Birthday Messages for Best Friend

Happy 23rd Birthday Wishes and Messages for Best of Friends

Your bestie has gone around the sun twenty-three times! That’s a lot, and it calls for celebration. And that’s why you’re here.

You want to celebrate your friend with words through wishes and messages. This is one of the cheapest ways to celebrate with your friends on their birthdays, but with carefully chosen words, the wish or message you send can be the best thing your friend receives that day.

I have helped you with the perfect words to use in saying happy birthday to your friends celebrating twenty-three. I would have asked you to close your eyes and open them if I was standing next to you. But since we’re miles apart, that help is the content of this page.

And I think I should tell you to read trendy and fun ways to present a gift to a birthday celebrant and try them out on your friend. You can bet that someone celebrating his twenty-third birthday will most likely love something trendy and fun. That’s if you’re sending him a gift.

The best happy 23rd birthday wishes and messages for best of friends your friends will get on their twenty-third birthdays are below here. You’ll be happy that you found this collection of wishes and messages in time. To see the amazing wishes and messages for yourself, swipe up.

“Believe the lines in my messages if they say you have a five-star awesomeness rating. Also, believe when they say you’re a human skinned angel and one of the best things to happen to Earth. And my wishes for you are long life and happiness always. Happy 23rd birthday wishes for best friends and persons.”

Sweet Happy 23rd Birthday Text Messages for Best Friend

Here is the latest collection of sweet happy 23rd birthday text messages for best friend you can send to your Buddy.

1. Happy twenty-third birthday, friend. For many years, you’ve been the foundation I’ve built upon, the roots that support me and provide energy for me. I appreciate you, friend. I celebrate the day it all started. I wish you a long, blissful life.

2. Life may be a bed of roses in other friendships but to us, our friendship is the growth and harvest of important fruits in their seasons. I cherish you so much. Happy 23rd birthday, friend. My wishes for you are long life and happiness forever.

3. Happy twenty-third birthday, friend. When we first met, we connected together and played together like we’d always known each other prior to that day. Truth is, it happened that way because God had a preassigned place for you in my heart before you came. May life be long and happy for you.

4. Happy twenty-third birthday, friend. On this special day, I pray for you that you graduate from the school of hard knocks and every other school life has to tutor you through at the top of the class. I wish you a long, blissful life.

5. Happy twenty-third birthday, friend. In you are a playmate, confidant, protector and every good thing a friend could wish for. It’s your day. Rock it. I wish you a long and happy life.

6. Happy 23rd birthday, friend. May the good Lord guide you and keep your composition as you go through the heat of life to make you a better person. I wish you a long, beautiful life.

7. Happy twenty-third birthday, friend. On this great day, I pray that the Lord makes you as happy as you’ve made me and every person you’ve come across. I wish you a long, sweet life.

8. Every me needs you to guide, guard and bring me back up and on track each time I make a lousy fall. You’re priceless. Happy twenty-third birthday, my friend. I wish you many successes and happiness forever.

9. Happy 23rd birthday, friend. You’ve successfully taught me the true meaning of friendship and love and you’ve taught me to show the world. I appreciate you for this. I am wishing you a long, prosperous life.

10. In your heart lies my secrets, my pain and good and bad memories. You’re the me away from me. Happy twenty-third birthday, friend. My wishes for you are long life and many successes.

11. One day, someone will make a list of messages sent to human skinned angels on their birthdays, and this message will be there. Happy twenty-third birthday to you. May life treat you well.

12. You are not only my best friend, but you are also the best kind of friend anyone could ever wish for. Happy twenty-third birthday, friend.

13. Happy twenty-third birthday, friend. It would be dangerous to find out the kind of misguided and misinformed person I’ll be without your friendship. I value you.

14. Happy twenty-third birthday, friend. The best of you is yet to come and you’re this wonderful already. I can’t wait to see what is in store for your life.

15. Happy twenty-third birthday to you, my friend. Every second I spend with you is equivalent to a piece of treasure added to my treasure chest. I feel like the richest person in the world already!

