Romantic Good Night Messages for Her

Romantic Good Night Messages for Her – Goodnight Girlfriend

Here comes the Romantic Good Night Text Messages Ever for Her – Romantic Good Night love messages for Girlfriend

So I heard you are in love with a princess – yes, a diva – and would want to express how that makes you feel to her? Tonight might just be perfect to send such romantic messages to help you get that done and cement your love in her heart. And If you don’t send romantic I love you messages to your girlfriend, who will?

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I Love You Good Night Text Messages for Her

When you need to end the night with some romantic messages, the collection below would help you in good faith and you will be glad you came. Pick on to send to your girlfriend and make her blush tonight. Ready… Set… Copy and Paste!

1. I Wish My Thoughts Would Do

Wherever you are, whatever the situation, I hope that the thought of me gives you a good night rest. Good night, I love you.

2. You’ll Be In My Dreams Tonight

No matter how far apart we are, I know I’ll be dreaming of you tonight. If I don’t dream of my love, who will! Sweet dreams to you from me.

3. To the One Who Lights Up My World

As the moon shines through the reflection of the sun so you light up my world. I remember you tonight and I sigh in awe of you.

4. Jealousy is Taking Its Toll on Me

I am jealous of your sheet, your pillows even your underpants cause they are closer than I am to you tonight. Can’t wait to see you. Good night.

5. I Want to Be the Man of Your Dreamland

If you get a bad dream I hope to be your saviour, if you get a sweet dream I hope to be the cause. Sleep like a baby, wake up like a king. Good night.

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6. Enjoy a Cool Night as Usual

I wish that as the moon is bright and shining, you’ll be cool and fine. When you go under your covers know that I am wishing you good night. See you tomorrow.

7. You Are Free to Make a Wish Tonight

Think of me and close your eyes. Make a wish, whisper good night and watch it come true. Can I hug you goodnight? I love you.

8. Kudos to the Man Who Rocks My World

Forever seems like a long time but when I am with you forever seems like a minute. Just so you know, you rock my moments! Good night, I love you.

9. I Wish You Innumerable Blessings

Before you go to sleep I wish for you the blessings that outnumber the stars and the moon to shine during your dark times. Good night to you my armour.

10. You Saved the Day Again

It’s been a long day, you’ve made every moment count. You sure deserve a medal for that. A virtual toast to your caring prowess. Good night.

11. Wishing We’ll be Together

I lie on my bed you lie on yours. One of us is at the wrong place. I love you. I miss you and me. Good night, still.

12. Residing in Your Thoughts

As the day goes to night keep your worries out of reach. Close your eyes and go to sleep for in your thoughts I will be.

13. Time Is a Currency

Why spend time hating someone who hate you when you can spend said time loving someone who loves you. I love you. Good night.

14. My Departing Words

When I die I want my last words to be “I love you.” I really love you, good night.

15. Inestimable Jewel

Loving you is like oxygen – no matter how hard I try, I just can’t do without it. Good night to you my jewel.

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16. Can I Hold You?

I wish I could hold you tight, see you like the moon so bright instead of wishing you good night. I wish, but good night still.

17. The Night Package

This message has the following attachments. – the sweetest of kiss, the brightest of smile, the cutest cuddle ever and a warm bed for you to lay. Good night, my love.

18. My Heartbeat

Everyone is asleep and the world is quiet I hope the only voice you hear is my heart beating good night to you and you alone.

19. A Box of Love to You

This message contains the following attachments – my bed for your rest, my blanket for your warmth, and my pillow for your comfort. Good night to you, my love.

20. The Night’s Beauty

The beauty of the night is not the silence, neither the comforting breeze of the stars. It is looking at the moon and seeing you wishing me good night.

21. My Wish for Guidance

As the stars align around the moon so I wish for God’s angels to guard you tonight. Have a safe trip to the dreamland.

22. I Am Here for You

The sun here to guide the day, the moon here to guide the night and I am here to guide your dreams. Sleep like a baby, my love.

23. Can I Be in Your Thoughts?

As you lay in your bed tonight I wish to be in your thoughts so I manage your dreams to make them sweeter like never before. Good night.

24. You Are Hurting My Pillows

My pillows are suffocating because I am hugging them while wishing it was you. Goodnight.

25. Listen to My Voice

In the silence of the night and the beauty of the night sky I hope you can hear my voice wishing you good night.

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26. Just for You and Me

even if it sounds unreasonable to some people, I do believe in my heart that the moon and the stars align just for me and you. Good night my princess.

27. Open This Up

This message has the following attachments – arms, legs and a face.
Legs to walk to where you are. Arms to hug you good night. And a face to watch you sleep. ood night to you from me.

