70+ Happy Birthday to My Mom My Best Friend Messages

Happy Birthday to My Mom My Best Friend

Mothers are a blessing and we can never really do enough to pay them for all they are and do for us but we can say kind words to make them smile. Their birthdays are a great opportunity to do so.

You have got a mom who doubles as your best friend? Below are some messages you can send to her on her birthday to make her day.

Happy Birthday Messages to My Mom from a Teenager

1. Happy birthday to you, mummy. You always know my move before I make it.

2. ‎I have been more disobedient than I have been obedient but you remain ever so proud of me. Happy birthday to the woman who gave me my birthday.

3. Thank you for 'forcing' me to do what is good for me, even though I think you are just being difficult. I have realized that you actually do it for my good so I can become a better person. I love you, mummy. Happy birthday.

4. Thanks for all the 'embarrassments' you gave me in front of those friends that you saw long ago would have destroyed me. You saved me from me. Happy birthday to you sweet mother. I love you.

5. Your mothering style may not be always pleasant but it is the best when I compare you with my friends' mothers. You are the best mummy. Happy birthday.

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6. Thank you for being firm and strict with me when you needed to. Happy birthday to the sweets mummy in the world.

7. Thank you for teaching me how to love and respect others even when I felt they didn't deserve any respect. Happy birthday to a respectable mummy.

8. You are the most influential woman in my life. You influence all the decisions I make and there always turn out to be the best. Happy birthday.

9. My mentor, my role model you know you hold a special place in my heart. Happy birthday, mummy. I love.

10. Even when nobody believes in me you always do and stood by me even when I lost hope. Happy birthday, mummy.

11. You are the most loving mother to the most stubborn teenager around and you never get tired of me. Happy birthday.

12. You make me feel so proud among my friends. Happy birthday to the best mummy in the world.

13. You beautiful soul shines through to your body and you look so stunning every time I look at you. Happy birthday my beautiful mummy.

14. If I become half the woman you are mum, I would be fulfilled. You make me so proud. Happy birthday.

15. I pray I make you proud and become the person you want me to be and put a smile on your face. Happy birthday my lovely mama.

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Happy Birthday Messages to My Mom from a Youth

1. You know you raised a good child when you can trust her judgment. Thank you for always respecting my decision even when you don't agree with it. Happy birthday, mummy.

2. ‎Happy birthday to the only woman who has the right to judge me. She lives by example, knows my struggles and still stands by me. Happy birthday to the best woman in the world. Happy birthday to my mother.

3. ‎You are not jealous of me. You are the only woman who wishes that I do better than her and helps me work towards it. Happy birthday to you mummy.

4. Some women come into your life and leave after sometimes but we come to other women's lives and make them mothers. Happy birthday to the only woman who can remain in my life until death.

5. If I could change one thing, it would be to make your job of being a mother easier. I know I'm stubborn and made motherhood very difficult for you but you I me all the same. I wish I could love you better mum. Happy birthday.

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6. You look so fragile yet so strong. I'm yet to meet any other woman as strong as you. Happy birthday to the strongest woman ever.

7. You make me feel weak and old when you display so much strength. Happy birthday, mama. I love you.

8. There is nothing more beautiful than the love you have for me. I may not always understand but I know you love me. Happy birthday, mama. God bless you for me.

9. You are a mother like no other and my greatest inspiration. Happy birthday.

10. Life is so beautiful with you in it because you are beautiful inside out. Happy birthday, mum.

11. My prayer warrior, partner and intercessor. Thank you for teaching me how to pray. Happy birthday to you mama. I love you.

12. Your Resilience and faith are the major ingredients for my success. Happy birthday, mama.

13. We don't choose our mothers but I'm happy that you are my mother because if I were to, I would not only choose but become a mother like you. Happy birthday to my model.

14. I'm sorry for all the time I made you feel like a failure. You are a success. Happy birthday.

15. You are my heroine. Happy birthday to you mama. Shine on.

Happy Birthday Messages to My Mom from an Adult

1. To the one who loves me more than I can ever love myself. Happy birthday.

2. You always celebrate others and not worry about herself that's why I chose to wish you a happy birthday.

3. To the one who loves me more than she loves herself. Happy birthday, mum.

4. If I could only be half of what you are I would conquer the world with all the opportunities at my disposal. Happy birthday, mother. I appreciate you.

