Congratulations on Your New Baby Girl

2023 Top Congratulations on Your New Baby Girl Messages

Having a baby is no easy feat. So, sending the right texts with the right words to new parents is very important. Below are cute, funny and encouraging texts to help you express your deepest wishes to the family of a newborn baby girl.

Congratulations on Your New Baby Girl

The best collection of Congratulations on Your New Baby Girl Messages.

1. How lucky you are to get such a cute gift. Babies are miracles and you should be proud you made one. Congratulations.

2. I am not surprised you got a pretty one because you are such an amazing couple. Congratulations.

3. If she grows to be like you, the world would be an amazing place. You guys should get busy, the world needs more like her. Congratulations.

4. She is as tender as a Lilly and beautiful as a rose. Congratulations on the birth of one so lovely.

5. I can tell she would be a tremendous blessing to you. So, get ready as she is going to flood your lives with so much sweetness.

6. Your little girl is so pretty, I am tempted to have one. Take good care or I might just steal her away. Congratulations.

7. So many happy and screaming moments ahead, I hope you are ready. Congratulations.

8. When I heard the news, I was really glad. I am happy for you. Congratulations.

9. She is such a bundle of life and beauty. I can tell she would grow up into a lovely lady. Congratulations.

10. Trust me, the arrival of your baby girl has just ushered you into the best years of your life. Congratulations.

Congratulations on the Arrival of Your Baby Girl

Celebrate yur loved ones with these Congratulations on the Arrival of Your Baby Girl Messages.

11. I heard she is really gentle and mild. Those are awesome attributes. Congratulations guys.

12. Welcome to a totally different phase of life. It’s called parenthood. Congratulations guys.

Congratulations on the Arrival of Your Baby Girl

13. I wish you and your family all the best on the arrival of your new baby. Congratulations.

14. I pray you are blessed with all you need to make her life rich and full. Congratulations.

15. May her presence usher in abundance, laughter and all other wonderful things you desire.

16. There is so much angelic aura around her, you can tell she is heavenly. You are so lucky.

17. I pray you are blessed with long life in good health so you get to enjoy her presence for as long as possible. Congratulations.

18. May she grow up to be beautiful, may she grow to be kind. May she be a comfort to you in your old age and make your hearts joyful at all times. Congratulations.

19. There is nothing as inspiring as having a reflection of you. Knowing you are responsible for a life must be quite overwhelming. Congratulations.

20. A heart of gold, a heart imbued with pure joy. This is my wish for your little bundle of happiness. Congratulations on the arrival of your baby girl.

Congratulations on Your Newborn Baby Girl

Congratulations on Your Newborn Baby Girl Messages for family and friends.

21. I was really elated when I got the news. I can’t wait to see her, she must be so adorable. Congratulations.

22. Children make the house lively, they add excitement to a home. May your baby girl add value to your lives. Congratulations.

Congratulations on Your Newborn Baby Girl

23. I pray she fills your life with laughter and floods your home with brightness. Congratulations.

24. May she experience all the love and joy available in this world and may her path be always bright. Congratulations.

25. May the birth of your baby girl add a wholeness to your home and give it stability. Congratulations.

26. How does it feel to become parents overnight? I am sure you will be great parents. Congratulations.

27. I was happy when I was informed, I am almost certain she has her mother’s cute face.

28. She would definitely blossom like a flower and fill your lives with her alluring and soothing fragrance. Congratulations.

29. May life be good to her and may her life be rosy and fine. Welcome home baby girl.

30. Congratulations on your baby girl. She would definitely enrich and beautify your lives.

Congratulations on Your Baby Girl Messages

Best words to say, ” Congratulations on Your Baby Girl”

31. She is going to open up your heart and fill it with joyous wonder. It is going to be a wonderful experience. Congratulations.

