Missing You Messages

Sweet Cute Missing You Messages you will Love

Sweet Missing You Messages you will Love

Without you, my life leads no where
I am as lost, even without your care.
I lied that I can stay a moment without you my dear
It’s feeling that I might die, thinking you are not here.
I miss you.

I love you I am not just wishing
Morning night and noon, you I am missing.
My sweet lips, meant for your kissing…
But until our wedding day, I am waiting.

Missing you is softly killing
I want to see you, I am not waiting.
My body and soul, for this are aching…
Because it’s you I am really missing.

My heart is beating like I might just die…
I think of you and I just sigh.
I miss you and this is not funny…
I want you here my love my honey.

When the going gets tough, I will be with you,
And when the road gets rough, I will stay with you,
When the paths seem blurry, I will stand by you
And just for you to know, It’s forever me and you.

Morning night and noon, I am making you happier,
I write this in my heart and I sign it with ink on paper.
Loving and caring for you, that I will take super…
And as long as you are my friend, I will be your keeper.

Closer to my heart, you will always be,
And my best among friends, that you’ll also be.
Taking you in love, as far as your eyes can see…
As far as your eyes can see, that is the deal!

Cute Missing You Messages you will Love

The heart you give me not to break
And the love I show you won’t be fake.
I will be with you, whether sleeping or awake…
And till death do us apart, your love I won’t forsake.

You are close to my heart, whether far or near….
Whether you are far or near, for you always I’ll care…
For you always I’ll do care, and your burdens I’ll bear.
All your burdens I’ll bear until your fears disappear.

You are always fit to my life than the clothes I wear,
Than the clothes I wear, you are lovely to behold my dear.
Sweet and lovely to behold, even when you grow old…
And when you are old, you will still be priceless than gold.

I love you for who you are…
For who you are, I respect you my dear.
I so much respect how for me you care….
Knowing without you I would be no where!

Loving you, to me, is more than obsession,
And thinking about you always, sure an addiction
You are my one and only, I’ve got the conviction.
Or how could I shy away from your love, your attraction!

My happiness comes when you are near
And my joy, when you are close and here
How I miss you I can’t tell my dear
This is killing, more than I can bear.

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