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2023 Happy Birthday to My Husband Facebook Status

Amidst all days, there is always a day that seems so special to you, not because the day carries a tag but because the day makes you remember a special person in your life.

Sometimes, the day even seems more special than your own birthday, it’s no other day than your husband’s birthday. The person with whom you have been spending your adult life with and it looks like you have known him all your life, you know what that means right?

That’s love.

Now you want to express that love and show him how much of it you’ve got for him by announcing his sweetness on social media and making his head swirl in amazement. You want to spark his day with some wonderful messages you could send to him as a Facebook status or as a text message, look no more, cos you’re in the right place.

Sweet Birthday to My Husband Facebook Status

Below are Happy Birthday to My Husband Facebook Status that will blow his mind.

1. Today is another perfect occasion I will never forget. It’s time to celebrate and jubilate as you become a year older. Happy birthday, my beloved husband.

2. You have always believed in me and caused me to laugh, for this, I am so grateful for who you are and who you are becoming and today, I wish you a sweet and wonderful birthday.

3. The light you found in me started shining brightly the moment you came into my life. It’s your birthday and I wish you the brightness of God all over you, dear hubby.

4. This is the day that the Lord has made and I can’t but look back to see how far He has helped us in this journey. I’m looking forward to all the years we will still get to spend together. Happy birthday, my beau of life.

5. Hubby of life, thank you for always supporting me and pushing me to get better, that’s why I love you so much and I wish you a very happy birthday.

6. If I was asked yesterday, today or tomorrow if I would marry you again in another lifetime, my answer would still be. Yes, Yes and Yes because you are my heartbeat. Happy birthday, dear.

7. Since you came into my life, you have made it so memorable and extraordinary, looking forward to more blissful years with you. Happy birthday, dear.

8. You are such an exceptional lover dear and I want to wish you so much happiness on your special day. Happy birthday, my love.

9. As you become a year older today, may God bless you with everything you deserve on your birthday and beyond.

10. To my epic husband, I have always loved you and I always will. Wishing you the best birthday ever.

What Can I Write on My Husband’S Birthday on Facebook?

So you ask, what can you can write on your husband’s birthday on Facebook? How can I wish happy birthday to my husband on Facebook? Something romantic, thoughtful and inspiring are awesomely written for you on this page. Make your Facebook timeline a spy spot for friends and family with these lovely text messages for your husband’s birthday.

You can start from number 1.

11. It’s your day darling, let’s rejoice and have lots of dance and shouts like we had on our wedding day. Happy birthday to the best husband in the world.

12. To my extra caring husband, I wish you long life, peace, joy, sound mind, health, sweetness, greatness and lots of love. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

13. To my inspirer, encourager, supporter, partner, motivator, companion and biggest fan, I wish you a sweet and wonderful birthday as you become a year older today.

14. My dear, I want to use this medium to thank you for always desiring to see me happy and making my smile your priority. Happy birthday my darling husband.

15. Today, I hope your birthday will be as awesome and sweet as you are, cos your sweetness has made some indelible marks in my life. Happy birthday to my sweet husband.

16. It’s a bright new day for us to celebrate you, my dear, I have been so lucky to have known you all this while and you have surpassed my imaginations. Happy birthday, dear.

17. Cute hubby, it’s your day and an important one at that. May you be blessed beyond measures and imaginations, many more celebrations ahead dear. Happy birthday, my king.

18. The only king in my entire kingdom, I wish you great grace and immeasurable favour round about you, now and always. Happy birthday, my sunshine.

19. Spending time with you has been a source of joy to me, spending your special days with you is one of the memorable days I have and always will. Happy birthday to my rainbow.

20. I feel so good today because it is a special day for us, you have been an amazing husband and I wish you a fabulous birthday.

21. The moment we became one as husband and wife, you became the most important person in my life, so let’s make this day super special because it’s all yours. Happy birthday, my special husband.

22. Your past birthdays have been monumental, I wish this year’s birthday becomes the best of your monumental birthdays, happy birthday sweetheart.

23. You are the only one that knows my soft spot that makes me smile and laugh without limits. Thanks for bringing nothing me but happiness, I wish you a super great birthday today. Love you.

24. Today, I am specifically going to make you feel different and special cos that’s what you’ve been doing to me since we met. Wishing you a splendid celebration. Happy birthday, love.

25. My love, I cannot count the number of times you have had to cheer me up on a bad day and I will never forget these moments in a hurry. Wishing you a happy birthday.

26. You are the most hardworking man I have ever known and I will always cherish that now and always. I wish you greater exploits in all your endeavours as you become a year older today. Happy birthday, beau.

27. My love, I have been waiting for this day for the past 365 days, now that it’s here let’s celebrate with lots of fun and kisses. Happy birthday, my ever-loving husband.

28. When I looked into your eyes a few years ago, I somehow knew I had found the other part of me that would be by my side forever. Happy birthday to my all-time partner.

29. It’s your birthday today, I pray the connection we always feel will get deeper and wider as time progresses, Happy birthday my king.

