Best Good Night Quotes for Her

2023 Best Good Night Quotes for Her (Goodnight Quotes for Girlfriend)

The stress from the day surface usually at night, and that comes with a tiring body or mind at the end of the day, no one should take the burden of the day to bed, that’s why I believe a cool massage might just be what is needed for a relief.

And that’s where a lovely message comes in, you can use a beautiful goodnight message to massage your partner’s mind and let them carry a beautiful mind to bed because there’s something about getting a lovely message from someone so dear to you.

I bet you’d like to be the last person your partner heard from before sleeping, below are some lovely goodnight messages to usher her into that perfect dreamy state.

Ready? Let’s go!

Romantic Good Night Quotes for Her

Romantic Good Night Quotes for Her, Romantic Good Night Quotes for Your Girlfriend.

1. “The moon looks so amazing tonight, I wish you could be here with me to watch its beauty, make sure you have a good night, my Love.”

2. “I know you’re looking at this starry night, just like I’m looking at it from here, but you know I’d have love to see some of these stars through your eyes. Good night, darling.”

3. “I love this time of the day when the sun is going down to sleep, but the midnight sun is most beautiful when I whisper goodnight in your ears.”

4. “Now hush, my lovely one, the sky has cast darkness upon us and it’s time to call it a day, sleep peacefully, my Love.”

5. “I know it’s been a hectic day, but I want you to do one last thing before bed, I miss you and I want you to see the star I sent to tell you goodnight.”

6. “It’s a wonderful moonlight this night, with its shiny sky, and here I am looking for you among the stars, as you are one yourself, have a lovely night, angel.”

7. “I assume your tiring body is ready to tap out for the day, allow your bed to give you a little therapy and make your body ready for the new day, sweet dreams, my Love.”

8. “The sound of your voice, on this dark night, would be the lullaby to my ears, I hope you’ll have a peaceful dream and goodnight, darling.”

9. “The day was busy and rough, but the thought of you alone is making my night a beautiful moment, have a sweet dream, my angel.”

10. “Eat your dinner, take a light shower, and expect my call to sing you a lullaby, I want to refresh your mind this night, I hope you’ll have a sweet sleep.”

11. “Forgive me for not calling you earlier, my day was so busy, I feel so tired but I’ll regret it if I fail to wish you a good night sleep. Have a lovely night rest, my sweetness.”

12. “I have been missing you since morning, and right now, I can’t wait to fall asleep, so I’d meet you in my sleep, have a sweet dream, my sweetheart.”

13. “My day as hectic as it is, couldn’t take your thoughts off my mind and as I’m drifting into the dream world with my heavy eyelids, I’m missing you already, goodnight, my angel.”

14. “I had a nap this afternoon but I was heartbroken, cause I couldn’t see you in my few minutes trance, I hope I’ll see you in my dream tonight, sleep tight, my honey.”

15. “I’m thinking of learning the act of massaging and I’ll be your personal masseur, to massage your aching bones every night, have a good night, my Love.”

16. “In honour of love, I promise to watch over you this night, just allow me to be your guardian angel. Have a good night, sweetheart.”

17. “There’s nowhere else to go or be at this moment when there is no shadow in the dark, you know it’s by your side but since I can’t right now, I’ll see you in my dream. Goodnight, baby.”

18. “There is a magic formula for attaining a sound sleep, and my own way of giving you one, is to caress your mind, I love you always, see you in the dream world, my Love.”

19. “As the skylight grew darker, I wish you could be here, next to me as sleep overwhelm my eyes, so that I can wake up to see your face.”

20. “One beautiful time of the day is when I sleep with you on my mind, it’s the only time I can be with you peacefully without actually being with you. Sleep peacefully, my sweetheart.”

21. “I want you to have a beautiful morning, and since the night always comes before morning, I’m wishing you a night full of sweet dreams, my queen.”

22. “If truly, dreams come true, I want to sleep early this night, so I can dream of cuddling you, and hope to see it come true, goodnight, my Love.”

