Have a Blessed Birthday

Have a Blessed Birthday Wishes, Greetings & Quotes in 2023

Birthdays come and go every year but what makes each one different are the memories made of it. Just sit back, think about how you started, where you are now and the great future you hope for.

So for your beautiful birthday messages and wishes, you’ve come to the right place! Send the following heartfelt prayers and wishes to your friends and loved ones on their birthday and they’ll be glad you did.

For you or anyone celebrating their birthday, I wish you a hearty and blissful new year!


Have a Blessed Birthday

Have a Blessed Birthday wishes

1. You finally made it! Thank God for thus far He has brought you. Just sit back, relax and enjoy your new age. Happy birthday.

2. It’s your birthday. You’ve been a wonderful friend to me. Your big heart, smiles, personality are all amazing. Much love dear.

3. Today is not just your birthday, but also a remarkable day signifying a new beginning. Thank God for His faithfulness in times past and keep trusting Him for a better tomorrow. You are limitless. Just keep soaring.

4. You’re an amazing and loving person. A disciplinarian and a leader, teaching me always to dare and believe in myself no matter what. Thanks for believing in me. Happy birthday to you.

5. Happy birthday to you dear. It’s so beautiful seeing you grow. I pray that you increase more and more in wisdom and in stature. Keep glowing dear. Many happy returns.

6. That one special day is here again. The day to celebrate you and you alone. You’ve been a source of inspiration to me and many. Accept my little birthday wish because you deserve more.

7. Your journey of yesteryears I’m sure are full of the good, the bad and the really ugly situations. Just sit back, relax and thank God for ALL.

8. This is the best time to sit back, relax and reflect on yesteryears with a hope of a better future. Your best is yet to come. Happy birthday with love.

9. Your new age is not one anyone easily comes by. Just a few live up to it. It’s, therefore, a privilege you reached this time of your life. Thank God for the grace. Happy birthday.

10. Do not think you are alone. I always have you in my heart even if distance seems a barrier. You are never forgotten. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Blessed Birthday Wishes

11. Happy birthday, dear. Words are too cheap to express my heartfelt wishes but then my profound silence would be misinterpreted, so with these brass words that can’t fully express the lustre and beauty that you are, I wish you a happy birthday.

12. To the one that offered warmth on cold nights, for the times I dwelt in the company of your weirdness which really is uniqueness hidden in loveliness, enwrapped to bewilder such beings like me. I wish you a happy birthday.

13. It has been a privilege and would remain a privilege to have been acquainted with you over the years, for the parts of yourselves you’ve given selflessly, for days your presence and all else, I’m grateful to God and you for being such a bundle of joy that you are. Happy birthday.

14. A wise man once said a happy life is a life spent for others. I sincerely pray that on this day, your heartfelt wishes and desires be met even as you’ve been a shade to weary minds.

15. For a lithe body like yours, your strength, insights and energy, confounds my little self and at each dawn, I found you evolving into someone greater. I celebrate you, dear. Happy birthday.

16. I know not the exact time your little hands appeared nor the time you took your first breath but I’m sure the Earth must have been awed for you are a miracle in person, an answered prayer and victory embodied. These and very much more are you. Happy birthday, greater heights.

17. Happy birthday to you. As you mark this day, may brightness of light overshadow you and may you shine brighter and better. You are destined to be great. Enjoy your day.

Blessed Birthday Messages

18. As you celebrate your day of birth today, may good things and good things alone be your portion. Goodness and greatness beyond measure fall upon you. Happy birthday

19. I’m sending you lots and loads of love this special day because it belongs to the one I cherish. May this day mark the beginning of special and wonderful things to come. Celebrate! Happy birthday love

20. Happy birthday, dear. On your day, success, prosperity, good health, long life and happiness are my wishes for you. May you have them in abundance from this day henceforth.

Blessed Birthday Wishes

Trending Blessed Birthday Wishes

21. Here are my wishes for you on this lovely day; that your life be filled with fulfilment, joy, and love, not just from loved ones and friends but also unexpected surprises. May God surprise you in ways you cannot imagine. Remain blessed and happy birthday.