16. Even though birthdays mean a person gets older and closer to death, I know you’re going to live long because you have the best kind of heart and system a human can have. Happy twenty-third birthday, dear friend.

17. Losing our friendship is, to me, like setting the whole world’s worth of money ablaze and painfully watching it burn. Happy twenty-third birthday, friend.

18. I always need you by my side. Whenever you’re with me, the odds are in my favour and good fortune smiles on me. Happy twenty-third birthday, friend.

19. You are, on your own, a host of earthly cherubs and seraphs to protect and guard me, as well as comfort me through tough times. Happy twenty-third birthday, friend.

20. I’m grateful to God for you because you are the answer to the prayer of hundreds of thousands of people across the world and God gave you to me on a golden platter. Happy twenty-third birthday, friend.

21. Happy twenty-third birthday, my friend. Sometimes I feel like God is merciful to the earth because of the presence of people like you, the same way he would have been merciful to Sodom and Gomorrah had he found 10 people then.

22. You’re an apple tree to your friends, a fish in the sand… the point is your kind is almost impossible to find. Happy twenty-third birthday, friend.

23. Let’s kick off this special day with me telling you I cherish and love you, and I would never trade our friendship for anything else. Happy twenty-third birthday, friend.

24. Pessimists see the glass as half-empty, optimists see the glass as half-full, but you, you never let the condition of the glass and its contents stop you from drinking it. It’s one of the numerous reasons I find you irreplaceable. Happy twenty-third birthday friend.

25. You take failures as minor setbacks and springboard to greater heights. I love the kind of person you are. Keep soaring. Happy twenty-third birthday, friend.

26. Nothing can stand in your way to greatness. It was clear since the day you were born and today is just a reminder of that. Happy twenty-third birthday to one of my favourite friends.

27. Shoot for the stars. If you don’t get the star, you want, make sure you hit another. Never settle for the moon. Happy twenty-third birthday to one of my best friends.

28. You’re elegance and royalty. You should be received anywhere with bands, flowers and a red carpet like the king/queen you are. I cherish you. Happy twenty-third birthday, man.

29. That single spirit inside of you that makes you glow will also help you rule your world. You’re a star. Shine. Happy twenty-third birthday, fam.

30. You’re the most valuable asset and treasure I have in my life right now that I never bought. Happy twenty-third birthday to you, boy.

31. The world has proven to you that it has no place for the faint of hearts and you’ve proven to be nothing of the sort. I admire your tenacious spirit. Happy twenty-third birthday, friend.

32. As you celebrate today, remember this: never let your surroundings or people around you determine your direction. Be your own compass. Always love you. Happy twenty-third birthday, darl.

33. I knew from the first day I saw you that you were created to be something better than the world you live in. Be better. Happy twenty-third birthday to one of my favourite friends.

34. The odd thing is, nobody seems to understand how great you are now and they can’t envision how great you’re destined to be. They’re in for a shock. Happy twenty-third birthday, buddy.

35. Your talents and gifts are sufficient to change the world. Just keep believing and know that I got your back. Happy twenty-third birthday, girl.

36. If I put had categories for every message I sent, this will most likely be in the category called “To The Friends I Can’t Do Without.” Happy twenty-third birthday to you. May you enjoy through life and all it comes with.

37. As you celebrate today, I suggest that you take time to reminisce about your growth and improvements over the years. You’ll see that there’s a lot to thank God for. Have a blast, fam! Happy twenty-third birthday to one of my best friends.

38. The way I see it, you were destined to be a bearer of goodwill on this earth without trying. I can’t seem to understand how someone could be so close to perfection. I cherish you a lot. Happy twenty-third birthday, man.

39. Stay calm and believe in the process. Let the heat of life forge you into the perfect jewel you are meant to be. And know that I’m always there to soothe. Happy twenty-third birthday to my lovely friend.

40. My momma always said that good friends are more valuable than money and you should never let them go. I never understood until you walked into my life. I’m never letting you go. Happy twenty-third birthday to a lovely friend.

41. Don’t worry, I know we’re likely to jump over the edge at any time as we’re humans but trust that both of us will never get insane at the same time so that one pulls the other back. Happy twenty-third birthday, girl.