23. “Honey, the worst thing you can do to yourself is to go bed with a negative emotion, I want you to free your mind off any regret of the day and have a sweet night.”

24. “I won’t be able to sleep well if I end this day without sending across you goodnight message, to put a smile on your face. Have a lovely night rest, my sweetheart.”

25. “I have just asked the cool night breeze to kiss you for me, I already know the duvet would not disappoint but keep you warm till the morning. Goodnight, Love.”

26. “I wish to hold you in my embrace, with a soft instrumental music playing in the background, while we do a slow dance but you’re there and I’m here, do have a beautiful night, baby.”

27. “I just couldn’t sleep without telling you how much I love you, even if I do not get any reply, the thought of you smiling while reading this is all that counts to me. See you tomorrow, my Queen.”

28. “The rain today makes everywhere feel so cold, it’s really cold here, I wish we could be together to warm up, you’ll definitely be in my dream tonight, sleep tight, honey.”

29. “A negative state of mind can have a negative effect on the body, so, dream of me as I’ll be dreaming of your cute face, have the best night ever, sweetie.”

30. “In the skyline, there’s a sign that it’s time for you to forget about everything for the day and rest your body and soul, don’t forget to say your prayers and remember, I love you, goodnight.”

31. “As most of the world goes to bed, and the stars come alive in their numbers, give me the privilege to be your knight for the night, to chase away your unpleasant dreams, sleep tight, my heartbeat.”

32. “I miss you so much that I can’t wait for you to enchant my sleep, so I can see your cute face smiling at me in my dream, goodnight, my cute one.”

33. “As the stars cover the earth with its image, may sleep takes you away into the rocking arms of dreams, mayor be beautiful, you’ll cry when you awake.”

34. “The sky is filled with so many stars, I wonder where you are among them, have a special night, my Love.”

35. “The moon is casting upon us a romantic mood, but it’s such a shame that you’re not here, then I had to look back to the moon and send you a whisper, goodnight, honey.”

36. “The silver moonlight set for us a stage, but we’re not close to watch because distance has a way of torturing us, and here I am yearning for your embrace.”

37. “It hurts, to know that you are here in my heart, under the same sky and yet, I can’t be with you, sleep peacefully, my Love.”

38. “I think goodnight should be rated among the saddest word, hearing that word from you at night does come with its own heartache, I hope you have a sweet dream, my angel.”

39. “I want to be the shoulder you lay your head at night, and the voice that soothe your nerves when you’re restless, have a sweet night rest, sweetheart.”

40. “Only your thought is enough to get me through the night, make sure you have a cozy night, my pretty Queen.”

41. “The day is over, it’s time to resume your beautiful dream, don’t forget to invite me over into your dream, cause I can’t wait to cuddle you. Goodnight, my Love.”

42. “I’m right here, speaking to God to send you more angels, I’m not as comfortable as you’ll be sleeping alone tonight. Goodnight, cutie pie!”

43. “It’s a sleepless night, and in my imagination, my ceiling is my canvas, the painting is going on just fine, if you’re wondering, the picture is you, my heartbeat.”

44. “Why do I feel awkward this night? Sleep has eluded my eyes, my mind is far from home, and your heart is the home, I hope you find a way to sleep beautifully, sweetheart.”

45. “I can’t wait for the times we’ll finally be one, living under one roof, sharing one bed, our hearts beating as one, and having sweet dreams together.”

46. “Hope you know, that someone, somewhere is seriously wishing for your presence right now, I just thought you should know that, goodnight, my Queen.”

47. “Here I am, laying down all by myself, with the moon flashing on my body in its pristine, even in all these tranquil serene, my mind is still disturbed, I need you to have a sound sleep, goodnight, my Love.”

48. “The day is over, the sky is dark, and the moonlight seems faint, take a position on your bed and have a wonderful dream, my sweetness.”

49. “On such a silent night, all I feel like doing is to whisper sweet dreams to your ears, goodnight, baby.”

50. “Sweetheart, your beauty within and outside, is more than that of the moon and stars together, have a beautiful night, my Love.”

