Touching Forgiveness Love Messages

2022 Touching Forgiveness Love Messages

No one can live in isolation. This implies that relationships (of any form) will not but exist. And no relationship is a perfect one as it all has its up and down moments.

So, when awry situations like this happen, would you allow ego take its hold on you and make you pretend like nothing ever happened, or you would rather choose to apologise and make peace reign?

Forgiveness is like a goal ticket but not so easy to earn especially when the offender is greatly hurt.

Sweeping dirts under the carpet only make things go worse. Whereas, making a simple apology reveals the virtuous nature of your heart and a good display of your maturity. This is a good way to understanding each other better and learning to live with the other peacefully.

Whatever method you might want to adopt, using any of the quotes below will perfectly help you express your heartfelt apology to your significant other.

I’m sure you will find them helpful. Thank me later when it does. Winks.

Apology Text Messages to Someone You Love

Do you care to right the wrongs in your relationship by saying sorry for your wrongdoings or to make sure peace reigns? These forgiveness love messages are sure the best for perfect Apology. Don’t hesitate to send it to your girlfriend or boyfriend for quick reconciliation.

1. I know I could have taken so much stress out on you this past few days. Please forgive me of all my inadequacies.

2. A thousand ‘sorry’ may be inadequate to erase all my wrongs. Still, I seek your forgiveness.

3. You are the only one I need and can ever live with. Please forgive all my wrongs.

4. Rather than lose you to anyone undeserving, I’d rather hold on to you for the rest of my life.

5. Any little separation seems as though my world would fall apart. I don’t want to lose you, baby. Please forgive me.

6. I’ve been looking for a million ways to seek your forgiveness but, I’m yet to find the accurate way. Still, I am sorry!

7. Just accept the fact that my heart has been regenerated and I’m now a new person. Find a place in your heart to accept me back.

8. Trust me, I’ve learnt from all my mistakes and I’m ready to move on.

9. What I can’t bear is having this tension and grudges between us. Please let’s come back and make peace again.

10. My love, nothing is as important to me as the joy that usually radiates on your face. Do forgive me so the joy can reflect more of your beauty.

11. No doubt my unthinkable behavior has jeopardized our friendship. I hope you will forgive me so we can move on like nothing ever happened.

12. My life would be meaningless without you. Let’s forget the past and put things right again.

13. I know it’s hard to say, but I’ve come to put things right again. Baby, I am sorry!

14. The everyday pressures of life is overwhelming. I’m afraid I could have taken so much stress out on you inadvertently.

15. All my desire is that you will no more remember the hurts of the past, so we can move on to the next phase.

16. How things got out of control I can’t really explain. All the same, do not give room for more anger in your heart. Please forgive and forget.

17. I promise not to take things hard on you anymore. I am heartily sorry!

18. Rather than give up on what we’ve built on over the years, I’d rather let go of this issue that has been pulling us apart.

19. My intention was to surprise you and make you feel more loved. Never knew it would hurt you. Please forgive me.

20. I will work hard to sacrifice more than I ever did to earn back your confidence in me. So sorry for everything!

21. All I want to do is to wipe those tears that I caused you.

22. Please, rest on my shoulder and weep all you can on it. I know I hurt you deeply. Forgive me!

23. I never knew what came over me. Find a good place in your heart to forgive me.

24. Wipe all my wrongs in your heart and give me a clean slate so we can afresh. I love you, my heartbeat.

25. I never wanted to take this love for granted. Was only looking for a better way to get deep into your heart. Sorry for hurting you in the process.

26. You mean so much to me. Please clear all forms of grievances in your heart.

27. Without you, my life is incomplete. I need you more than ever before.

28. This silence between us hurts me more. Can’t bear it any longer. Forgive me, my love.

29. Teach me how best to love you so you can trust me again. I am ready to pay the price.

30. Knowing you’re wounded hurts me more than you can ever think. Let’s forget all that happened and move on, dear

31. I wish I could turn back the hands of time to rewrite my wrongs.

32. The pain I’m feeling right now is nothing compared to the hurt doled out on you. Please forgive me, dear.

33. If words were wishes, I only wish I hadn’t hurt you with my harsh words. I withdraw all odd words I’ve said to you. I am deeply sorry!

34. I can’t stand the hurt I see in your eyes no more. Please accept my apology.

35. Trust me, I do not mean all what I said. Now I’d learn better how to react while angry.

36. You’re the last person I’ll ever think of hurting in my entire life. My heart is sick and heavy for your love.

37. My dear, I’ve got no excuse. I accept full responsibility for all my action. All I need you do is just to accept me back into your life.

38. This is just to let you know how sorry I truly am. Please forgive me!

39. I love you too much to lose you because of this little misunderstanding. I promise to make it up to you.

40. This love has grown so long for just anyone to come in-between us. I’m sorry for not believing your side of the story.