42. I don’t worry about the future because I know that with you in it, it’s bound to be bright whether our enemies like it or not. Happy twenty-third birthday, sweet friend.

43. You’ve taught me not to get swayed by the terrible things in this world and even the seemingly good things too. You’re the perfect sensei. Happy twenty-third birthday, man.

44. My eyes are always on the target because you help focus them there. I appreciate you for this. Happy twenty-third birthday, my friend, hon.

45. Your view of this world is amazing. You know you can get anything you want from this world as long as you’re willing to try. Happy twenty-third birthday, buddy.

46. No teacher in this world has taught me as much as my family and you, my friend, are an integral part of my family. Happy twenty-third birthday to one of my favourite friends.

47. You treat everyone like a king. You never look down on anyone and you’re quick to chide me when I take people for granted. You’re the best. Happy twenty-third birthday to my love friend.

48. I love the way you smile when life isn’t going your way or the way you plan. It’s almost as if you’re perfectly sure that everything would always work for your good. And it always will. Happy twenty-third birthday, friend.

49. You’re the only one that I can trust with everything about me. That alone is inspirational to me. Happy birthday, Happy twenty-third birthday, girl.

50. I promise you, my friend, as long as we stick together and have each other’s backs, we’re gonna get higher than Cheech and Chong even on their bong. Happy twenty-third birthday, friend. I wish you a long, sweet life.

51. The way you channel your love towards me and other humans, only the good Lord could do better. You’re special. Happy twenty-third birthday. My wishes for you are long life and happiness forever.

52. It doesn’t matter where you come from, where you stay or your current position. You are always made to glow, my friend. Happy twenty-third birthday. Shine on! I am wishing you a long and blissful life.

53. You don’t care about the statistics written or the odds stacked against you. You are willing to rewrite history every single time. You’re a gem. Happy twenty-third birthday. May life be long and blissful for you.

54. There’s never an excuse big enough to stop you from doing whatever you set your mind to do. I admire your courage so much. Happy twenty-third birthday. May the items on your wish list be yours.

55. By standing firm as a root for me and several others, you’ve successfully caused the fruitfulness of those originally thought barren. You’re a big inspiration. Happy twenty-third birthday. My wishes for you are many successes and much joy.

56. We live in a world where honesty and integrity don’t exist or are not given their due credit. Yet, you’ve managed to live through these years with these values as your watchword. Happy twenty-third birthday, friend. I wish you a long and prosperous life.

57. Know this, what’s mine is yours because from the very first day you walked into my life and we decided to build this friendship together, you became a part of me. Happy twenty-third birthday, friend. My wishes for you are for many successes and much happiness.

58. Thank God for today, a celebration of how it all started, how this seed was planted on the earth and how it has produced enough fruits for the world to live on. Happy twenty-third birthday, my lovely friend. May the things you wish for become the things you own.

59. Happy birthday to a friend turned family, the one that can get on that last nerve no one else can, the one that gets me when nobody does. Happy twenty-third birthday, boy. My wishes for you are for long life and much happiness.

60. Happy twenty-third birthday to the one who’s always quick to defend me against the world and at the same time correct me when I do wrong. I wish you a long, trouble-free life.

61. A million fortune tellers could never see what the future holds in store for you because the brightness could blind their eyes. Happy twenty-third birthday, my lovely friend.

62. I always need you to stay on track. Any deviation from your path could cause a derailment that would hurt me and a lot of people on this earth. Happy twenty-third birthday, boy

63. Happy twenty-third birthday to my friend turned sibling, a great source of my happiness since the day I met you. I cherish you.

64. As you celebrate today, remember to thank your parents and celebrate them too, because they are the medium through which this great gift was sent to us on this earth. Happy twenty-third birthday, lovely friend.

65. The void you’ve filled in my heart with friendship and your love could never have been filled by anyone else. Happy twenty-third birthday, boy.

