Birthday Paragraphs for Best Friend

Happy Birthday Paragraphs for Best Friend Copy & Paste

Do you have a best friend whom you can’t afford to miss out on their birthday?

Do you have a close pal in whom you are well pleased?

Do you wanna make them feel special cause they are?

Do you want your words marbled in the core of their heart?

Search no more, cause we got you covered! It’s only a matter of choice.

Here are 150 spectacular happy birthday paragraphs for best friend!

You’d be glad you did!

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

A friend deserves to be celebrated on his/her special day. These Emotional birthday wishes for fbest friends and Birthday Paragraphs for Friend have been specially collected for you to freely use as you celebrate your friend on his Birthday.

1. Old is gold, no wonder as you age older you illuminate the world with your graceful presence, you eradicate coldness and loneliness with your power, your wisdom is a blessing to us that come by it, and your wealth grows every day because you chose not to fold your arms. Happy birthday, to a friend closer than a brother. I love you!

2. Every day with your voice on the other end of the calls and your friendship in my world, the universe reminds me that I must have done something good to deserve you. You are a blessing, sweet friend. That is why on this day I wish you the fulfilment of your wildest dreams. Happy birthday, to you, dearie. Rock today like a Rockefeller.

Happy Birthday Paragraph for Best Friend

3. No one deserves today more than you do because, you are kind, special, hardworking, sweet and respectful. Qualities that are hard to find these days. I, therefore, ask that the world treats you special just the way you are. Happy birthday, bestie. Age gracefully!

4. As the days pass us by, I look forward to celebrating a genuine friend. Because you remind me with your gestures and character that there is a reason to celebrate your existence. Happy birthday, sweetheart. As you age, may you accomplish your dreams. Live long, cause the world needs you!

5. Thank you for being an inspiration, thank you for being the light of my world, thank you for being you, thank you for being with me. Happy birthday, dear friend. We may not share the same blood but we do share a bond that cannot be broken. You sure mean the world to me. I love you, dearie. Enjoy your new age.

6. You give me joy, you give me peace by the mere existence of your smile. You remind me of God’s goodness and kindness for an angel lives on earth with us, humans. I love you, guardian angel. A happy birthday to you. I wish you long life, prosperity and peace.

7. Just because of you I have been able to take risky life decisions because I know I have a friend whom I can fall back on. Thank you for been the shoulder I leaned on in my darkest hours, thank you for being the peace I desperately sought to find in the midst of the storm. I love you like I love no one else. Happy birthday, one of a kind. I wish you more rubies, more love, more kindness and greater achievements.

8. I need not tell you how beautiful you are on this day because you know just as much as I do that, you are one in a million, a fine diamond and a rare jewel. More importantly, I want you to know that I pray good health, long life, happiness, kindness and immortality for you. These and many more you deserve as an angel living in our midst. I love you to the moon and back sweetheart. Happy birthday to you. Kisses!

9. I want you to know that you can always count on me no matter the situation involved. I love you, bestie, I really do. You deserve the faithfulness and joy you have extended to me all through these years. You won’t be short of my love, kindness, loyalty and support. I wish you a happy birthday, sweet friend. Enjoy your day.

10. I’m happy that you are alive to celebrate another milestone. It gives me so much joy knowing the earth has been blessed all over again like she was on the day of your birth. Happy birthday, my dear friend. You know, I wish you nothing but J.O.Y! Enjoy your day! Enjoy your new age!

Happy Birthday Notes for Best Friend

Make your bestie feel special with these happy birthday notes for Best Friend.

11. Not only are you kind to the old and young, to the rich and poor, to the privileged and unprivileged but also to the lower animals. Your love for all of God’s creations is the reason I’m convinced you are an angel in human skin. You love all and you taught me how to love too. I’m happy to be your friend. I wish you a happy birthday, more of everything good and kind.

12. There is something about you that radiates warmth and love. And that is your heart. It is a gift from above to all that come around you. It is so pure and true. Happy birthday, my friend. With you I have been unburdened, I’ve achieved my dreams and so much happy times have I shared with you. I wish you joy, health and prosperity. May your dreams come true.

13. Happy birthday, my bestie. Your presence in my life beautifies me, as a royal carpet befits a palace. I wish you the benefits of belonging to a royalty.

