Sweet Good night Messages for Him

2023 Sweet Good Night Messages for Him – Goodnight SMS for Boyfriend

Is he handsome, awesome, loving, kind, perfect and caring, Cute, beautiful, gorgeous, lovely, and romantic? Then these Sweet and Cute Goodnight Messages are best to say Good night to him.

The Night, like in the morning is a perfect time to remind your lover (your boyfriend) of your commitment to your relationship; a time to express gratitude for what he has done for you, and a time to make some more promises towards the fulfilment of the relationship.

When you have finally found that special one, every night comes with glamorous bliss, isn’t it?

A Thought from a Lover’s Heart

I used to think that you were not my beginning. I thought you came as an attachment to my life when we met. I thought you were there as just another patch. Maybe another little arm to help halfway when I am weak, or another temporary embrace when I am lonely in the world; probably another misery in disguise…

Many of these limited things I thought you were until you came and changed the order of my life. You made me!

Little did I know that I was dead within – even stinking! I didn’t know all that made me whole within were broken. I didn’t even believe that my life was an endless rhythm of perfect imperfections! You came, you saw me in my ruins, and you conquered my age long defeat for me. You gave me new sense of direction, and my life appeared gorgeous again. My life started anew and I have all the reasons to say I am gorgeous and lovely ever again.

You are the very beginning of a new life to me. The sure reason a glorious future awaits me. I love you like I would ever love no one else, and you are my one and only forever.

Thank you for being the special you for me. I love you is all I can say.”

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Sweet Good Night Text Messages for Boyfriend

“I hate to say good night without you here… I hate to share the blanket alone… Untold Coldness is the description of such nights… And sad it’s happening again tonight! I miss you, but good night, dear.”

Would you like your boyfriend to know you think about him every second of the day, especially at night? Or do you simply want to make sure he sleeps with only thoughts of you every night?

Below are Romantic Good Night Messages you can choose from, to help your special man sleep peacefully, despite a stressful day, knowing he is greatly loved by you.

Send any of these to him, and be assured all he’d have are sweet dreams about only you.

1. Today is over, and can never be relived, but my ever-growing love for you remains unto eternity. Have a good night rest hun.

2. I’m lucky to have the best and brightest of all shining stars residing not in the sky, but in my heart. Sweet dreams to you my love.

Sweet Goodnight Messages for Him

3. My day was beautiful because you were in it. May your night be as peaceful as you make my life. I love you, hun.

4. I love night times simply because it brings you to me, despite the distance. See you soon in dreamland handsome.

5. Have you seen the stars in the sky tonight? Can you see how beautifully they sparkle? I pray your night is filled with even more beauty. Sleep tight dear.

6. I sent warmth your way, I hope your duvet has delivered it? Have a good night rest baby.

7. You were on my mind all day, and even now I can’t sleep. This is what you do to me daily, good night hun.

8. Just as my day doesn’t begin till I say good morning to my sweet lover, it can’t end till I say good night to you. Sweet dreams darling.

9. Nighttime brings sweet memories about those we love, and just like every other night, all I’m thinking about is you.

10. My night would have been perfect if you were right here beside me to kiss me good night. Sleep well love, I miss you.

11. I can’t wait to fall asleep so I can see you in my dreams. Sweet dreams my amazing man.

12. Good night to the man who makes my days shine so bright. I love you dear, may your path continually shine brightly.

13. Baby, it’s freaking cold and I’m wrapped under my duvet, but that can’t be compared to the warmth of your loving arms around me. Good night sweets.

14. I can’t wait to sleep tonight kos I know I’m gonna wake with a deeper love for you. Sleep tight, baby.

15. I hope you have plans to appear in my dreams tonight? Good night love.

16. I’m here hugging my teddy so tight, but all I want to hug is you! I miss you so much darling, good night.

17. As I stare at the beautiful stars in the sky, all I picture is your handsome face smiling at me. I miss you love.

18. You make me so happy love. I pray you’d have lovely and amazing dreams tonight, and every night of your life.

19. I’m continually grateful to God for the gift of you in my life. I cherish you dear, good night.

20. I won’t always have answers to all the questions in my heart, but one thing I know for sure is that I love you and won’t stop. Good night baby.

Good Night Wishes for Him – Goodnight Wishes for Boyfriend

“There is part of the day I always like. And it is the time you say your sweet good night. I could miss even my dinner but wouldn’t miss that! I love you my dearest, and I wish you sweet dreams. Good night my love.”

