Good Night Honey I Love You

2023 Good Night Honey I Love You Messages & Quotes

It’s night time and you shouldn’t let your lover go to bed without you telling them how much they mean to you.

Before your lover closes his eyes to sleep or before she goes to bed, send a message from your heart that says “good night” and expresses your love for them at the same time. It would really make their nights!

Feel free to flow with the following messages and quotes and send to your lover. Share with your friends and family too so everyone can spread the love.

This is definitely going to work! You can thank me later.

Good Night and Sweet Dreams to You, My Honey

Most Touching Good Night Honey I Love You Messages you can send to your lover.

1. Mine just wanted to wish you a lovely night rest. And always remember that I love you, honey.

2. It’s time to retire from the day’s work and stress. Please do enjoy your night deary. Love you loads.

3. Handsome! Have a great night sleep, my honey. I love you.

4. One thing you should never ever forget is that I love you. And I always will. Goodnight my angel.

5. You’re right by my side and still, I’ll love to send you a good night message. I love you always.

6. Honey, I want to let you know I love and appreciate your presence in my life. Have a great night dear.

7. You’re more special to me than you can imagine. You’re my best. Have an awesome night!

8. I love you tonight and every other night. Thanks for always making me smile. Goodnight, babe.

9. My love, trust you had a great day today. Want to wish you a beautiful night rest. Love you, sweetie.

10. Sweetheart, make sure you sleep like a baby tonight. No worries, stress or struggles. Only remember I love you.

Good Night Honey I Love You Quotes

Sweet Good Night Honey I Love You Quotes for that Special person.

11. I want to be there for you always just like you never leave me. Thanks for all you do. Good night honey, I love you..

12. My Best, I’m checking on you and wishing you a beautiful night. Love you big.

13. You’re always beautiful my Queen. And that’s why I will always love you. Good night Sleeping Beauty.

14. You’re sweeter than honey my honey bunny. I love you really big. Have a lovely night.

15. My Prince Charming, I love you too much for words to express. Have a great night and of course, dream of me.

16. I love you more than you know. Maybe more than you will ever know. Have an awesome sleep tonight.

17. You have stuck closer to my heart than anyone else, and I love you for that. Good night beautiful!

18. Good night my love. Have a splendid night rest. Good night honey, I love you.

19. Honey, what can I do without you? You’re just my perfect fit. And I will always love you. Sleep, tight baby.

20. Just want to wish you a happy night rest my love. You are the best and you deserve only the best.

21. I’ve not been able to fall asleep and now I know why. It’s because I’ve not told you how much I love you. Have a great night my love!

22. You are the fibre that fills the whole of my heart. You occupy all the space there. Good night sweet.

23. I love you more every day that I did the day before. You always give me more reasons to love you more. Thanks to my dearest. Good night.

24. I took my time to think about how my life would turn without you in it. I just can’t imagine cos it won’t be as beautiful as it is right now. Dream of me baby. Bye.

25. Tonight and every night. I am going to dream of you only. Love you, deep baby.

26. I’m falling asleep already. I must be typing this in my sleep. Love you loads. See you tomorrow!

27. I need your warmth around me, baby. Can you just come over? It’s past midnight though, I hope it’s not too late.

28. I had a very hectic day today and I didn’t see you all through. I dedicate my whole night to you. I’ll see you in my dreams. Love you more.

29. Man of my dreams has a lovely night rest. And I’ll be in your dreams tonight and always. I miss your warmth around me.

30. Make sure you think about me and us before you sleep tonight. I do that all the time! Good night honey, I love you..

31. I wish you could be right by my side every morning and night. I miss you. Good night honey, I love you..

32. It’s really cold here and the weather is for two. Will you come around? I miss you, Sweetheart.

33. I‘m holding my pillow so tightly right now and I really do wish it was you. Goodnight my only. Miss your handsome face.

34. Sweetheart, I miss you so much that I can’t explain how much. The night should pass quickly so I would see your beautiful face tomorrow!

35. I’m alone here tonight but the thoughts of you make it feel you’re right here beside you. I feel you around me. GN my love.

36. I’m sending you this good night text today that I love you. Kisses!

37. If I don’t send a “good night” message to you, I probably would have bad dreams. Smiles. You are my only dream baby.

38. No matter how rough your day was, I hope my “good night” message makes you feel better and lighter. Tomorrow will be better sweetheart. Enjoy your night.

39. It’s time to retire from the day’s work. Please do rest well. Tomorrow would sure be better. Love you loads.

40. Hey sweetheart. Have a beautiful night rest. Love you!

41. Hi love. I’m thinking of you. I always do. Have an amazing night rest.

42. Evening Sweet. Just wanted to say “hi”. How did your day go? Enjoy your night baby.

43. My day isn’t complete until I say “goodnight” to my one and only. Have a great night deary.

44. I can’t reach you right now but my heart says words of prayers for you. God bless and keep you, baby. Good night honey, I love you..

45. My dear, please do have a restful night. The morrow will sure bring you hope.

46. Don’t be bothered or weighed down by the problems of the day, sleep away your worries and wake up to joy and peace. Good night love.