14. Happy birthday, sweety. I can’t help but be thrown off guard by the beauty of your character and confidence. I love to wish you many happy returns.

15. Happy birthday, sweet friend. I gotta thank you for writing me a beautiful biography with your graceful character in it. I wish you a success story at the end of yours!

16. Happy birthday, my morning star. You’ve been like a shepherd guiding me duly. I pray you never lack any good thing in life.

17. Happy birthday, bestie. I can’t keep calm cause my life finds solace in you, each time I need the strength to carry on. Thank you, my biggest inspiration. I wish you inner peace and an indescribable joy.

18. Happy birthday, my one in a million. I can’t stop loving you nor singing your eulogy. Your birthday reminds me of the birth of a great friend. That friend is you! I wish you, love, joy, health and peace.

19. Happy birthday, darling friend. I love you for the many reasons I can’t explain. I’m glad to have fallen on your list of friends much more, a close one at that. I wish you favour and grace to see life through.

20. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Making it into your world has always been my luckiest charm. I wish you, unmeasurable success. You are a friend indeed!

Strengthen your friendship as you celebrate your bestie with these sweet Happy Birthday love Paragraph for Best Friend.

21. There is nothing more beautiful, hopeful and inspiring as the love of a friend. Thank you for giving me that on a platter of gold. It’s your birthday today I wish you nothing but happiness which includes the realization of your dreams. I love you, sweetie.

22. Happy birthday to a close friend. The one who sticks in times of trouble, the one who provides cuddles in the coldness of life’s harshness, the only one who understands me to the brim, the one kind who is a fountain of inspiration. I love you, bestie. I wish you long life, riches and peace. God bless your new age.

23. You are the reason why life is so sweet, you are the reason why I wanna text, I wanna call, I wanna be online. Your voice, your smile, your presence is a gift I live to appreciate. Happy birthday to you, sweet friend. I wish that you have everything you desire.

24. When I think about you all I see is the beauty of an angel, the strength of an eagle and the courage of a lion. You taught me that kindness is a necessity and nothing is beyond our reach as humans as long as we are courageous to go for it. I love you, dear friend. So, I just wanna wish you a happy birthday filled with plenteous gratitude and love.

25. Your birthday is a blessing cause it showers peace, joy, love, beauty and kindness upon the surface of the earth. You got the heart of gold, the eyes of an eagle, the gentleness of a dove and the wisdom of a king. I wish you a happy birthday. May this day bring you into a realm of peace, wealth and joy. I love you, sweetie.

26. I’m your number one fan in the world cause the way you blow my mind still is a mystery to me. You are not just a friend but a close friend. You are not just a close friend but my teacher, my mentor, and my comforter. I love you, dearie. Happy birthday to you, I wish you all that you wish yourself.

27. Isn’t it true that there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother? That friend is you! I’ll choose you all over if at all I ever reincarnated. You are priceless, you are rare and you are precious. I’ll never let you go. I promise to be a good friend and sibling to you. I promise to be there for you. I wish you nothing but joy. Enjoy your day, jewel! Happy birthday, to you.

28. It’s not just about the day, it’s about YOU, it’s not just about keeping a date but it’s about being thankful for you are a breath of a fresh air. You remind me that kindness, love, and trust are not buried in the grave but still exist in a world where your kind is rare. You have connected with me through these qualities which I am ever grateful for. Happy birthday, my dear friend. You are the best and I wish you also, the best!

29. If you weren’t in my world, I wonder how dark it would be if you weren’t by my side, I wonder how lonely I would be if it weren’t for your smile, I wonder if I would have known the beauty of art. Happy birthday, precious one. I wish you all joy and peace cause you deserve it.

30. Don’t go thinking only mortal men celebrate you today, cause I’m sure the angels in heaven are jubilating for one of their own was let into the world today. Happy birthday, dearie. You are the best jewel I ever had. I wish you all that you wish yourself. May the stars protect you, may the moon and sun love you. May the world celebrate you. Enjoy your day!

Happy Birthday to My Best Friend Messages

Happy Birthday to My Best Friend Paragraphs you can also use.