32. She is so cute you must be having a hard time picking a name that does justice to such cuteness.

Congratulations on Your Baby Girl Messages

33. You have gotten yourself a real gem, guys, and I am so happy for you. Congratulations.

33. Savour every moment with her now because she is going to grow up so fast you will be amazed. Congratulations.

34. It’s a girl. Omg! Girls are always so cute and pretty. Lucky you.

35. She is so princess-like you should name her Diana, but Lilly would be right too as she is so beautiful. How about spring as she is so calm? Congratulations.

36. She is really a special one and would grow into an amazing woman. Congratulations.

37. I can tell she is going to extraordinary. With parents like you Guiding her, she is going to be exceptional.

38. She is quite a beauty. Good job guys.

39. She is so angelic and adorable. Congratulations.

40. She is the perfect reward for 9 long and really stressful months. You must be proud of yourselves.

Congrats on Your Baby Girl

Congrats on Your Baby Girl Messages for loved ones.

41. I pray God gives you all you need to take really good care of her and make her life beautiful. Congratulations.

42. Congratulations. May her birth be the start of wonderful things in your home and may it usher in all the blessings you have ever desired.

Congrats on Your Baby Girl

43. I hope you are ready for the vigils, nappy changes and tantrums. It is going to be quite an experience. Congratulations.

44. There is always a special bond between a child and its mother. It probably comes from the 9 Months of temporary accommodation in the womb. I know you are going to be a terrific mother. Congratulations.

45. This must be a really awesome time for your family. I wish you all the best. Congratulations.

46. I can only imagine how blessed you must feel at the arrival of your newborn. Congratulations.

47. Parenthood has a way of boosting one’s maturity, you are suddenly more careful when taking decisions and thinking things through. Interesting right?

48. Having a child has a way of opening your eyes to things that really matter, it gives a deeper meaning to life. Congratulations guys.

49. You are no longer a man and woman but a father and mother. Enjoy the transition guys.

50. There will be a lot of giggles, warm hugs and cute smiles. They will make a lot of memories you will cherish forever. Congratulations.

Congratulations on the Birth of Your Baby Girl

Also see these Congratulations on the Birth of Your Baby Girl Messages.

51. It is going to be a bumpy ride but your love for the little one will make every moment worth it.

52. Having a child helps you to see the beauty of life and life becomes more purposeful. It is such a great feeling. Congratulations.

53. You will find joy in every little thing: a giggle, a yawn, a smile. even the silliest things will be amusing. Your life is set to be fun. Congratulations.

54. You would find yourself putting her feelings above yours. That is what parents do, loving unconditionally. Congratulations.

55. Wow! It must feel so good to have someone to call your child, your very own offspring. Congratulations.

56. May your baby girl be an epitome of loveliness. May she be all you want and more. Congratulations.

57. Having a baby is a beautiful thing, watching her grow is satisfying and seeing her turn into a respectable lady is the best thing ever. Congratulations.

58. Yes, there would be sleepless nights and dirty nappies to change but seeing your baby giggle makes it all worth it.

59. A lot of sweet memories will be made, a lot of changes will take place. Children have a way of transforming people, I am really happy for you. Congratulations.

60. Cheers to your family as you start this journey. I wish you beautiful and sweet experiences.

Congrats on the Birth of Your Baby Girl

Best of all Congrats on the Birth of Your Baby Girl Messges.

61. Your newborn will open your world, you have a long journey ahead but at the end, it would be worthwhile.

62. I am happy she is healthy and sound, I can’t wait to see her, she must be so lovely. Congratulations.

63. She would add a lot of colour and illumination to your life, you can bank on that. Congratulations.

64. Babies are precious little gems, newborns are cute priceless creatures. Congratulations on the birth of your little girl.

65. May the remembrance of her birth always make you smile. She will never give you a reason to regret conceive her. Congratulations guys.

66. A cute but great addition to your family, how does it feel to become a parent? Congratulations.

67. Now, you have to take up new roles as parents. I hope you are ready. Congratulations to the newest parents in town.

68. May her life brighten your lives, may her presence fill your home with immeasurable joy. Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl.

