Good Night My Darling

Romantic Good Night My Darling Quotes & Messages(2023)

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world and sometimes we just need the right words in form of a message or poem to properly describe our feelings to our lover. So, if you are in a relationship or married to that special person, below are beautiful good night messages you can send to make him/her smile tonight and every other night.

Good Night My Darling Boyfriend

Good Night My Darling Boyfriend Quotes, Wishes and Messages.

1. You are like fine wine, you taste so divine. Sleep tight my handsome knight; the custodian of my heart.

2. I wish I was in your arms tonight, I want to nuzzle against your firm chest. Good night my darling, I miss you so much.

3. Stare at the stars tonight, admire its radiant lights but know this my darling, you shine brighter than them all. Good night dear.

4. When you feel the breeze on your face tonight, know it is my kiss being blown your way. Keep your windows shut tonight as I am going to send so many kisses you might just be blown away.

5. I have stopped ageing since you came into my life because your words fill me daily with new energy. Have a very good night sunshine.

6.I am full of your love, it feels so cool. You are so clever, my dear. I want to stay with you forever. Sleep well.

7. Have a very good night heartstring. I am so glad you are my man.

8. You are so good for me, so right and perfect. I want to forever be with you. Good night my darling.

9. You know I would never hurt you, I would never think of it cause whatever hurts you inevitably hurts me. That is how much we are bounded. Good night darling.

10. How did I ever manage to land a man like you? You are just too awesome to be real. If this is a dream, I chose to remain in the dream world forever. Sleep tight my darling.

11. Enjoy your sleep tonight my dear. I know you work so hard, you deserve all the rest you can get tonight.

12. Good night love. Sleep knowing fully well that you will never be alone. I will be by your side always.

13. I know you treat me like a baby but tonight you are going to be the baby. Sleep like one. Good night darling.

14. You make me really happy, you give me so much peace and satisfaction. So, tonight, I pray you have a most satisfying sleep. Good night darling.

15. This night is reminding me so much of you. I wish you were here with me tonight. Good night darling.

16. You know my heart is stalking you right? Because it goes with you wherever you go. Good night sweet.

17. I love waking up next to you, seeing you fall asleep in my arms gives me so much satisfaction. Good night my love.

18. You are a brightness that constantly illuminates my life. I want to remain under the shadow of your light forever. Good night darling.

19. I am always mesmerized by your eyes, I can stare into them forever. I know it sounds freaky but I can’t help it. Good night darling.

20. Today, tomorrow, next month, next year, this life and the next. I will always be here for you. Always! And that is a promise. Good night darling.

21. Wherever you are is home to me, your arm is my best sofa.You are so warm and comfy. Good night baby.

22. Have a pleasant night rest tonight. May your dreams be beautiful and lovely. Sleep well, my dear.

23. I am missing you so much, my prince. Your princess can’t wait to sleep in your arms again. Sleep tight tonight.

24. I forget my worries when I am with you, all my troubles appear insignificant when you hold me. Good night my darling.

25. I wish we didn’t have to work, I really want to be with you every time. Have a beautiful night rest darling.

26. Our love is unparalleled, I have never met someone like you. Thanks for loving me unconditionally. Good night darling.

27. Every night I spend with you is incredible. I cherish our moments together, my dear. Sleep well tonight.

28. I know I say it a lot but I can’t help reiterating it. I love you so much. Good night my love.

29. May your dreams tonight be wonderful like you, have a sweet night rest darling.

30. Your presence in my life is God’s greatest gift to me. What would I do without you? Good night my dear.

31. You make living beautiful, you make living worth it. You make me a happy woman. Good night my darling.

32. Good night dearest. Sleep without a care as your wonder woman has got you covered.

33. I am always filled with a deep and satisfying joy when I am with you. You are a good man and I appreciate you a lot. Good night my dear.

