Graduation Quotes from Parents to Son

Best Graduation Quotes from Parents to Son in 2023

Graduation is an important part of growing up. It could be graduation from high school, college or university. No matter the level, it means a lot to the child.

To a son, it is a day that propels him into maturity. It propels him to really be a man.

Congratulations to all the parents having sons graduating.
It’s a great day and a great day is incomplete without great quotes.

Below are 100 graduation quotes from parents to son. Make your son’s day with any of these quotes. Enjoy.

Graduation Messages to Son From Parents

Every Son deserves to be celebrated at the end of a successful Educational activity. As a responsible Parent that you are, here is a collection of the best Graduation Messages you can send to your lovely Son.

1. Your future Is waiting for you, go and achieve your dreams son. Congratulations, my dear son.

2. Never settle for less than the best, be the best. Happy graduation, my dear son.

3. No matter how small the difference, continue to make a difference. Your parents love and admire you. Congratulations, son.

4. Education doesn’t stop the day you graduate. It’s just the beginning. Congratulations, my dear son.

5. Nothing is final in life except death. So keep growing, keep learning. Happy graduation, my son.

6. Shine your light no matter how thick the darkness is. You have the light. Congratulations, my dear son.

7. Keep radiating no matter, how much the world wants you to shrink it. Happy graduation, son.

8. Never let your fears consume you, overcome your fears daily. Happy graduation, dear son.

9. Never stop chasing your dreams. Don’t give up until you become fulfilled. Congratulations, dear son.

10. Your mind is a great treasure. Never underestimate and misuse it. Happy graduation, son.

11. Learn to ask the right questions. They lead to great discoveries and Inventions. Happy graduation, my dear son.

12. There are different means of being educated. Education itself is endless. Congratulations, my son.

13. Make the most out of each moment and opportunities that come your way. Happy graduation, son.

14. Always be prepared. Opportunities come unexpectedly. Happy graduation, my dear son.

16. Your grades don’t determine your future. Your attitude does. Happy graduation, my son.

17. Don’t lose yourself in trying to be the best. Instead, find the truest version of yourself and live it. Congratulations on your graduation, son.

18. Make your path, leave a trail and always be unique. Happy graduation, my son.

19. Never let what people think, make you lose sight of who you are and where you are going. Happy graduation, my dear son.

20. Live remarkably, amazingly and transparently. Live life in a big way. Congratulations on your graduation, my son.

21. Knowledge, no matter how little, is relevant and powerful. Happy graduation, my son.

22. Always keep learning regardless of the time, place, lesson or teacher even if it seems unimportant. Happy graduation, my son. I am proud of you.

23. Always believe in yourself and your dreams. Everyone else’s opinions are just opinions. Congratulations, son.

24. I am so proud of you son. You’ve become a man today. Happy graduation, son.

25. Graduation is saying bye to one chapter and opening a new chapter in your life. Happy graduation, my dear son.

26. Graduation is finishing a phase and advancing to another phase in life. Happy graduation, my dear son.

27. Start now with the resources you have to live the future you want. Congratulations on your graduation, my dear son.

28. You can do the impossible, simply believe you can and you will. Happy graduation, my son.

29. Discover your purpose and live life with your purpose. Happy graduation, my dear son.

30. Find meaning in the things you do and do the things that are meaningful. Congratulations on this day, my son.

31. Start to do the things you love early and you will live the life you want. Happy graduation, my dear son.

32. Time is your friend and your enemy. Be wise in your use of time. Congratulations, son.

33. Live fully and truly not care. Risks are what makes the journey of life interesting. Congrats, son.

34. Water your dreams and they would grow in the future you desire. Congrats, my dear son.

35. Do the seemingly impossible to get the seemingly impossible. Congrats, son. We are proud of you.

36. Do your best in whatever you do, give your best whenever you give. Congrats, my son.

37. Give your best to life. You can only live it once. Happy graduation, son.

38. Don’t depend on others for happiness or greatness. It’s all within you. Happy graduation, my son.

39. Master your habits and emotions and you can master your future. Congratulations on your graduation, my son.

40. Enjoy whatever moments come your way in life. Marvel in them and don’t let them slip by. Happy graduation, my dear son.

41. Don’t let your work be your life. Work is merely a part of your life. Life is so much more. Happy graduation, dear son.

42. Live in the present and enjoy. The past is a lesson, the future is a blessing. Congrats, my son.

43. Overcome the enemy called resistance and you would have a life fully lived. Congrats, my dear son.

44. Do the things you are scared of even with the fear present. That’s courage. Happy graduation, son.

45. Break the rules. Life is for living not for being or plainly existing. Make your life interesting. Happy graduation, my dear son.

