Good Night Sweet Dreams Messages

100 Good Night Sweet Dreams Messages for My Love in 2023

At the end of the day, it will be lovely to receive a good night message from one’s lover. Put a smile on the face of your girlfriend, boyfriend husband or wife by sending them sweet dreams and good night messages. Here are some for you. You can edit some to suite your feelings at each moment.

Good Night Sweet Dreams Messages for Her

Good Night Sweet Dreams Messages for Your Girlfriend or Wife.

1. Close your eyes, relax your body on the bed, begin in your mind till words or a song of praise spills out of your mouth. No matter how short, praise God for seeing the end of today. I know that your sonorous voice can bring the host of heaven to this planet earth. Sweet dreams my love.

2. If I’m asked to pick a day I should not love you, I will pick the day called ‘noday’ and if I am to pick a day to love you I will pick the day of the week called every day. Your love in my heart is unexplainable. Sleep well tonight.

3. You remain loved my dear. I received your message, do you know that it is the same way you are feeling is the same way I am feeling. You can be sure that it is divine programming and arrangement. Sleep well, my love.

4. You are the last person I think of at night and the first person I think of every day. I’m still thinking about you tonight and I know that you will pop up first thing tomorrow morning. You are my world.

5. I speak the truth and I lie not. You are the most beautiful woman in my entire world because you have the physical aura of beauty and also the priceless beauty within. Nothing gives me more joy than when I see the one I love being free to express her feelings to me as I do to her. It makes me love her the more. I love how you expressed your love to me today. I missing you already. Sleep well.

6. Loving you is divinely arranged and approved, that is why it seems no fault can be found in you. With you, I can easily laugh, which is an outward expression of joy and acceptance. You are the best thing that has ever happened to my life. All I see in you is perfection. I will forever love you. You are my WORLD. Dream of me.

7. It is one thing meeting you, it is another thing knowing you. I appreciate the fact that your life and faith is not built on material things- silver or gold- but about values like truth, integrity, righteousness in Christ, walking with God, prayer and spending time in God’s word. You are my peace. Sleep peacefully.

8. It is true that the family that plays together, plans together, and prays together, always progress together. With God on our side, we can create such a family. My heart and love belong to you.

9. I know that you are asleep now. I just want you to know that you are always in my heart. You may not see this message until tomorrow, please, ensure that you do not make the worms in your stomach angry with you. I really care about your well being.

10. The word I love you is now so common that people no longer see the effect. I will rather say that you are the love of my life. I’m grateful to God that I did not lose you in spite that it took long before I made my intention known. Make sure you close your eyes before sleeping. Smiles.

11. I pray to God that He grants me my heart desires so that I will be able to marry you soon because I can’t just stop thinking about you and also, we would be together on a night like this. Until tomorrow.

12. How great was your day? Your absence today is a vacuum that nothing else could fill. I am missing you. Have a blissful weekend my love.

13. My day was great because it was all about you. I will call you in a jiffy to say happy birthday to you again because I want to be both the first and also the last person to say happy birthday.

14. Pleasant greetings my dream. You really surprised me with your understanding. You just keep knowing the right thing to say as per time and the right thing to do to me at each point in time. Keep it up, dear. You are always in my thoughts, even by this time of the day. I know that I will dream of you again.

15. The level of satisfaction and pleasure derived from being with you cannot be overemphasized. I truly love you wholeheartedly. I pray that nothing will stop God’s will for our lives. Sweet dreams my diamond forever.

16. If we shall agree on anything… Our faith like a grain of mustard seed… Nothing is impossible for God if only we can believe. I believe that you can receive total healing. I’m praying for you, make sure you pray about it too before going to bed.

17. I am so happy today, do you know why? I am the luckiest person on earth. God has blessed me with a precious gift which is you. This is just a reminder of how much you mean to me. Sleep tight.

18. God in His infinite power and knowledge knows all things from the beginning but we humans may want to change things to soothe us based on our human calculation but we usually end up following His divine master plan for our lives. We have gone our different ways but God has brought us together to fulfil His plan for our love life. Sleep tenderly like a baby.

19. Days turn into weeks and weeks to months. Day by day we get older. It is advisable to enjoy each day. You are one reason each day seems appealing. I enjoyed our date today. You are still tickling me even on the bed now. I pray I will not keep responding to stimuli. I’m sure that I will dream of you.

