,
To almost overflow.
We drink the cup of friendship,
It tastes like ruby wine,
And you know within your heart,
That the meeting was divine.

It started with a stare from me,
Then a questioning gaze from her
And she wondered out loud
Yet I pretended as though I didn’t hear

Little did I know…
A part of me was reaching out
It was not deliberate,
I guess the good in her drew me
To me it was so casual
But here we are today,
savouring a friendship so treasured.

Now, this soul that lives within my heart,
To me, no distance can prevail.
Both shall be a reflection of each other…
And it’s the start of a lifetime journey…

I don’t know about this damsel, But I want this to continue,
Perhaps, it could lead us to a world…
A world only meant for a shared affection
And then the chance would be worth every effort.
I love you and I cherish you.

From Her to Him:
The day we met,
I’d never have guessed
That we’d ever be friends…
And before long I joined,
Your circle of friends.

I expected it to stop there,
Severing every strings that dared to attach
But the more I tried to pull away, The closer to you, my heart became.
So I gave in to fate
And let love drive me whims!

Since then we have grown
In work and in life,
Spending time side by side..
You are my mentor,
My brother, my friend,
In every way, my guide!

When I write in shorthand
You’d kick my virtual head
My heart would tag along
And I’ll quickly be back online…

From Her to Him:
To say it as it is,
It has meant so much
Having you as a friend.
And to crown it all,
You will always be a friend,
Always will be a part of me.

When times are tough
You are always there
It has brightened my world
Just knowing you care

From Her to Him:
You make me feel the love
I have inside
You are a friend,
A mentor, yes! My guide.

Since we met
Our friendship has grown
While you’re in the world
I will never be alone

I feel blessed to have met
Someone like you
And to have found a friendship
So special and ever true.
I love you.

It’s time to miss each other
From Her to Him
Every day that you’ve been gone,
Away from me
The nights and days
Have been too long
There’s been an ache
Within my heart
Ever since I have been lonely
Without you here.
I’m really missing you.

From Him to Her
Walking down the streets alone
Looking through windows at night
Gazing at the stars and moon
To arouse visions of future
Waiting for the hour we’ll see again
My soul draws so close
You make my heart go tinger-lingerly

I can honestly say
That you are just as special
As you ever can be
There’s no way at all
You could mean more to me
In my eyes you are tops
You are as good as they get
And you will always be someone
I dearly like and respect
So today and tomorrow
And the whole year through
With all my heart
I love you, though missing you.

Saying Good Morning to each other

From Him to Her
I woke up to your love this day
I woke up to pleasant thoughts of you and of us.

I am delighted by all that you are,
And all that you do
Which makes you so rare and dear.
And makes me fall in love with you.

You never fail to dazzle
Your secret I’m yet to unravel
The friendship you offer
Is really so prized
And so treasured too.

You came from a distant tomorrow
To make my today a beauty
So we can face same tomorrow
With an atmosphere so beautiful

I recall your bright eyes
And that innocent smile
Which touches my heart in a way so special
You’re truly beautiful!

My love, you’re indeed a princess
And I hope to always treat you like one
Because you deserve nothing but the best
I really cherish and adore you…
Good Morning. I love you.

From Her to Him
I’m blushing for real!
I wish I could compete with the sun
And you’ll see how I wish to brighten your day in return.

You’ve been my source of daily delight,
And like Neon Signs, paving ways in the dark.
You’ve been the rhythms my heart sings to
And the lyrics are cutely divine!

You’ve given me more than mouths can say
And to tell of the worth, it’s more than money can pay!

I just love you. And I’ll forever do.
Good morning to my heart and king.

Short Love Poems for the One You Love

2. Our Best is Yet to Come

Daily in love my soul is awakened
My heart, with you, is rejuvenated
The result of the awesome journey so far, this is
But I see something more…
I see a future with unparalleled bliss
I see a home with our lovely kids
I see people coming with prying looks
And we became the centre of attraction for all and sundry.
You know what?
Our best is yet to come.
I love you.

3. I Can’t Tell It All

For real, my legs are on the right path
Soon, With you, my dreams will answer to reality
I asked myself if this will be worth it
And your acts and deeds were the assurance I needed!
Thanks for being your best for me…
Thanks for giving your best to me…
Thanks for planning the best for us.
Thanks so much, I can’t tell it all.
I love you.

4. Can I Ever Thank You Enough?

Is it for the new way my heart beats?
Is it for the timely merriments my soul gets?
Should I talk about your awesome personality?
Maybe your caring nature that’s covetable?
Or your teachable spirit that’s obviously divine!
I just know that no matter how much I try,
I can’t come close to appreciating your love for me.
Saying I love you wouldn’t do!

5. If Only I Could Turn Back the Hand of Time

You came to heal my broken hearts
The scars are gone, I’m whole again
I once was lost, your love found me
Blind was I, your love healed my sight.
Then I wondered, wished and did hope that…
If I could turn back the hand of time,
The story would have been different
My heart wouldn’t have known heartbreak.
Should I tell you something?
Your love is my breath!
I love you.

6. Nothing Can Replace Your Love for Me

I look near and far, within and without
Still can’t find a replacement for you
I tried to measure your love, with the best of devices out there…
But I failed, I failed, and I failed again.
And then I discovered, that your love is beyond me!
And I said within me, that a lifetime isn’t enough to pay you back.
Just permit me to say I love you.

7. Can I Sing of Your Love?

I am convinced that your love is real
I’ve got the assurance that your care is
Your act of service, I checked, is legendary
And I asked myself what a wonder to my world you are!
So I’ll sing of your untold love
I’ll hum the melody of your care
I’ll shout and tell the whole world…
What your love means to me!
With the whole of my being, I proudly say I love you.

8. I Want to Grow Old with You

You came in like the rest
Met me surly and heartbroken
And when I expected you to turn back
You gave a hand to help.
My days were spent in doom
My heart was deep in hurts
I was left totally bewildered,
But I watched you fixed it all
I asked What’s the price,
You said just my heart.
In love I reached out,
With joy I gave it…
And since I made the decision,
My joy has known no end.
Thanks for coming to my rescue.
Thanks for making me a better version of myself.
I love you.

9. Many Reasons Why I Love You

I thought you came like one of those
And I almost got it wrong
I fought to resist the affection I had for you,
But your love for me was like a casted spell
With a part of me full of doubts,
I gave in and still expecting a norm
But Little did I know,
That you’re a dream come true
Just before I gave a second thought
Your love grew beyond measure
Your personality won my heart
I saw endless fun and gaiety
It’s like the Spring is in the air
Yet your love is never seasonal
It’s been a while, but it’s still as strong as ever.
There are many reasons why I love you…
But I’ll keep them for yet another day!
I love you. Yes, I do!

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