31. Every day like this, I ponder over how blessed I am to have such a friend like you. Dear friend, you are everything a human like me needs to prosper, for you are inspiring, trustworthy, kind and full of love. I wish you better days ahead. Happy birthday to you, and I love you!

32. When I consider how silly I have been with you, all the foolish things I’ve done, I’m always grateful that I still have your arms open to me. Happy birthday, best friend. I love you always. I’m wishing you the joy of fulfilment, the peace of love and the kindness of angels. Enjoy your cake, enjoy your day.

33. Your presence in my life has encouraged me, given me the will to live and to love. I say a big thank you for that. Happy birthday to you. I love you! Wishing you all of God’s blessings.

34. There’s nothing more thrilling than a reminder of your birthday. It’s your day again, I’m hopeful, I’m happy, and I’m excited. I wish you PPP; prosperity, peace, and praise.

35. A friend in need is a friend indeed. You have been there with me through thick and thin. I take not our friendship for granted for it’s worth much more than the finest of gold. Happy birthday to you. I wish you so much joy and peace. I wish that you live to fulfil your entire dreams and you sure will.

36. A gist partner was born on this day, a playmate was birthed on this day, a soul mate was gifted to me on this day! What a blessed day! Happy birthday, dear celebrant. If not for you I wouldn’t have had any of that the way I do now. I wish you success, joy and love. Enjoy your day.

37. Happy birthday, sweetheart. My heart wishes for you is simple: Always be happy!

38. God made you beautiful. Hence, the reason why today is so full of gratitude. Happy birthday to you, my darling. There’s no one else like you. I wish you the grace to live through life’s hurdles. And the joy that comes in the morning. Enjoy today, little angel.

39. Overland, oversea, there is no friend like you. God bless the day I found you. Such a memory will live on with me forever. Happy birthday, honey! I wish you long life and happiness. My prayers for you are silently in my heart, I pray the heavens bring it to pass. Enjoy your day!

40. I pray the breezes blow good health on you, I pray the sun shines her generosity on you, I pray the moon show you the way out of the dark. I pray God blesses you. Happy birthday, sweetheart. You are everything to me. Enjoy your new age.

Happy Birthday Paragraphs for Girlfriend

She is your girlfriend! celebrating her is the least you can do for her. These Happy Birthday Paragraphs for Girlfriend are available for you to use.

41. Happy birthday to a friend who brought me out of the mud, kind wishes to the one who put a smile on my face, God’s blessings on the one who loves me like a sister. I’m happy you are all three in one. Enjoy your day, bestie. I love you, ever and ever.

42. It’s another reason to be happy today cause it’s your birthday. I wish you strength for countless victories, I wish you resilience for all of life’s situations, I wish you the will to smile through it all. Happy birthday to you, sweetie. Enjoy your new age.

43. Happy birthday, darling. You remind me of angels. You are such a wonderful human being. Thank you for the privilege of being your friend. I wish you nothing but joy and love.

44. I couldn’t let this day pass by without a prayer for you. You are the reason why it was impossible to give up. I love you, sweetheart. You are a gift from above. Happy birthday, to you.

45. It’s the sound of your voice I really need to hear to have a fulfilling day. I think you’re beautiful, I think you’re perfect, however, it’s a fact that you are a true friend. Happy birthday, jewel. The friendship we share brought us closer than blood. I pray it never dies!

46. Happy birthday, dearie. You are a blessing. Meeting you was the solution I ever needed. You’ve made everything beautiful. With poise and grace, you carry my world on your shoulders. I wish you a joyful noise, the sound of praise and the beauty of a miracle.

47. Some things are rather too expensive for a display in the markets. You are a friend worth more than the treasures of an island. I’m so thankful to have you in my world. Happy birthday, sweetness. The curves of your smile remind me of the beauty in my world.

48. Happy birthday, dear friend. Do you know you mean the world to me? Do you know I love you more than a birthday message can say? Do you know I find you totally incredible? Do you know that I love to love you? Do you know you can always count on me in any kind of weather? I just want you to know you deserve the good things of life cause you are an angel who sacrificed your place in heaven to be with us.

49. If my wishes could make a drop of water it will make an ocean for you, if my love for you can make a cloud, it’ll cover the sky for you. I love you, sweet friend. Happy birthday to you. You are one in a million.