46. Be spontaneous and not monotonous, only then can you enjoy the blessing called life. Happy graduation, my son.

47. Keep learning on the way even as you begin earning. Congrats, my dear son.

48. Congratulations. As you graduate remember you are in competition with no one but yourself. Happy graduation, champ. I am proud of you.

49. Congratulations, I am so proud of you. You’ve achieved and made it. Happy graduation, son.

50. Congrats on being a graduate. You are living proof of what dedication and commitment do. I am proud of you. Happy graduation, my dear son.

51. Concentrate on the present and harness it’s full potential. Happy graduation, my dear son.

52. Don’t miss out on life. You can only live once. Happy graduation, dear son.

53. Always be prepared and hungry for change and seize every opportunity that comes your way. Congrats, son.

54. Use your imagination, it’s the key to your future. Congrats, my dear son.

55. Live today like it will be your last day and learn like you are just starting. Congratulations, my dear son.

56. You are all you’ve got. Give life your, all. Congratulations on your graduation, dear son.

57. Be a risk taker and you would achieve a lot. Happy graduation, my dear son.

58. Embrace your failure because they are lessons on how not to repeat the mistakes made. Happy graduation, my son.

59. Make your dreams your reality, don’t leave them on the wall. Happy graduation, son.

60. Be yourself to the fullest, don’t settle for being a counterfeit. Congrats, my dear son.

61. Be the person you want to be, not who the world expects you to be. Happy graduation, dear son.

62. Make an impact on the world, don’t just let the world impact you. Congrats, son.

63. Follow your heart and intuition, it would take you to the direction you are to follow. Congratulations on your graduation, my dear son.

64. You are responsible for your future. Ditch the excuses and live your life. Congrats, dear son.

65. Don’t be a failure at life by default but by lack of result. Happy graduation, son.

66. Success on the outside is not achieved until we can succeed on the inside. Congrats, son.

67. You have finished your dress rehearsal now is the time to seize the stage. Happy graduation, dear son.

68. For every choice you make, decide to do good and be good. Happy graduation, my dear son.

69. Live your life in such a way that you have lessons and not regrets. Congrats, my dear son.

70. Everyone you meet is your teacher. Appreciate them for whatever you learn, no matter who they are. Happy graduation, my dear son.

71. Enjoy every moment- the times of failure and of success. Congrats, son.

72. Do what your fears tell you, you can’t do and you will truly live. Congrats, my dear son.

73. Stay motivated to achieve every day. Happy graduation, son. I am proud of you.

74. There is never a right time. The best time is now. Happy graduation, dear son.

75. The day you stop learning and growing is the day you die. Happy graduation, my son.

76. Son, don’t spend your life doing what you hate, spend it doing what you love. Congrats, my dear son.

77. Don’t become who people think you are, become who you really are. Happy graduation, son.

78. Education means nothing without an active imagination. Congrats, my dear son.

79. Be pregnant with dreams and deliver them. Happy graduation, son.

80. Draw the map of your future and follow it. Congrats, my dear son.

81. Graduation is an ending and also the beginning of a phase in one’s life. Congratulations on your graduation, son.

82. The things that are of value never come easily. They come through hard work. Happy graduation son.

83. You can never run out of creativity. Keep being creative. Congratulations on your graduation, my son.

84. Memorable things are not done through planning but by seizing the day and making it count. Happy graduation, my dear son.

85. Don’t let the fear of failure cripple you and limit your journey in life. Congrats, son.

86. Do the impossible, then ask if it’s possible. Congrats, dear son.

87. As you graduate, value the true friendships you’ve made. They go a long way. Happy graduation, my son.

88. Move on whenever you fail, don’t let it cripple you. Happy graduation, my son.

89. Don’t get too comfortable with living that you forget how to live. Happy graduation, my son.

90. Don’t worry about what the future holds, enjoy the present. Congrats, son.

91. Change your situation and be the best in whatever situation you may find yourself. Congrats, my son.

92. Never get to the point that you are overwhelmed by change. Instead, learn to embrace change. Happy graduation, son.

93. Your grade points don’t determine your class or place in life. Your actions do that. Happy graduation, my son.

94. Define what success means to you and be successful. Congrats, my son.

95. Only you have to determine the true meaning of a word to you. No one else can do that for you. Happy graduation, my son.

96. You are important no matter how seemingly irrelevant you may think you are. Always remember that. Happy graduation, my dear son.

97. Little thing have the greatest meanings and big things have lesser meaning. Happy graduation, my dear son.

98. You are more than you think you are. Believe that and the sky is your starting point. Happy graduation, my dear son.

99. Who you were doesn’t determine who you are and who you are doesn’t determine who you would become. Happy graduation, son.

100. Congratulations, you have made me proud this day. Spread your wings and fly. Happy graduation, my dear son.

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