I Miss You Text Messages for Your Love

Sweet Cute I Miss You Text Messages for Your Love

Sweet I Miss You Text Messages for Your Love

Like a car is so useless without an engine
So is my life without you.
Every day passing by,
I think of the moment we shared and I cry!
I really miss you my love.

If all wishes and dreams come true
I’ll wish and dream of you staying with me forever
A minute of me without you, is like I’m in little hell!
Without you, my dear my life can’t be well.
I miss you.

I have learnt to make things right when I am wrong
I know how to retrace back my step when I am lost.
But missing you, all my life is wrong altogether.
I miss you and wish you are here now.

Sad is my day without you
Gloomy is my night without you.
I am as lost not being with you.
I miss you, you you and only you.

My day is incomplete without you.
My night was as bad, thinking you were not here
I wish I say good morning, but I’ll rather say I miss you.
If I miss you further, I am sorry I just might die!

Motionless is a car without fuel
Directionless is a ship without a compass
Clueless is me any moment I’m without you
I miss you, and I hope you feel the same way too.

I could miss my 3square meal I don’t care
I could miss my bus even lose my tfare
But in all that I will miss
I can’t cope with missing you.
You are my world

Cute I Miss You Text Messages for Your Love

As gloomy as a day without the sun
And as clueless as a ship without a compass
So is me, so lost, without you love.
I miss you.

It is a lie that I can stay lively without you
More lie is it to say I can cope without you
You absence is setting my life off course
And I think I might not make it if I miss you the more
I really missed you.

I love the atmosphere around
I so love the the sight of all I see
But the thought of you not here makes me feel lost
Please any moment further, I may lose my head.

I just wish one could stop one’s thought
Cause thinking of you not here setting my heart on fire
I tried to help it, but the hurt becomes stronger.
I really missed you and I pray you come on time.

Without you my morning spells MOURNING
and my night spells PLIGHT
I miss you and it’s affecting all I do
Please come back to me, or I don’t know what else to do.

I watched the day turned into night
And I watched the night turns into day
I was so restless because you are not here,
I missed you and I missed you my dear.

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