69. It must feel good to have such a little cutie in your arms. Congratulations.

70. She is going to require a lot of attention you know because she is a princess and as such deserves to be pampered. Congratulations.

Congratulations on Your Baby Girl

Sweet words to say Congratulations on Your Baby Girl.

71. You have gotten yourselves a star. She would illuminate your lives and brighten up your world. Congratulations.

71. What a beautiful and great addition to your family. Congratulations.

72. She is so cute, I can tell she would be a lot of fun. I am tempted to move in with you. Congratulations.

73. Babies radiate joy and laughter, they make a weary heart glad and are the best mood boosters. I am happy you made one. Congratulations.

74. She would make you find joy in the little things in life and she would make living beautiful and fulfilling. Being parents is beautiful. Congratulations.

75. Yes, you would have to let go of some things just to be there for her. You will sacrifice a lot for her but then, that is the joy of motherhood. Congratulations.

76. Babies are magical creatures. Although they have no wand, they have a way of making you respond to their whims and demands. So, get ready to enjoy the thrills.

77. As adorable as puppies, as soft as a dove, as beautiful as a Lilly, as tender as a bud. Babies are the perfect package. Congratulations.

78. The next 18 years of your life are going to be so eventful and tasking but you are such a nice and responsible couple, I know you will be awesome parents. Congratulations.

79. I can tell she is going to grow into a beautiful and intelligent lady and would make you really proud. She is a special one. Congratulations.

80. Not everyone can handle having a child. I respect you so much for taking up that commitment. Congratulations.

Congratulations on Your Beautiful Baby Girl

Congratulations on Your Beautiful Baby Girl Quotes for friends and family.

81. You can’t imagine how excited I am. Babies are so adorable, they make a beautiful addition to the family. Congratulations.

82. Yes, the diaper changes and sleepless nights can be so worrisome but the giggles and laughter would make it all worthwhile. Congratulations.

83. You look so perfect with her in your arms. You should really consider making more. Congratulations.

84. You have such a lovely and bubbly baby. You must feel so blessed to have such a cutie. Congratulations.

85. It must be pretty exciting to have your very own child, to know you are responsible for a life. I can’t imagine how awesome it must feel. Congratulations.

86. Omg! It’s a girl. She is going to make your lives a fairytale, there is going to be so much laughter. Congratulations.

87. May she grow to be a healthy and bright child and may her lifetime be blissful. Congratulations.

88. It is the start of a new generation, the extension of a lineage. You must be so proud of yourselves. Congratulations.

89. Babies are lovely, babies are cute, babies are funny, babies are adorable, babies are soft, babies are miracles. Congratulations on the birth of your baby.

90. A baby is much more beautiful than gold and more valuable than all the gems in the world. Be cautious, you have a treasure in your arms. Congratulations.

Congratulations on Your New Arrival Baby Girl

Greet friends and loved ones with these Congratulations on Your New Arrival Baby Girl Messages.

91. Babies are the cutest beings ever and to have one is no easy task. Congratulations on the birth of your little girl.

92. New schedules, new plans, more visits to the park, a lot of toys around the house. Babies do have a way of turning your life around.

93. Who knew such a tiny girl could spark up our lives and bring great comfort. She is such a darling. Congratulations.

94. Every day will be exciting and fun. She is going to keep you really busy but you are going to enjoy every part of it. Congratulations.

95. Finally, someone to disorganize the house and keep you on your feet for hours. It is going to be fun. Congratulations.

96. Take really good care of our little angel. She is such a special child. Congratulations.

97. There are going to be lots of hugs, kisses and memories made. Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl.

98. I am thrilled there is a plus to your family. It must feel really amazing to be parents. Congratulations.

99. I wish your baby girl a delightful experience on Earth. Welcome to the world beautiful.

100. Congratulations! May the arrival of your baby be the start of greater things in your family and usher in great joy and laughter.

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