Birthday Thoughts for Friend so Special

2021 Best Birthday Thoughts for Friend so Special

Need something to add life to your friend’s birthday? Or need a perfect wish for him? Or you need something to make him or her happy today? These 120 texts are everything you need to achieve that.

There’s probably no day as big, for your friend, as his birthday and you have the opportunity to let him know how much you treasure him. Celebrate your friend’s birthday — his big day — with him whether you are present or absent.

Copy, paste and make someone smile today.

Birthday Thoughts for Dear Friend

We always look forward to celebrating special friends on their special days. Birthday Thoughts for Dear Friend are available for you to send to your dear friend on his/her Birthday.

1. Over the years, I’ve looked at you and I’m impressed by the greatness you display. I’m sure more greatness lies in you and I hope to see them show soon. Happy birthday, friend.

2. One reason you will always be greatly celebrated by me is because of your ability to learn and your drive to develop yourself. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

3. Every word I type reminds me of one beautiful, but the unique thing about you. Every letter I tap reminds me of one thing you should be celebrated for. Happy birthday, dear friend.

4. Every moment I spent with you have been a great investment for me and looking forward, I see more and better moments ahead. Happy birthday, sweet friend.

5. You are my friend for life, not because we’ve been friends for decades, but because you are so awesome and excellent and fits me well. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

6. All I needed was a friend to share my good and bad times with, but in you, I found one who brought solutions to the bad times and made the good ones better. Happy birthday, friend.

7. You may just be another human, but the difference is that you’re one with direction. Your self-dependence is intimidating and I admire a lot about you. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

8. You make it easy to believe that one can be anything he wants to be. When I consider how hardworking you are, I wish to be like you. Happy birthday, friend.

9. You have not let what you’re entitled to stop you from working harder. You have not let your privileges make you forget to discipline yourself. Happy birthday, sweet friend.

10. You are a friend who is looked up to as a leader. Apart from having fun together, you also provide a shoulder that we can rest on. Happy birthday, dear friend.

11. You own up to your faults, man up to your responsibilities and stand up for what’s right. You inspire me to be stronger and more hopeful. Happy birthday, friend.

12. You are a bundle of greatness, a lack of strength, a bag of influence and a load of talents. In truth, I want to covet some of your skills. Happy birthday, dear friend.

13. With your strength, I don’t see the impossibility of setting the world on fire. With your courage and boldness, I doubt anyone will be able to stand in your way. Happy birthday, friend.

14. This year, we go again, blowing horns to celebrate a skilful, strong, amazing and beautiful addition to earth. Years ago, God created you to solve problems. Happy birthday, dear friend.

15. Do you feel your success? I feel it like a knot in my chest. Do you see your desired future building up? I see it like I can see any other thing. Happy birthday to you, my friend. 

16. Don’t be surprised when, like rain, the positive results of what you’ve invested all these years begin to pour on you. Just remember to thank God. Happy birthday, dear friend.

17. Since I can trust you to continue with the great attempts you’re putting in at life, I only hope that nothing destroys your labour of love and that the results make you smile. Happy birthday, long time friend.

18. I know you don’t always want to be in the spotlight, but at least you are still celebrated by those of us that know of your exploits and good deeds. Happy birthday, sweet friend.

19. One thing is for sure and it’s that your dreams will come true and every effort put into achieving them will in no way go to waste. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

20. You are a big asset to the world generally and, more importantly, to us your friends specifically. You are more than gold to us and we wish you well. Happy birthday, friend.

21. As you keep progressing in age, may your past be nothing when compared to how your future is turning out. I see you inventing a new kind of beautiful future. Happy birthday, sweet friend.

22. From inside you arises a lion ready to conquer the jungle and rule over his world. I pray that opposition gets no recognition from you. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

23. You have a lot of admirable virtues and the honour that shows in your activities are inspiring. You are a hope to we who are lights. Happy birthday, friend.

24. If we set you on fire, you’ll only come out better, because you are golden. If we set you on fire, we’ll only end up building something we’ll live to admire. Happy birthday, my friend.

25. Everything that crawls on earth’s brown surface will come to respect you for what you are. One day, you’ll look back at all you’ve done these years and have no regrets. Happy birthday, friend.

26. That hardworking person. That love-filled person with a large heart. That great and awesome person. That’s you I fell in love with. Happy birthday, dear friend.

27. If I should be heard, I’ll say you are an ambassador of hard work and diligence. There are a lot of things I admire in you already. Happy birthday, dear friend.

28. If I should sincerely define heaven on earth, then it’s having you as a friend. You have an admirable way of making lives beautiful and interesting. Happy birthday, dear friend.

29. Anyone who has something negative to say about you will have a hard time trying to get me as his audience. To me, you’re all positive. Happy birthday, my sweet friend.

30. I won’t be wrong if I liken you to a legendary figure who spent a lot of time doing his underground work, and at the end, made a show of his success to the whole earth. Happy birthday, friend.

31. I love staying around positive people and trust me when I say I’m not staying around you because I hope you’ll meet up to my standard someday, in fact, you’ve beaten it. Happy birthday, friend.