22. Happy birthday to you. As one only lives once, so also does a birthday come just once a year, every year. May every year remains remarkable and unforgettable. Enjoy your day.

23. I wanted to be the first to wish you a happy birthday so I kept a vigil just up till midnight, thinking of all the beautiful things I would say to you. Finally, the time arrived but I couldn’t say more than I wanted to so I summed it up in a few words; “happy birthday to you.”

Have a Blessed Birthday Wishes

24. Some years back, the sound of cries of a newborn baby was heard. That baby turned out to be you. I’m glad I met you. May this day mark the beginning of many good things to come. Celebrate in joy as this is your day, happy birthday love.

25. Writing this now, I remember the gleam of joy and brightness in your eyes every time I see you. I pray I never forget this day because on this special day, I expect a wider smile, a brighter gleam and lots of excitement. Remain happy, happy birthday.

26. Happy birthday sweetheart. May this day be filled with sweetness and love. Enjoy your day. Be happy and merry because it’s your day and yours alone!

27. Happy birthday, dear, laugh till I can see your tears, cry till you can no longer breathe and all you do is to gasp, then calm down to breathe and smell the serenity of life. Anything you do, I’ll take it because a day like this wouldn’t come again this year.

28. Today being your day, I wish you God’s protection and provision, breakthroughs in everything you lay your hands on, good success in your career and endeavours. Happy birthday.

29. Happy birthday darling. May this day bring along with it fulfilment in all ramifications and aspects of your life. May you excel among your equals. God bless you mightily.

30. As years have gone and a new chapter opens in your life, remember that every chapter has an end and a new beginning in another chapter. So write this new chapter in the book of your life with grace and style. Happy birthday.

Have a Blessed Birthday Greetings

31. Eagles soar in the sky and spread their wings, in this new year, broaden your horizons by leaving your zone of comfort and soar into the fulfilment of purpose. Achieve greater things this new year. Happy birthday.

32. Happy birthday, friend. Don’t just celebrate this day and the years gone but beyond these, acknowledge the gifts and talents you possess. Maximise them and embrace the best you can be. Have a wonderful birthday.

33. Many stars arise and shine brightly. May you shine and radiate till the world is left dazed by your brightness. Have a blast on your birthday!

34. As little drops of water add up to make an ocean, may the little things you do make you a wonder on your special day. Have an awesome birthday.

35. Today marks the start of another 365 days of awesomeness, dear friend. Make it count! Happy birthday to you.

Blessed Birthday Messages

36. May you shine brighter, soar higher, launch deeper, and be better in all you do. Have the best birthday ever!

37. All things God made are bright and beautiful, and you are a representation. Keep manifesting and radiating God’s glory and beauty. Happy birthday to you dear friend.

38. Birthdays are special moments making us remember years gone by and anticipate years to come. May the years ahead be far greater than the years past.

Have a Blessed Birthday Quotes

39. Enjoy every moment of the new start. It promises to be great. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

40. Be happy. Not because situations give you reasons to be or because I told you to. But make yourself happy because you deserve and again because it’s your birthday!

41. Love is in itself beautiful and it becomes more beautiful when found. I’m so blessed to have found you and be found by you. Thanks for loving me always. Happy birthday, deary.

42. Many people started like you but just a few are able to make it to the age you are marking today. Thank God for watching over you always. Happy birthday to you.

43. Even if today were not your birthday, you still deserve to be celebrated because you’ve been an awesome being all your life. I celebrate you today and always.

44. See how special you are. Of all 365 days in a year, you alone have one particular day no one else can share with you. Have fun on this day and be thankful to God for the Grace.

45. May the blessings and joy that come with birthdays be your portion. This shall not be your last. Wish you many more years of fulfilment.

Have a Blessed Birthday Quotes

Best Have a Blessed Birthday Quotes

46. My prayer for you this day is that you excel and prosper beyond your wildest thoughts. Today and beyond, you will begin to do the impossible. Keep being beautiful dear. Many happy returns of the day. Hurray!

47. It’s celebration time! As we commemorate your birth into this world, may your life be filled with laughter, love and peace. Happy birthday, dear. Enjoy your day.

