Happy Birthday to the Man I Love

2023 Happy Birthday to the Man I Love Quotes and Wishes

Birthdays are wonderful days. They give us the opportunity to celebrate those that deserve to be celebrated in our lives. Surprise your man on his birthday by sending him any of the messages below to brighten his day and make him smile.

Happy Birthday to the Man I Love Quotes

Here are romantic Happy Birthday to the Man I Love Quotes for you to freely send to your lover on his birthday.

1. Hi baby, I think it’s high time you start paying a distraction fee for everytime I think about you, maybe it would refrain you from popping into my mind every time. Happy birthday, love.

2. You have sunk your talons deep into my heart, I doubt if I would ever break free from you. I love you so much, baby. Happy birthday.

3. if I ever did a drawing of my ideal man, you would have been a perfect match. You are exactly what and all I want my man to be. I love you, baby. Happy birthday.

4. what an awesome this is, the most important person in my life is a year older today. Happy birthday, booboo.
5. You must have magical powers because my world has become more colourful and magical since I met you. Happy birthday, love.

6. I hope you know I can die for you., did you read that well, I meant dye my hair and go blond if that is what you want. What were you thinking? Happy birthday.

7. I am a living witness of how getting rid of unnecessary things can help you live light and free. Since I handed my heart over to you, I have been happier and contented. I love you dear and I wish you a wonderful birthday.

8. If you are casting a spell to make me love you this much, don’t stop. I am loving being in love with you. Happy birthday handsome.

9. All superheroes have a limit to what they can do but you are definitely the strongest of them all cos you took my world and turned it around. You are amazing. Happy birthday.

10. God must have read my thought and seen my desires when he brought you my way. You are unarguably the exact person I need in my life. Happy birthday, dear.

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Happy Birthday to the Man I Love Wishes

Make him feel special on his special day with these Happy Birthday to My Man Quotes.

11. Now, I know it is more fulfilling and pleasing to give than to receive. I gave my heart to you and my life has been better off since then. Thanks for being a wonderful lover. Happy birthday.

12. I know you know but I need you to keep knowing and never stop knowing that I love you so much. Have a wonderful birthday.

13. Your voice is imbued with sweetness, your works glitter like gold and your ways are comely. Everything about you is good and I am glad to be married to a good man. Happy birthday my love.

14. Happy birthday to the man who deserves my all. My hair, eyes, nose and every other component of my body belong to you my dear, I love you.

15. Happy birthday baby, I have been to a lot of places but no sight is more attractive than watching you and no monument is as beautiful as you. I love you.

16. Taking your name was a decision I took without blinking because I love you that much and I do not mind being attached to you in every way possible. Happy birthday.

17. You are so beautiful I am tempted to play dress up with you but you are a guy and it would probably not be a good idea. Either way, I love you, my beautiful man. Happy birthday.

18. Happy birthday, partner. I have gotten so accustomed to you that I am beginning to mimic some of your habits I used to find annoying. I love you handsome.

19. If every man treats his wife the way you treat and pamper me, we would have happier women, healthier communities and of course more women getting married. Thanks for being so loving and kind. Happy birthday to the best man ever.

20. As the apple tree stands out in the wood and the Lilly among the thornbush, so you keep standing out everywhere you go my love and I am glad you are mine.Happy birthday.

21. I know you do not know how much I love you and its ok cos I do not know too. My love for you is without limits. Happy birthday.

22. You are my husband, lover, partner and roommate all at once and you are doing a really fabulous job multitasking. Thanks for always being there baby. Happy birthday.

23. You are like a big lion, I feel safe under your arms, you are my sanctuary and I am going to remain with you forever my knight. Happy birthday.

24. I know you are a man but you would always be my baby, my adorable sweet baby whom I will pamper every day most especially today. Happy birthday sweet.

25. I like the fact that you are a man of your words, it is soothing to live with an honest man. I love you, baby. Happy birthday, baby.

26. I am pleased and greatly satisfied with all the care you are showing me; you are my hero and I wish you a very happy birthday.

27. I am feeling like Juliet today, what is my hero doing? It is your special day, let me spoil you.

28. You are beginning to make me feel like a perfect woman as you never complain about anything I do. You are the best man in the world and aside today, I will celebrate you every day.

29. I respect you a lot as my man and that is because you have earned my respect. I will never stop loving and respecting you my dear cos you make it so easy. Happy birthday.

30. If only you know how special and unique you are. You are simply one of a kind, rare and awesome and I love it that way. Happy birthday Mr Special.

31. You blossom like the fig tree and your grapes are tender like that of the vine. You are a well of sweet living water and I can never get enough of you. Happy birthday, love.

