Sweet Good Night Messages for Him - Goodnight SMS for Boyfriend

Sweet Goodnight Messages for Him

Is he handsome, awesome, loving, kind, perfect and caring? Is she Cute, beautiful, gorgeous, lovely, and romantic? Then these Sweet and Cute Goodnight Messages are best to say Good night to him.

The Night, like in the morning is a perfect time to remind your lover of your commitment to your relationship, a time to express gratitude for what he has done for you, and a time to make some more promises towards the fulfilment of the relationship. When you have finally found that special one, every night comes with glamorous bliss, isn't it?

A Thought from a Lover's Heart

I used to think that you were not my beginning. I thought you came as an attachment to my life when we met. I thought you were there as just another patch. Maybe another little arm to help halfway when I am weak, or another temporary embrace when I am lonely in the world; probably another misery in disguise...

Many of these limited things I thought you were until you came and changed the order of my life. You made me!

Little did I know that I was dead within - even stinking! I didn't know all that made me whole within were broken. I didn't even believe that my life was an endless rhythm of perfect imperfections! You came, you saw me in my ruins, and you conquered my age long defeat for me. You gave me new sense of direction, and my life appeared gorgeous again. My life started anew and I have all the reasons to say I am gorgeous and lovely ever again.

You are the very beginning of a new life to me. The sure reason a glorious future awaits me. I love you like I would ever love no one else, and you are my one and only forever.

Thank you for being the special you for me. I love you is all I can say."

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Sweet Good Night Text Messages for Boyfriend

26. Time to forget all your worries. It's time to forget all your fears. A time to believe that tomorrow is good. Close your eyes, sleep and see your wishes come true. Good night my angel.

27. Not all that glitters are Gold but not your love. Your love is more than a galaxy of star, shining effortlessly inside my heart. Goodnight my love.

28. If not for your love and care, today would have been like every other bad day. Thanks for being the reason I was happy throughout. Good night, I love you.

29. If today were a book, I would have dedicated it to you. You were the reason it ended in success, more than I expected. I love you and I will forever do. Good night.

30. Nothing makes a great day without a magical touch of your love. You rock my world as always. Thanks for today. Goodnight. Mwah!

31. You'll be my end, even if you are not the beginning. You will be my arm when my strength fails, and the perfect one for me forever. Good night my love.

32. I can speak of your love and care throughout the world. I can proclaim how wonderful it has been living my life with you. Good night dear.

33. Today might not have brought all your expected goodies, but I see tomorrow bringing them in their numbers. Goodnight and Goodmorning in advance my love.

34. Just want you to know: The love I have for you is very sure. It has started from when we met and it will grow endlessly until I die. Goodnight my love.

35. I see the stars shining beautifully in the sky and I touch my heart only for me to I see your love even brighter in me than countless of them. Your love rocks! Good night my love.

36. In case you want to know... I will stop loving you the very day the breeze cease to flow. Good night my love, my dream come true.

37. You were there when I was down, feeling I wouldn't be up again. Out of all my weary moments, you were there to make me come alive again. I can't bit thank you enough. Good night my heart, my all.

38. You are all that is wonderful in my life. The centre of my world and my prime joy are you. Believe it for life! Good night.

39. If I ever had wonderful moments, they all came through you. I love you for giving me the best out of life. Good night.

40. You are not just the last thing I think about in the night, and the first thing I think about every morning - You are all the reasons my thoughts are awesome! I can't keep you off my mind.

41. Just when I thought I was lost forever in forgotten land, your love came and led me on the path of bliss. That is for being the most special person I ever known. Good night and sweet dreams my love.

42. Completeness is my life with you. Awesome are my days with a thought of you. Goodnight my heart's all-time rhythm.

43. I have been thinking lately that, if not for your love, how would my heart ever be? I appreciate all you have done for me, and I wish I pay back. Good night dearie.

44. Thank you for every hard times you saw me through. Thank you for every smile you put on my face. I never planned for this much. I love you. Good night.

45. Every time I think about our future, I see so many reasons to love you more each day. Your love is my fulfilment. Good night.

46. Just like yesterday when I found you. I never knew this love would grow this gorgeous! I owe you all of me for being with me till now. Good night.

47. I knew you were the very one for me when this started. Now I am reaping the fruit of that belief! I will love you a lifetime. Good night.

48. I used to think that blessings always come in disguise, but you being plain from start changed me forever. You are more than I can describe to any mortal. I love you sweet. Good night and sweet dreams.

49. No matter how distant we will ever be from each other, my heart will never be far away from your love. Good night.

50. Do you know that moment when the sun shines and darkness goes into hiding? That is how I always feel at the thought of your love. Your love brightens up my life. Good night my love.

There is one part of the night I don't always like:

It is the part I will sleep without you being by my side.

Emptiness is what I feel, thinking of you not here.

But nevertheless, it won't make me to not say good night.

I hate to say good night without you here

I hate to share the blanket alone

Coldness is the description of such nights!

And sad it's happening again tonight!

I miss you, but good night.

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I watched the day turned into night

And sad, knowing you are not here

It is going to be as sad as I see it.

But I can't help but say goodnight.

There is part of the day I always like,

And it is the time you say your sweet good night.

I could miss even my dinner but wouldn't miss that!

I love you my dearest, and I wish you sweet dreams.

Good night my love.

I was once told, end the day with smiling with a loved one.

But how could I have done that when you are far away!

I really miss you and I wish you know the intensity.

Good night to you, as I pass the night lonely.

The more the night draws near, the sadder I become

And it's all because I will be lonely in the night.

Still praying, expecting a miracle of me seeing you to happen,

Without which I will be the most sorrowful tonight.

I miss you, but good night.

Without being beaten, I feel hurts all around me.

In broad day light, I feel gross darkness all around me.

Looking gloomy, having the feeling that I am lost

And I reasoned it out only to know it's because I miss you.

I am the strongest of a lady, but not without your helping hand

I am the happiest that ever lived, but nor without your care.

I am all that is good in the world, but not until I find your love.

I love you my sweet, good night but still I miss you.

In couldn't help it without you by my side

My eyelids are heavy but then sleep won't come

The night is going to be a lonely night at worst

How I wish you were here my love

Good night and sweet dreams.

It is hard for me to say good night

And harder for me to realize you are not here

I miss you so much that I can't sleep

Good night my love.

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