48. As you mark your birthday, I wish that all your dreams come true. Wish you many more years of fulfilment and celebrations. Put on your dancing shoes, it’s celebration galore!

49. I thank God for the gift He gave me. And that gift is you. May you enjoy blessings, peace and happiness in all your endeavours. Happy happy birthday.

50. Days grew into weeks and weeks into months. Months become years too and today you’re celebrating another year of your life. May you experience newness in all ramifications as you begin anew today. I wish you a blissful birthday.

51. Each step you take each year towards life and death makes me cherish the time behind and ahead of us, and this I believe, for you, best is yet to come. Happy birthday.

52. I remember the day my scattered steps brought us together, to have been taught to crawl, run, fly without limit, through your life. it’s been an utmost pleasure knowing you. Happy birthday.

53. To have known you first as a stomach disorder then a flutter within, then a being with a face and multiple kicks and now a person on the way to greatness, it’s a privilege to be your mother. Happy birthday son/daughter.

54. his day brings to mind the girl you’ve left behind, the Lady you are, the woman you are becoming, I wish you happy birthday as you grow towards fulfilment.

55. It brings to my cheeks a blush, my heart a smile when I remember that this big little sis (which you are) was once a thought in mum’s heart and a desire in dad’s imagination, you’ve evolved to be a great joy to us all. Happy birthday sis

56. On this special day of yours, I pray for the fulfilment of your heart desires and the joy of the lord to rest upon you. Happy birthday.

57. To the one whose smiles surpasses the Sun’s glow, whose loveliness rivals the moons, whose gentleness, too great to be measured, happy birthday dear. Have fun

58. For you, each day of life is a victory for you’ve always been a champion right from the time you invaded my privacy spread out on the king sized bed in my bowels, kicking through all opposition to life, you made history even in the womb. Happy birthday, son. Be the champion you are.

59. Bundles of joy, happiness, grace and success are my sincere prayers for you as you start a new year. Happy birthday.

60. My words are not about the goodness you exude today but about the life you’ve lived every other day, that’s life. And I’m proud to say that you are a wonderful person. Happy birthday

Blessed Birthday Quotes

61. Letters, alphabets, numbers have no means to express the joy of having known a great person like you, but still, I’ll try. For the humorous thoughts enwrapped in wisdom, for the gentle smile served to weary minds, with gratitude in my heart I wish you a Happy birthday.

62. Silver and gold I have none but this I ask for, that the hand of the Lord be upon you, his presence overwhelms you as you embark on another journey of discovering your wonderful self. Happy birthday.

63. Contrary to expectation, this day seems too gentle and calm to have brought about a bubbling, ebullient, zestful person like you but then it’s just of the wonders that make you up, but then, I’m used to you being unique Happy birthday dear.

64. Happy birthday to this fantastic love-being, funny, popular, charming like me. Congrats to an amazing human being.

65. As you age, count your blessings, not your age, remember the wonderful experiences, not the mistakes. Happy birthday to a fantastic person!!

66. Happy birthday to you dear, may the eyes of your understanding be continually flooded with light. Keep shining and winning, sweet!

67. It gives me much pleasure to say “Happy birthday to you”. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and prosperity. May your dreams come true. I love you!

68. Happy great Birthday! Have a year full of love, Happiness and Joy. Keep soaring high honey!!

69. May this year be a year of breakthrough for you. Your light shines everywhere. Congrats on another great year.

70. Much thanks for making life meaningful and fantastic for me. You’ve really contributed to my success story and for that I’m grateful. Happy birthday to a special person

71. May your heart always lead you to the purest form of happiness, peace and joy coz you deserve it. Happy birthday.

72. Happy birthday. You rock. I love you. You are a genius. You are brilliant. Hope it’s the best one yet

73. Feliz Compleanos a mi amigo. You are amazing and you’ve touched my life in so many ways. I really love you!

74. As you age, count your blessings, not your age, remember the wonderful experiences, not the mistakes. Happy birthday to a fantastic person!

75. Let’s have fun from morning till night, since birthdays come only once a year. Let’s get a room filled up with balloons since it’s your special day and you deserve the best.

Let’s light candles, the ones you can handle. You are plus one today, so there’s no need for a delay!

