Birthday Status for Best Friend on Facebook

Birthday Status for Best Friend on Facebook or Whatsapp

Birthdays are so important and special to us that we look forward to those special days. Your friend must really be special for you to come here to search for birthday messages.

Well, your search is over because we have the perfect Birthday Status for Best Friend on Facebook – specially written for that friend of yours.

Touching Birthday Status for Special Friend

Below are heartfelt happy birthday quotes and status for a special friend to celebrate him or her as he or she is clocking age today.

1. Ho! My heart is delighted.
And my soul is glad.
Precious, dear and peculiar…
You are to me.
Blessings are all yours…
I wish you greater years.
Ride on eagle’s wing,
Take over the world.
Happy Birthday to You,
Dearest friend, and heart mate.
Long life and prosperity are my prayers for you.

2. We’ve been together through thick and thin, in good and bad times and you’ve proven to be a loyal friend. I so much cherish you. Happy Birthday.

3. I May not be a perfect friend, I may not have the best gift but in my heart are wishes and prayers to keep you all your days. Happy Birthday!

4. May your days shine brighter and your years, wiser. May you grow in love, goodness and fulfilment. Happy Birthday!

5. Dear friend, you have a kind heart, birthed love, joy, peace, and self-sacrifice. You’ve Been a blessing to me and I celebrate you today. Happy Birthday!

6. My sweet friend, my precious friend, meeting you is indeed a blessing, you’ve been so wonderful. I celebrate with you and wish you a happy birthday.

7. Birthdays are special days of our lives, that reminds us we are not getting younger, but getting closer to our dreams. Am so glad you are reaching your dreams my dear friend, Happy Birthday.

8. You are sweet, precious and pleasant to me, my friend and you mean so much to me. I wish you sweet and pleasant years to come.

Birthday Status for Best Friend on Facebook

9. Birthdays are days we celebrate precious people in our lives, reaching out to them, making them know how much we care for them, you are special my friend and I celebrate you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

10. True friends give us beautiful and pleasant memories true friends are great and unique, they make us see reasons to live even when life turns its ugly face, you are a true friend, you are unique and beautiful, Happy Birthday.

11. Happy Birthday, my friend. I celebrate you today, my heart prays for you and I wish you greater years.

12. Birthdays are special days, Meant to specially celebrate special people, I hope you have a special day. Happy Birthday!

13. I’ve waited for this day for so long and it’s finally here, I am so glad that you are a year older, prettier, wiser and closer to all your dreams. Happy Birthday.

14. Greater years, plenty blessings, more prosperity and fulfilment are my wishes for you, today and evermore. Happy Birthday.

15. 60 seconds of joy, 60 minutes of peace, 24 hrs of laughter, 7 days of fun, 12 months of love and 365 days of blessings to keep you through your new age. Happy Birthday.

16. Grow higher, grow bigger, more wisdom, more years and more blessings are yours, today and evermore. Happy Birthday.

17. For your special day, I tried to find the best words to tell you how I feel about you, I could only think of one and that is, you are wonderful, so wonderful and unique to me than everyone I have known, Happy Birthday.

18. Happy Birthday my awesome friend, and even more awesome individual, and may every moment of your life be as awesome as our friendship.

19. Wishing you an unexplainable day of peace, a wonderful year of goodness and a lifetime filled with prosperity. Happy Birthday.

20. My friend is your special day, and I wish you a splendid morning, a thrilling day and pleasant evening. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Status for Best Friend on Facebook

21. Happy Birthday, friend. I pray this special day brings you many great years of joy, peace, laughter and prosperity.

22. As my best friend that you are, my wish is to make sure you have the best birthday ever, am so glad and honoured to have you as my best friend, happy birthday.

23. I wish you happy birthday, greater years, brighter days, peaceful life, happiness and prosperity are my wishes for you, happy birthday.

24. Birthdays are special days of our life meant to be celebrated, you are special my friend and I celebrate you,
Happy Birthday.

25. These are my prayers for you, I pray your light shines brighter, your way clearer and your years greater, I wish you long life and prosperity, Happy Birthday my friend.

26. May God grant your heart desires, May He bless and keep you, and may your joy be full, Happy Birthday.

27. May your days be filled with love, joy, peace, happiness, laughter and prosperity, Happy Birthday my friend.

28. My wishes to you this day is that your life will be merry, your days brighter, and may your light shine brighter, Happy Birthday.

29. You are so beautiful, caring loving and kind, so I wish you beautiful years, filled with love, peace, happiness and care, Happy Birthday.

30. All your days will be beautiful, your weeks wonderful, your months glowing and, and your years joyful, Happy Birthday my friend.

Birthday Status for Best Friend on WhatsApp

Here is Happy Birthday Status you can use to celebrate your friend who is plus one on a day like this.

31. Happy Birthday to the only buddy that I will call at any time and will come running to me, May we have many more nice times and beautiful adventures together.

32. Be glad and make merry on your special day, I hope your day is as beautiful as the day you were born, Happy Birthday.

33. They say show me your friend and I will tell you who you are, and I guess that’s what makes me an exceptional beautiful intelligent being because that’s what you are my bestie. Happy Birthday to you.

