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2023 Trending I Love You Honey Quotes

Loving someone and knowing that they love you in return is not only beautiful but also sweet. The kind of sweetness that is good for the soul and when you have it, you enjoy it.

Below are some words you can quote to help you convey your feelings to your loved ones.


I Love You So Much Honey Messages and Quotes

It’s time you tell your lover how much they mean to you and how much you love them in return. Use these I love you so much honey messages and quotes for him or her. The best of love messages from the heart for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband and wife.

1. I love you more now than when we first met. Your love is sweeter by the day honey. I cherish you.

2. I have you and that’s all I need. You are my sweetness and you are enough.

3. You love me and that’s all I need to know.

4. Honey never goes bad or sour; neither does it lose its value with time but retains it’s value, so my love for you never diminishes.

5. As honey is the best natural sweetener, so are you to my life darling. I love you.

6. As honey is not only sweet but has nutritional value, you are not only beautiful and sweet, you are lovable and I love you.

7. What is the bee without honey and what am I without you. I love you, honey, you make my life sweet.

8. You are the honey and I’m the bee without you my life will not be sweet.

9. As honey cures a number of diseases, so you cure me of my disease and put me at ease now I’m at peace. I love you, honey. You are the sweetest.

10. Just like honey, you make my life silky, smooth and sweet. I love you for being you.

11. You are to me as honey is to bee. When honey has removed the bee, it becomes useless. Remove you from my life and I’m finished.

12. As honey to the bee so is my life without you. Don’t leave me so I will not become ordinary chaff. For I am who I am because of you.

13. Unlike other sweet substances that makes me sick, you cure my sickness. You are the one made for me honey, I love you.

14. You are my honey pie, my sweet pie. You make high like I’m in the sky and I love you like I love my life.

15. I have loved you, fought you for, trusted you, respected you, supported you, believing you and I will remain with you because you are my honey.

16. I don’t care what the world says because I’m in love with you honey. You are all that I need.

17. Anytime I remember our honeymoon I understand why it is so called because only you honey could make it so sweet an experience. I love you.

18. I just want to let you know that you are the best and I love you, honey.

19. Loving you is medicine to my soul. You give health to my heart and I love you more honey.

20. You are my food and my medicine. I eat you and I’m satisfied. I love you, honey. You are sweeter than I could ever imagine.

21. I love you, honey. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m glad I married you.

22. Honey is sweet but the only thing sweeter than honey is the taste of your kiss. I love you.

23. I miss you and I can’t wait to come back and hold you tightly in my embrace and kiss your sweet lips so that I can have me some sweetness as I feel so bitter right now. I love you, honey.

24. Just like the honey that you are, you came into my life and changed everything. You are the sweetest thing that happened to me and I love you.

25. How would my life be without you? I don’t want to imagine as my life turned out to be the best it could ever be. I love you, honey.

26. I miss you and can’t stay without your love please come back and stay with me. I love you, honey.

27. You cure my misery and I miss you so much right now. I love you dearly not because you are my wife, but because you are also my friend. I love you, honey.

28. You accepted me just as I am and I love you, honey. You are the best.

29. You love me so much and all I ever want to do is love you right back. I love you, honey. I wish I can do that enough.

30. Despite all the challenges we go through, you remain sweet and adorable. I wonder how you are able to do that but I love that you are.

31. Loving you is so easy because you are so sweet. I love you, honey. Sweetest husband ever.

32. Loving you is enjoyment just like having honey. I love to love you my enjoyment. You are the best.

33. You came into my life and made me sweet. Now I have sweetness inside of me and I will love you forever.

34. If you were actual honey, I will lick you up to the last drop. I love to love your love.

35. You are just like honey; only better because the more I eat of you, the sweeter you become.

36. Your sweetness, love and quality multiply with age unlike honey’s which quality remains constant. I love you, darling.

37. I only compare you with honey for want of what to compare you to. You are sweeter my dear and I love you so.

38. The sweetest part of my life is starting my day with you and ending it with you. I love you, honey.

39. I wish I had the opportunity to start my life with you but I’m glad I share my life with you now and can end it with you. You are the best honey and I love you.

40. Your love is so strong that it has bound me to you yet so fragile that it should not be broken. I love you my sweetness and I will do nothing to break our love because it is sweeter than honey.

41. Every day, I pray and wish that I can be as sweet as you are because you are so sweet honey, you make our marriage sweet.

42. Your smile smoothens a squeezed face just like honey does a scar on the skin. You smooth my day.

43. You rejuvenate me and refresh my life and I have your anti-ageing properties to thank for that. I love you, honey, you are the best.

44. Like honey, your presence in my life makes me fresh. I love to love you.

45. Thank you for trusting me honey, I trust you more than you can ever know. That makes our love so sweet.

46. I cherish every single moment spent with you even more than I cherish every drop of honey I get because you are sweeter than honey my dear. I love you.

47. Even if they put all the honey in the world together, it will not be nearly as sweet as you. I love you, honey. You are the sweetest.

48. To the most adorable woman in my life. Just know you are the sweetest. I will love you forever honey, you are the best.

49. I asked God for a husband and He gave me a blessing, Chief security officer, friend, confidant, teacher, pastor and most exciting of all, love. You are all in one my dear, I love you, honey.

50. I thank God for giving me the most amazing woman for a wife. I love you, honey.

51. You are an Amazon and I love that you love me. You are sweeter than honey and I adore every bit of you.

52. Even when we are not together always, you fill my heart with thoughts of you. I love you honey boo and I miss you dearly.