20. Meeting you is one thing. Knowing you is another thing. I appreciate the fact that your life and faith is not built on material things but about values like truth, integrity, discipline and righteousness. Dearly beloved, continue in God’s love and grace. My peace, have a peaceful rest.

21. God has kept us for the purpose of showering ourselves love. Kisses to you. my love. You plus I is equal to perfect love. Sweetheart, I am missing you. Have a blissful day. Good Night Message to My Sweetheart

22. I must appreciate your care, understanding… not to mention your immeasurable love. You can go to bed. You are the BEST. I LOVE YOU!

23. God watches over his own. He that keeps you does not sleep or slumber. The Lord will continually watch over you. Pray and thank God, no matter how short, just pray before sleeping. Sweet dreams dearest.

24. It just seems that I feel a little bored, a little sick, a little lost, a little sad, you know what is wrong? I was diagnosed by a love doctor of the deficiency of a vitamin. I’m suffering from the lack of vitamin U. I can see you lying loving on the bed now. Sleep on.

25. You and you alone all my life. I speak nothing but the truth, I don’t want to lose you. I don’t want to share you with any lady. I love you with all my heart. Good night dearie. You are my Angel.

26. Good evening dearie. I have just taken my shower and about to sleep. We have been preparing for tomorrow. If I am asked for the things I don’t like about you, I will have to start thinking about the things I don’t like about you because I love everything about you. You are just perfect for me. I love you.

27. Wealth brings about all kinds of attachment which can amount to joy in one’s life. But nothing is more desirable on earth than having PEACE OF MIND which I find in YOU. Most importantly, I can sleep well tonight and every other night with a peace of mind.

28. It is delightful hearing your cool and soothing tiny voice which gives me joy, happiness, pleasure and peace. Nothing can take or diminish the love that I have for you. You are too special.

29. You are the love of my life. You are my best friend. You are my chosen one. I can’t imagine how joyous it will be, taking our shower together.

30. Loving you has become part of my life. I will get rid anything that tends to separate you from me because I know that I will never be complete again if we separate. No wonder that we seem to part ways severally but destiny always brings us together again. I can’t stop imagining how your love has taken hold me. From my innermost heart, I love you.

31. It is late in the evening. People things are having their rest now. They have retired from the day’s work but I am still awake typing a love message for my angel. Fly gently to the dreamland. You are my lover.

32. Look out through your window and see that the stars are out in the sky. They are beautiful as they illuminate the sky. The moon and it’s silver colour lend us it’s light at night making the night a beautiful and lovely moment just as beautiful and lovely as you are.

33. The combination of gold and silver lining gives an exquisite concept. You are finer than gold, you are finer than silver. You are finer than the egg or mixture.

34. The noise of the day has died down. All around me is quiet. Therefore, there is no distraction from thinking about how much I love you and how you mean so much to me.

35. It is the end of the day. I’m on the bed presently. I am thinking about you and I know that I won’t stop thinking about you till I sleep off. The thoughts of you serve as a lullaby to me.

36. I pray for you tonight that to your increase, there shall be no limitation God bless you real good and cause your hand to find treasure; your path brighter and the days ahead better for you. Bye for the night.

37. As you sojourn into the dreamland, may you have sweet dreams. May you see business ideas that will transform your life always.

38. I’m missing you, my Queen. I need you by my side. You would have been a loving bed partner. I wish we were together tonight. I know that it will soon be an everyday thing for us to cuddle ourselves till we sleep. Sleep well dear.

39. The night is cool. The hormones are high. My emotions are telling me of you. They are telling me that you are beautiful and that it will be good to have with me tonight. You might not be here but your presence is here with me. I’m missing you big time.

40. Let your body sleep. Let your eyelids kiss each other good night. Let every part of you sleep except your heart. Let it stay awake for me. Let it keep beating and keep your love for me alive. I can’t stop loving you.

41. All around me I smell your presence. You have charmed me with your love so much that I keep seeing your face on every lady I see and every night I sleep thinking of you and wake up thinking about you. I still thinking about you. Dreaming of you tonight is certain.