51. “My mind can’t help it, it’s like the nighttime drags for too long and I just hope you know what you do to this heart of mine when you choose to stay away, goodnight, my sweetheart.”

52. “A cozy sleep is sweet when the world is quiet, but it’s more sweeter when you’re here with me, I wish you a blissful dream, honey.”

53. “The starry sky paints the universe with a peaceful ambience, the moon lights the night with enough love to help me think more clearly of you, sleep tight, honey.”

54. “Baby, I really miss and crave you, that I have to call the night show on radio, to request a song for you, just tune in and let the love song rock you to bed, my Love.”

55. “I am just a man with no little emotions, I miss being around you, and I wish you could be here to enjoy this sky full of stars, enjoy your lovely night, my angel.”

56. “Not having you here is painful but thinking of your radiant smile that I’ll see tomorrow morning is what keeps me going, goodnight, sweetheart.”

57. “You’re out of sight but your thought on my mind is heavy just like an anvil, how lovely it would’ve been to hear sweet mumblings from your mouth tonight, have sweet dreams, darling.”

58. “What I’d have wished for is that we both stuck on each other and hide from the rest of the world, but I guess we can do that some other time, have a lovely sleep, my Love.”

59. “Having something to hope for really help to wake up in the morning, I hope to see your face again just I look forward to your pretty smile every day, have a good night, sweetheart.”

60. “I think you’ve cast a spell on me, just out of curiosity, I think you should let me know, anyways, have a blissful night, heartbeat.”

61. “I got no control of tomorrow, only God does but what I do have control over, is my feelings and I know I’ll still be loving you tomorrow, sending you a goodnight hug, my Love.”

62. “I could talk to you for hours and just be listening to your sweet voice, even till tomorrow morning, but you have to rest your body to get ready for another day, have a lovely night, honey.”

63. “Maybe time truly isn’t always the best measurement of quality but I know in my heart of hearts that I’d love to be with you just of my times, have a good night, sweetie.”

64. “I have a request to make, I only want to hear your laughter before going to bed and then wish you sweet dreams.”

65. “I wish I could have just one wish, to be in your mind for just a night, to know what you usually think about me when you’re on your bed, meanwhile, I’ll be dreaming of you again tonight.”

66. “You can’t teach your heart but you can feed it to feel a certain emotion, I’ve been feeding your face to my heart, and it’s healthily in love with you, goodnight, my angel.”

67. “How magical it is, to see the stars align beautifully in your dreamy eyes, I hope I can see them again tomorrow, have an amazing night, sugar.”

68. “I don’t want you going to bed mad because of the silly fight we had today and so, I’m sending you my apology to make you free your mind off worries, I’m sorry and I love you, have a good night, honey.”

69. “I know it’s been a really bad day, and things are really getting tough but as you know, you can’t quit just yet, lay yourself peacefully and get ready for another day. Goodnight, sweetie.”

70. “My heart falls deeply in love with you with each passing of time, and this night, I thought to tell it to you more and more, so you’ll have a sweet moment even in your sleep, gave a bliss night, my angel.”

71. “It seems I’m wishing for too much these days, but how will I not wish to be with you, to breathe in that body of yours that smells like love. Have a pretty night, my heartbeat.”

72. “The way your head lay on my chest at noon, at that moment, it’s as if you’re speaking straight to my soul, I wish we could be that way all day, but you had to go home, hope you’ll have a sweet night, honey.”

73. “I can’t sleep because I kept hearing longing whispers, do you also hear it over there or am I the only one hearing it? I guess I’d live with it tonight, sleep tight.”

74. “It’s late and it’s a resting hour, my whole body is ready to shut down but my desire for you just won’t sleep, I miss you, my Love.”

75. “Under this same night sky, you’re a little farther from my reach, I wonder what’s on your mind, I hope my curiosity will allow me to sleep tonight, goodnight, baby.”

76. “I’m here, thinking of the night when we’re going to explore each other, me exploring your body and you doing same on me. Do have a splendid night, my Love.”

77. “I can see visions through the aligning stars in this lovely wide sky, though I’m not an astrologist I can see me still taking a walk with you in our old age, holding hands. Goodnight.”