50. From the first time I met you, I knew you were a blessing. Thanks for not being a disappointment. Happy birthday, my darling. I wish you love, joy, peace and prosperity.

Best Friend Happy Birthday Paragraphs

Best Friend Happy Birthday Paragraphs you can also use.

51. Even when I committed those mistakes, you still found a way to accommodate me into your heart. When I do not know what else to do, you let your words open my eyes. The list goes on, dear friend. That’s why I’m wishing you a happy birthday, long life, prosperity, happiness and more celebrations to come. Enjoy your day!

52. Happy birthday, dearie. May the aroma of your birthday be filled with love, health, wealth and peace. I hope today ushers in an era of fulfilment and achievement for you. I love you!

53. I know we’re about to have a good time, cause it’s your birthday. Don’t fret, don’t frown, don’t fight. Just hold your peace! This is gonna be your best year so far! Happy birthday, sweetie.

54. Happy birthday, dearie. Thanks for being such a close friend, I wish we live the rest of our lives through each other’s eyes. Enjoy your day, I love you!

55. Your ways are beautiful, your heart is pure and gold, your smile is inspiring! Happy birthday, dear friend. I’m wishing you all that you dream of.

56. Happy birthday, sweetie. I pray there comes the day I wish you good health, prosperity, joy and peace accompanied with a gift of your dream car. I love you just as much as you love yourself. Smile through the day and always be happy.

57. Happy birthday, sweetie. I wish you advancement in your career, and achievement in your efforts. I pray today marks the beginning of the life that you dream of. Enjoy your day!

58. Happy birthday, sweetie. There are so many words in the dictionary, however, none best describes you. Beautiful, magnificent, sweet, adorable, perfect are best close to it. Enjoy your day. I love you, so!

59. You mean the world to me cause you light up my world and your beauty shines on it. Happy birthday, my angel. Wishing you the best of the best.

60. Sometimes, it’s pretty hard for me to believe that I can be this lucky to have you. What’s more! having you as a close friend. Happy birthday, dearie. I wish you all the joy you deserve and the love you need to live life more happily and more fulfilling.

The best of all Birthday Paragraphs for Your Best Friend.

61. Angel of kindness! Happy birthday to you, sweetheart. The heaven misses you, the earth adores your presence. I love you for being who you are. I’m wishing you more splendid years ahead. Enjoy your day!

62. Happy birthday to the one who turns tears to smile, discouragement to encouragement. I love you, dear celebrant. You’ve stayed true to me as though you were a sibling. I’m happy to share my world with you! Cheers to prosperity and longevity.

63. If it weren’t for you my world would be an empty space. I’m thankful for all the memories we share. Happy birthday to you, sweetheart. Wishing you the colourfulness of a rainbow and the hope it inspires.

64. Happy birthday, darling. How I love you! You’ve been a great system of support and love to me all through the years. I feel like I’ve known you forever. It’s me and you against the world, always remember that. Enjoy the beauty of this new age!

65. I’m convinced that you are a sister. I’m convinced that we are soul mates. You get me completely, you motivate me by your kindness. Happy birthday to you, darling. No one does it like you. Wishing you joy like a river.

66. Today is a pleasant reminder of the true essence of your being. You are great, lovely, funny, sympathetic, and sweet. I wish I had you as my twin, maybe life would have been much beautiful from the start. Happy birthday to you, sweetness. I wish you nothing but joy!

67. Every year I look forward to writing an epistle of my love for you. This time around I only wishes to tell you just how much I love you. My love for you is truly unconditional. You’ve been closer than a brother, sweeter than a candy. I wish you better years ahead. Happy birthday!

68. True friendship is built on the solid rock of love, trust and patience. I’m happy to share those qualities with you. Happy birthday, my darling. You make life worth a living!

69. It’s a day of joy and gratitude for us who have you in our world. Today, I celebrate your heart and growth over the years. I’ve enjoyed watching you become the human that you are now but I’m most grateful to you for sticking with me through these years. Happy birthday, lovely one. I celebrate you big time!

70. If I woke up tomorrow I wanna have you still as my friend. You are one of the best things that ever happened to me. It will take eternity to break us and death to do us apart. I love you, dear friend. Happy birthday to you. You rock!