30. Happy birthday to my exceptional man, the one who has always been there for me in good and bad times. I wish you long life, dear.

31. Your love for me coupled with your kindness, support, vivacity and care makes me want to spend every second and minute of the day with you. Happy birthday to an amazing husband.

32. Happy birthday to an outstanding king in our love kingdom, I wish you so much joy, happiness, love and peace roundabout.

33. Your personality always sweeps me off my feet and your words are like oil from paradise, soothing my mind, soul and body. As you celebrate today, may God bless you to touch many more lives in this generation.

34. Today, I want to announce you to the world to let them know you are one-of-a-kind, the best husband in the world yet. Happy birthday to the best husband.

35. I am so grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to spend the rest of my life with an amazing man whose birthday is today. My love, I wish you so many celebrations now and always.

36. Men like you are scarcely found in this age and time and that’s why I choose to celebrate you every now and then, and since today is a special day, I’ll celebrate you in grand style. Happy birthday, dear.

37. This year has been great so far, as you start the beginning of another year, I pray the journey shall be smooth and lead to a fruitful destination. Happy birthday, my love.

38. Yes, you deserve the biggest, most memorable, most intriguing and the most spectacular celebration on this day. Happy birthday to you dear.

39. The road has been rough but with you, it has been the smoothest and easiest ride because of your pleasantness. Wishing you the most pleasant birthday so far, darling.

40. You are a simple definition of advancement from year to year, I can only wish you greater exploits and advancement in this new year of yours. Happy birthday, hubby.

41.  We have shared many wonderful and breathtaking moments together and I wish us more memorable events of celebration starting from today. Happy birthday to you my love.

42. I hope today’s celebration will be so spectacular that it will mark a turning point for greater good in our lives and home. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

43. Happy birthday to my affectionate, thoughtful, caring, understanding, strong, compassionate, smart, hardworking, driven, and humorous hubby. Have lots of fun today.

44. Your qualities, personalities and character are enough to make my day beautiful cos you are such a sweet man and that’s why I’ll always choose to celebrate this particular day with you every year. Happy birthday, my love.

45. God bless the day you were born on planet earth because the love you show to me and every other person will surely be felt by the world. Happy birthday to my lover man.

46. The first time you said you loved me sounded like a musical tone without lyrics because it wasn’t real to me yet but having spent these years with you, your words are like really good music. Happy birthday, Hubby.

47. Yippee! It’s really another day of yours, let’s do it like we’ve always done it with lots of love and laughter. Happy birthday, dear.

48. To my prayer warrior, fighter, supporter and biggest fan, I wish you the best birthday ever.

49. The moment I said yes to you on the altar, I just knew our lives are going to be spectacular together and that’s why I am so proud to call you my husband any time any day. Happy birthday to my special husband.

50. To my magnificent personal person who has the most positive impact in my life and days, I am still in love with you as much as I was from the very first day, happy birthday dear.

51. When the ignorant says no one is perfect, I just take a second look at them and chuckle. Do you know why? They say so because they haven’t met you in person. Happy birthday, honey!

52. The reason I am madly in love with you every morning, noon and night and never get bored of it is because I am intrigued by your endearing personality. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

53. Here is me wishing the most adorable, supportive, inspiring, creative and wonderful man a really happy birthday all the way from the bottom of my heart. Winks.

54. I am always grateful for having such a unique husband in my life, your commitment to me and our children is mind-blowing and we are grateful for this, happy birthday, dear husband.

55. If you want a real definition of a strong man, you can holla at my husband and take a good look at him. He is strong inside out and today is his birthday, wishing you a great celebration, love.

56. You mean so much to me my darling husband, you are so special and you are my everything. On this day of yours, I wish you the very best. Happy Birthday.

57. Happy birthday to the only father of my children, the angel of my life, the soldier of our barracks and the king of our kingdom.

58. Your love to me is like a powerful potent that I end up drinking every morning which keeps my thoughts centred around you. It’s what keeps me falling in love with you over and over again. Happy birthday to my darling husband.

59. Today makes it another great landmark in your life and as you become a year older, may God bless you with so much joy and happiness that you cannot even imagine.

60. My love, you are the personification of sweetness and a role model to our children. I cannot imagine a world without you by my side in the midst of this crazy world. I wish you a fabulous birthday.

61. Sweetheart, as today marks an important day in your life, may you enjoy grace in abundance, plenteous mercy and love in all richness. Happy birthday!

62. Hurray, the love of my life is a year older, join me as I celebrate his special love for me and the entire family. Love you to the moon and back, celebrant!

63. I pray the special day of yours will cause the moon, sun and stars to smile on you and God face to enlighten your path now and always, happy birthday dear.

64. May today’s celebration be full of fun, happiness, joy, laughter and every other thing you have always desired deep down in your heart. Happy birthday, love.

65. May your every dream come to pass today, may every of your fear be overcome today and may your goals be achieved in an amazing way today. Happy birthday, beau.