78. “Do we really have to sleep at night? Why can’t we just find a way to cuddle every night, that’s what I I love to do all nights. Goodnight, my sweetheart.”

79. “Have you seen the love between the sea and the moon, they reflect each other, I wish you’re here, so you can see your reflection through my eyes, have an awesome night, angel.”

80. “I miss your smile in darkness, I miss the way your breath warm up my face, what I’m simply saying is that I miss all of you here this night. Have a warm night, sweetie.”

81. “Do you know what I feel like doing as I’m looking at this moon up in the sky, I want us to be alone and away. Goodnight, Love.”

81. “The radio just asks me who I want to cuddle with this night, of course, I called out your name. Have a lovely night, my beautiful queen.”

82. “I just finished laying my bed, I’m now laying on my side of the bed, but your side of the bed is empty. Make sure you have a good night wherever you are, honey.”

83. “It’s going to be a long night today, you’re away in another city and I can only be calm by staring at the moon while thinking of you, goodnight, Love.”

84. “I want to tell you a secret, it has to be said at night when the world has gone to bed, and sleep must’ve overtaken your eyes, then I’ll whispering it in your ears and you’ll be dreaming it.”

85. “I wish to see your face in my dream this night, to do that, I need to sleep, but how can I sleep when your thought kept sleep away from me.”

86. “Night, a dark moment of transport into another universe, I hope as you sleep tonight, you land in paradise, sweet dream, honey.”

87. “I love the picture of you playing in my head, especially the way your pretty eyes speaks volume, even in your sleep, sweet dreams, my Love.”

88. “Your dream will shape the future you want, and we’re already at the end of the day, for that beautiful future, start by sleeping beautifully, my queen.”

89. “Sometimes, life can be so hard being alone, especially at night, but I want you to know you’re not alone, sleep tight, my Love.”

90. “Looking into the sky, I can see beautiful stars from the balcony of my hotel, but I still can’t see any that match your beauty, have a lovely night, sweetheart.”

91. “It’s a large gathering of stars tonight, make sure you make a wish before going to bed and sleep smiling, goodnight, angel.”

92. “Listening to the sound of your voice every night, it’s like a stress reliever to my mind, thank you and have a beautiful night, my honey.”

93. “It’s a night full of precious lights and you’re the only one shining brighter, goodnight, baby.”

94. “This night, everything looks magical, deep within your eyes, are beautiful stories yet untold, I hope to hear them all, probably in my dream, sweet dreams, my sweetheart.”

95. “I hope I won’t be disturbing your sleep tonight, cause I can’t seem to put you to bed in my mind, have a lovely night, honey.”

96. “Your beauty is a threat to both the sun and the moon, including all the stars in the sky, you keep glowing day and night, have yourself a beautiful night, my Love.”

97. “Promise me that you’ll dream about me tonight, I want to experience another how it feels like to be in the same dream with you, sweet dreams, heartbeat.”

98. “Now the day is over, the city is now dark, close your eyes and let’s visit another city, sweet dreams, sweetheart.”

99. “There is no room for nightmare, not today, not ever, cause your smiley face before bed is just enough to drive away any unpleasant dream, goodnight, my Love.”

100. “Laying here on my bed, yet I feel lost and lonely cause you’re not here. Have a good night, sweetheart.”

101. “As the sun disappears, the moon takes the centre stage, to light up the path to a sweet and beautiful dream world, just for you. Goodnight, my angel.”

102. “I was already on bed, then I remember I’m yet to give reverence to you, the woman who beat the drum of my heart, have an amazing night rest, my Love.”

103. “A dark sky filled with a galaxy of stars, and a chilly weather, hope you’ll have a sweet and warm night, goodnight, my heartbeat.”

104. “My night was never so nice until I met someone so lovely, who turned the whole experience around, I now look forward to many nights with you, goodnight, sweetheart.”

105. “As the night evolves into a darker place, your thought came to mind, come on, my Love, to my side and let’s gallivant into a world of our dream.”