Birthday Paragraphs for Girlfriend to make her feel loved on her Birthday.

71. Happy birthday, my soulmate. If friendship is a crime, then I’ll make a proud offender cause I wouldn’t want to stop being friends with you. Be my guest today, so I can treat you to the fine things of life. I wish you greater purchasing power.

72. Happy birthday, close friend! I’m so addicted to loving you cause your peace overwhelms my world. I hope we grow old together in this friendship of ours. I hope we have more reasons to celebrate a day like today. Enjoy your day, sweetie! You deserve it!

73. I’ve prayed to the creator on this special day, to guide your steps on the path you’ve chosen. I believe in your dreams so, I’m sure they gonna come true. Happy birthday, dear friend. I love you!

74. Luck was when I found you, love is what our friendship speaks of. Happy birthday, my darling friend. I’m wishing you all of life’s blessings!

75. No matter where you go, know for a fact that you are not alone cause, in my heart, I feel you are closer to me than a brother. May our friendship lasts a lifetime. May the spring of our love never loses its fountain. Happy birthday, my friend!

76. Happy birthday, dear friend! To you, I offer the gem of friendship, the comfort of the palace of love. I wish you nothing but joy. Enjoy your day.

77. Happy birthday to you, dear close pal. Our relationship is one of a kind cause, in it, you’ll find the beauty of sisterhood and the joy of friendship. I’m delighted I share that with you. I wish you the life of your dreams. Enjoy your day!

78. In the puzzles of life, you turned out to be a great solution, in the misery of hopelessness, you brought out the joy of friendship. Happy birthday to you dearie. I wish you greater heights, joy, peace, prosperity and love. Today is your day, enjoy it!

79. Thank you for wiping those tears when I needed a friend, thank you for bringing the smiles when it mattered the most. Happy birthday, sweetness. Our friendship means the world to me. I wish you so much fulfilment in the life you choose to live.

80. Happy birthday, sweet friend. Happy friendship day to us as well causes, on this day a friend was born unto me. I hope you fulfil your dream, I hope the heavens smile on you, I hope joy never eludes you. It’s my joy to wish you a happy plus one of joy, success, longevity and prosperity.

Cute Paragraph for My Best Friend’s Birthday

Fantastic Paragraphs for My Best Friend’s Birthday. Birthday Best Friend Paragraphs you can also use.

81. Happy birthday, bestie. Just wanna let you know that plus one looks so good on you! I wish you the beauty of life, hope, faith and love. May your days be long on earth, may they be sweet like the morning wine. I’ll always love you!

82. If wishes were horses beggars would ride, however, my wishes to you are showers of blessings and they will rain on you. I wish you happiness, long life, prosperity and growth. Enjoy your day. Happy birthday!

83. May everything you do lead you to fulfilment, may your work announce you to the whole world. May your smile never turn tears, may your glory radiates around forever cause the world needs it. Happy birthday, dearest friend. Today marks the beginning of new things!

84. Gems like you are so rare, humans like you are even rarer. I’m happy I found you on time! You’re a blessing! I wish you nothing but showers of blessings. May mercy surround you, may grace find you!

85. It’s amazing how this friendship of ours light up my world. Your birthday is a quick reminder of heaven’s gift to me and her love for the world. I wish you more of everything that makes you happy and shines.

86. Happy birthday, true friend. You’ve come through in moments I needed you the most. Thanks for not letting me down. I wish you a miracle that will blow your mind.

87. You are not just a friend but a life partner. You’ve confronted the wildest storms with me. You’ve shown me the true meaning of friendship. I owe you a lot. But I want you to know I love you and I pledge my support to you, always. Happy birthday, sweetie. May your days belong!

88. You know it’s your birthday, celebrate it with the same joy you brought to the world the day you were born. I want you to know, I got your back always. I hope our friendship lasts forever. Happy birthday, bestie.

89. No poet can ever sing your praises to the brim of melody. No artist can paint the beauty of your heart to satisfaction. A friend like me can only testify to your love and kindness. You are superhuman. I love you, bestie! Happy birthday to you.