21. I’m imagining how amazingly cool it would be to spend the night cuddled up in your warm embrace. Good night baby.

22. You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me hun. I adore you, good night.

Good Night Wishes for Him

23. I would choose you as my partner over and over again darling, I’m madly in love with you. Good night.

24. You’re the best anyone could ever wish for. Sweet dreams tonight as you dream about me.

25. My love for you grows each passing day darling, you’re the best. Have a blessed night rest.

26. I pray you’d have the sweetest of dreams tonight. Sleep peacefully.

27. Today is finally over with all its troubles. I pray tomorrow comes with the hope of better things. Please sleep well tonight, and wake strengthened tomorrow. Good night dear.

28. Can you feel tonight’s cool breeze? That’s me saying good night to the coolest guy ever. I love you dear.

29. Falling asleep has been impossible tonight. It’s probably because I’m yet to say good night to the king of my heart. Sweet dreams honey.

30. I can’t wait for the time my dreams would finally come true and I’d sleep in your arms every night and wake up to see you first every morning. Good night love.

31. Good night darling. I hope you know you’re only permitted to dream about me tonight? Muah.

32. Thanks for your love and all you do in my life. I appreciate you dear, good night.

33. Hey, dear, I hope you had a great day, and you’re not exhausted? Sleep peacefully tonight and wake up refreshed.

34. No matter how stressful my day could have been, I couldn’t let today end without saying good night to my number one fan.

35. My heart beats for only you hun, sleep tight and have amazing dreams.

36. May all your wishes and dreams come true. Have a good night rest my love.

37. I sent Angels to watch over you as you sleep tonight, to ensure you have nothing but sweet dreams. Enjoy dear.

38. Thanks for today dear, I had great fun and didn’t want it to end. Do have a good night rest, and wake up refreshed.

39. I have ordered the mosquitoes not to come near you as you sleep tonight, so sleep like my baby that you are.

40. Though you are far away from me, I’m happy kos I know you’d appear in my dreams tonight as always. Good night sweets.

Romantic Goodnight Messages for Him – Boyfriend

“I watched the day turned into night and it’s sad, knowing you are not here. It is going to be as sad as I see it. But I can’t help but say goodnight.”

Romantic Goodnight Messages for Him

41. It’s past midnight and the only thing keeping me up are thoughts about you. Trust you’re having a good night, talk to you in the morning.

42. Good night to the handsome guy reading this message. I hope you’re blushing? I love you darl, sweet dreams.

43. Make sure you dream about me tonight, just as I’d definitely dream about you too. We’d discuss who had the sweetest dream tomorrow morning. Muah.

44. I’m sending loads of kisses to you, my sweet boo. I hope they assist in ushering you to the land of sweet dreams tonight.

45. One of the things the cool breeze blowing tonight was assigned to do, is to wade off every negative dream, and bring only pleasant ones to you. Sleep peacefully baby.

46. If I had super powers, I’d use it to pull you out of my dreams tonight, so I can hug you so tight in reality. I miss you so much baby. Good night.

47. One of the things helping me survive this distance is the sweet dreams I have about you every night. I can’t wait to see and touch you. Good night baby.

48. As you sleep tonight, know that I’m always thinking about you, and I love you deeply. Good night handsome.

49. Having a tough night? Just go have a cool shower, lay on your bed, think about me, close your eyes, and picture me beside you. Sweet dreams love, you’d be fine.

50. The most beautiful stars are not those that shine so bright in the sky. They are the ones who live here on earth and make people’s lives shine so brightly. You brighten my life hun, I adore you.

51. Baby, you’re my strength and hope of a bright tomorrow. Good night and have dreams about the amazing future we’re building.

52. No matter how things turn out, I will never stop loving you. Sleep well tonight with just me in your thoughts.

53. Thanks for showing me the true meaning of love, I don’t know what I’d do without you. Good night my super hero.

54. A pleasant night to my most favourite man in the world.

55. As you lay your head to sleep tonight, I pray you dream of great and mighty things fit for kings like you.

56. Tonight and every other night, I want you to know that you are all I dream about and want. None can love me like you do. Sleep tight dear.

57. Sometimes I feel like you’re too great to be true and go to bed hoping this isn’t all a dream. Good night my rare gem, I love you forever.