66. To a goal getter, impact maker, influence producer and love maker, I wish you a fabulous birthday today. Have the best birthday in town. Kisses.

67. On this special day, I wish to let you know you are the best man anyone could ask for, you have every quality any woman could desire and for this, I am so engulfed in your love. Happy birthday to my man.

68. Your overwhelming love has made me so immersed in you that I cannot let a day go without thinking about you. As you celebrate today, may you have lots of fun and joy. Happy birthday.

69. May your day be exciting and thrilling to us and everyone that comes to celebrate you today, let’s jubilate and celebrate many years to come. Happy birthday, my husband.

70.  It’s a beautiful day and we are gonna hold today and tell tomorrow to wait until we are done celebrating my joy, the one that keeps me bright and sweet. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

71. If loving you and celebrating you would cause a drop of rain to fall, I’ll always have an ocean because, though today is a special day, I choose to celebrate and love you always. Happy birthday, dear.

72. In you I found, love, understanding, support, communion, company and kindness, happy birthday, my crown.

73. To my crown, the one that completes me, it’s another special day after 365 days to celebrate your existence. I wish you many more years in greatness and health. Happy Birthday my love.

74. For the freedom you gave me when I had none, for the wings you gave me when I needed to fly and for those powerful words that made me who I am today, I owe it to you. Happy birthday to my biggest fan.

75. I have developed courage because you have taught me how to survive difficult times and adapt to necessary changes, I am grateful for this and I wish blessings beyond your comprehension. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

76. The way you hold me, the way you care, the way you assure me and the way you smile has helped me thus far and I want to wish you a peculiar birthday with lots of happiness.

77. Yes, it’s that special day we have been waiting for. I am so glad you have witnessed this day in health and sound mind, I wish you many more celebrations. Happy birthday, love.

78. AS long as you are here, my bad days become good days and my awkward moments become exciting moments. Happy birthday to the one that transforms me. Winks.

79. It’s your time to celebrate, so dance the night way, let’s burn the candles and share today together. Wishing you a spectacular birthday, love.

80. To the most kind-hearted, special and supportive husband, I wish you a splendid and extraordinary birthday celebration today. Love you.

81. To the king of my heart and our love kingdom, I pray all your dreams come to pass in the next 365 days you are about to venture into. Happy birthday, dear.

82. Sometimes, I am lost for words to describe you because you have done amazing things beyond my comprehension, and as you become a year older today, I wish you God’s very best.

83. You are the love of my life and the one that causes butterflies to jump in my stomach. Lol. I love you now and always. Happy birthday, Honey.

84. From me and our lovely children, we wish you the most genuine wishes of luck and favour from above. You mean so much to us. Happy birthday, dear.

85. I could go on and on to describe your beautiful personality, but words are not enough to express it and today is not enough to celebrate you, happy birthday, my love.

86. My love for you will never die, it will keep growing and flourishing, I wish you all the great things you have ever wished yourself. Happy Birthday, dear.

87. You have given me courage and strength when I needed it the most, you are my timely angel, I wish you lots of love and goodness on your birthday, have fun, my love.

88. I can’t compare you with other men, cos your price is more valuable than gold, sparkling all over anywhere you step your feet into and starting from my heart. Happy birthday, my crown.

89. If I was asked to weigh our love for each other on a scale, I am sure the strings of the scale to break from the weight of our love. Happy birthday to the source of my happiness.

90. To the special man that makes my joy his priority, I wish you so much greatness and fulfilment in life, Happy birthday, beau.

91. Today, I pray the heavens reward you in multiple folds and while we live on earth, may we always find bliss and immeasurable joy. Happy Birthday, my cute husband.

92. Being in love gives you hope but being deeply in love with you gives me courage and tenacity, that’s why I will choose to celebrate you today over and over again.

93. My darling husband, I love you to the depth and breadth and height, love to the moon and back, and love you every step of the way. Happy birthday to my world.

94. I just wish that when time has passed and our hair turns grey, we can always hold onto the birthday celebrations we have had every passing year. Happy birthday, love.

95. I invite every creation of God that is sweet and sparkling to rejoice with you today so that your day can be so memorable and magnificent. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

96. I love you with a passion I cannot imagine or define, with this passion, I celebrate your day with every member of our entire kingdom. Happy birthday, my king.

97. No matter how spaced apart each birthday of yours is, I want to assure you and let you know that each year’s celebration will always be better than the previous. Happy birthday my husband.

98. I chose to send you all my love and kisses today from the breaking of the day to the setting of the same because it’s your special day. Happy birthday, dearest.

99. Even if I send you a leather wallet, sunglasses, nice shirt, coffee cup, cute ties, shiny shoes and your favourite wristwatch, they are still not enough to quantify the happiness I wish you today. Happy birthday, dear.

100. Just like yesterday, it’s another day to celebrate you, my love. I wish you lots of joy, happiness and a sound mind. Greater things await you, dear. Happy birthday, my super husband.

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