106. “Allow me to stand guard to your heart this night, to have a face-off with every thought that might want to bring nightmare to your dream. Sleep peacefully, my Love.”

107. “You’re not here, yet the feeling I’m feeling just at the thought of you makes me want to wish that night never turn today. Have a blissful morning, sugar.”

108. “With night in sight, my thought of being with you come alive, I need to sleep early, so I can wake up to see you early, goodnight, my angel.”

109. “There was in the sky tonight 2 shooting stars and for each one, I made a wish, and it’s all about you. Sleep warmly and have a good night, my Love.”

110. “I am physically present in my room but my mind is away, far away from you, somewhere I’d rather be, have a sweet night, heartbeat.”

111. “What a variety of beauty residing in just a body, and with her smile, she got a single filled with a thousand feelings, have a sweet night, sweetheart.”

112. “They say life is what we make of it, I say let’s start making most of it from this night, goodnight, honey.”

113. “Maybe on this night or any other nights, all that I’ll ever need is all I see you becoming, goodnight, my Love.”

114. “Every night is a journey into an unknown world, and all that you need to go on the journey, is a bed, duvet and a hug from me to keep you warm through the night, sleep tight, my queen.”

115. “To love is to stare into your eyes and dream even without sleeping. Goodnight, angel.”

116. “The day is ending, the night is here, close your eyes and dream of you and I cuddling before the moon. Sweet dreams, my sweetheart.”

117. “If you see smiling in my sleep, know that you’re the one in my dream, making me smile, sleep tight, honey.”

118. “During the day, you’re my distraction, and at night, you’re my peace, have a lovely night, my Love.”

119. “I’m happy it’s night already, I haven’t seen you today and I can’t wait to meet you, in my dreams, sweet dreams, heartbeat.”

120. “I want this night to be the longest we’ve had, I’ve missed you too much during the day, I can’t afford to miss you much again, I’ll be staring at you while you sleep, goodnight, my star.”

121. “I wanted to embrace you tonight, right in front of all the stars and moon and profess to you my eternal love but I guess I’d do that on another occasion, have a sweet night, my Love.”

122. “In the most beautiful of ways, under the arrays of stars, just before the moon, my mind testify how much I love you but I realise you love me much more, have a sweet night, my angel.”

123. “In your eyes, I see a different side of me. Have a lovely night, heartbeat.”

124. “I’m sending you this text as a reminder, as you’re about to sleep, waiting for you, is that space no one can take, in my heart. Goodnight, my Love.”

125. “This night, I’ll be sleeping lonely, because you’re sleeping in the wrong place. Goodnight, angel.”

126. “You belong here, right beside me, sleeping in between my very arms, this night and every night, I just thought you should know, goodnight, sweetheart.”

127. “I want to appreciate the moon, for giving light to our path and to the stars, for shining upon us on our home every night, do have a good night, my Love.”

128. “There were times I dread being alone at night, not because I’m scared of the dark but because I feel lonely without you, goodnight, honey.”

129. “I never cared about sleeping alone until I met you, now I feel vulnerable not having you here with me, sleep tight and sweet dream, my star.”

130. “How I long for just a glimpse of her. And when I finally saw her, I know I’ll have a sweet dream, see you in paradise, my sweet angel.”

131. “I love the way you make me smile, and this night, I’ll be wearing this smile you’ve given me to bed, I’m never taken it off. Have a lovely night, heartbeat.”

132. “Every star that shines through my window leaves a cute smile on my face, cause each star reminds me of you. Have a good night, my star.”

133. “When I lay me down at night, the thought of you is what process my eyes into sleep, goodnight, my Love.”

134. “This is just a simple note, to tell you, have an amazing night and sweet dream, my heartbeat.”

135. “Each night is a time to get refreshed for the day, have a warm bath, listen to some love song and dream about me, sweet dreams, baby.”

136. “I still have the sticky note you wrote me, it’s right beside my bed and anytime I roll on my side and read “I love you”, I wear a new smile that reminds me that I have you, goodnight, my Love.”