58. If love were wings, baby you won’t be flying like a bird. Rather, you’d be soaring like an eagle because I love you more than what can be described with words. Good night.

59. Good night to you, my heaven sent prince, I hope you’d dream about me?

60. No danger can come near you because my love is a shield for you. And as you sleep tonight, have only sweet dreams about us and our future.

Goodnight SMS for Him- Goodnight Sms for Boyfriend

“In couldn’t help it without you by my side. My eyelids are heavy but then sleep won’t come. The night is going to be a lonely night at worst. How I wish you were here my love. Good night and sweet dreams.”

Goodnight SMS for Him

61. I miss you so much and hope you miss me too? Can’t wait to be in your arms once again. Good night baby.

62. I wonder what my life would look like if we didn’t meet, and I know it won’t have been this beautiful. You’re my advantage boo, I love you. Good night and sweet dreams.

63. Nighttime never was this special, till you became a part of my life. That’s kos I look forward to hearing your voice before I sleep, and first thing when I wake. Good night love.

64. If I could, I’d write your name on the sky for the whole world to know how special you are. Sleep peacefully my love.

65. As high as the heavens are, so is the height of my love for you. It’s untouchable and ever constant. Have a good night rest hun.

66. I miss you more at night, wishing I could be in your loving arms, while we gaze at the stars together. Good night love.

67. I’m putting on the cute night wear you got for me, but you’re not here to see how well it fits. Good night and dream about me.

68. Though I spent the whole of today with you, I can’t stop thinking about you tonight, wishing you were still here. Enjoy your night sweets.

69. May the blessings of God rain down on you as you sleep tonight, so you can wake up to an abundance of all things bright and beautiful. Good night love.

70. Saying “I love you” is an understatement of how I really feel about you. But as you sleep tonight, know that you’re always on my mind.

71. May all your heart desires be granted you, and may your good dreams tonight come through. Sweet dreams dearie.

72. I decided to recount sweet memories of times we’ve spent together, and that made me realise how much fun you make my life. Good night my special man, I love you.

73. You shower me with so much love and care. Thanks for being an amazing partner and friend. Have a good night rest.

74. Thinking about all you are and all you do for me, I know I don’t deserve you nor your love. You’re too amazing. May you dream of beautiful things tonight: Like me.

75. I’m just here punching my pillow, kos it can’t give me the warmth hugging you give. Good night darl, missing you as always.

76. Outside is so dark and cold, but my room is bright and warm, simply because my heart is filled with thoughts of you. You illuminate my life boo, sleep tight tonight.

77. May your night be very long and full of dreams about me, and about our bright future together. Have the sweetest of dreams love.

78. I love you to the moon and back dear. Sleep well tonight, I love you.

79. Remember to say your prayers tonight, and most importantly, to dream about me.

80. Many hugs and kisses for the most handsome guy in the world. Good night baby.

81. I can’t wait for the day we’d finally become one, so I get to say good night to you live, every night.

82. I want you to know that you’re my greatest source of joy and happiness dear. I won’t trade you for anything. Sleep tight.

83. It’s no news to you that I love my sleep so much. But I want you to know that I love you much more than I love to sleep, and would lose it for your sake any day, anytime. Good night boo.

84. Good night baby. I know I already wished you good night when you called, but I had to tell you one last time before I sleep.

85. Hey baby, hope you’ve taken a shower? Go to bed fresh and wake up super refreshed tomorrow. I love you.

86. Just wanted to know if you’re having a hard time sleeping like I am here, occupied with endless thoughts of you. If not, sweet dreams baby.

87. I just looked through the pictures we snapped earlier today again, and couldn’t help but realise how blessed I am to have you in my life. Good night love.

88. I don’t get to see you as much as I want, but it’s comforting to know I get to dream about you almost every night. Sleep well love, I miss you.

89. I hope this message from me to you would help make your night go smoothly and peacefully. Good night love.

90. As you lay down to sleep tonight, know that you are very much awake in my heart. I take no rests from thinking about you.

91. Since my arms won’t get to hug you tonight, I thought to send this text to let you know I value you so much.

92. May your dreams be filled with insights, ideas and concepts on greatness. Good night my great man.

93. We all need a good night sleep to refresh and reload for the next day. May tonight’s sleep be peaceful and may your wonderful dreams be fulfilled.