34. You are a really awesome individual and I love you for being you. Good night my man like no other.

35. I pray for you every time because I love you every single moment of the day either you are far or near. Good night baby.

36. You have a very good heart and the world needs it. You are one of a kind and I love that you are unique. Good night dear.

37. May your sleep be calm and relaxing. Sleep like a baby my darling. Good night.

38. Your love is enough for me, it is better than any treasure and much more desirable than Jewels. Good night my love.

39. I will give you all the care you deserve and will always pamper you as much as I can. Good night my darling.

40. I admire, esteem and care about you a lot. I also love you as well. Good night my special one.

41. I love sleeping next to you, it feels me with so much peace and joy. I wish I am there with you tonight. Good night dear.

42. Your chest is the most comfortable cushion ever and your arms, the warmest blanket. Good night my darling, sleep well.

43. I am filled with so much peace when you hold me and when we kiss, my world turns around. Good night darling.

44. I love the “we” word more than any other. We are doing amazing things together and making each other happy. We are also going to stay together forever. Good night baby.

45. You are an important part of my life, you are as important as the food I eat. Good night heartbeat.

46. Days in, days out, sunrise, sunset, winter and summer. All through the change in times and season, I will always be here for you. Good night my dear.

47. Not once have you shunned me, you have always listened when I needed to be heard. That is a quality I love so much about you. Good night darling.

48. Though you are not here physically, you are sitting right in the centre of my heart. Good night darling, don’t miss me too much.

49. I wish I can fly, I would have loved to fly over to your place tonight. It is such a perfect night to be with you. Good night baby.

50. Well done, you have succeeded in building a castle in my heart. I keep thinking about you every time. Good night my king.

Good Night My Darling Girlfriend

Good Night My Darling Girlfriend Quotes, Wishes and Messages.

51. You are so hot you intimate me sometimes. But truth be told, I am glad to have such an attractive girlfriend. Good night babe.

52. Smiling seems to have become a habit for me since I met you. You make me really happy. Have a very good night my darling.

53. Whenever my day is going bad, all I have to do is think about you and everything falls into place. Goodnight, my angel.

54. You are always in my dreams, your beautiful face pops up every time I close my eyes. I basically don’t know what a nightmare is.

55. I miss you so much, I wish I can fondle you tonight. I miss your craziness in bed, you know you are very naughty. Good night baby, come home soon.

56. I don’t really care about what stress I encounter during the day because I know you will be there for me at the end of that day. Thanks for having my back dear.

57. You ignite me and give me the confidence I need to live through every day. You are an exceptional lady and I love you. Good night darling.

58. I am your biggest fan, I will always cheer for my baby and that is because I am really proud of you. Good night my love.

59. Your hands are magical, what you do with them is incredible. From my body to your work, you do amazing things with those fingers of yours.

60. Have a fabulous night beautiful, don’t forget to use the pillows. I know it doesn’t equate to me but you have got to manage it tonight.

61. I must be something really special for an angel like you to choose a mortal like me. But, I am happy you did and I will treat you like the heavenly being you are forever. Good night angel.

62. I admire your body a lot, you are beautiful and well-formed. I want to hold you forever. Good night darling.

63. When you smile, you sparkle like a million stars, in the blink of your eyelids, all my worries fade like smoke. You are all I want and more. Good night my love.

64. Your voice, your laughter, the way you shove me playfully and wink at me. The way you look at me, the way you hold me and the things you say to me. Everything you do and all about you excites me. Good night love.

65. When you dance, the whole world seems to dissolve at your movements. Your steps throw me into a wave of pure excitement. I am smitten by your love, sleep well tonight.

66. You do well in almost everything you set out to do. You are good in almost everything and that is really astonishing. Good night my dear.

67. Yeah, it is night time. We get to rest and refresh for tomorrow. Have a very good night rest my love.

68. I had a really long day but there is no way I would go to bed without sending you this good night text. I love you, baby.