42. Come, my queen. Come and lay with me. Let’s drink from the cup of love and get ourselves drunk of love. Come now to me. At least, come to me in my dream. Let me dream to see your enchanting eyeballs. Let me see your inviting lips. Let me see your rosy cheeks and let us be the lovers we are created to be.

43. You are bright and beautiful. You are a reflection of how creative God can be. Your eyes shine bright colours as I looked at myself in the mirror of your eyes this evening. I enjoyed our date. Keep being beautiful. Sleep well.

44. Life is more attractive when I know that someone with a good heart like you who loves me is out there. You know you are just the best of your kind. I have chosen tonight to remind you of my unending love for you.

45. Being with was heaven to me. You are heavenly. You are heaven sent. You are my choice. You are my dream. I know what I want in a woman and you have got all that I want in a woman. You are my dream come true.

46. As the dusk covers the earth, let me make my declaration of love. You are the lover of my heart. I love you. I will never let you go or let anything come between us. You are my love and I will never stop loving you. I will never let you go. I won’t lose you. I won’t share you. I will take care of you.

47. Come with the bowl of affection, a plate of romance, a cup filled with kisses, two serviettes of care, two spoons of cheers and serve it on the table of love. Let’s have a dinner party of love. Sleep lovingly.

48. One, two, three and four, let’s proclaim our love.
Five, six, seven and eight, let’s enjoy ourselves
Nine and ten, let’s joined in unity to live as one.

49. Nothing can crumble in me. Nothing can crush me. I have a reason to live. Your love for me has been my morale booster. You give me inner strength. Pray for me before you sleep tonight.

50. My lady and love, I believe your day was great and work in the office was not too stressful. Eat, take a shower, and sleep well. I’m missing you a lot.

Good Night Sweet Dreams Messages for Him

Just as ladies love receiving expressions of love from their boyfriends, men will also love to receive expressions of love from their girlfriends/wives. Send these sweet dreams and good night messages to your boyfriend/husband and put smiles on their face.

1. I’m on the bed to rest for the night but my man is not beside me. I can’t wait to be with you, my love. Lovely dreams.

2. I was about sending you Shakespeare’s sonnet to convey how much I love you but I realized that his genius words are not enough to convey how much I really cherish and love you. Sweet dreams.

3. Ever since I met you, I have always loved you. Distance has never been a barrier to loving you. My love for you is renewed daily. Sleep well.

4. It sounds so amazing that gifts, wealth or even romance has not been the basis of our love, rather genuine love. Keep being the man I know.

5. I love you and will always love and be with u. Never to leave or disappoint you. I would have even loved you if I was privileged to live before the flood of Noah but thank God for the destiny that has brought us together.

6. I will not stop loving you bcos your love for me is irresistible. Will you dream of me?

7. I love you and I need you to survive. There is a sense of completeness that I have because you are in my life. Have a lovely night rest.

8. You are important to me more than you can imagine. Should I come and sleep beside you tonight? Smiles.

9. I have just finished praying for us. I usually pray for our relationship almost every night. I will love it if you can do the same. I always love you.

10. I won’t hurt you with words from my mouth. I know that we ladies find it easy to talk but I will only talk to uplift you. Sleep as the king which you are. Truly I love you.

11. I received your gift this evening. I have always fantasised about my future love life and in it I visualise my husband buying me pants and bra. I didn’t know I will receive one as a gift before I get married. how can I thank you enough?

12. How much can I appreciate you for your genuine love? Thank for loving me with all your heart. I can’t stop thinking about you all day.

13. From the moment I first saw you, I knew that we were going to have something special. It was just how when we came together, we found ourselves in our own world at first but thank God we are lovers now. Hope I won’t dream about you tonight again?

14. You have helped me to be able to express my feelings which is unlike the cool me. I feel like the words I say to you are so much more real than anything I have ever said to anyone else. I love you, dearie. Have a restful night.

15. You make me an envy of my friends. You put colour into my world. I feel like I’ve become a better person because of you, better able to love and care for other people in my life. Sleep well, my love.

16. I may not always be able to visit you every time you want me to visit but know that I love you always. May the love that we share never reaches an end. Nice night sweetheart.

17. God created the universe and realised the need for companionship. You are a perfect companion for me. Sleep like a baby.

18. We have known each other many years ago yet it seems that we met just yesterday. I have always prayed for a future partner that our love will be renewed daily. In you, I found my perfect spouse. Your thoughts and presence give me joy. I love you.

