Best Birthday Wishes on Facebook Timeline for Someone Special

2023 Best Birthday Wishes on Facebook Timeline for Someone Special

Your friend/friends on Facebook will soon mark his/their birthdays, you might have thought of how to compensate for their love, care and friendship they share with you.

I know that you will want to send them sweet birthday wishes, flood their timelines with amazing messages. Don’t you think that just ordinary; HBD, WLLNP, HBD…LLNP, is not enough and is too superficial to send to someone who’s a special friend to you?

Your burden has been lifted, and you don’t need to disturb yourself about composing any wish. You will find this platform useful and helpful, below are plenty of beautiful and wonderful birthday wishes, just go for the one you love to send to your friend/friends.

Best Birthday Wishes on Facebook Timeline

Instead of the HBD, LLPP, GBU abbreviations, you can get the best wishes to post on someone’s Facebook Timeline.

1. My wishes are good health, prosperity and long life for you dear. Happy birthday!

2. Happy birthday, my amiable friend, God prospers your days.

3. I wish I could come and celebrate it with you at home, but I couldn’t. Just make sure you have a nice time. Happy birthday, pal.

4. Glad to hear today is your day. Just checking through my notifications. I wish you live the rest of your years the best of your years. Happy birthday, friend.

5. Happy birthday, dear, don’t forget to send my cake.

6. I love the pictures you have uploaded, how beautiful they are. God will beautify your life more. Excited birthday dear.

7. Thank God for another opportunities life has offered you. Happy birthday my dear friend.

8. I’ve been waiting for today to come since I’ve known it to be your day. God bless your new age dear. Happy birthday!

9. You are part of those I’m privileged to know, you are special and needed a special treatment especially for your birthday. Wish you all the best dear.

10. Wow! Thank God I remember today! Happy birthday, dear. Enjoy your day.

11. Hope you are already awake, make sure you have a blast today! Happy birthday.

12. Exhilarating birthday to you friend. Love to see you growing bigger, higher and greater.

13. Wow! Today is just about him, a wonderful friend. I wish you all the best in life.

14. I know will soon celebrate our friend anniversary, but now it is your day, get set and let’s celebrate. Cheers!

15. You are now a year older, just reminding you that you are no more a small girl. Grow in grace.

16. It’s my friend birthday, I must flood my Facebook platform with an epistle and some pictures. Say a Happy Birthday to you, dear.

17. I’m so happy that you are alive today. Wish you success in all your endeavours, happy birthday!

18. Before my battery run off, let me quickly wish my bestie, happy birthday.

19. A special birthday for a special person like you. May you continue to live in good health and prosperity in order to celebrate more.

20. Joyous birthday to you dear. Have fun.

21. Even though I’m not notified, I have your birthday in my brain. Happy birthday dear!

22. Just to wish you an excited birthday and to remind you that I admire and appreciate your friendship.

23. There’s something that comes up every year-birthday. Your birthday will bring you the fulfilment of dreams.

24. Half asleep, half awake, I just got my fingers typing…happy birthday!

25. Wake up! wake up!! It is 12 already. Happy birthday dear! Congrats.

26. I just like wishing you during your birthdays not because you are my friend only but because we share the same month.

27. You know you didn’t send my last year cake, don’t repeat the same thing this year. Happy birthday.

28. Let me be the first person to wish you on your timeline. Happy birthday!

29. I don’t forget your birthday, so far I can’t forget mine. Rejoice and be happy, hip! Hip!! Hip!!! Hurray.

30. You look radiant and ravishing in your birthday clothes. Happy birthday, friend.

31. All the rest of your days on earth shall be fruitful. Glorious birthday!

32. Twenty years is a year for you. Wish you a joyful birthday dear!

33. I pray God to bless your way and I wish your moments be lightened. Happy birthday!

34. Birthdays are always full of fun, enjoy a sticky bun. Ecstatic birthday!

35. I’m glad we are birthday mates, wishing you happy returns of the day.

36. I hope your day is blessed with happiness and joy, sunshine and friendship. Happy birthday.

37. For your birthday, I want to wish you everything you wish yourself. Blissful birthday!

38. I want you to know that you are loved by all of your friends, always take care. God bless you and your family. Take care and enjoy your day.