69. I want to be with you every night, put my head on your bosom and hold you tight till daybreak. Good night my dear, have a splendid night rest.

70. You are the most beautiful girl in the universe, the most beautiful and wonderful. I hope my words warm you up tonight. Good night darling.

71. Whenever I think about you, I think of the next thing to do to please you. I always want to make you happy my darling. Sleep tight, my dear.

72. It is ok If your day today didn’t turn out as expected. Don’t worry love, tomorrow will be way better. Sleep like a baby tonight.

73. Every second I spend with you is heavenly. I wish I can wrap you up and take you everywhere I go. Good night my love.

74. Finally, we get to relax in each other’s arms. Night time is my favourite part of the day. We are going to sleep like a drunk couple tonight.

75. You are so important to me, I never thought I would ever need someone as much as I need you. Good night my treasure.

76. The moon has taken its place in the sky and the stars are out in all their majesty. I think this means it is time for your beauty sleep. Sleep tight my darling.

77. I am stuck on you, you can’t get rid of me baby cos my bee is sticking to your flower forever. Good night my love.

78. You are so romantic and lovable. You make my life interesting and exciting. Good night baby.

79. The streets are really quiet and the breeze perfect. I wish you were here with me so we would enjoy the calm together. Good night dear.

80. I love cuddling you and taking an adventure into dreamland with you wrapped in my arms. Good night my love.

80. Every day I spend with you is wonderful. Thank God you came into my life because I would be so lost without you. Good night my love.

81. Everything about you fascinates me, your words warm me up whenever you are physically not available. You know what to say to lighten up my mood. Good night soulmate.

82. You treat me like a treasure, you make me feel really good about myself. I am twice the person I was before you showed up. Thanks for being such a darling.

83. I have been through so much and I feel God is trying to console me and make it up to me by bringing you into my life. Sleep well, my dear.

84. Finally! It is time to go to bed and take that much-needed sleep. Good night darling.

85. Laying beside you makes sleeping more attractive and relaxing. Can’t wait to hold you in my arms again. Good night love.

86. Most times, I wish dawn will never break because I want to remain asleep in your arms. I wish I can hold you now. Good night my darling.

87. The weather is so perfect for cuddling. I would give my right arm to place my head on your bosom right now. Good night my love.

88. I wish I had superpowers, I would fly over to your place and give you the warmest kiss ever. I miss you so much, darling.

89. Seeing you happy makes me happy, seeing you sad makes me sad. I wouldn’t dare hurt you, my dear. How are you tonight, sleep well.

90. You are beautiful and elegant. Your laughter is captivating and your eyes mesmerizing. You leave me spellbound every single time. Good night to the most lovely girlfriend in the world.

91. Right beside you is my favourite spot, I would not give up that space for anything. Good night darling.

92. The way you love me is incredible, I see it all you do for me. Thanks for cherishing me, dear, and I promise never to take our love for granted.

93. Don’t worry my love, I will be in your dreams tonight and keep out the nightmares. Your knight is watching over you tonight.

94. I love being close to you, I want to stay near you for as long as life permits. You make my life meaningful. Good night my baby.

95. During the day, you are in my mind and when I go to bed, you show up in my dreams. I can’t help it, you are my world. Good night darling.

96. If everyone on Earth is like you, the world would be a fairytale. You are so good you brighten up your environment. Good night darling.

97. They say women look their worst in the mornings but you look sexier than ever when you wake up. Ain’t I so lucky? Good night darling.

98. Just to tell you I MISS You cos I can’t show you how much. Sleep in God’s blanket. Sweet dreams Beautiful.

99. You get prettier by the day and I love it. It means I am doing a really good job. Stick with me baby and I will keep taking care of you. Good night.

100. Have a beautiful night rest tonight and always remember that you are stronger than any challenge that might come your way. Good night baby.

Good Night My Darling Husband

Good Night My Darling Husband Quotes, Wishes and Messages.

