I Know You are Asleep But Text Messages for Her

2023 I Know You’re Asleep But Text Messages for Her

I Know You’re Asleep But Text Messages for Her

Today is the day you give your girl a surprise text and make her night complete. Making her wake up to a sweet text from you is something she won’t forget in a hurry. As usual, we are here to assist you, to make it easier for you with the samples we are providing. It’s all yours.

Sweet I Know You’re Asleep But Messages for Lover

In a moment when your lover is already asleep and you feel you should have sent her a Text message earlier, Don’t relent, you could also send a sweet message for her to wake up to. Here is the best collection of I Know You’re Asleep But Text Messages for Her.

1. I wanted my text to be the first thing you’ll read when you wake up and I really hope that it is. Hope your night went awesomely?

2. A sleeping beauty you are at the moment, as nature and heaven have stopped the noise to allow your sleep go smoothly. Sleep well, my dear.

3. I’m here alone on my bed wishing you were here with me, but we a separated by a large space of darkness. I’m missing you much.

4. As you sleep, nothing terrible can happen to you, because nature will fight against it, but even if nature fails, I’ll be there for you.

5. You’re asleep, but the world feels more alive because your beautiful heart has given it more hope than it can handle. You are my lovely lady.

6. Sleep, my lady. I’ll be like the knight in shiny armour guarding you while you sleep. My chivalry game is good, so sleep like you have nothing to fear.

7. Hope I’m the one you see in your dreams? Hope your dreams are dreams of peace, joy and love? Sleep on, dear one. Sleep on.

8. While the stars shine their brightness on earth, and the moon glides through the sky, you sleep beautifully, causing perfect harmony of the night.

9. You’re asleep and the angels are around you admiring your beauty, wondering what God was thinking when He made you. Always remember how beautiful you are.

10. Beauties like you are the ones who’s sleep is like a break time for the world, because your rise is giving the world the job of appreciating your awesome beauty.

11. It’s beautiful to see you when you are asleep. It’s like looking at the most precious thing God created in a state of rest. Sleep on, beauty.

12. Waking up to this text should be a reminder of how awesome you are. I will not trade you for anything.

Goodnight My Love

13. Watching you sleep is like reading a higher definition of peace, and bliss; Your beauty is greater than them.

14. Sleeping beauties are rare to find, but I have found you and will not trade you for anything. Sleep on, dear.

15. I felt bad that I did not say goodnight before you slept so I sent this even though I know you’re asleep.

16. Nothing beats your presence around me. It’s heavier now because you are far away from me, asleep.

17. I can’t give up, for anything in the world, looking at your face while you sleep. In it, I see true beauty.

18. You’re perfect in beauty in a lot of things, but to think that the perfection of your beauty exists while you sleep? That’s just incredible.

19. Once upon a time, I read a story of a Sleeping Beauty. Today, I want to edit the story and rewrite it about you. Sleep beautifully.

20. In calmness, your breath rocks on, heart beating slowly, in peace, as you sleep. I know you deserve better. May your sleep be awesome.

21. My night’s not wonderful with you not by my side, your sweet face is somewhere else, sleeping beautifully. Just wanna say I miss you. Sleep well.

22. My plan is that you wake up to know that I love you and will do a lot to keep you after you read this text. I love you. Sleep on.

23. In the day you occupy my mind and in the night you fill my dreams. You are everywhere around me. Sleep on, my love.

24. You are an awesome addition to me. I always assumed I was alright, but you came in and changed the game. I’ll always be thankful. Sleep well.

25. As I roll here, thinking about you, I wonder what I’ll be doing if you were never in my life. I will never trade you for anything. Sleep beautifully.

26. This my night loneliness is getting out of hand. I can’t wait till we get married and spend every night of our lives together. But for now, enjoy sweet sleep.

27. Baby, the small things you do challenge me to be better and the big things make me a better person. Wake up to the loveliest morning ever.

28. I want to always have you by my side, having and holding, till forever. I really need you here. Sleep well, love.

29. You’re probably having dreams, and I’m here lying with thoughts of you in my head. You have filled my memories, baby. Have a sweet sleep.

30. The things that are mutual to us are not to be underappreciated. You, my dear, have brought sweetness to many with your person. I’m glad you’re mine. Sleep.

31. I know I’m not perfect, and that you’re not, but this is to remind you that I am standing for you and this makes us better. May your sleep be sweet.

32. I don’t need to be where you are physically for us to be together. Wherever I am your love follows me and vice-versa. As you sleep, remember you are loved.

33. I plan to stay with you forever, and so it will be. I can’t leave you because my heart is tired and glued to yours with a glue that never weakens. Have a sweet sleep.

Have a Nice Sleep Dear

34. I am smiling right now because I am thinking about you, and it’s like the night should pause so I’ll enjoy this moment forever. I hope you’re sleeping well.

35. This is to let you know that I just woke up from a dream you were in and it’s the loveliest dream I ever had. I wish to dream such again. Sleep well.

36. As you sleep, I hope your dreams are dreams of joy and bliss and peace. I want you to wake up and know that I care about you.

37. I lay down thinking of how unique and beautiful our love is, the kind that’s perfect even with its imperfections. But I hope you’re sleeping sweetly.

38. I want you to know that I love you even though I may not do the things people may expect to see as a proof of the love. Sleep like a baby, my baby.

39. Should I tell you how much you mean to me? With which words? It’s bigger than words can describe and I’m drowned in it. Sleep sweet.

40. I’ll always be here for you and I’m proud to have you as the one I call my girl. I’m only one call away when you need me. I love you. Sleep sweetly.

41. Anytime you go to sleep, it’s like I’m left alone in the world alone. But there’s nothing to fear, I know that we’re together. Sleep well.

42. Your smile is a big reassurance to me. It makes me happy that we met. I hope your dreams give you more smiles. Sleep on.

43. I’ll always be there for you when you need me and I’m not sure I’ll ever love anyone the way I love you. Sleep peacefully, baby.

Sweet Dreams Baby

44. I want to help you solve all your problems and put smiles on your face. I want to be with you forever, sweetie. Sleep well, my love.

45. In sleep we find peace. I hope your good dreams come to pass and I pray you never have a bad dream. Sleep well.

46. You are forever hidden in my heart and I look, with great expectations, at the greatness of our future with you in mine and me in yours. Sleep, beautiful one.

47. I hope you feature in most of my memories because you’re the one I love most. I hope we spend beautiful times together. Sleep well, love.

48. I’ve said that I love you a lot of times, but trust me when I say that I can never say it enough. I need you by my side as often as possible. Sleep well.

49. You make me smile, love. You mean so much to me that I can’t even describe how much it is. Sleep beautifully, my dear.

50. You are everything to me. No one means, to me, what you mean to me. I love you now and always. Sleep well, love.

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