Good Night My Love

2023 Trending Good Night My Love Wishes Quotes from the Heart

The night is said to be the most dynamic time of the day bringing back the deeds done during the day. There’s a time one sits to recollect all the good and bad things that may have transpired and of course, love supersedes all expectations. So before we are drawn into nature’s call of rest, we tell people whom we love how much they really mean to us and even how much we care.

Romantic Good Night Messages to My Love – Goodnight My Love

Be an integral part of your boyfriend, husband, wife or girlfriend’s dream with good night text messages to him or her from the heart.

1. Good night my love, may the stars guide you through your dreams.

2. Into the night your heart shall rest, let the pillows be soft while you lay. Good and better night to you, my sweetheart.

3. Dear one who looks like the moon, may you glow into a dreamland full of love and passion.

4. I pray your night becomes as soft as the cloud and as warm as the evening wind.

5. Do go gently into the night, hold your heart and wait for my love to warm you tonight. Sleep well

6. May the merry of tonight cover your and remind you how much you mean to me.

7. This night I pray the stars guide you, the moon be the sun to your dreams. I pray my love shelter the eyes of your heart.

8. As the night ignites its light and the morning await your smile. Know that my heart will sing you a lullaby into your beautiful dreams

9. Keep up your beauty with the moon, let my love warm the stars to wait for your rising.

10. How I wish I lay beside you, my dear. I want the night to be about us.

11. Show me what love is tonight when I lay, let me find the stars in your eyes and follow them.

12. Follow the light of your heart when you lay tonight. If they speak of love in the night, answer it and close your eyes.

13. Let the sun sleep with you as you are the light of my life.

14. I sought the sweet lullaby to help you to sleep, but your sweetness alone is a song worth singing tonight.

15. Baby, as you sleep tonight, may your feet find the soft ground of beautiful dreams.

16. Dear angel, when you sleep tonight. May your dreams blossom like flowers.

17. Look at the moon and tell me it does not remind you of how whole our love feels tonight?

18. As your heart beats into sleep. May our love synchronize into a song we want to hear as lullabies.

19. Close your eyes and see the beauty of the night. Hold your heart so I listen to what it says tonight.

20. Wear the facade of the heavens as your eyes find sleep. I want you more especially at night.

21. As the night falls into your world, may the moon be there to guide you into beautiful dreams.

22. My dear love, I pray your fears will dry away like the night wind and bring a dream filled with clouds for you.

Good Night Message to My Love

23. Love will surely sleep with your pillows and receive your hurt. You will find peace of the night while you sleep.

24. Night has bounded your fatigue cause I need you to sleep like a baby. May your smile never fade like the setting sun.

25. Morning came too soon with a sky of shivers. Night has come with love so endowed and thoughts of you. I love you

26. Wear the night as a blanket, let your worries become thin. Let my love fuel the beating of your heart for me.

27. Let Angels be beside your bed to guide you through the night, as you are the one my heart finds.

28. Rest sweetness, rest your burden on a sleeve of the night. Let the stars hover around your bed so your night sparkles.

29. Night brings a fragile thought of love with the cold breeze so you’re soaked in thoughts of me. Dream happily of us.

30. I will not let the night steal you away from me that is why I have sent the moon to be my eye and the stars my smile.

31. Bing yourself to my dreams tonight. It scares the nightmares away. I love you

32. Tonight I cannot explain how much I miss you cause your love overwhelms me.

33. If this night was a piece of paper, I would have picked the sky and written how much I love you. A Song About Love is In the Air.