101. You can hold the pillow tonight but know very well I will be in your arms tomorrow. I miss you so much honey, good night.

102. I am the luckiest woman in the world to be married to such a wonderful man like you. Good night hubby, your wife loves you.

103. Thanks for giving me peace my love, you have made our home a place where I never want to leave. I love you so much. Good night.

104. I wonder how you will sleep tonight without me. I am sorry I couldn’t make it back tonight but I promise to be there soon. Try to sleep, darling.

105. You have always given me the support I need; emotional, physical, moral and financial support. Thanks for always being there darling. Good night.

106. I am proud to be your wife, you are so perfect for me. Good night my love.

107. I love the feel of your arms around me, I love getting lost in your embrace. I wish you would hold me tonight. Good night my love.

108. You know I love being with you, I love being your wife. I can’t imagine a life without you. Good night handsome.

109. You are the only man for me, I don’t think anyone can ever please me as much as you do. No man on Earth can take your place. Good night dear.

110. If every woman had a man like you, there would be fewer incidences of divorce and more happy wives. Thanks for being a wonderful husband. Have a lovely night rest.

111. One of the best feelings I have with you is security. You make me feel so secure, I know I can always trust you. Good night darling.

112. Your kiss dispells all my worries and your touch propels me to the sky. You are something exceptional you know. Good night love.

113. Our intimate moments are extraordinary, I always can’t wait to come home to you. Good night handsome.

114. You are a good looking and really sexy man. You only have to glance my way and I blush like a kid. Despite all the years we have been together, I still can’t get enough of you. Good night darling.

115. Since I am not around tonight, you should finally be able to sleep throughout the night without any interruption. So, get all the sleep you can. Good night, hubby.

116. Gosh! It is so hard being away from you. Baby, you have stolen the whole of my heart, I am hopelessly in love with you. Good night, boo.

117. I wish I was a poet, I would have composed the best poem in the world for you dear but I am not. So, I am going to make this short. I love you. Good night dear.

118. I miss snuggling up with you tonight and whispering under the covers, I can’t wait to run my hands over your hair and kiss your tiny nose. Good night darling.

119. I know you think you are not doing enough but I want to assure you that you are doing exactly what you should be doing. Good night boo.

120. You are my hulk and my superman all at once. I feel safe with you around. Good night darling.

121. You complete me, love, ever since we tied the knot, my life has been full. Good night sugar.

122. I am happy we are building a home together, I believe together, we can have a beautiful marriage. Good night hubby.

123. I know I have flaws, I am not perfect. But thanks for accepting me just the way I am. Thanks for being a patient and sweet husband. Good night dear.

124. I am finally about to sleep, dear. My day was really stressful. I wish you were here to give me a much-needed massage. Good night love.

125. I know we are currently separated by a million stars and it appears like I am far away but I need you to know that you are always in my heart. Good night my love.

126. I meet a lot of people on daily basis but not once have I met a man as kind and intelligent as you are. You are irreplaceable. Good night my dear.

127. I am glad you are mine, I am so lucky you are my man. I wouldn’t wish for a better husband. Good night darling.

128. You are going to see me in your dreams tonight. Don’t be alarmed, I just want my goodnight kiss. Good night darling.

128. It is time to sleep handsome, I am waiting for you. Your babe needs her blanket.

129. One thing about night time is you get to go over all you did during the day and see what you could have done better. Make use of this night well my love. Good night.

130. If you stare at the stars tonight, you will see the shape of my heart drawn out by its light. That shows even the constellations are aware of my love for you. Good night darling.

131. Let go of all your struggles and troubles and rest tonight my dear. Let go of every stress and have a deep and fulfilling sleep tonight.

132. Go wild with your imaginations tonight and may they transpose into realities. Good night my love.

133. You can be whoever and whatever you choose to be. That is because you have great potentials and you are quite amazing too. Good night pumpkin.