39. May all your days be filled with memories and flowers, friendship and happy hours. Happy birthday!

40. I wish all your dreams and wishes come true. Glorious birthday!

41. I’ve been waiting for the clock to strike 12, to wish someone who is a special friend to me a glorious and lovely birthday!

42. Happy birthday my dear, make it a simple celebration, a gathering of friends. Enjoy your day.

43. I’m wishing you great happiness, joy that never ends. Hip! Hip!! Hip!!! Huraaay.

44. Here are my little but great gifts for your birthday; a flood of blessings, happiness unending and a lot of fulfilment of glory. Enjoy your day.

45. It is a great day not for you only but for all your wishers including me, keep basking in God’s grace. Delightful birthday to you!

46. Swim in the joy of the Lord for joy is always your portion. Happy birthday dear friend!

47. Sorry, this is coming late, wish you all the goodies of life. Happy birthday in advance.

48. I just got the message this morning, I know it’s never late to wish you. God bless your new age dear.

49. A birthday is an opportunity, holding a promise of fulfilment of your dreams. Happy birthday, dear.

50. To a rare gem, wishing you happy birthday, more days to your day, more years to your years. Enjoy your day.

51. Oh dear, it’s your day let’s pop champagne and blow balloons. Happy birthday to you

53. Happy birthday to you, you shall always remember this day as a wonderful day.

54. Hmm… Happy birthday, friend, I can see comments are already coming. Enjoy your day dear!

55. Happy birthday to you. More grace, blessings and mercy.

56. I wish you hitch-free year ahead, you are someone special and your birthday should be too!

57. Varieties of balloons, flying papers, delicacies, blossom people, clinging of cups, what do they describe? Happy birthday, sweetie.

58. Make it simple and moderate dear, I know it’s your birthday, enjoy yourself.

59. Keep on shining, never stop believing that I care as a friend. Happy birthday.

60. A load of blessings will come and locate you. Happy birthday!

61. Happy birthday! You are a priceless jewel and to your greatness I celebrate.

62. Hmm. What a wonderful day for a friend like you celebrating birthday, to massive grace I celebrate you.

63. Happy birthday, friend, continue to grow in grace.

64. The sun that shineth today will continue to shine light into your dark path. Sweet birthday to you my
lovely friend.

65. I pray that our friendship’s cord will never break. Wish you a delightful birthday!

66. I can but wish you all the good and special things present on this earth. What a special person you are. Happy birthday!

67. A friend who always keep me busy online, you deserve the best. Just wish you luck. A wonderful birthday to you!

68. Next year will be more meritorious than this. We shall celebrate it together, wish you a prosperous birthday.

69. Congratulation dear for adding another year. Keep on growing and shining in the Lord. Happy birthday to you!

70. You are just too special for me to overlook. I wish that you get to greater heights in life. Happy birthday special friend.

71. I believe you will enjoy yourself to the fullest today, don’t forget to share with me your cake. Ecstatic birthday to you!

72. Hey dear, how are we celebrating your birthday? Make it super. Happy birthday!

73. Throw your hands up in the air, because today is your day. Rejoice birthday girl.

74. It is your day and you can do as you like, you may break bones but don’t overdo anything. Glorious birthday to you.

75. Rejoice for the day has finally arrived, happy birthday sweet friend.

76. This is an opportunity to move to another growth stage. Blissful birthday!

77. I want you to send me real wine and cake, I don’t take this emoji at all. Happy birthday dear!

78. All your expectations for this stage God will grant. Happy birthday!

79. I don’t know you have lived so long, that means you have a young face. Fresher you always.

80. We are actually age mate, wow! Now I see the reason why I have clung to you. Happy birthday, love!

81. You get all the features of the month you bear! Sure you are the best. Enjoy your day dear.

82. Since the day I added you as my friend, I’ve gone to check your birthday on your profile. That means you are special to me. Happy birthday!