5. When I became a mother I realized that it is beyond getting pregnant and giving birth. It is giving life and you gave me more than life. You gave me purpose. Happy birthday, mama.

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6. Happy birthday to the one who is sure that I'm her offspring without needing DNA. Happy birthday to my mother.

7. I never really understood what it meant to be completely and totally responsible for another human being until I became a mother. Happy birthday to my mama.

8. I am a product of your decision to be a mother. I'm glad you are my mother. Happy birthday to you mama.

9.. You know you are the best mother in the world when you raised the best children. Thanks for bringing out the best in me. Happy birthday.

10. Happy birthday to the only person I met before I was born. She loved me even before I was born. Happy birthday to my mama.

11. If I could change one thing, it would be to remain a child and not become an adult because being an adult is too much work but you are never tired of us. Happy birthday to you sweet mother.

12. It is hard enough to be responsible for one's self as an adult but you remain responsible for yourself and other adults. Happy birthday, mum. We love you.

13. Happy birthday to the greatest woman I have ever met, my role model. Happy birthday my mother.

14. Chasing away potential friends saved me from plenty of troubles. Happy birthday to my mama.

15. You grow old with so much ease and style. I can't believe you are 60 already. You look so good. Happy birthday to you mummy. You are the best.

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16. You play out the role of a mother with plenty of Grace and swag. Happy mummy.

17. Your culinary concepts are unequalled. Happy birthday to the best cook in the world. Happy birthday my mother.

18. I don't know what I did to deserve you but God gave you to me to be my mother. You are the best mother anyone could ever ask for. Happy birthday to you.

19. I pray the remaining days of your life be as beautiful as you are and fulfilling. Happy birthday to you mama. You are the best.

20. I pray my life be as useful as yours. The birthday sweet mother.

21. God put such a beautiful soul inside your beautiful body. Happy birthday to a beautiful soul. Happy birthday, mother.

22. You do so much with very little resources at your disposal. You have a multiplier effect. Happy birthday to you mummy. You are the best.

23.I love you more now than I did when I was a girl because I'm now a mother and motherhood is love. Happy birthday mother

24. Mummy, I don't know how to be an adult with you. You spoil me silly. Happy birthday, mama.

25. You protect me from every harm with all that you have. You are ready to give your life up for the life of your children. Happy birthday to you mummy.

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26. It is now that I appreciate all the attention you show me. This is to let you know how important you are to me. I love you, mummy. Happy birthday.

27. Right from when I was in your womb, you have been my guiding light, you still are and I'm grateful for you. Happy birthday to you.

28. Without your presence in my life, I would have made terrible mistakes.

29. The luckiest person on earth because I have a mother like you.

30. It is not easy being a mother but you do it with so much grace, beauty and elegance.

31. My prayer partner. Anything you agree with me in prayer comes to pass. I respect the Grace of God in your life. Happy birthday, mama.

32. I never knew the sacrifices you make for me until I became a parent. Thanks for all the sacrifices you made and are still making for me. Happy birthday, mama.

33. For the pains you felt during my pregnancy: I am grateful. Happy birthday my mummy.

34. For the pains you felt during my birth: I am grateful. Happy birthday to you mama.

35. For the tears you cried anytime I fell sick: I cannot pay but I am forever grateful to you. Using this opportunity of your birthday, I say thank you. God bless you.

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36. For the sleepless nights you went through raising me: I am grateful. I wish you a happy birthday. May your days be long.

37. For the times I was stubborn; fighting you for raising a complete man: I am grateful. I pray that your days are long and sweet. Happy birthday, mama.

38. For the sleepless nights, you still go through every day praying for me to succeed: I am grateful. Happy birthday, mama.

39. I cannot count all of God's blessings in my life because he gave you to me as a mother. So when I count my blessings, I count you a thousand times. I have nothing to give you than to wish you a happy birthday. You are yet to shine mummy. I love you.

40. May God make your dream of me becoming a better person than you come to pass. Happy birthday, mum. God bless you.

41. Happy birthday to the world's greatest mum. I'm blessed to have you.

42. I have so much faith in you because you are a good example of a real mother. I love you, mummy. Happy birthday to you.

Written By Doris Emmanuel Odu.

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