134. Loneliness has been completely forgotten since I met you. You are my husband and soulmate all at once. Good night dear, I love you so much.

135. My love for you is so strong the atomic bomb would bounce off it. It is a love made to last forever. Good night dear.

136. I wouldn’t mind having kids if they would be just like you. It would make our lives more fun. Good night boo.

137. I hope the weather is good enough for you. If it isn’t, let me know and I will say a prayer to God to have it fixed. For your comfort, I will do anything. Good night darling.

138. I am beginning to smell exactly like you. Your perfume is really strong you know but, I love it. Good night sugar.

139. You definitely are sent from above, you are too incredible to be human. To imagine I married a supernatural being. Isn’t that awesome? Good night love.

140. Your mum is really an extraordinary woman to raise a wonderful man like you. She deserves an award. Time to sleep sugar.

141. The day you proposed to me was the second best day of my life and the day we got married, the best day ever. You have made me the happiest wife in the world.

142. I love the fact that you love me and you show it every time. Good night husband.

143. You are bathed in radiance, your words are salty and calming. Men like you are rare, I am glad you are my husband. Good night, hubby.

144. Thanks for always being there love. It is good to know there is someone you can trust always especially when that person is your husband. Good night dear.

145. Not once have I regretted marrying you, yes, we have our down moments but we pulled through together and that is what really matters. Good night darling.

146. In the day, you are my sunshine and at night, you are my moonlight. But one thing is sure, irrespective of what time it is, you will always be my husband. Good night dear.

147. I am going to be your devoted wife for as long as I live. When I made that oath at the altar, I meant it. Good night darling.

148. I know I don’t say it enough but I appreciate you a lot. You are doing a lot for this family and I am grateful. Good night pumpkin.

149. I want you to know I am thinking about you right now. It is a habit I do not plan to drop. Good night darling.

150. It is going to be hard to sleep without you tonight as this is the first time since we tied the knot it is happening. Come home soon love.

Good Night My Darling Wife

Good Night My Darling Wife Quotes, Wishes and Messages.

151. You have made me the strong man that I am today, I wouldn’t be half the man I am if I was not married to you. Good night my love.

152. I admire everything about you, I love watching you sleep. It feels good to feel your breath on my chest. Good night baby.

153. Don’t worry, whenever I am not there physically with you, the wings of my love would always wrap itself around you and comfort you. Good night darling.

154. You must have a really strong scent because it’s almost like you are here with me despite the fact that you are miles away. Good night darling, I can’t wait to be home.

155. I really love listening to your voice, it is soothing, soft and beautiful. I should have your voice recorded and play it wherever I go. Good night my love.

156. You should have taken sleeping beauty’s role in the movie cos you are so beautiful when you sleep. Have a beautiful night rest my love.

157. Together, we can make this marriage work, together, we can be a strong couple and form an unbreakable bond. Good night beautiful.

158. Our home is like a garden and you are the spring that waters it and keeps it fresh. Without you, there will be nothing but dryness. Good night sugar.

159. You make the word wife a beautiful one. If ever there was another world, I would choose you all over again. I can’t imagine loving any other. Good night baby.

160. Hi, cherry pie, hope you are ready to hit the bed. Sleep like a baby tonight wifey.

161. Your presence sparks up wherever you go, it brightens up our home and fills it with joy. I am glad you are my wife.

162. I am happy you are wearing my ring, lucky you picked me out of all the men in the world. Good night wifey.

163. You make me a contented and fulfilled man. Getting married to you was a decision I would take all over again if I have to. Sleep well beautiful.

164. I never thought I would ever get married before you came into my life. Getting married to you was the best decision ever. Good night love.

165. You are a special woman, the only woman for me. I don’t think any other would tolerate me as much as you do. Good night lovely

166. Even when you go to bed now, you will still remain active in my heart. That is because I think of you always. Good night darling.