94. Go to bed tonight with no worries baby. You deserve nothing less than good rest and sweet dreams. Hugs and kisses…

95. I thought I was gonna crash on my bed and sleep immediately I got home, but here I am on my bed two hours later, still thinking about you. Good night love.

96. Just as it’s impossible to count the number of stars in the sky, my love for you is immeasurable. Good night my love.

97. I’m incomplete without your love, and my night would be incomplete too without wishing you a good night rest.

98. I wanted to wish you good night, but I just thought of something better. Let’s stay awake all night talking about how much we mean to each other. Lol, good night boo.

99. I’m about to retire for the night, but I want you to know that loving you is my lifetime preoccupation, and I’m never gonna retire from that.

100. My only desire right now is to have you appear right here beside me tonight to cuddle me to sleep. Good night my love.

101. True love found me through you, and it’s been an amazing experience since then. Good night hun.

102. Baby you are the one that keeps me alive because you are my heart. Have sweet dreams tonight.

103. Every night, I close my eyes hoping I’ve not been in a very long dream since the day I met you. If I’ve been, I’d rather stay in dreamland forever. Good night hun.

104. Good night sweets, and have amazing dreams about me. I love you.

105. I wish I could lay my head on your chest all night, but you’re miles away. I miss you so much, baby. Good night.

106. I just can’t get enough of you. I look forward to forever with you, goodnight love.

107. I just want to keep whispering “Good Night” into your ears till you fall asleep. I’d do anything for you baby, sweet dreams.

108. Your macho body would take me to the land of sweet dreams faster than this my bed and pillow. Wish you were here, good night love.

109. Anticipation about tomorrow isn’t letting me fall asleep easily. I can’t wait to be in your arms. Good night darl.

110. I want your last thoughts before you sleep to be of me, so you can come find me in dreamland where I’d be waiting for you. Sweet dreams handsome.

111. I’m sleep texting right now, but I hope the I get the spelling of “I’m madly in love with you” right. Sleep tight my heart.

112. I wish I could come spend the night with you today, just to watch you while you sleep. I adore you, good night love.

113. I wonder how you look when you close those charming eyes of yours. I hope to find out soon. Good night my prince.

114. What plans do you have for tonight? I hope dreaming about me is on the list? Sweet dreams darl, I love you.

115. Hey hun, hope you achieved all you set out to do today? Please rest well and sleep tight.

116. Just thought it’s necessary to let you know I’d be dreaming about you all night long.

117. You’re hereby invited to join me on the flight to sweet dreams town tonight. It’s gonna be fun, see you there.

118. Good night dearie, may your dreams be as beautiful as I am… Just dream about me. Muah.

119. Shining stars in the sky, are a sight to behold, but that can’t be compared to the joy in gazing at your face. Good night my fine man.

120. I’m assured you’d have sweet dreams tonight kos babies don’t have nightmares, and you’re my baby.

121. I want you to do one last thing before drifting to sleep. Close your eyes, say my name, picture me standing in front of you, now smile. Good night baby.

122. Nighttimes are for thinking about the special people in our lives. I hope you’re thinking of me as I am about you?

123. You were the first thing on my mind this morning, and now you’re the last as I’m about to drift to sleep. When will I ever stop thinking about you? Never!!!

124. I heard heaven is in search of a missing angel, so I have hidden you deep within my heart, so they won’t find and return you. Good night dear, I love you.

125. I never thought it was possible to love someone so truly and deeply as I love you, and know you love me too. Sweet dreams baby, you’re amazing.

126. I can’t sleep cos my heart is beating so fast and loud, and there’s just one name it’s trying to call: Yours! Good night my heartbeat.

127. There’s that joy and satisfaction in knowing I’m yours, and you’re mine. Good night baby.

128. If my love for you was a blanket, it would wrap you a million times and much more. Good night hun.

129. I love the way you pamper me. How about I give you a treat tonight? Meet me in dreamland.

130. I wish you were here to rock me to sleep. Good night dear.

131. I’m planning to sneak into your dreams tonight. I hope I’m welcome?

132. If you were here, we won’t sleep tonight. We would gist all night. Since you’re not, make sure you dream about me.

133. If you were to choose between me and sleep tonight, which would you choose? I’m sure you’d choose me. Good night.

134. If you’re still awake at this time, then know it’s because you’re missing me. Sleep tight dear.

135. Have I ever told you that you’re the most important person in my life? Now you know, good night and sleep tight.

136. I’ve seen over a thousand men, even more. But ain’t seen any as fine and suave as my boo. You rock darling, sleep tight.