34. Tonight, your arms are where my heart will find much comfort, my love.

35. Sleep shall not elude me yet until my lips have sung a goodnight lullaby to the one I love the most.

36. When I look at the moon, I see a love of me and you, like the sky and it shining and blossoming.

37. Pardon my absence, my King. I am not there to hold you tonight, to kiss you or to love you, my heart beats for you.

38. Your eyes are like stars, shining in my darkest hour.

39. May my night be remembered with our love and kisses escort you to sleep.

40. Wherever you are in the world, know that my heart will find you.

41. The million and one ways I would find comfort tonight is seeing your crystal sparkling eyes.

42. I am always happy forever finding you, may your kind heart love me forever.

43. In the dark, it is your heart that blossoms as light. Love me even in my dreams.

44. Can you close your eyes, open your heart, walk out the doors and find me in my dreams?

45. I want to lay close to you so I hear your heart tonight.

46. Be the ocean to my bed and the sweetness to my honey. Good night love.

47. Anytime my eyes close, I feel you holding me to sleep.

48. Hey, dear, I was arrested in my dream. Can you come and rescue me?

49. My love is like a wing, it will shelter you so long you think of me tonight.

50. Anytime you see the star shine, then know that I just whispered I love you.

51. When my eyes find the shores of sleep. It means you should become the ocean as well.

52. You always shine as a full moon in my heart at night.

53. As a lot of other people find the activity of the night, my heart smiles for the one reading this.

54. May sweet dreams find the sweetest person on such a sweet night withal sweet thoughts of you dwells here.

55. Becoming your lover is a sweet thought enough for me to go to sleep, my love.

56. No matter what dreams scare you, it is my fave you will see by morning

57. No matter how hard today may come with a night to keep you far from me, I bring this message to feel so close to you.

58. I believe the moon and stars shine for me cause I love you.

59. May your night be bright with this good night from my heart.

60. When your heart thinks of me, know that the stars are from my heart to lure you into beautiful dreams.

61. To a man who makes me sparkle every day. I wish him a good night

62. The night is a lot of aches as you are far from my reach. I know you and I are not far as we will see in dreams tonight.