90. The cool breezes of the wind on my skin remind me of your gentleness, the warmth of summer reminds me of your hug and support. Thank you for rewriting my past story of boredom and loneliness with your constant love. Happy birthday, true friend.

Trending Best Birthday Paragraphs for Best Friend on his/her special day.

91. Happy birthday, sweet friend. Never had a friend like you! The gift of life is so far the best of today’s gift to you. I just wanna wish you nothing but joy. I’ll always be here!

92. Amongst all the friendship I’ve seen and read about, ours is my favourite. Cause you are one in a million! You are everything to me! You are better than a Superman causes you waste no time in coming through. May your strength never fail you, may your dreams not die like a plant in the desert. I love you, dearest friend. Happy birthday to you!

93. Take a look at the sky, the way the stars beautify it every night is the way you beautify my world, the way the stars never fail to show up at night is the same way you have been steadfast to me. That I appreciate with all of my heart. Happy birthday to a rare gem. I wish you joy, good health and longevity. I love you, sweet and close friend.

94. My love for you is constant like “K”. May our friendship grow old like gold just as you age. May your days on earth belong to the rock of ages. Happy birthday, close friend! Your hugs remind me that there’s something tastier than the sweetest chocolates. Your smile reminds me that there’s something I thirst for more badly than a vanilla ice cream.

95. Our friendship is such a motivation to me. All thanks to your attitude towards life. Happy birthday to my closest friend. You never cease to amaze me. I wish you your dream house, cars, peace and above all these, love.

96. It’s indescribable what you mean to me. Happy birthday my friend. You’ve maintained such admirable closeness with me even in the dark. I can’t help but wish you all the joy you wish yourself. Enjoy your day!

97. You are only permitted to be more of yourself, get better and be happier. Happy birthday, dear friend. Today is such a happy day for me too. Cause you mean the world to me. I wish you all the joy in heaven and on earth!

98. Happy birthday, sweetie! I hope my message met you just in time. Wanna let you know that nothing beats the comfort of our friendship in this world. You are a blessing, stay blessed! Wishing you the fulfilment of your purpose. I love you!

99. I’ve stayed throughout the night just to deliver this message of love and hope to you right on time because you mean the world to me. Happy birthday, my close friend. I wish you life’s kindness, earth’s increase, and showers of heaven’s blessings! I love you!

100. A man without a friend is the poorest man on earth. Thank you for making me the wealthiest man on earth because you remain priceless. Happy birthday, dearie. I wish you the abundance of everything responsible for your joy.

101. I cannot forget the day we sealed our friendship with loyalty, that’s how I came to realize that we were now friends. My dear, I can’t trade you for anything in the world rather, I’ll trade the world to give you the best. Happy birthday.

102. Happy birthday, to a true friend, who gives me a good time and makes me feel good about myself. I wish you love that comes in many folds of friendship. I can’t love you less.

103. It’s your birthday. I pledge to be your friend when you’re down, and I pledge to be the friend who shares in your joy when you’re happy. Let’s ride the boat of life together until we get to our destination. Happy birthday.

104. Happy birthday my friend. How time flies yet we remained loyal to each other. I can’t forget how you’ve been there for me. I wish you the closest desire of your heart.

105. You’re a friend who took her time to build a citadel where her friends will all be safe in. You strip our friendship off of envy and strife and clothed it with love and joy. I can only wish you true happiness and love. Happy birthday, best friend forever.

106. If I was going to the field, I’ll be glad a friend like you was going with me, if I was going to the party, I’ll be elated a friend like you was going with me. Over the years, you’ve been my all in all. I wanna wish you a happy birthday.

107. Happy birthday, sweety. Even as you grow older, your heart grows younger, full of love and joy. You carry a rare positive vibe and I’m honoured being your friend. Have a blissful birthday, you deserve so much more.

108. In the race of friendship, you’ve won yourself a gold medal. Your character is flawless and your love is priceless. I wish you a splendid birthday.

109. Happy birthday to a friend who gave me a beautiful friendship. Your type is rare, you demonstrate friendship on a platform of love. I wish you all the dividends of true friendship. May we grow old together.

110. Happy birthday, dearie. I bless the day you crossed my path, your presence has been a blessing to my existence. I can’t wish for a better friend, you’re enough.