41. As human, I am bound to make mistakes. I need your strength to work on my imperfections.

42. My heart is with no one but you. Take me back as I am and let’s rekindle this fire of love.

43. This reunion can only get better since we’ve both learnt from our past mistakes. Let’s get back again!

44. I know I made a terrible mistake. But I never pray to lose you for life.

45. No perfect love without hurdles. This love was meant to be. Please learn to forgive whenever I err.

46. Your being with me was never a mistake. And I will prove that to you with all I can. Just give me another chance.

47. I know my little pride almost wanted to cost this relationship to fall apart. Thank God I gained you back. Please forgive me.

48. It can only get better when we come back together. And we’ll learn to build each other up.

49. Your strength covers up for my weaknesses. If you leave me now then my whole world would fall apart. Please, don’t go.

50. I’d never realised how reckless I’ve been until lately. Pardon me for taking this love for granted.

51. I didn’t realise my errors until you pointed my attention to them. I thank God for having you in my life. Please, show me mercy.

52. I know I deserve to be punished but I plead not to be treated with the measure of my offences.

53. I thought things over and realised how far I took the situation. Not happy seeing you hurt this way.

54. When I say ‘I am sorry’, I mean it. Please, forgive me.

55. I’m deeply sorry for bringing tears to your face. I will do everything possible to compensate for all my errors.

56. Truly yours, I love you dearly. But I’m sorry I never showed you how much I care.

57. Sorry, I made you cry. But I want to make it up to you and make you smile again.

58. Never realised how jealous and irrational I could sometimes be. Forgive me for being human.

59. I apologise for not listening to your side of the story. I promise never to repeat such again.

60. Now I know what overreaction can cost me. All the same, I don’t want to lose you.

61. I almost lost you. Only God knows what I could I have done if I did.

62. Never again will I allow myself to lose sight of you. I will never again take you for being unserious. Forgive me!

63. Now I’ve learnt how to tread softly. I will always control my temper from now on, I promise.

64. Kindly find a place in your heart to forgive and forget all my offences.

65. I pray never to step out of my boundaries with you anymore. I hate to cause you pain.

66. I never wish you doubt this relationship for a second. My love for you is real. Please, believe me.

67. I could sail through the ocean and climb the hills to show how really remorseful I am.

68. I am sorry for how I made you feel. I never intend to make you feel this cheated.

69. I made a careless joke, I admit. I promise to be careful next time.

70. You are the last person I ever want to hurt. I will do all I can to make it up to you.

71. I am sorry for always taking the whole stress of the day out on you. I will work on my weakness so I can always delight you.

72. I could have been selfish all along. Never would have realised until now. Forgive me!

73. Just to let you know I am now a changed person. Old things have passed away. See me now as a new creature.

74. If you do not accept me back into your life, you will not know how deeply sorry I am, and how regenerated I’ve become.

75. I have changed for better and willing to start afresh with you. Just let me be assured of your forgiveness.

76. I am willing to start afresh and renegotiate so we can both be happy. I am sorry for all my foolishness.

77. Believe me, dear, my life will be meaningless without you in it. I need you!

78. You’ve brought so much relevance into my life. Losing you for a second will be great jeopardy for my life.

79. I plead for a second chance. Please accept me back into your world.

80. I’m hopeful things will get better now having learnt my lessons. Please, forgive me!

81. Can I still get a chance in your heart? Please, do recreate one even if I’m almost losing my chance.

82. Once I’m assured of your forgiveness, then I’m also assured of securing your heart for life.

83. I haven’t been a good person all along and I am even scared of what I did. Kindly pardon my excesses.

84. You are a queen and you deserve the best of all good treatment. Apology for treating you cruelly.

85. Earning your trust back may prove pretty difficult. But I’m willing to wait till I get it back in full.

86. The magnanimity of my foolishness has pushed me to seek God’s face for your forgiveness. Please, dear, show me mercy.

87. It may seem I look unconcerned. Trust me, I feel pained more knowing I hurt you this way.

88. Still want to be the one to take away the pain I caused you and wipe those tears off. Please give me another chance.

89. I can’t deny not missing you these past few days. I need you back in my life.

90. I realise I need to work my way fast into your heart. That’s what I’m here to do now, to plead for your forgiveness.

91. I’m so scared of losing you. If I don’t take a step now, I am scared someone else might take my chance.

92. I may not have learnt how best to honour a lady if not for the little hiccups that happened recently. I have learnt my lessons. Forgive me!

93. These few days of separation really taught me how well to value what one has. Now, I know your value and wouldn’t want to lose you.

94. With you, I’ve learnt to be more patient and understanding. Please, give me another opportunity to prove that to you.

95. Never would have thought I would be found out this way. Forgive me for letting you down.

96. My plan was to tell you all by myself at a rightful time. I’m sorry you got to know before I ever told you.

97. The silver lining of your forgiveness is the only antidote to clearing every dark cloud of my lies. Please show me mercy.

98. I seek your hearty forgiveness. I will not go unless you bless me.

99. When I say I am sorry, I want you to believe I really am. Do not judge me by my past foolishness.

100. I was almost losing my mind having realised you were almost pulling away from me. Please don’t leave me like this.

Trust you enjoyed these forgiveness quotes. Now that you now know how to go about making an apology or showing true forgiveness, feel free to use and let us know your comment in the section below.

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