66. Sometimes, you’re like ice cream I enjoy for my pleasure. Other times, you’re like vegetables- food I may not enjoy but I totally need for my system. All the time, you always make me better. Happy twenty-third birthday, man.

67. It would be misleading and wrong for me to say directly that you are perfect, but I can say that your imperfections make you and everyone around you tends to perfection. Happy twenty-third birthday.

68. When we quarrel or have a little argument over something and I’m feeling too proud to stretch my hand, you always see beyond the childishness and reach out to me to reconcile. I love your maturity. Happy twenty-third birthday, fam.

69. You came into my life when I was in need of clarity about the love of God and you removed every doubt in my heart. For this, I can’t thank you enough. Happy twenty-third birthday to one of my favourite friends.

70. As you celebrate, I want you to know that as long as my heart beats and my lungs breathe, I will always have your back and I will never leave you hanging or in need. Happy twenty-third birthday, lovely friend.

71. You’ve taught me times, seasons, love and friendship. You’re one of the greatest teachers I’ve seen on this earth and you do it without trying. I admire you. Happy twenty-third birthday.

72. Even if the clock was to start moving backwards today, you would never go back on your word or change the kind of person you are. I admire you for that. Happy twenty-third birthday.

73. Thankfully, text messages don’t lose their capacity to carry all my love to you on my favourite days, like today. Here’s me saying I love you and wishing you a long, blissful life. Happy twenty-third birthday to you, dear.

74. You never let anyone or anything take away your joy, even in hard or tough times. You stay smiling until the storm is over. You’re a gem. Happy twenty-third birthday.

75. Your meekness is one thing I can’t seem to get over. I mean, how could you successfully stay calm and share this earth with other humans when you’re an alien, out of this world? Happy twenty-third birthday, fam.

76. Words, words, more words and even essays and articles couldn’t come close to being enough to describe to the world what an awesome friend you’ve been over the years. Happy twenty-third birthday, friend.

77. You’re worth more than any precious stone and money the whole world can ever offer. I love you dearly, fam. Have an awesome twenty-third birthday.

78. I remember every deadly mistake your advice has stopped me from making. I really can’t start to imagine where I would have been without your intervention. Thanks, fam. Happy twenty-third birthday.

79. If not that I know and understand that God never makes mistakes, I would have said you were meant to be in my family. Oh wait, you were because you are in my family now. Happy twenty-third birthday, blood.

80. You’re the perfect alchemist. You help purify, mature and perfect me into the precious material I should be. Happy twenty-third birthday.

81. You’re the perfect lawyer. You back me up and defend me, even when I’m wrong, and you never cease to give me good advice. Happy twenty-third birthday.

82. You’re the perfect engineer. You design, create, and you never let past assumptions hold you back. Happy twenty-third birthday.

83. You’re the perfect surgeon. You use mind-blowing techniques to diagnose and solve daring problems, and you always come out on top. Happy twenty-third birthday.

84. You’re the perfect footballer. You shoot for goals that seem impossible to get and when you’re brought down during the process, you never fail to rise up back. Happy twenty-third birthday.

85. You’re the perfect boxer. You take hits and blows from life, yet you remain standing until the very end, never letting it knock you out. Happy twenty-third birthday.

86. You’re the perfect driver. You take full control of the movement of your life, knowing when to slow down and when to accelerate. Happy twenty-third birthday.

87. You’re the perfect gardener. You plant and nurture good seeds in the hearts of people and you watch them blossom. Happy twenty-third birthday.

88. You’re the perfect pilot. You lift people up and help them soar in the clouds, not deterred in the face of storms and turbulence. Happy twenty-third birthday.

89. You’re the perfect tailor. You make mind-blowing and beautiful works out of basically nothing and you help people fit into them. Happy twenty-third birthday.

90. You’re the perfect doctor. You always seem to understand what makes people feel down and you always have a prescription for it. Happy twenty-third birthday.

91. You’re a total package. Friend, study mate, father, mother, teacher…even doctor. You’re one I can never let go of. Happy twenty-third birthday, fam.

92. You’re the total embodiment of true friendship. In you is everything a friend could ever want or need. That’s why I cherish you so. Happy twenty-third birthday.