83. It is amazing today is your day. You will have everything you wish and what I wish for you which are: good health, happiness, favour and long life.

84. I not only have you as my facebook friend but also my heart’s friend. You are always in my heart. Happy birthday!

85. Though you are a distant friend I have to learn some good qualities from you through our everyday chats. Enjoy your day dear!

86. I always love your posts, keep it up they are fantastic. Happy birthday, dear.

87. I want to see your beautiful birthday outfits, quickly post them. Happy birthday.

88. Happy birthday to you friend, where are we going for the party?

89. It’s going to fun all through today, let’s start from this platform. Happy birthday dear!

90. I know you may be thinking about your birth now. You just go and meet mummy, she will narrate everything to you. Happy birthday, dude.

91. Is Bacchus wine and that cake with candles on top ready? If not put off your birthday to another day….(just joking). Ecstatic birthday!

92. If I can pour you water through this phone, I will do it. What a special and jovial friend you are. Happy birthday!

93. Do me a favour by sending the most beautiful pictures you have snapped, want to flood my facebook wall with it. Happy birthday to my friend.

94. If you have a friend that is more special and lovely than my friend and she is celebrating her birthday today, you owe me billions of dollars. You are the best dear. Happy birthday!

95. Your years shall be multiplied, your blessings shall increase and your joy shall be full. Glorious birthday to you.

96. Birthday shares us some memories in the past. Always have sweet moments and memories. Happy birthday!

97. All the rest of life shall be the best of your life. You will live every moment of your days rejoicing and celebrating. Happy birthday!

98. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you. I wish you many happy returns of the day.

99. You will get everything you ever wanted. Remeber I love you and always care for you. Happy birthday!

100. To my lovely and special friend I say a big and gigantic “happy birthday”. Your joy shall be permanent.

101. Even though the celebration is just a day, we will keep the ball rolling. Enjoy your day friend.

102. Fly in the plane of greatness, and land on the airport of achievements, luck is yours and wish is mine. Happy birthday dear!

103. May your future always shine with lots of love. Happy birthday to you dear.

104. It will not be your last birthday celebration, you will live long to celebrate more. Sweet birthday to you dear!

105. Nice having you as my friend with the age of yours. Happy birthday, friend!

106. Your Facebook wall would have been full of your beautiful pictures by now, glad you are one year older. Ecstatic birthday!

107. I’m blushing your age… You are now a mature person… That’s good, have a glorious birthday!

108. The most surprising thing is that we are of the same age. Happy birthday!

109. I wish your happiness grow with each passing day, may today and the rest of your days be the best days of your life. Delighted birthday dear!

110. Your desired days you will fulfil, and your heart will always be filled with joy. Happy birthday!

111. My wish for you today is loads of blessings, fun, excitement and beautiful memories. Happy birthday, bestie!

112. I am one of those who always wish you success. Best of luck dear.

113. I wish you everything that brings you happiness today and every day. Happy birthday, friend!

114. May God bless this blossom friend of mine with a lot of blessings and achievements. I’m always happy to have you as my friend. Happy womb escape!

115. As you start another journey of growth, may your days be filled with happiness and endless joy, live with peace. Happy birthday!

116. May your memories be always filled with sweet moments. Wish you long life and prosperity

117. You are such a special and amiable friend to me, that I can never forget his anniversary. Happy birthday, bestie!

118. Just want to wish that rays of sun continue to shine your path. Happy birthday loved one!

119. I wish you an amazing and a lot of accomplishments to you who I adore a lot. Happy birthday!

120. To your greatness, I celebrate you, to massive grace I celebrate you. Grow in grace and don’t forget to prosper. Happy birthday!

121. Birthday do remind you the day you came to this earth. Sweet blessings of the day will be yours. Delightful birthday.

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