76. Too many words cannot fill a bushel. But a few words will make quite a difference. It’s your birthday, let’s rock and roll. I wish you health and wealth. May all your dreams come true.

77. Knock knock knock! Do you know whose birthday it is? It’s my bestie’s birthday! Today is your day friend and I’ve just got to say, “Happy birthday”.

78. The moon and starts leap in glee. Even the wind stopped in its rage, drooling at the feet of the newborn being. Nature finally did celebrate with you, cos it’s your birthday!

79. Birthdays are special days to celebrate and be celebrated. Although they come one once in a year, the memories they bring will still linger. The love, wishes and prayers will always stay in the heart and mind. Happy birthday!

80. Birthdays are exceptional days, especially for exceptional people like you. May you be reborn in goodness and abundant success. And may your life not be cut short until your good is best. Happy birthday to you.

Have a Blessed Birthday

81. The day is bright and beautiful. There are elegance and joy in the atmosphere. Hurry, hurry and blow out your candles. It’s your birthday and I wish you all your heart’s desires. I will not budge, so pray till your mouth will tire.

82. Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream! That today is your birthday is not a dream, get up and be happy! It’s your birthday, be merry.

83. Let’s get in the mood. Where are the drinks and the foods? Blow the candles and cut the cakes, say your wishes and your “amen” and they will come true. Set your goals and see how you will break through.

84. It’s cake day. It’s merry time. It’s your birthday. You are plus one. You should jubilate and celebrate. The clock is ticking, do make a wish. And because it’s your birthday, it might come true. Happy birthday to you.

85. Today would have been like every other day but it’s not because it is set aside for you alone. Isn’t that beautiful? The day is yours and yours alone. Make the best you can of it. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

86. Happy birthday, dear. I wish that the remaining days of your life be purpose filled as you continue this journey of life, May your stars never die.

87. Happy birthday, dear. I wish you a life free of challenges and that you cherish the memories of today and the days beyond.
I just want to wish you a happy birthday filled with all the sweet and good things that come with it. From your first love and heart.

88. Your heart is what keeps me going. Your love is what kindles my day. I am gonna love you till my last breath. I wish you a happy birthday my dear and love.

89. As the sun shines without respect, I want to wish you a happy birthday without respect. Have a blast and break a leg without respect. Smiles.

90. My wish for you on this special day is a better tomorrow full of promises, good health and hope. My wish is that you never ever give up, never live a miserable life and your strength will always be sufficient even during the most difficult times of your life.

91. Happy birthday, senorita. I wish you long life and prosperity garnished with success and peace. May your path continue to brighten IJN. Happy new year to you.

92. May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheers. LLNP.

93. Happy birthday, my darling brother, you are a rare gem to this family. May the good Lord bless you the more as you add another year. I pray that you realise your very heart desires as you mark your birth in Jesus’ name.

94. Happy birthday, darling. My one and only sweetest sister and light of the family. May the good Lord continue to enlarge your coast, brighten your day and make your paths as white as snow. May you cherish the sweet memories of today and the ones ahead. May your wishes always be granted. Have a fruitful year ahead.

95. Dearie, I can not say how much I am overjoyed to imagine or know that today is your birthday. I wish you good things and pray that your new age and this very new month brings you blessings and surprises past your expectation. Set the world on fire with your dreams and use the flame to light a birthday candle. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

96. May the grace of the Lord Jesus and the love of God, and d communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you throughout this season. Amen. I wish you a happy birthday and a happy new year.

97. Happy birthday, love. I wish u long life & prosperity coupled with success and peace. May your life continue to be brightened and may your coast know no bounds IJN.

98. Happy birthday. Wishing you a greater destiny & long life to fulfilling God’s divine purpose on earth. Do have a blast & enjoy your day cos you are a queen. Love you plenty.

99. Happy birthday, love. I’m sorry it’s this late. Lines fall for you in pleasant places. I pray you sing new songs in this your new age. Enjoy your year of unprecedented breakthrough.

100. You are the best friend I’ve ever had. You’ve always had my back, supporting me when everyone else I know has left me high and dry. You’re the best, and the best you shall have on your special day. Happy birthday to you, love. Have a blast.

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