34. Happy Birthday best friend! Always know that I appreciate, love and care you so much, have a great day!

35. Happy Birthday my dearest friend, you know I love to surround myself with awesome people just like you, I hope you have a beautiful birthday.

36. Happy Birthday, dearest. I know this birthday is your best birthday yet! I want you to know how much I value our friendship, and I will always be there for you cause I value our friendship.

37. A friend is a person who knows your past, loves your future and accepts your present even if you are getting older and makes mistake, you are that friend to me and I love you. Happy Birthday

38. Our friendship will never go down, it will continue to grow until the world fades away because it is precious, Happy Birthday my special friend.

39. For your birthday, I just want to say, I hope you can see how nice and wonderful you are to me my dear friend, happy birthday.

40. You are very unique and a beautiful friend to me, I hope and pray that your birthday is as happy and special as you’ve made me, enjoy it to the fullest, happy birthday.

Birthday Status for My Best Friend

41. My dearest friend, happy birthday, I hope you enjoy yourself today, I hope you party well, make merry and have fun. I wish you all the best, happy birthday.

42. Happy Birthday to someone who knows everything about me and still finds me so amazing, you are rare, dear and I love you like that, have a blast!

43. I searched through the dictionary but couldn’t find the perfect word to describe what you mean to me, and that’s because our friendship is beyond words, have the nicest birthday ever. Happy Birthday.

44. Let your worries go, let your fears go, nothing should hold you back from having fun today, cause it’s your day, happy birthday.

45. You’ve Been on my mind throughout this week, just because it’s your birthday and I will make it special just as you are special to me, happy birthday.

46. Enjoy your special day, rejoice in it because your worries are changed to merriment, take away your fears and the cares, it’s a beautiful new year for you, happy birthday.

47. Don’t count the years or the fears, count the blessings and rejoice in it, it’s a beautiful year with so many wishes and prayers to guide you through. Happy Birthday.

48. Let your life this day and in years to come be colourful like a flower, May it be a beautiful year for you, Happy Birthday.

49. My best wishes are with you to keep you strong with joy, love, peace and prosperity all your days, happy birthday.

50. Birthdays are special days to be celebrated, you are special my friend and I celebrate you today, happy birthday.

51. The birds are glad, songs of joy on their lips, because someone who brings joy to the world is born today, age gracefully dear, happy birthday.

52. Birthdays are special days and come once in a year, a friend like you is special and am glad you are a part of my life, have a special birthday, Happy Birthday.

53. My wishes for you is a fun-filled day with so much love, peace, happiness, prosperity and all your heart desires, May your birthday be as wonderful as you are, happy birthday.

54.My sweet friend, you are beautiful, kind, wonderful, and nice just the way you are, have the best ever.

55. May all your life be filled with laughter, fewer worries and fulfilment in all areas, and may all your dreams become reality, happy birthday.

56. You are that one friend who gives me strength in my challenges, you’ve been much of an encouragement to me and I have just one thing to say to you today, I value you so much, happy birthday.

57. You’ve Been so amazing from the very first day, you are wonderful and so awesome to me, I celebrate you today, happy birthday dear.

58. Your birthday is a day of joy for so many people whom you’ve made smile, and am so lucky to be part of them, you will live a thousand years more, and so our smile won’t fade away soon, happy birthday.

59. Happy Birthday, party like never before, jump up, dance, make merry, take pictures and have fun, just because it’s a special day for you, happy birthday.

60. Happy Birthday to my own special friend, I love and admire everything about you, you mean a lot to me and I appreciate you, happy birthday.

61. I may not be present with you physically on your birthday, but my heart is right where you are wishing and praying for you to have a beautiful and nice birthday today and ever, Happy Birthday.

62. May you have many beautiful moments, May your heart be filled with joy and may all your heart desires be granted, I wish you happy birthday with greater years and lots of blessings

63. Today shall be the beginning of a great year for you, joy shall be an everyday gift for you, peace and prosperity will never depart from you, happy birthday.

64. Wish you an awesome and fantastic birthday, you don’t deserve less but more, happy birthday.

65. May your days be as colourful as the rainbow, May your life shine like stars and may each day of your life be beautiful as a flower, Happy Birthday.

66. My best wishes are with you, May your day be joyfully filled with much love, peace, prosperity and laughter, Happy Birthday.

67. Birthdays are special days to celebrate special people, you are special my friend and I celebrate you, I wish you many happy returns, happy birthday.

68. It’s a new year for you, May you grow bigger in it, grow higher in it, grow wiser in it and achieve great things in it, Happy Birthday my friend.

69. Birthdays are not just for counting our age but celebrating our achievements, your achievements are worth celebrating, May you live long to achieve more, happy birthday.

70. Today, a special someone is celebrated, someone with a large heart, selfless and kind, beautiful and amazing, you are that special someone and I wish you happy birthday, May you live long to see more of it today and ever, Happy Birthday.

Birthday Status for Best Friend on WhatsApp

71. May we continue to be the finest besties around and may your birthday be beautiful as you are filled with lots of fun and laughter, Happy Birthday.

72. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend, you’ve been with me in good and bad times, and today my whole heart and being wish you happy birthday, May you enjoy more years, and grow in Grace, happy birthday.

73. I wish you a beautiful birthday full of good health, fulfilment and prosperity, May you enjoy all of it in long life and peace, happy birthday my friend.

74. In this year, you shall break grounds, achieve greater things and shine brighter, it will do a great year for you because your best will come, happy birthday.

75. Thanks for making life worth it, you are part of my success story and I will forever appreciate that. I wish you happy birthday my dearest friend.

76. May you have a wonderful birthday, May your light keep on shining, May all your wishes come to pass, have a great year, Happy Birthday.

77. You are not just a year older, you are also a year wiser, I wish you many more years so you can share your wisdom with us, happy birthday my friend.

78. I may not be right where you are, but my thoughts, heart, wishes and prayers are with you, and I want you to know I love you, happy birthday my friend.

79. You are not just a friend to me, but that special person that knows how to cheer me up whenever I am down, I cherish you so much and wish you all the beautiful things of life, have fun, my friend, happy birthday.

80. May this special day of yours be filled with every beautiful thing that will make you laugh and smile, just as you always make me laugh and smile, have a wonderful birthday, Happy Birthday my friend.

81. May this special day of yours bring everything that will always keep you happy and joyful because you deserve it all, have a wonderful birthday.

82. You are not just beautiful, you are a genius, you are not just intelligent, you are wise, happy birthday, it shall be one of the best for you.

83. Best wishes to you on your birthday, I love and admire you so much that’s why you are special to me, have a great birthday filled with joy and happiness, happy birthday.

83. Happy Birthday my dearest friend, you know I love you more than love itself, have a great day filled with so much joy, age gracefully.

84. Happy Birthday my dearest friend, because of the precious friend that you are to me, I will make your birthday special and let you have all the fun in the world, God bless your new age, my friend.

85. You deserve to be celebrated, you deserve to have fun, you deserve to be happy today and ever, just because it is your birthday, Happy Birthday my friend.

86. Your presence in my life is a blessing, you are a good friend indeed and on this your special day, I just want you to know you are precious to me and I love you, Happy Birthday.

87. Your new age is already great, it’s already beautiful and amazing, you just need to enjoy it and grow in it, Happy Birthday my friend.

88. On this your special day, I wish you more years, more peace, more wisdom, more blessings, and more happiness, it’s a great year already, grow in it, Happy Birthday.

88. On this special day of yours, I wish you happiness forever, peace forever, love forever, fulfilment forever and prosperity forever, happy birthday dear.

89. We’ve been together from childhood and up to this moment, you’ve been so nice like that, you are amazing and I wish you a beautiful and amazing birthday celebration.

90. Words are not enough to let you know how I feel about you, you are wonderful and I am blessed to have you as a friend, May all your wishes and dreams come to pass, happy birthday.

91. On your birthday, I wish you an unexplainable day of joy, a great day of peace and fulfilment forever, have a wonderful birthday, Happy Birthday my friend.

92. Today is all about you my friend, have fun, make merry, celebrate and enjoy yourself to the fullest, today is all about you, Happy Birthday my friend.

93. May all your heart desires, wishes and prayers come pass today and ever, I wish you a very happy birthday my friend.

94. As your special friend, I will make sure you have a great and unforgettable birthday filled with so much fun and happiness, Happy Birthday my friend.

95. Happy Birthday, my friend. I want you to know you are special and I will always be there for you in the good and bad times, May you have many more beautiful birthdays filled with joy and peace.

96. I am blessed to have a wonderful friend like you, someone like you is rare, and I just want to let you know you mean a lot to me, May you have a happy birthday with long life, happiness, prosperity and fulfilment.

97. My special friend, today is your birthday and am excited, you are caring, kind and wonderful, your smile is beautiful and warms up every heart, I wish you a happy celebration with a lot of blessings for you.

98. Happy Birthday, my awesome splendid friend. You are awesome and beautiful just like me, May your beauty and awesomeness last just like mine, have a great birthday celebration.

99. May your heart be filled with so much joy and peace today and ever, and may all your wishes and desires come to fulfilment, Happy Birthday my friend.

100. Enjoy your special day, take away your worries and fears, make merry and be glad, it’s a new year and age for you, be happy and age gracefully, happy birthday.

101. My wishes for you are endless, my prayers for you are for a lifetime to keep you happy, great, fulfilled, prosperous and successful all your days, happy birthday.

102. It’s your birthday and my heart is filled with joy, make merry, have fun, be joyous, make a wish and celebrate because it’s your day…Happy Birthday.

103.It’s a beautiful day, the birds are singing, everyone making merry, melodious sounds of joy, get up on your feet, dance and shake your body because it’s your birthday, Happy Birthday.

104. Your worries are turned to merriment, your fears to fun, your pains to gains, this is the day the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it, Happy Birthday.

105. There’s only one thing I wish for, I wish your birthday is every day, so I can celebrate you every day, and wish you beautiful things everyday. Happy Birthday.

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