167. Yes, we argue sometimes but those disagreements will only make our marriage stronger and better. Trust me, baby, we are never going to be apart. Good night sugar.

168. Hi romantic, you know you have changed my orientation about life.

169. I am blessed I get to spend every day with you, irrespective of the type of day, either good or bad, it’s refreshing to know you will always be there. Good night.

170. You are my favourite woman and my favourite book. I can stare at you forever and not get bored. Good night love.

171. You are brilliant, beautiful, sexy and kind. You are a reflection of peace and serenity. I am lucky you are my wife. Good night.

172. We have a bright future, a very bright and clear future. I believe together, there is nothing we can not achieve. Good night darling.

173. When I made the vow to love you, I meant it. I am commited to every word I said on that day, my dear. Sleep well.

174. Having you helps me to face the world daily, your presence in my life is an energy booster. Thanks for making me the happiest man in the world.

175. You are beautiful when you wake up, exquisite when you go about your daily activities and gorgeous when you curl up with me at night. You are always breathtaking my dear. Good night baby.

176. You are the only star in my night sky and the only sunshine in my dawn. Good night baby.

177. Good night to my dearest wife. I need you to know I will always support your career and dreams. Keep being amazing my dear. Good night.

178. The most wonderful thing about every day is coming home to you. There is no other person I would rather be with. Good night lovely.

179. No other person on Earth fascinates me as much as you do, no other person interest me as much as you do. You are something special. Good night darling.

180. I know God gave me another opportunity to start afresh when he gave you to me. You have given me a reason to live again. Good night darling.

181. You are like the sun, you fill my life with your beautiful rays and cast out all my darkness and shadows. You keep illuminating our home every day and I love it. Good night Mrs.

182. We live in a world where nothing is permanent. Life itself isn’t. The only permanent thing is my love for you. I am loving you in this world and the next. Good night dear.

183. Every day has become special for me because you are a major part of it. I should have married you on the very first day we met. Good night Mrs.

184. Gosh! You are so beautiful. I want to hold you tight and kiss you every second of the day. I love you, baby, good night.

185. I feel like I can do anything with you beside me. I can swim through a tsunami and fly through a tornado. Good night my strength.

186. You are my mother, my sister and my wife all at once. Thanks for completing me in every way. Good night my love.

187. You can make me really mad and in the next minute make me insanely happy. You are a naughty woman and I love it that way. Good night dear.

188. For you, I will learn Kung Fu, karate and Tai Chi. You are my wife and I will do anything to protect you. Good night honey.

189. Even when we can’t sleep in each other’s arms due to one reason or the other, we still manage to connect in our dreams. Our hearts are definitely bounded. Good night darling.

190. If I have an angel and you have one too, I will still send mine to watch over you. That is because I care so much about you. Good night darling.

191. Sometimes, life can be really frustrating and stressful but I am grateful you are in my life. You remind me of the good and fun part of life. Good night my love.

192. One day with you is worth the years I lived without you. Thank God you are finally part of my life. Good night sugar.

193. I am terribly attracted to you, I don’t know if it healthy to want someone as much as I want you. I can’t seem to get enough of you. Good night my dear.

194. We are strong as a couple, we need no third party. I know marriages are crashing all around us but I know ours will be an exception. Good night darling.

195. Sleep in the warmth of the moon and wake to the gracing of the sun. Sweet dreams love

196. May the moon enhance your beauty all night, and the sun illuminates it by day. God’s grace shall guide you through the night. Happy night rest Honey.

197. May the night tide gently lift you into God’s blanket and the dawn guide you into the Golden morning sun. Nighty night Beautiful.

198. There are certain harmony and synchronization between us that is unique. You are no doubt my soulmate. Good night my love.

199. If ever there was a pill that guarantees living forever, you deserve to have it because the world needs someone like you around forever.

200. I may not be able to boast of a lot of things presently but one thing I can always boast of is having a woman like you in my life. Good night dear.

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