32. I will give everything I have for you, down to my last breath. That is because I am madly in love with you. Happy birthday sweet.

33. I think we need to write a petition to God, 24 hours is not enough for this day. We need to more time to enjoy today. Happy birthday, baby.

34. There is this inner satisfying joy I have been enjoying since we started dating. Thanks for being a darling. Happy birthday, love.

35. I think you were specially moulded for me by God. I mean, how else do we explain the synchronisation between us? I love you, baby, enjoy your day today.

36. I didn’t know anyone was capable of making me this happy. Thanks for lighting up my world. Happy birthday, dear.

37. let’s keep helping each other become better. Mankind is without weaknesses but together, we can be stronger. Love you dear, happy birthday.

38. you have been a really good man, my friends are jealous. I am almost wishing I can share you with them but that is never going to happen. You are mine and mine alone. Happy birthday sweet.

39. I might not be half as pretty as other girls out there or as intelligent as others but I don’t care because I have something they do not have: you. I am happy you are mine. Happy birthday, dear.

40. Others might have issues with you, but you are right for me, you are exactly what I need in my life. I love you baby and we are going to have a lot of fun today. Happy birthday.

41. I know I do most of the talking in this relationship but who wouldn’t when I have a great listener for a lover who dotes on my every word. I hope you know I love you. Happy birthday, darling.

42. This feeling has to be more than love, we need to design a new terminology for what I feel for you. I more than love you, I also respect and adore you. Happy birthday, pumpkin.

43. My affection for you is renewed day by day, my love for you grows with each new day. Happy birthday.

44. Yes, there are billions of people on this earth but, I am happy my heart chose the right one. You are perfect for me and I love you deeply. Happy birthday adorable.

45. I want to spend every second of my life with you, I want us to create beautiful memories together. I am deeply fond of you darling. Happy birthday.

46. It feels good to be in love with someone like you, to have a man like you to call my own feels like an achievement. Aint I so lucky? Happy birthday to the man who has made me the luckiest woman ever.

47. Your love has ravenously devoured all my resistance. You have got me, you win. Happy birthday.

48. We are perpetually bounded, I can tell ours will be a lifetime of love and faithfulness. I love you, baby. Happy birthday.

49. I must confess, I am a little scared of the hold your love has over me. How did I ever fall so deeply for you? Happy birthday, dear.

50. My whole swells when you touch me, your hold over me is quite powerful but it feels good to finally be in love with someone that is worth it. Happy birthday.

51. Happy birthday, dear. You are so romantic I think a ministerial seat should be created specifically for you. You can be the minister of love and romantic affairs.

52. Your love has been drilled down my bones, my whole being is madly in love with you darling. Happy birthday.

53. Everything about you is attractive, you please me a lot and I appreciate you a lot. I also love you a lot and I am glad you are my lot. Happy birthday, sugar pie.

54. Your smile is warm, I know it appears like a really simple gesture but it is so powerful it erodes all my worries. Don’t ever stop smiling booboo, happy birthday.

55. You are naughty and I love it. It spices up our relationship. Thanks for not being boring, you rock! Happy birthday.

56. You crack me up every time. Who needs a Kevin Hart when I have you. I love you, baby. Happy birthday.

57. You have taught me a lot of lessons but the best one is that living doesn’t have to be so rigid. Thanks for teaching me to have fun and live happier. I love you sweet, happy birthday.

58. I am always going to be here for you, not just because I love you but because I also believe in you. You are extraordinary. Happy birthday.

59. They say only those who truly love you will be there at your greatest point of need. You have stood with me through it all and I am grateful. Happy birthday, love.

60. Don’t let anything get you down, you are spectacular and unique. Stay above the negativities, my love. You are wonderful and that is the truth. Happy birthday.

61. You have achieved so much in a little time, you must be so proud of yourself. I am also immensely proud of you and I will never stop cheering for you. Happy birthday.

62. When you don’t feel like the man, remember I am your woman and the woman who doesn’t settle for less. I am yours because you are exceptional, I hope this cheers you up every time. Happy birthday.

63. I will hold you anytime you want to be held, wrap my arms around you tightly and comfort you. You can always rely on me, my dear. Happy birthday.

64. I think the pet name honey suits you as you are so sweet and irresistible in every single area. I can never get enough of you, happy birthday honey.

65. Being your woman has transfigured me, it has made me better and happier. Love you boo, we are going to have a blast today, happy birthday.

66. You are better than any pain relieving drug out there, you are all I need at the end of a stressful day. You make magic happen every single time. Happy birthday.