63. Tales of my night would have been complete if we laid together and made love into beauty.

64. See the stars and how they shine at night? It’s how you shine my life every moment.

Romantic Good Night Message to My Love

65. Let this message be of warmth so it hugs you into a deep sleep where I keep myself waiting for you in dreams.

66. The night is going to be a long one because you are far from me. May mornings be longer too

67. A Goodnight only means “See you soon in the dreamland.”

68. I thought of a perfect way to remain in your heart forever my love, it came as a good night.

69. May every night allows me to express my heart to you in closer form

70. Thank you for bringing a lot of sweetness into my life.

71. May every night bring sweet memories of what we share now and always.

72. The night I do not feel because you occupy my thoughts all time babe.

73. I want to appreciate you for the love you have shown me everytime I have been with you. I love you so much

74. Being with you makes me whole and that is why this night shall not separate us because I’d see you in my dreams.

75. For every moment I am happy and never have a sad night is because I love you.

76. You are my strength, happiness, laughter and love. May we continue to be beautiful.

77. Look into the clouds and see the stories the stars create about us. I love you and you’re mine.

78. You have always taught me how to appreciate good things. Your love I appreciate like the night and moon.

79. My loneliness knows no bound but thoughts of you arrests such.

80. Whenever I lay at night to be swept off by sleep, the stars flicker to remind me I need to tell you good night

81. As I am not close to hold you in my arms, know that my heart is even closer in thoughts.

82. I’m sure there is a big smile on your face as you read this. I only wanted to say good night.

83. This night is only fiction to my love for you. What I have for you can supercede the night

84. Let the night quickly fetch itself into the morning so I see your face.

85. Whenever you go to sleep, take me along into your dreams my dear.

86. Only if it were possible to follow you through the night into dreams, I would cause I love you.

87. You are the brightest star in my life. Let the night make you sparkle.

88. Morning has come and gone. The night is here and so are your thoughts.

Sweet Good Night Message to My Love

89. You are welcome into the night where we will meet in our dreams.

90. Can your arms reach me so I tell you how much the night makes me grieve cause I miss you?

91. I want to become the wind that passes your neck so I whisper good night love to you.

92. Hush baby hush. Let the night shine with you blossoming as my Star.

93. When you fall into your dream tonight. I will wait on you with white flowers to guide you into sweetness.

94. The stars in the sky remind me of you, of how you shine in my life.

95. Let us build a tower of dreams, roll into the night and make love like we always do.

96. Sleep well my love, be like the cloud and flutter in my heart tonight.

97. I am thankful for this day, even more than thankful for the night where I recount you as a blessing.

98. Fear shall not near you my dear. This night shall be about beautiful dreams and love and us.

99. The night is such a lonely time without you, you mean a lot to my heart. Good night.

100. You are a beautiful cause for such a night. I love you so much. Nice night.

101. At such time when the cool breeze of the evening blows, I think of you so much I wish I was in your hands.

102. You’re a sprinkled though on such a cold evening. I wish you warm night dreams with kisses.

103. I wouldn’t mind walking around this earth finding you so you lay close to my heart tonight.

104. No star will shine brighter than your eyes, that is why when you close it night happens

105. The dream I would want to come true is you laying by my side.

106. I always hurry home thinking you will be on the bed waiting for me to come love you up.

107. Night… I do not pray it come. It’s a pity I will be reminded how much without you I’m sleeping tonight.

108. Hello there, just stopped by to say goodnight.

109. At night my world stops because your thoughts come raging like the storm and leave me sad.

110. The morning was beautiful with you, the night will be dark without you. Can you shine like the stars so I meet you in my dreams?

Cute Good Night Message to My Love

111. A few lines here to remind you how much you mean to me. I love you

112. Instead of sending goodnight messages, I wish I would whisper it to your heart from my lips.

113. Don’t walk away from me like the sun did to this day. Hang in my life and be the star of every moment.

114. If my arms were close by, it will wrap you close so I sleep with ease.

115. The night is here and I wish the lullaby would not be far.

116. Even when I do not have anything to say, at least know my heart thinks of you tonight.

117. If only your bed could talk, I know it would ask of me so I come warm with you to sleep tonight.

118. You are like music to my heart, drum to my heart and light in my heart. You are a story for the night.

119. Know that tonight, you are the last thought before sleep.

120. I’m lonely because so feel you are far, I feel you’re far like the stars. Even though you shine in my heart, let night bring you closer.

121. My dear, don’t worry for you will be the first thought of the day once I wake up tomorrow.

122. I know you’re tired of hearing me say goodnight every day, that’s why tonight I just want to say. Can you dream of me?

123. Deep down my heart, know that I feel so much for you even if we don’t see all the time. Let the night not be different.

124. Tonight I know something is missing. A dose of you.

125. I will only wake up strong tomorrow because you will be the last thought of the night.

126. My night kept having itchy though of restlessness. That was when I picked this phone to say I love you girl. Goodnight

127. If I was here, I’d be filled with smiles, laughter and you. Tonight happens to be different so I end with words you only read

128. You’re a star every day that is why there will never be a night where you don’t glitter.

129. I hope for my love, I want my love, I need my love. I need you for tonight.

130. Speak open your heart these words “I love you so much, my babe”

131. Here’s a blanket of kisses to warm you into the night. Let it cover you.

132. Underneath the blanket is someone I want to be beside. I want to let the person know I am thinking of her.

133. Night has ended today but not your thoughts. I still think of you.

134. I usher in the night with these words to serenade a beautiful night into your room. Have some sweet dreams.

135. I want to thank the Earth for a refreshing day a bright sun, a dark night and a beautiful love I have with you.

136. What soundtrack can accompany such lonely night when you’re not close by? Can you blow some kisses for me?

137. Open the night with your heart by telling me what part of you makes my night beautiful as always.

138. Whenever I am in your dreams, hold me tight so I don’t break loose from your love.

139. I’m wondering if you’re as anxious as I am without you by my side. In your good night rest, know I love you

140. I just wish you laid here beside me so I tell you of all the sweet things in this world.

141. Halt your fears, let it be like the clouds, for you, my dear are my best thought for tonight.

143. You are like a pillow where I find my comfort and rest my thoughts.

144. Tonight I just felt before I sleep I say this. I love you even on nights when you’re not close.

145. Talk to me, tell me something sweeter like the moon is in your eyes.

146. My day won’t turn over without me not saying goodnight to where my heart sleeps with love.

147. Night lights are like the thoughts sparkling in my mind. You happen to be one of the thoughts that shines the brightest.

148. Save my beating heart by repeating these good night words “I love you”

149. Excuse me but I am busy loving people who love me and I mean the you who is reading this on such a night.

150. I’ve gone to the dreamland, I will wait for you by the door of sleep. Good night.

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