Long Birthday Paragraphs for Your Best Friend

Long Birthday Paragraph for Best Friend on his/her special day.

111. Happy birthday my best friend forever. Even when it seems like we’ve come to the end of the road, the close tie we share always bring us back together. I wish you unbreakable joy in life, unbreakable heart in love and an everlasting happiness.

112. Though we do not share the same blood, I bet we share the same bond. I’m proud to call you my friend and on this special day, I’ll like to let you know that you’re appreciated and loved. Happy birthday, my friend.

113. Happy birthday my best friend for life. At a time we were strangers then we moved to being casual friends and finally, we climbed the ladder of friends like family. I wish you a sound mind to make healthy prosperous decisions.

114. Happy birthday, my friend from day one. From the beginning of the world was the word, however, from the beginning of my life was my friend. Yay! Through it all, you’ve been ever abiding. I wish you the finest things in life.

115. Happy birthday, dear. I’m ready to brag to the world about a true friend who thrives on seeing her friends blossom. I can’t love you less, you deserve the best. Permit me to tell you that, you’ve become a part of me.

116. Happy birthday, my one in a million. You didn’t give me an empty friendship, you served friendship with all it takes and proved that friends can become family. I love you for this and I wish you a phenomenal birthday.

117. Happy birthday, dearie. The day you crossed my path was the beginning of our journey into something beautiful like a family. If I had you by my side, I can be sure that I have a family. I wish you long life in bliss and good health.

118. Happy birthday, dearie. I can’t mention how many times you’ve been my saving grace but be rest assured I don’t take this for granted. I wish you greatness, importance, peace of mind, prosperity and happiness. You deserve all these and so much more

119. Happy birthday, dear. Amongst all friends in the world, you possess the star that shines the brightest. There’s no replacing you. You’ve added savour to this world by your heart of gold and flawless character. I wanna wish you the things that put the prettiest smiles on your face.

120. Happy birthday to my dear friend. You gave friendship a whole new meaning because what we have is akin to what a loving family shares. I wish you a roller coaster of joy, happiness, prosperity and long life.

Best Friend Birthday Paragraphs.

121. Happy birthday my dearest friend. I dream of the day we’ll ride in the fanciest cars together, stop the window shop and shop the nicest stuffs together. Come what may, we remain friends forever, through thick or thin our loyalty is sure. I’m glad you never fail to laugh the hardest moment off, that alone gives me the strength to go on. I wish you an abundant life.

122. With a friend like you, what else do I want? It’s a special day today because a fascinating gem was born. I wish you every good thing that befits you. I love you like a family.

123. Happy birthday, dearie. I simply can’t overlook how much your presence has contributed to my life. You are a diamond, of many carats and your worth is inestimable. I wish you so much joy.

124. You have a room in my heart because you made me experience friendship in a new dimension. Celebrating your birthday feels like celebrating an icon. I wish when you make a come back into this world, you’ll be my friend again. Happy birthday to a dear friend.

125. I’ll take a walk with you again in another 365 days. The last one year by your side has been my best walk so far. You impacted my life tremendously, a friend like you is rare. Happy birthday, my closest pal. I wish you so much, love.

126. Happy birthday my lovely friend from day one. From Genesis, you’ve been a support system to me. I pray you only attract the good things in life. May you repel ill luck and attract fortunes and blessings.

127. Happy birthday, my dear. Whenever I walk in the valley of life, I’m always sure I’m not alone cause, you’ve always been there like a mother for her child. On this day, I wish you great wisdom, with that, all other things shall be added to you.

128. Happy birthday, lovely friend. Can you feel the vibe? It’s your birthday, little wonder why it feels electrifying. You’re the kind of friend that makes friendship worth it. I wish you success and I promise to defend you as a friend.

129. Happy birthday to a rare gem. It’s amazing how you touched my heart and dedicate yourself to being my friend. I wish you an undivided attention from God and a great source of joy that will inspire you to be the best that you can be.

130. Happy birthday to the friend who gives me goosebump by her show of concern and care. You’re one in a million and I wouldn’t mind sharing my millions with you because you’re worth it and even so much more. It’s your birthday, don’t fail to ride on top of the world, the universe awaits your greatness.