93. I love the person you were when I first met you and I love the person you’re growing to be even more. Happy twenty-third birthday, blood.

94. Let me act like all I want to say is “I love you,” so I won’t fill your phone with messages of dust and the breath of life never made a human as sweet as you. Happy birthday to you, buddy. May life be kind to you.

95. You’re a strong piece of metal that has allowed itself to get forged under tough conditions and now turns out to be more beautiful than when it started. Happy twenty-third birthday.

96. Keep the faith. I know that it won’t be long before the world gets to see what kind of beautiful soul and spirit you have. Happy twenty-third birthday, blood.

97. You’re more fascinating than magic, more valuable than money, sweeter than honey…only superlatives can be used to describe you. Happy twenty-third birthday, fam.

98. Whoever sees the world from your view is always going to see the world in different amazing shades. Your vision still marvels me. Happy twenty-third birthday.

99. It’s hard for me to come to the terms that you’re totally human. Your perception and intelligence are not easily seen in this world of ours. You’re a rare gem. Happy twenty-third birthday.

100. You’re the perfect friend to everyone you know without a guidebook or manual whatsoever. I love you so much. Have a twenty-third birthday as amazing as you.

101. Happy twenty-third birthday, my friend. The good in you makes me a better person every passing day, you are the best thing that has happened in my world of friendship.

102. You’ve taught me that no matter how dark your environment is, you can choose to be the light that brings hope to people. You’re awesome and I love you for that. Happy twenty-third birthday, buddy.

103. You’re firm and strong-willed. Even when the storm seems to have carried everyone you know, you stay believing. I love your strength. Happy twenty-third birthday.

104. This kind of friendship we share doesn’t die. We’re going to grow in it and have millions of tales to tell our kids and grandkids when we’re much older. I cherish you, fam. Happy twenty-third birthday.

105. Friends are really hard to find, but I’m grateful because you came to me on a platter of gold. Happy birthday, dear friend.

106. Happy birthday, my friend. You have all it takes to be greater, more beautiful, better and more creative than you are. Keep growing well.

107. Happy birthday, friend. Your friendship is so beneficial to me that I don’t mind fighting a War For The Planet Of Apes to keep it.

108. Happy birthday to you, my friend. One day, you’ll get all you worked for, then you’ll know that your efforts can never be fruitless.

109. Happy birthday, friend. Seeing you is always like a reunion to me because every time spent away from you seems so long.

110. Happy birthday, friend. People say whatever they want to say about you, but I can testify that you are loving, beautiful and great.

111. Happy birthday, friend. Your impact on me is bigger than King Kong, stronger than diamond and precious like platinum.

112. Happy birthday, friend. In truth, you’ve changed a lot of things in me for good. This I’ll remember forever. Keep up the good work.

113. Happy birthday to a friend and a part of my family. Saying I love you is not even okay to express my celebration of you. Have a great day, however.

114. Happy birthday, friend. These words are meant to give you the best of days and wishes. I hope you receive them with open arms.

115. I’m not ready to lose you so I’ll fight for our friendship. Happy birthday to the greatest friend ever. I like you just the way you are.

116. We’ve been friends for many years and I still can’t say one thing I dislike about you. Happy birthday to you, my dear friend. Keep being wonderful.

117. Happy birthday, friend. You are so charming and wonderful that everyone I know talks positively of you. Keep being amazing.

118. You’ve helped bring out the good in me, playing a fatherly and brotherly role. I call you my friend. Happy birthday, friend.

119. Happy birthday, friend. When nothing else could help me, you stepped in and stayed till my storms calmed. I want you around always.

120. Happy birthday, friend. Take your time to look at the world and you’ll see that you fit into the places meant for the good, the valuable and the great.

121. Happy birthday, friend. You are the cutest of your kind, trust me. People may say good things about you to make you feel good, but my words are sincere.

122. Happy birthday, friend. Imagine humanity is a train. I see you as either an engine or steering. You are a key factor.

123. Happy birthday, my dear friend. You are one person I can hardly imagine myself away from. I need you around me now and forever.