67. Being your woman has changed everything about me. I smile often, laugh more, work more effectively and sleep better. You are a blessing darling.

68. I hope we stay together for as long as life permits, You have become an intrinsic part of my life, I can’t do without you. Happy birthday.

69. Laying in your arms at night time is awesome. Your arms are definitely the best blanket in the world. Nighttime has become my favourite part of the day. Love you sugar, happy birthday.

70. Yes, true love is real. I can testify to that because you have shown me nothing but true, pure and undented love. Thanks for being real and sincere darling. Happy birthday.

71. Your love is refreshing and cleansing. It got rid of all previous bad experiences. This is exactly what I need at this stage of my life. You came at the right time. Happy birthday.

72. You have never given me a reason to fear or doubt you. Not once have I doubted your feeling for me. You have given me so much peace and I am glad. Happy birthday handsome.

73. You make joy rain every time in my heart, you are the rainmaker and I keep getting drenched in your display of love every time and I love it. Happy birthday.

74. You have shown me true love is no myth, I never thought I could love anyone as much as I love you. Have a great day my love, it’s a really special day.

75. You have taught me a lot about life. You are my man and teacher all at once. What would I do without you? Happy birthday.

76. I was scared of marriage, I was scared of getting tied to a man forever but you have completely erased all my doubts and fear. I wish I had married you sooner. Happy birthday.

77. I promise to hold your hands and never let go. I will always be there for you whenever you need me and that is because I care so much about you. Happy birthday.

78. You are gradually turning me into a musician as I can hardly keep my heart from singing out whenever you are near. I love you booboo. Happy birthday.

79. It would be so romantic if we get lost at sea together, just the two of us amidst various exotic plants and scary animals on an island somewhere. What do you think about taking a voyage with me today, it’s the perfect day to get lost. Happy birthday.

80. You are making a queen out of me and I love it. You are my king and tonight, I am going to party hard with my king. Happy birthday.

81. Your love is motivating, having you is making me think of a thousand and one ways I can add more value to myself and the society. No doubt, your love is inspirational. Happy birthday to the best lover in the world.

82. Our love keeps soaring. No doubt, we were eagles in our previous lifetime. We are so perfect together. Let’s reach for the skies, my dear. Happy birthday.

83. I love you booboo, I love all there is to you and all about you. I love you in your good times and I love you in your bad times. I love you now and I would still love you after now. Happy birthday.

84. My life has become more peaceful and interesting since you became a part of it, you have made this world more pleasing and attractive to me. You are my miracle and I love you very much. Happy birthday.

85. Being with you feels really incredible, being around you feels amazing and being your woman is extremely astonishing. I love you. Happy birthday.

86. When our skin touch, everything within me melt. When you touch me, I am bathed in a light of sweetness. I want to live in your arms baby, forever. Happy birthday. I can’t wait to see you.

87. Our hearts are so entwined; our hearts are so connected. We have something special between us and the amazing thing is it grows daily. Isn’t that awesome? Happy birthday, dear.

88. You have given me a lot, you have given me more than I ever thought possible. You are something quite spectacular, an inextinguishable and unlimited source of joy and I love you. Happy birthday, sunshine.

89. You fill my world with so much fun, laughter and happiness. You are definitely heaven sent. Happy birthday sweet.

90. Being married to you is so beautiful. I wish we would get married all over again. In fact, I wish we should have a vow renewal every month because I want to be your woman forever. Happy birthday.

91. You give me reasons to aim for higher things and demand for more out of life. Truth be told, you are an inspiration. Happy birthday, dear.

92. You are the prize I get for all the bad luck I have ever had in life. Since I met you, things have drastically turned around for me. I love you booboo, happy birthday.

93. Happy birthday to the man who is forever in my heart. Your place is so sacred, no one is ever going to take it.

94. Happy birthday, sugar. I hope you feel wiser with your new age.

95. we are going to have so much fun today because on this day many years ago, the craziest guy ever was born and he happens to be my boyfriend. Happy birthday handsome.

96. Happy birthday to the man who is my strength and weakness all at once. Keep holding me up and we will get to the peak together soon.

97. On days like this, I wish I was a poet so I can compose the best poem ever that would perfectly suit you cos you so deserve it. Happy birthday, love.

98. I have always secretly admired you but I guess it is no longer a secret after this text but then, it is the perfect day to tell you exactly how I feel. Happy birthday.

99. Happy birthday handsome. I want you to know I really care about you and I really really like you. Have fun today.

100. You do know how to steal all the attention, you are admirable and insanely good looking. Happy birthday.

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