137. “I practice how to run today, I want to run into your dream overnight, hope you’ll be waiting for me, sweet dreams, my heartbeat.”

138. “Thank you for your helping me recover from my insomnia, I now sleep like a baby, goodnight, honey.”

139. “Saying goodnight with this note from afar isn’t nice, I can do better if I was right in front of you but all the same, sweet dream, my angel.”

140. “The day may turn to noon, and the noon may change into night, but my love for you will remain for you, have a blissful night, sweetheart.”

141. “The night without you has made me realise, that my heart wasn’t wired to be alone, you can tell I’ll miss you every night without you, goodnight, sweet angel.”

142. “We’re both made for each other, I’m only a safe haven to shield you from hurt but you’re the home my heart dwells in every day and night. Goodnight, my heartbeat.”

143. “I can’t see you but I can feel your touch through your voice and I know I’ll still feel it when I’m dreaming, have a lovely night, my queen.”

144. “This night, I got home with a panting heart, not because I was running late but because I know you won’t be here tonight, goodnight, honey.”

145. “Honey, saying goodnight most time beat my heart too fast, it’s so hard for me to say, so if you hear me say, I’ll dream of you, you know what I mean.”

146. “To love means to expect some kind of heartbreak, just like sleeping without you tonight, do have a sweet night, my Love.”

147. “One of the greatest happiness in life, to love and be loved, and the thought that I have you who loved me to love is everything. Goodnight, sweetheart.”

148. “For every pain I have felt from before, you have replaced with smiles, thank you and sweet dreams, my Love.”

149. “Even if I don’t know anything, this much I know and this much I know is the truth, I love you now and always, have a good night, my dear.”

150. “You’re both sun and moon, you brighten my day and light up my dark night, have a lovely night, my Love.”

151. “How can the night cope without the moon and stars, how do you expect me to cope without you, when you’re all that I have. Goodnight, my angel.”

152. “At that time when we say goodbye, that’s when my sunset began, do have yourself a cool night, my Love.”

153. “It is a silent cold night here, I wonder what you’re thinking at the moment, are you thinking what I’m thinking? Have a sweet dream, angel.”

154. “I doubt if I’ll be sleeping tonight, it’s as if my body is here and my soul is wandering, searching for you. Hope you’ll have a good night, angel.”

155. “Honey, let’s do a role play tonight after you’ve made your bed, tuck yourself in, I’ll read you a bedtime story from here and I’ll kiss you goodnight.”

156. “I’ve tried calling you many times, so I can go my nightly ritual of saying goodnight but since you’re not picking up, I decided to send you this hug and a sweet dream text, angel.”

157. “I have a surprise visit to make tonight, I want to come electrify your body and in the process, I’ll leave a trail that you’ll meet in the morning, I’ll come through your dream, goodnight, my Love.”

158. “In the house, every empty space tell a story of you, bringing to memory, a bittersweet experience, have a lovely night, sweetheart

159. “We belong together, if you’re still having a doubt, remember the way fit in between each other’s arms and how free you are to stroll into my dreams, goodnight, my angel.”

160. “Music is for the soul, that’s why every love music I listen to is all about you. Have a beautiful dream, my heartbeat.”

161. “The weather this night is giving some cravings to my mind, I crave not just your touch but all of you, goodnight, sweetheart.”

162. “I’ve heard it before that true love comes most time when you’re not ready, now I believe it, cause you came into my life when I least expect it, do have a sweet dream, my Love.”

163. “Once in a while, I like being silent, tonight is one of those days, I want to think and sleep with you on my mind, beautiful night, my angel.”

164. “If thinking about my interest will take stress off my mind, then I want to always end the day with you in my mind, have a blissful dream, honey.”

165. “I know you’ll be shocked while reading this and I’m sorry if it makes you feel somehow this night, I fell in love again while reading messages previous messages. Have a sound sleep, heartbeat.”

166. “One small thought about you before bed can induce a sound sleep and sweet dream. Hope you’ll have both this night, my angel.”

167. “My Love, can I have the privilege to seduce your mind before you sleep, I bet you’ll dream sweet and cute dream.”