124. Your importance to me cannot be overemphasized. I need you for survival. Happy birthday to the best kind of friend.

125. Love, peace and joy are not far from you. You are all of them in one. Happy birthday to you. Keep being such a wonderful person.

126. Happy birthday to you, my friend. Few people say good friends don’t stay forever. I want to prove them wrong because you are here to stay for life.

127. Happy birthday to you. I agree with the majority that says when you find a good friend, you have found an everlasting treasure because you proved them right.

128. Happy birthday, friend. Let those who fight against you keep fighting, but one thing is sure, your future is filled with victories and successes.

129. Happy birthday, my friend. You have shown me a friendship filled with honour, pride and love. And I celebrate you for that too.

130. Happy birthday, friend. Let the world look at you and say “truly, we have never seen anyone do the kind of great things he does”. You are greatness in person.

131. I love the way you stay happy and make everyone around you joyful too. Your laughter is a big inspiration to many. Happy birthday.

132. I love the way you go deep into people’s hearts and you always find the good in them. You have faith in every single person. It’s amazing. Happy birthday.

133. Your mind is made to think positive things only, even with negative inputs. You take in garbage from the world and you bring candy out. Happy birthday.

134. Know one thing, fam. I’m so glad that I met you and I’m forever grateful to you for the joy and peace you’ve brought to my life and the lives of many others. Happy birthday.

135. Blessed be the day that you were born and blessed be the day that I met you. May it be full of rejoicing for everyone on the earth. Happy Birthday.

136. You always believe that everybody has the potential to do great things and that belief makes you amazing. Happy birthday, blood.

137. I was told that good things come with the right friendships and relationships, so when I met you, I expected something good to come. Little did I know that you were the good I was waiting for all the while. Happy birthday.

138. It’s a privilege to have you in this generation with us and the biggest honour to have you as my best friend. Thank you. Happy birthday.

139. I live with little to no fear because I know you got my back every day. It’s an awesome feeling to have. I appreciate you. Happy birthday.

140. There’s no other person or thing I could substitute your friendship for, be it money, more friends or even precious stones. Why? I guess it’s because you’re all of these things and more to me. Happy birthday.

141. Whenever I’m down, you always see it as your responsibility to raise me up, whenever I’m crying, you turn to a handkerchief and you wipe away my tears. You’re irreplaceable. Happy birthday.

142. If my life’s a movie and I’m the hero, you’re one protagonist’s best friend…scratch that, you’re one of the scriptwriters in my life’s movie. I cherish you. Happy birthday.

143. When I got you as a friend, some dumb people thought I was a clown. Now, in you, I’ve got more than they have in all dimensions. Who’s laughing now? Happy birthday.

144. We’ve had tough days together, days we cried together and our friendship has scaled through all. We’ve got better days ahead, fam! Happy birthday.

145. I’ve searched every high and low for a friend like you and the kind of friendship we share, but it’s impossible to see your kind anywhere else. I cherish you. Happy birthday.

146. There’s no kind of life I want to live without you in it. You’ve turned into a core part of me. Happy birthday, blood.

147. People get jealous when they get to understand what I am to you and what you are to me, but we can’t help it. It’s not our fault God is so good to us. Happy birthday.

148. I cherish every moment we’ve shared, every second we’ve spent together, every problem we’ve solved, and I know we’re going to enjoy more victories in the future together. Happy birthday, my friend.

149. You never let any weather bring you down. You chill in the sun and dance in the rain. I love your spirit. Happy birthday.

150. When I was bullied by the world, you took my side and fought against the world. When I was bruised, you paused your race for a while to tend to my wounds. There’s no better friendship than that found in you. I love you. Happy birthday.

“It’s your birthday again and you have my best wishes. You have been a source of inspiration, joy and a lot of good things to me since I met you.

“Getting gifts cannot make up for what you’ve been. Friends like you add meaning to lives. I know we have a lot of amazing days ahead of us, but since today is set for you, I’ll take it out to wish you a happy birthday.

“May your days be long on earth. May favour be yours. Happy birthday.”

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