137. Hey baby, you never cease to amaze me and blow my mind. Thanks for today, I love you, sweet dreams.

138. Just when I thought I had loved you to the highest point possible, you make me realise how much more I can still love you. You’re amazing, good night.

139. I took some minutes to analyse how this year has been for me thus far, then I realised you’re the highlight of the year. Good night love.

140. I love you now and always. Do have only sweet dreams tonight and always.

141. Close your eyes babe, let’s meet in the land of sweet dreams.

142. Your smile is enough to catapult me to dreamland tonight. Smile for me baby, sleep tight darling.

143. I miss you at every moment of my day, but more at bedtime. Sweet dreams tonight hun.

144. I love that I can totally be myself whenever I’m with you. I’m glad you found me, babe, sleep peacefully tonight.

145. Guess who the most amazing lover in the world is… It’s the cute guy reading this right now. Sleep well dear.

146. I miss your company so much, especially tonight. Good night.

147. Our love keeps getting stronger and better as the days go by. Looking forward to many more years in love with you. Hope you had a great day? Good night.

148. Thanks for standing by me today dear. I feel like I can do anything with you by my side. Rest well, sleep tight.

149. I had a really bad day, but the call from you helped lighten my heart and made me smile. Thanks for all you are to me, love. Good night.

150. Today wasn’t the best of days for me, but having the best of men by my side made all the difference, and strengthened me. Thanks, darling, good night and sweet dreams.

151. Baby, you ought to be here by my side, like 5 & 6, we ought to always be side by side. It hurts that you’re not here. I miss you especially tonight.

152. If the stars decide to stop shining at night, I won’t be bothered one bit, kos I have the chief of all stars dwelling in my heart. Sleep peacefully tonight baby.

153. My nights shine brighter than day when you’re here with me, I miss you darling, I want you. But sadly, I’d have to just say good night via text, again.

154. I’m all covered up this cold night, but I’m still very cold and shaky. Nothing can supply me warmth like your cuddly hug does. I miss you darling, I really do.

155. What’s a good night without you by my side? I’m just gonna sleep dreaming of you to make up for your absence. Sleep tight boo.

156. I know you miss me as much as I miss you hun. In the meantime, sleep peacefully tonight.

157. Time doesn’t matter whenever we are together. Every time is just amazing and beautiful with you in it. But it’s night at the moment simply because you’re not here to shine your bright light. I miss you darling.

158. You are the reason I look forward to sleeping every night, and waking up every morning. Simply because I can’t wait to love you anew each new day. Have a good night rest baby.

159. Your love is the fuel of my life, there’s nothing I can do without you constantly fuelling my life with all that you are. Ponder on this tonight as you sleep, muah.

160. I love you baby, much more than you think. Rest well tonight, dream about me.

161. What can separate you from the kind of love that I have for you? Absolutely nothing darling honey boo. You’re mine and I’m yours forever. Good night love.

162. Bedtime is officially my worst time of every day. That’s because that’s the time I don’t get to spend with my darling yet. I love you hun, sleep tight.

163. Hey hun, please forget about the troubles of today, and look forward to what tomorrow has to offer. Rest peacefully, wake up refreshed.

164. Do you know what I see when I look into your eyes? I see life, hope, possibilities, and most importantly, I see me safe and secure in your love. I love you hun, have a good night rest.

165. It doesn’t matter what tomorrow brings, as long as you are in it, I know all will be well. Sleep soundly baby, have sweet dreams about me.

166. I’m about to lay my head to rest, but know that my heart isn’t going to ever rest from loving you. Sweet dreams baby, I love you.

167. My love for you is everlasting, it neither sleeps nor slumbers. May my true love for you always keep you safe, especially as you lay to sleep every night.

168. Hey Mr incredible, I would like to know how you’re able to be my sun at day, and moon at night also. What more super powers do you possess? You amaze me love, good night.

169. Do you dream about me as much as I dream about you every night? Your love consumes me hun, both by day and at night. Sleep tight, I love you.

170. Life is worth living when one has amazing people to share it with. My life is worth living cos you’re in it. You’re worth all the love in the world hun, I love you always and forever. Sweet dreams handsome.

Since you need more goodnight messages for him – boyfriend…

Cute Goodnight Text Messages for Him

There is one part of the night I don’t always like: It is the part I will sleep without you being by my side. Emptiness is what I feel, thinking of you not here. But nevertheless, it won’t make me to not say good night.