Best Friend Birthday Paragraph you can send to your buddy on his/her special day.

131. You make me feel safe merely by offering me your kinda friendship in a cruel world like this. You’re the fire that lights up each sad moments. How can I forget to give an awesome birthday shout out to such a lovely soul? Happy birthday, sweety, I wish you the best in life.

132. Happy birthday, my partner in crime. You made childhood fun with your antics. I can’t forget the beautiful memories we made together now they’ve become the antidotes to my sadness. I wish you an accumulation of joy and happiness.

133. Happy birthday, my dear. Time after time, you’ve always proven you were here to stay. I’m glad to see you add another year, you look better than the yesteryears. Dearie, I pray your life displays so much success.

134. Happy birthday, my true friend. I don’t mind, starving to surprise you with your dream cake, I don’t even mind searching for the most precious treasure on earth so I could fulfil your dream. You deserve something great and I wish, your birthday will unveil to you how much the entire universe cares for you. We love you.

135. Happy birthday to an angel in disguise. You came into my life as a friend but, you were the angel I never knew. I pray today brings you the good tidings of life.

136. Happy birthday to a friend who caught my attention on first encounter. Our friendship was made in heaven cause, the things you do make me feel like it’s heaven here on earth. Know this much is true, I wish you so much love, peace, joy and long life.

137. Happy birthday, my bestie. You’re a friend indeed, you’re mostly behind my smile, you’re a sheep in a sheep’s clothing. You are irreplaceable and I love you.

138. Happy birthday, my friend. Many things we did better together because we were friends. I’ll sing you a birthday song because I’m happy you offered me your friendship on a platter of gold, I’ll hold it dear as though, my life depended on it. I wish you a substantial life.

139. Happy birthday, dearie. Friendship is a beautiful thing, this sort was created by the hand of God. I’ll take the evil from the world and give the good in it to you, I’ll kill the hate and give you the love. I wish you a pure heart, a peaceful mind and prosperous hands.

140. Happy birthday, my best friend. From today onward you’ve become a royalty, you deserve to be treated specially. Today has marked a milestone in your life, expect to only soar higher than the higher ground. I wish you a smooth ride in life.

Happy Birthday Best Friend Paragraphs.

141. Happy birthday, dearie. If you never offered me loyalty I wonder if I’ll be able to tell what loyalty feels like, if you never offered me friendship, I wonder if I’ll be able to tell what friendship feels like. Take over the world and spread your wings until you fly so high.

142. There’s something about how you make things happen for your friends. Truly, you’re an epitome of a friend indeed. Your birthday feels so special like a royalty’s. I wanna wish you a happy birthday and I pray each year only gets better for you.

143. Happy birthday, bestie. You’re one out of a million. Character is your most beautiful asset, you’ll rather be with your friends than have your moments alone. I wish you great stability in life, protection against every dart and arrow of life. I love you.

144. Happy birthday, dearie. I’m more than happy to know you as much as I do. I wish you a unique birthday marked with possibilities of goal.

145. Happy birthday, bestie. I’ll like to serenade you with your best musical band. Nobody knows like I know how much of a true friend you’ve been to me and I pray, success becomes your reward.

146. Your love amazes me and your friendship is rare. I’ll trade the whole world so you could be met at the point of your need. It can only get better. Happy birthday, my true friend.

147. Happy birthday, my friend. You rock the stormy weather with me like it was fun. I can’t love you less, thinking about our journey would only bring beautiful tears to my eyes. I just wanna tell you I love you more, each passing day.

148. Happy birthday, best friend. I’ll take my time to sing your praise. Over the years, you’ve been more than a friend and a wonderful source of inspiration. I wish you a beautiful journey in life.

149. Happy birthday, dear. Even in the darkest night, you’ll always be there shining bright with your dignifying presence. That’s how I know you are a true friend. Near or far, you remain an integral part of my being.

150. Happy birthday, dearie. Whether we grow apart in the future or not, I’ll always remember you as a true friend who made everything feel better and look better. You’ll never be forgotten in the core of my heart. I wish you a great joy.

151. Couples are not the only item made in heaven, our friendship has made me realized that friends are equally made in heaven. Happy birthday to my friend from above. I cherish your presence in my life.

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