28. Vivid Comparison

Like a battery to a phone, like music to ears, so you are to me because without you my life is incomplete. And I have come to say Good night to you.

29. Once Again

The stars are out, the moon is so bright, one more hug, one more kiss, sleep tonight and tomorrow shine bright. I love you, good night.

30. My Daily Wish

I heard that if someone wishes you Goodnight every day you’re happier than most people. So here I am wishing you Goodnight because I want you to be happy always. Kisses.

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31. I Will Always Be Here

The darker the night the brighter the stars, the deeper your sleep, the closer I will always be. That’s how much I want to care for you. I love you, and you know it.

32. I Won You

In the lottery of life I think I have won a jackpot, because I have you by my side. Permit me to say a lovely night to you, my queen. I love you.

33. My Answered Prayers

I prayed for light during my dark moments, joy when I am in sorrow, a voice to listen and a shoulder to cry on. And then God sent you as an answer to my prayers. Good night to you love. I love you.

34. Receive My Wishes

The stars are out take a deep breath. Open the window and you will see the stars and the moon wishing you good night on my behalf. I love you sweetie.

35. My Dream Partner

I just wanted you to know I am appearing in your dreams tonight. I’m tired of dreaming alone. Good night, my dream partner.

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36. To My Beauty

I looked around and found beauty in my life. And I wondered what could I have done without you. Good night to you, beautiful.

37. It’s Happening Again

Legend has it that if you can’t sleep that means you’re awake in someone else’s dream. I am thinking of you again. Good night, anyways.

38. I Came to Pay My Debt

I tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep. Then I realized that I couldn’t sleep because I haven’t wished you good night! Goodnight.

39. You Lightened Me Up

I did open my windows and saw the stars in the sky and then I realized they are nothing compared to the stars in your eyes. Good night to you, my light.

40. But by the Moments

Life is not measured by wealth but the little beautiful moments one have, especially with a loved one. You’re the special one I’ve been having mine with. Good night.

41. My Future Wish

One day, I won’t be alone. I won’t text or call you because one day when I am ready to sleep I will find you in my arms. Goodnight.

42. Good Night Princess

This is for you to read when you wake up in the morning. You mean everything to me, you are my sun in the day and the moon and stars at night. You make me feel happy even in my worse times. You make me feel like the luckiest man on earth. I desire and want us to be together forever…. till death do us apart. Love you very… very… very much… Goodnight my love.

43. At the End of Time

When finally, my life is through and the angel ass me to recall what I loved most in life, I would say you, the fact that I love you. Goodnight.

44. A Peep at Your Elegance

Your body sexy as the night sky,
Your smile as radiant as the moon,
Your personality as bright as the stars.
Goodnight my love.

45. My Timeless Wish

I want to be your prevalent hello and hardest goodbye.
I want to be the reason why you smile even if I am not around.
I want to be the man that is your everything.
I want to be the last person to say goodnight to you, my queen. Goodnight.

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46. You Are Special to Me

You’re the one who can make me smile without trying,
You’re the one whom If I don’t wish goodnight my day isn’t complete.
Goodnight my love.

47. I Will Keep the Hope

I could take all day thinking, wishing and hoping. And as long as they’re about “US” I wish they all come true. Goodnight.

48. If Only

I wish to be your pillow, so you could lay your head on me.
I wish to be your sheets, so you could rap your body around me.
I wish to be the last thought you have before you sleep.
So you wake up loving me more. Goodnight.

49. To My Beautiful Queen

This message contains a kiss because the most beautiful girl in the world deserves a kiss from the most handsome man in the world. Goodnight beautiful.

50. The Night

How I love the night sky,
So remarkable and beautiful
But none shine bright,
As the stars in your eyes.

I Miss You Text Messages to Say Good Night to Her

So you need to tell her how much you miss her as you send her good night wishes? Then your girlfriend will appreciate these missing you romantic messages to say good night.

51. With You Forever

Though you’re not here tonight, but no distance can separate two loving hearts because geography can never challenge the chemistry of love which is bound to create history. Goodnight to you, my love.

52. Silent Night

The night is just too long to be away from the one I love the most. I wish to see you again to give you a kiss. Goodnight, my love.

53. Now I Miss You

Every time I am not with you I get to appreciate your presence. Your beautiful face, your gorgeous hair and smile, your walk and the way you talk. They all make me miss you tonight. All I can do now is engrave my thoughts in two words “GOOD NIGHT”.

Good Night Prayers for Her

Yes, sometimes you need to say good night with some prayers. You need to put your spiritual mind on and say some prayers to your lover. And if that comes to mind tonight, we are here to help.

My Good Night Prayers

As a galaxy of stars in the sky,
So is the light of love in your eyes,
As you lay down to sleep,
I pray the lord your soul to keep.

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