Cute Goodnight Messages for Him

1. Time to forget all your worries. It’s time to forget all your fears. A time to believe that tomorrow is good. Close your eyes, sleep and see your wishes come true. Good night my angel.

2. Not all that glitters are Gold but not your love. Your love is more than a galaxy of star, shining effortlessly inside my heart. Goodnight my love.

3. If not for your love and care, today would have been like every other bad day. Thanks for being the reason I was happy throughout. Good night, I love you.

4. If today were a book, I would have dedicated it to you. You were the reason it ended in success, more than I expected. I love you and I will forever do. Good night.

5. Nothing makes a great day without a magical touch of your love. You rock my world as always. Thanks for today. Goodnight. Mwah!

6. You’ll be my end, even if you are not the beginning. You will be my arm when my strength fails, and the perfect one for me forever. Good night my love.

7. I can speak of your love and care throughout the world. I can proclaim how wonderful it has been living my life with you. Good night dear.

8. Today might not have brought all your expected goodies, but I see tomorrow bringing them in their numbers. Goodnight and Goodmorning in advance my love.

9. Just want you to know: The love I have for you is very sure. It has started from when we met and it will grow endlessly until I die. Goodnight my love.

10. I see the stars shining beautifully in the sky and I touch my heart only for me to I see your love even brighter in me than countless of them. Your love rocks! Good night my love.

11. In case you want to know… I will stop loving you the very day the breeze cease to flow. Good night my love, my dream come true.

12. You were there when I was down, feeling I wouldn’t be up again. Out of all my weary moments, you were there to make me come alive again. I can’t bit thank you enough. Good night my heart, my all.

13. You are all that is wonderful in my life. The centre of my world and my prime joy are you. Believe it for life! Good night.

14. If I ever had wonderful moments, they all came through you. I love you for giving me the best out of life. Good night.

15. You are not just the last thing I think about in the night, and the first thing I think about every morning – You are all the reasons my thoughts are awesome! I can’t keep you off my mind.

16. Just when I thought I was lost forever in forgotten land, your love came and led me on the path of bliss. That is for being the most special person I ever known. Good night and sweet dreams my love.

17. Completeness is my life with you. Awesome are my days with a thought of you. Goodnight my heart’s all-time rhythm.

18. I have been thinking lately that, if not for your love, how would my heart ever be? I appreciate all you have done for me, and I wish I pay back. Good night, my darling.

19. Thank you for every hard times you saw me through. Thank you for every smile you put on my face. I never planned for this much. I love you. Good night.

20. Every time I think about our future, I see so many reasons to love you more each day. Your love is my fulfilment. Good night.

21. Just like yesterday when I found you. I never knew this love would grow this gorgeous! I owe you all of me for being with me till now. Good night.

22. I knew you were the very one for me when this started. Now I am reaping the fruit of that belief! I will love you a lifetime. Good night.

23. I used to think that blessings always come in disguise, but you being plain from start changed me forever. You are more than I can describe to any mortal. I love you sweet. Good night and sweet dreams.

24. No matter how distant we will ever be from each other, my heart will never be far away from your love. Good night.

25. Do you know that moment when the sun shines and darkness goes into hiding? That is how I always feel at the thought of your love. Your love brightens up my life. Good night my love.

Good Night Poems for Him – Goodnight Poems for Boyfriend

Goodnight Poems for Him

26. I was once told, end the day with smiling with a loved one.
But how could I have done that when you are far away!
I really miss you and I wish you know the intensity.
Good night to you, as I pass the night lonely.

27. The more the night draws near, the sadder I become
And it’s all because I will be lonely in the night.
Still praying, expecting a miracle of me seeing you to happen,
Without which I will be the most sorrowful tonight.
I miss you, but good night.

28. Without being beaten, I feel hurts all around me.
In broad day light, I feel gross darkness all around me.
Looking gloomy, having the feeling that I am lost
And I reasoned it out only to know it’s because I miss you.

29. I am the strongest of a lady, but not without your helping hand
I am the happiest that ever lived, but nor without your care.
I am all that is good in the world, but not until I find your love.
I love you my sweet, good night but still I miss you.

30. It is hard for me to say good night
And harder for me to realize you are not here
I miss you so much that I can’t sleep
Good night my love.

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