congratulations on your new baby

2023 Congratulations on Your New Baby Messages

Carrying a pregnancy for nine months isn’t an easy task. Going through labour and giving birth, aren’t even a joking stuff… Babies are wonderful creatures from God. Every adult passed through this stage. Babies are beautiful. They bring joy and happiness to the world. If you love babies, nothing should stop you from congratulating new mothers.

Congratulations on Your New Baby

Sweet collection of Congratulations on Your New Baby Messages.

1. Congratulations on your newborn. May the baby grow to be like Samuel. God bless him/her.

2. Wow! I can’t believe it’s nine months already. May God be with you throughout this time. God bless the baby.

3. May God provide all the baby needs to make it in life. Congratulations once again.

4. I join all other mothers, to congratulate you on the arrival of your first fruit. May God never make your salt lose its savour.

5. Great is the faithfulness of the Lord God. He makes all things possible in His own time. Thank God for granting to you your heart desire (baby). He will grow to make you happy.

6. As you welcome your newborn baby today, may all the good things you’ve always wanted, come in. Congratulations, again.

Congrats on Your New Baby Messages

7. After so many years of childlessness, the Lord has decided to make you smile, by giving you triplets. I tap into this blessing. God bless them.

8. Hallelujah! Your life is a proof that God lives. I’m so happy God answered your prayer on fruitfulness. May this bundle of joy grow bigger in wisdom and knowledge. Amen.

Congrats on Your New Baby Messages

9. Congratulations on the arrival of your newborn baby. May God make the things of joy permanent in your home. Amen.

10. Wow! You’re a mother already! Thank God for putting the enemies to shame, over your life. May the baby grow to become the joy of your home. God be with you.

11. What others prayed for, for years, God granted you with a year. I’m so happy for you, friend. I join you to welcome this bundle of joy into this world.

12. I’m so happy right now! I just heard you’ve out to bed. Congratulations dear. I hope it’s a girl…

13. May God be with you and provide for you, all you need to take care of the baby. You’re blessed.

14. Congratulations, darling. As God lives, the next will be a set of triplets! May God strengthen you.

15. At last, God made you smile. I’m so happy for you. Is it a boy or a girl?

Congratulations on Your Newborn Baby

16. Blessed are those who wait upon the Lord, for they shall be blessed beyond measures. I celebrate your bravery, dear. Against all odds, the Lord made you stand out. Welcome to the newborn.

17. You’re such a lucky woman. You waited upon the Lord, even when people advised you to do otherwise. I celebrate you today and always, dear. God be with you and the baby.

18. Congratulations dear. May things of joy never cease to happen in your family. Congratulations, again.

19. Oooh! People thought you’ll never give birth. But this didn’t bring you down. Rather, it encourages you to be earnest in prayers. I’m so happy the Lord answered your prayer. God keep the baby.

20. Greater is the One in you, than the one who is in the world. Yes! That’s why He’s surprised you with this beautiful baby. I hope you see through my heart, to see how happy I am. Thank God for answered prayers. Congratulations!

21. Congratulations on your delivery. May the Lord bless the child.

22. Thank God a new life is created today. God bless the new life. Amen. Congratulations.

23. May he/she grow to be God’s favourite. Congratulations on your child delivery.

24. Hurry!! A little angel has just been sent to the world. Glory be to God in the highest.

25. Welcome to planet earth, our darling baby. May God give you a good life. Amen.

Congratulations on Your Newborn Baby

26. A new creature has come to the planet. Welcome!!!

27. Welcome to the world, baby girl. May God see you through. Amen.

28. Congratulations on the delivery of your baby. He/she has come to stay and will make you happy for the rest of your lives. Congrats, Mr and Mrs…

29. May God make this joy permanent forever. God be with your family. Amen.

30. May God always place the baby above the world. May he/she be your source of joy. Amen. Congrats.

31. Welcome to the world, baby. You were made because of a purpose, and the purpose will be fulfilled in Jesus name.

32. Little cutie, welcome to this world. May God make you greater than your parents. Congratulations.

33. Hurray! A beautiful princess is born. May your life be filled with the good pleasures of this world. May God help your parents.

34. Congratulations on the delivery of your baby. May God spare his life for you. I’m so happy for you.

35. May today be the beginning of your breakthrough and lovely memories. Congrats once again.

36. May you be filled with love and happiness with the arrival of your new baby.

37. Congratulations! But I hope you are ready to miss out on some sleep! This is an exciting, but tiring period that any mother would not trade for the world.

38. As your mom, I know the happiness I’m feeling right now. I know I will make a good and responsible mom for you. I am so happy and proud of you, my precious princess.

39. Mum’s proudest moment is to bring a new life into this world! Your bundle of joy is finally here to fill your heart and home with joy and happiness. Congratulations!

40. Congratulations on being a first-time mom. I know you will be a wonderful mother to your child. Enjoy each day and night! Congratulations again! See you guys, soon.

41. The birth of your child brings me joy. You’ve been a good wife, and I’m sure you’ll also be a good mother. Congratulations.

42. Best wishes on your dearest new arrival. We hope you are all doing well. Enjoy every moment with your precious little one.

42. I know you have a career that you love, but it will be more lovable if you make your children the object of your affection. If anyone can balance life, family and work, it will be you. Congrats on the new baby.

43. This is such a great news! We’re really thankful and excited that your new baby has arrived safe and sound. Congratulations.

44. May you find much joy and happiness in your new role as proud parents. Wishing you all best and with lots of love. Congrats Mr. and Mrs.

45. A ray of sunshine has come into the world in the shape of a baby. What a joy this new beautiful life will be.

46. You are so blessed with your cute baby. Thank God for your safe delivery. For now, take a rest for a while and prepare yourself as you step into the busy but beautiful world of moms. Congratulations.

47. Parenthood is a wild ride full of love, laughter, questions, anxiety, learning, excitement, craziness, hugs, kisses and much more. Congrats on your baby girl/baby boy.

48. Love is something that cannot be defined until you become a mother. At this point, you realize that there is no definition of love, sweeter than that of one’s child. Congratulations.

49. After years of waiting and trying, it is a great joy for you to finally have a baby. I am so happy for you, dear. Congratulations on being a new mom.

50. When you’re a mother for the first time, your eyes are opened to a new understanding about life. This is when you realise that one’s life isn’t complete without a child. Congratulations, dear.

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