168. “I know it’s dark out now, but you don’t be afraid, it’s only a reminder that is time to dream, have a sweet dream, my sweetheart.”

169. “Just by hearing your name at night, I feel on top of the night sky, with the cloud driving me into the beautiful dream where you reside. Goodnight, my angel.”

170. “As darkness conceal the world tonight, so does your love consume the whole of me every time, have a lovely night, my Love.”

171. “As I lay me down here, my mind is flooded with the memories of our secrets, secrets that only these walls can bear witness. Goodnight, my queen.”

172. “Truly, I don’t know what tomorrow hold but I know where my heart will be, either before the sun chases this dark night away or after, my heart belongs to you, sweet dreams, sweetheart.”

173. “I love the night more, at night, I get to see what the dream of what our future together will be. Have a lovely night, my Love.”

174. “I love the idea of falling asleep in the cradle of your heart, your thought made it clear and what better way to end the day. Good night and sweet dream.”

175. “Just the thought of the smile you wear is enough to fall in love with you over and over. Goodnight, honey.”

176. “I heard a song today, it was all about you, I plan to hear more of it before bed, sweet night to you, my Love.”

177. “I love the moon, the one in your eyes, I love the warm breezy breath, that follow every word you whisper in my ear, and I’ll still love you into the night, my queen.”

178. “At night, I become a storyteller, I fill the night with interesting stories, some are real while some are just imagination, you and I being the only character.”

179. “I may not be with you at the moment, but I want you to know that I’m thinking about you, right here in my little room. Goodnight, my Love.”

180. “Within the darkness of the night arises beautiful dreams, but most importantly, I want the dreams to be of you.”

181. “I hope I won’t have to be the only one feeling this way, the only one whose heart stays awake at odd hours, because of you. Goodnight.”

182. “This night, I want you to fall in love as you close your eyes, you know I’d always love to feature in your dream, just say the word. Sweet dreams to you, honey.”

183. “Bad dream isn’t only about nightmares, not having you around when I’m awake could be a bad dream too. Have a good night, angel.”

184. “We’re looking up at the same sky, we’re seeing the same stars but we’re way apart. Goodnight, sweetheart.”

185. “As long as the moon be the light of the night, you’ll always be the light in my darkness. Have a good night, darling.”

186. “Goodnight, my Love. May the angel of the night guard your way to a beautiful dream.”

187. “When the sky is dark, and people are soundly asleep, it remains I and the thought of you. I love you and hope you’ll have a lovely night, my heartbeat.”

188. “Sweetheart, let’s discover a new world together, let’s wander into the dream together, while we dominate and wake up as royals. Goodnight.”

189. “I don’t know how darkness came to be, but I know how the night feels, especially with you. Have a lovely night, my dear.”

190. “Let’s meet in a world, where we can build a castle and love endlessly, a world that starts at night, it’s in the dream.”

191. “Every of my night has a taste, has flavour and different aromas and all these are because of you. Goodnight, my Love.”

192. “When the sun shines, you shine along, and when the moon comes out with so many stars, you still shine through, that’s how bright you are, my queen.”

193. “What makes the night beautiful, if not the moon and the stars scattered in the sky, Just like you make my life beautiful. Have the loveliest night, honey.”

194. “Don’t go to bed without saying your prayers, most importantly, don’t go to bed without reading this goodnight message, my queen.”

195. “Everyone knows the beauty of the nightlies in the moon and stars, shining their light, but I know what beautify my night, is your smile.”

196. “The darkness covering the night is a chance for you to sleep peacefully and renew your strength. Goodnight, angel.”

197. “May this night bring you a beautiful sleep and a sweet and blissful dream.”

198. “Every night, I went to bed with smiles, not because I’m rich, but because I have you.”

199. “She’s got happiness inside of her and I am a beneficiary, my day has been great so far and I know that this night will be awesome. Goodnight, my Love.”

200. “I have decided to be the sun that shines during your days, and the moon, to brighten your dreams every night. Have a beautiful dream, sweetheart.”

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