Sweet Cute Missing You Text Messages You will Love

Sweet Missing You Text Messages

It's about time I confess, I must really!
I thought I won't miss you much but I lied
You not here is really breaking all parts of me.
It is either you come now or I might die.
I miss you.
You know the feeling when the day looks like the night,
When forward looks like backward and ups looks like downs?
That is exactly how I feel presently, both within and without
And it's no reason other than you not being here my love.
I really miss you and I hope you miss me too.
Three things doesn't make sense to me
1. A day without the sun
2. A night without galaxy of stars
3. A day and night without you.
I miss you.
I have learnt two wrongs don't make a right
And now a wrong is making a million more wrongs.
Missing you and knowing it, is wrong and wrong.
And it is your loving embrace that can make it right.
I miss you, and I'm losing my head!
I used to have many wishes but now just one
And you are the only one who can make it come true
I wish we stay together, every second and minute forever!
And I love it to be so for I hate the thought of me missing you.
No matter how I tried I can't help but think of you
In all I do, it is you I see always.
I just hope I won't run mad, thinking you are not here
I am really missing the moment we shared.
I miss you.

Cute Missing You Text Messages

The best definition of dejection is staying without you
I have tried to help it but I always failed.
I would love you to be here forever.
For a moment without you seems like forever.
Whenever you are far away, I feel so empty
So empty like I am lost in this world.
This happens only when you are not here
And I wish it never happens again. I miss you.
There are millions of things I could have done
But I'm helpless knowing you are not here.
I love you so much, but your absence makes me sad
How I wish you are here. I miss you.
A second without you is like eternity
And a day without you is killing!
I wasn't feeling alright and I asked why?
And I asked myself, how could I be alright, when you are not here?
I miss you. I really do.
Nothing seems working with me here
I have tried all I could but just can't cope!
I can't cope, living a moment without you
I so much miss you and I want you here
Lonely in the world is how I feel
Gloomy and gloomy is how everything seems
My life is meaningless without you.
How would I ever do things right in your absence!
I really missed you my dear.
I am having the feeling of dejection
And it’s sad it happens every now and then.
I traced it to your absence,
And I can only get better the moment you are here.


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