53. Because you are my honey and my honey is you, I love you!

54. When I say ” I love you,” I mean it. When it is said to me, it means the world and I hope it means same to you. I love you, honey.

55. When I say I miss you, it means I need you around. It also means that I love you. Wait for a second: it means that you are sweeter than honey and I love you more than I like honey.

56. Whenever I think of you, I go sweet all over. I love you, honey, you make me sweet because you are so sweet and I love you, honey.

57. I love when we fight because it shows how much we love and care for each other. Only you could be my husband honey. I love you.

58. You not only accepted me as I am, you helped me to accept myself as I am and that is the sweetest thing I could ever learn coming from the sweetest man alive. I love you, honey.

59. I met you then I could love again because you make love sweet and enjoyable. I love you, honey.

60. You are still present even in your absence. You fill in my life with so much love. You are simply amazing and I cherish you. Sweet honey pie.

61. I wish I married you earlier but I’m glad you are mine now and I will make you happy forever. I love you, honey bunch.

62. You are the sweetest person to be in love with because no other could be as sweet as you are.

63. After all these years, I still can’t describe how you make me feel. Your love is intense and electrifying and the thought of you sweets up my inside. I will love you forever honey.

64. Loving you is an investment that I always gain from without working.

65. Just love you and going to sleep secured my future because you are more than trustworthy.

66. The sweetness gets better by the day. I wish found you earlier. My life would be sweeter than it is now. I love you for life.

67. I’m glad because I know tomorrow will be sweeter than it is today. I love you, honey.

68. If I were to invent another word for love, it would be you because you are love and I love you.

69. There are times when I may not say I love you but there is never a moment when I would stop loving you.

70. Until I met you, I never knew my life would be more complete. How could my life be complete without you honey? I love you.

71. Seasons change but the love we share never changes. I love you, my king. Your sweetness is like honey.

72. Your love for me screams the loudest even when you are silent and I’m shouting silently to you that I love you.

73. Loving you was not planned or intentional. The more I try not to, the more I love you because loving you is the greatest feeling in the world.

74. Your love is the reason for my smile, you are the reason my life is so sweet. I love you, my dear husband.

75. I love you like I love honey, I could never love anyone the way I love you. You are the best wife ever.

76. I don’t know what it is about you
That makes me love you but I just find myself loving you helplessly. I would be helpless without you love my sweet wife. I love you.

77. People love different things: money, food and other people but the only thing I love is honey and you are honey. So I love you my honey.

78. You give me so much love all at once that I sometimes struggle to catch my breath.

79. The truth is that I love you and I hope it doesn’t hurt me because you seem to no longer care. I love you, my darling husband.

80. I see the way you look at me and I know you love me so stop wasting my time and give me some loving honey for I can’t wait to have your love.

81. I have no words adequate enough to express how much I love you other than the three words” I love you”. I love you honey and that’s the whole truth.

82. In these words ” I love you” are all the feeling, affection, plan, and meaning I have for you and our relationship. I love you, honey, you mean the world to me.

83. You can never even begin to imagine how much I love you because you imagination is inadequate to capture it.

84. You know I love you and I know that you love me too. It is also a fact that we love each other but this is to say thank you for loving me because my life has become unimaginably sweet since you came into it.

85. When you are away, you are with me, I close my eyes to sleep, I see your face when I’m in a noisy place, I can only hear your voice and then I realized that you are in my heart. I love you.

86. I don’t want more because I have you. You are the best, you are my sweetheart and honey. I love you and that is enough.

87. Love happens to us and us to love. You happened to me then I realized that you love me and I could love you back. I hope I can happen to you as much as you have happened to me. I love you, honey.

88. Yesterday I wished to have you, today I have you and I dream of how we will be together until tomorrow ends. My honey bunch, I love you.

89. Love happens to us all if we can just let it. I’m glad you love me and I love you right back.

90. The size of my love for you my sweet wife cannot be measured. It is without dimension.

91. I fear for myself of how much I love you because I cannot live without you but I promise to love you even in death. I love you, honey.

92. There is no reason why I love you. The more I love you, the less reason why I need to have reasons to love you, honey.

93. When you first said you love me, I didn’t know the intensity. Now I can not live without your love and I love you too honey. You are the best woman alive.

94. I didn’t know your love could change my life forever. I love you, my husband. You are my honey and you make my life sweet.

95. You love for me has made me who I am today that is why I love you not only for who you are but for who you make me be and who I am with you. I love you.

96. Saying I love you is inadequate to express the way I feel but my heart is communicating with you if you would just listen.

97. I never thought I would marry but you came into my life and I know that if I don’t marry you, I will be incomplete and doomed forever. Please marry me, honey. You are my angel.

98. Come and be the Queen of my palace for I cannot be King without you. I love you, honey.

99. You are the only woman of your kind on earth and I’m eternally blessed to have you. I love you fiercely.

100. Loving you is a blessing exclusive to me and I’m excited to be the one to love you for I love to love you.

101. I never loved myself until I met and learnt to love me from loving you. Thanks for teaching me self-love honey. I will love you forever.

102. Like fine wine, you get better with age honey and so my love for you gets stronger and bigger by the day.

103. Come and be the honey in my comb so that together, we will become honeycomb and be sweet together. I love you my honey.

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