47. When you are with me, I love you and even when you are away, I only love and miss you more. Sleep tight dear lover.

48. Your love for me is more than I can say. You are my every loving and charming Prince. Sleep sound, Love.

49. With this message comes my love and warm embrace to you. Enjoy your night my baby girl.

50. You deserve a restful sleep just like a baby. And of course, you are my baby. Smiles. Have a splendid night Handsome!

51. Sweetheart, I am right there with you. In your heart and soul. I’m your soulmate. Sleep tight and keep me in your thoughts.

52. This message brings with it all of my heart and love. I pour it all on you. They are more than enough for you to enjoy your night baby. Sleep sound.

53. I can say it more than a thousand times but it just can’t be enough. Still, I’ll say it once again before you sleep. “I love you always”. Goodnight Mine.

54. It’s time to sleep. Since we can’t see each other right now, let us meet in our dreams. I’ll dream of you and you dream of me. See you soon baby!

55. Good night my dear. I want you to know that my love for you will only grow bigger. I won’t stop loving you.

56. When you came into my life, you brought in love, peace and beauty. Thanks for coming to stay. I love you really big. Goodnight baby.

57. My honey, have a restful night and one filled with revelations! Good night honey, I love you..

58. My queen, I adore you. And I’m sending you this to say goodnight and sleep tight.

59. This message intends to make you feel cool at peace to enjoy your night. I hope you do baby. Good night honey, I love you..

60. Here’s an expression of my love for you. Have a lovely night rest my man.

61. You’re an amazing boyfriend and lover. I appreciate everything you do for me. Goodnight baby.

62. I love you, baby. And I love to love you more. Have a really splendid sleep.

63. It’s time to retire and rest from the day’s work. Take a cold shower, eat, and enjoy your sleep like a baby.

64. Come over here or should I come to you? Let’s do this but I don’t know how. Do you? Night Lovie.

65. What can I do without you baby? Nothing apparently. You’re my all. Goodnight love.

66. With you, I feel like on top of the world. Your love for me is so great that sometimes I feel undeserving. Thanks for loving me, baby. Goodnight.

67. What else can I say than “thank you” Those two words are not enough to appreciate you for all you do but still, I mean them and I love you. Goodnight.

68. Dude, you need to rest your head asap. It’s past bedtime okay? See you tomorrow love.

69. Guess you are asleep already. Just wishing you a great night and whenever you get to see this, remember I love you.

70. You’re beautiful and amazing. Just perfect the way you are. And I can’t love you less. Sleep tight queen of my heart.

71. Baby, my night is going to be dry and cold without you. Morning has to come quickly. Sleep tight.

72. As you journey into dreamland, remember to take my heart with you. I love you always.

73. I want you to know that I have you in my heart and mind always. An even in my sleep, you are always here. See you tomorrow love.

74. I miss talking to you baby. Hope you’re not sleeping already. If you are, I’ll show up in your dreams to tell you how much I love and miss you.

75. Even if nights set us apart, still, they bring us closer to mornings when we get to see each other again. Can’t wait for tomorrow to come. Goodnight darling.

76. Sleep tight baby, I’ll be your guardian angel and protect you from all evil. Love you really big baby.

77. Nights make us feel lonely most times but be rest assured that I’m always here for you, whether physically or not. Sleep well.

78. Goodnight my sweetheart. Wake up tomorrow morning with a beautiful and bright smile on your face enough to make your day. Bye.

79. Don’t worry about the night’s cold baby. The blanket will keep you warm and my love would do much more.

80. My Cinderella, I’m really glad you will be here with me all through the night. Thanks for your love baby.

81. I would see you in my dreams tonight but it can’t be compared to seeing you in real life. And I’ll gladly wait for that. Love you loads.

82. You make my life better and meaningful. I have someone to think of and talk about any time I want. And that is you. Love you loads.

83. Happy night rest baby. Enjoy your night.

84. It’s night and I’m looking out into the sky. All I see is you. You are my only star. I love you big.

85. I feel really lonely without you here. I wish I could fast forward time so that morning would come quickly and I would see you. Love you big.

86. You made me more confident and strong. I really do love you, my dear. Happy night rest.

87. Hey darling. How’re you tonight? Wish you a great night.

88. Baby, have a good night and sleep tight. I miss you, you know right?

89. Tonight like every night, I think about you. Happy night rest baby. Much love.

90. Hey babe. How’re you doing? I miss you so much. Wish you were here right now. Love you loads!

91. My Prince, saying “I love you” is an understatement but I’ll say it anyway cos I mean it. Good night baby.

92. I love you really big. You are a source of happiness and joy to me. And I’m grateful for you. Happy night rest dear.

93. Please do have a restful night. Do not worry about me, anyone or anything else. Just sleep tight, my love. Okay?

94. Sleep well tonight my dear. I will see you tomorrow! Loads of love.

95. Make sure you enjoy the coolness of the night. Sleep like a baby. Love you deep.

96. Every day and night, my love for you is renewed and strengthened. I love you more every new day. Happy night rest.

97. I’m thankful to God for giving me the best friend and lover ever. You are always the best. Sleep sound darling.

98. Happy night rest my dear. I wish you a beautiful sleep. Good night honey, I love you.

99. My dearest friend, how are you doing? I know you are missing me already. The feeling is a mutual baby. Miss you more. Wish you a great night.

100. Happy night rest my man. You are always the best. And I wish you a beautiful night you deserve. Catch you soon, honey!

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