19. Time will fail me to tell of you: the man whose reputation transcends internally and externally. My most calm and reserved man who is filled with God’s wisdom and understanding. I mean every word. I love you and I am ready to always do what will make you happy. Good night.

20. Loving you has become part of my life. I don’t permit anything that tends to separate you from me. No wonder we seem part severally but destiny always brings us together. I love tonight and every day.

21. I can’t stop imagining how your love has taken hold of me. From my innermost heart, I LOVE YOU.

22. It is delightful hearing your masculine voice which gives me happiness and pleasure. Nothing can take or diminish the love that I have for you. Sleep with the consciousness that someone out there loves you.

23. Wealth brings about all kinds of attachment which can amount to joy in one’s life. But nothing is more desirable on earth than having PEACE OF MIND which I find in YOU. Sleep peacefully.

24. Loving you every day is just a proof that love is not in sight but in the heart. In you, I find my perfect love. Sweetheart, you are the best. I will always love you. Sweet dreams.

25. I hope you had a splendid day? Have a splendid night rest, my love.

26. Time truly flies. Today makes it a month since that unforgettable day that we went out without cash…although fun-filled. I remembered just this evening. Smiles.

27. You are so inspiring and it’s always too long until I see you again. I wish that I am with you tonight. I love you, I love you, and I love you.

28. A satisfied soul is better dan a successful life because our success is measured by others but our satisfaction is measured by our own heart. I’m satisfied with you.

29. Today makes it a year after we went out to view our first cinema experience. Can you remember? Memories.

30. m speechless at the number of virtues you possess. You are handsome and vigilant, intelligent and industrious, courageous and considerate, truthful and trustworthy, obedient and observant, reserve and reliable, and affectionate. You are my GEM.

31. Your thought in my heart fills me with gladness every hour of the day. I believe that you are sleeping now. You are my sweetheart.

32. Make sure you eat and drink water before you sleep. My love, you will tell me about your sweet dreams tomorrow.

33. Good evening, I could not pick your call because we were in a meeting at the office as at that time. I should have called back, I’m sorry. In spite that I am usually busy, be sure that I always think of you. You mean a lot to me. Dream lovely dreams.

34. Good evening, how great was your day? Hope you are fine? Do take good care of yourself and have a wonderful night rest. Remain loved my Darling.

35. Worry and fear is never an antidote in life but patience is the toughest path to stay on but the surest path to victory. Cast your fears away and sleep like a baby.

36. The stars are coming out to adorn the sky for the beauty of the night just at the time I am longing to be with you. I miss you, my love.

37. Close your eyes and settle your body on the bed. Rest till daybreak. There is someone here thinking about you.

38. Just as the moon gives light in the night, you give radiance to my heart. I’m missing you.

39. Smile as you read. Did you just smile? I love it whenever you smile. I have sent this message to cause you to smile before sleeping.

40. Was the office stressful? Was a colleague problematic? Forget it and sleep without worry. I love you.

41. Go to bed in the sense of the serenity of the night. Let the cool breeze that usually accompanies late evening makes your sleep cool.

42. The breeze of love is blowing all around me. Let the breeze of love blow my love to you. I miss you, dearie.

43. Glow in the brightness of my love for you. Let it brighten your sleep. Have pleasant dreams.

44. My day was stressful but thinking about you tonight is soothing enough for me to forget about the day’s stress. You are my treasure.

45. It has been a while since we have seen each other. I wish it was possible for me to fly to your side tonight and fly back tomorrow morning so as to meet up with going to my place of work tomorrow. I’m deeply missing you.

46. Good evening my love. I just want to tell you that you are the last person I think about before sleeping and the first person I think about when I wake up. I hope I’m the last person you think about too. You are my heartbeat.

47. Cool down, shower, increase the velocity of the fan, pray quietly and sleep like a baby because you will remain my baby always.

48. My love for you keeps increasing day by day and night by night. Another iota has been added to it tonight. I love you.

49. Imagine this: I am resting my head on your masculine chest. You are looking into my eyeballs and we cuddle together till daybreak. That’s will be a true weather for two.

50. You are a sparkle in my life. You make life more loving. Things around can’t break me down. Whenever I think of you, I feel refreshed. Good night.

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