32. You amaze me so much that I have doubts who the greatest showman really is. You have so many shades of awesomeness that it looks like numbers are nothing. Happy birthday, friend.

33. I have a friend that’s destined for greatness, whose place is with the stars, whose future is brighter than diamonds. That friend is you. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

34. Last time I saw you, you were building a better world from your little corner. I want you to know I support you and I’m solidly behind you. Happy birthday, dear friend.

35. I may be uncertain of the meaning of friendship, but I can’t argue that you’re a great one. I like your level of discipline and self-sufficiency. Happy birthday, great friend. 

36. I’ve seen lots of signs and none reads ill of the beautiful things coming for you. I’ve seen a lot of symbols and all tell me I’m better as your friend. Happy birthday, my dear friend.

37. Sometimes, we believe things that are distractions from what we should hold onto, but I can never be unsure of the beauty ahead of you. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

38. The only riddle that I don’t like to answer is what I would be like if I never got you as a friend. You are one addition to my life that’s amazing. Happy birthday, sweet friend.

39. The first thing that pops into my mind when I think of you is love, then awesomeness and excellence. More pop up and they are all positive. Happy birthday, great friend.

40. If you had parasitic traits, I’ll still hold onto you because there’s a lot I can get from you that will do me great good. You are a great version of humanity. Happy birthday, my friend.

41. If friends like you were easily found, then maybe today will not be a special one to me. If friends like you were everywhere, then maybe today will just be another day. Happy birthday, best friend.

42. There’s a lot to be thankful for and you are at the front of them all. You are an inspiration and a motivation. You make me challenge myself to be better. Happy birthday, sweet friend.

43. I am hardly specific in my relationship with people, but you are an exception. You are one hell of a special person and I love you. Happy birthday, dear friend.

44. When you talk, I’m motivated. When you act, I’m inspired. Your life is a big plus to mine and I’m sure that’s how God meant it to be. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

45. Your life is a blessing to the community and an inspiration to a lot of people like me. A lot of us are wishing you well, and I am a true fan of yours. Happy birthday, friend.

46. You are so filled with light, I must call you an Angel. You’re so unbreakable, I think you’re harder than diamond. Happy birthday to you, my good friend.

47. You deserve every good thing I can wish you today. I think of the role you play in my life and wonder how you became so great. Happy birthday, dear friend.

48. My life may look all rosy, and your great touch is one of the reasons why it is like that. You are one beautiful creature I’m grateful to have. Happy birthday, my friend.

49. If all children are like their parents, then I see your children as great people who will be a bunch of inspiration in their youth. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

50. You are a strong force on earth, a bundle of strength to your family, a source of illumination to your friends, with a large heart for all. Happy birthday to you, my great friend.

51. You have strength in your hands, elegance in your feet, greatness in your belly and life in your bones. You have many shades of beautiful. Happy birthday, friend.

52. I am no longer surprised at the amazing things you do because I now expect many beautiful things from you. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

53. The day you cease to amaze me, I’ll assume you were possessed by something that’s very different from you. You are amazing. Happy birthday, to you, my friend.

54. You are many colours of wonderful, many shades of beautiful, but one pack of greatness and one bundle of awesomeness. Happy birthday, dear friend.

55. If the only thing I have is you, then I am satisfied because I know that, with you, I can be anything I want to be. I am extremely proud of you. Happy birthday, my friend.

56. If you are someone’s only friend, then that person should never lose you for his own good, because he has an all-in-one. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

57. To me, you are like food, a necessary ingredient for my survival. A period of time without you and it will show on me. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

58. If humans were products in the market, you’ll be the high powered, sophisticated, beautiful and expensive kind. Happy birthday, dear friend.

59. If we should pull out the greatness residing in you, it will fill up the universe and still look for more space to fill up. I’m glad you’re my friend. Happy birthday, dear friend.

60. The day we cut you up is the day a lot of people will see how possible it is for someone to bleed greatness and beauty. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

61. Thankfully, I’m free to celebrate you today. I want to celebrate your beauty and awesomeness every day, but today makes it official. Happy birthday, sweet friend.

62. Everything you do feels like it’s wired to give hope to, encourage or bless a soul. You are a big influence and I celebrate you. Happy birthday, dear friend.

63. You’ve made the world sweet for us from way back, putting laughter in our mouths, hope in our eyes and smiles on our faces. Happy birthday, sweet friend.

64. Happy people. Blessed Souls. Grateful hearts. Hardworking bodies. Beautiful spirits. This is what you make out of people. Happy birthday, sweet friend.

65. This message is me showing my support for the beautiful things you are involved in, the awesome things you do and the great person you are. Happy birthday, friend. 

66. In the spirit of celebration, I consider your eye and the desire in it, your heart and the determination in it and your soul and the fire in it. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

67. I’m certain that if I forget to celebrate you, there are a million people out there who won’t dare forget. You are influential. Happy birthday, sweet friend.

68. People who are dear to my heart are strong, brave, creative, innovative and beautiful and I’m making no mistake when I say you are dear to my heart. Happy birthday, dear friend.

69. In your filthiest state, many still desire to be a bit of you. You have such a great standard that I know your future is golden. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

70. Today is a merry day, and in my opinion, if the world knows about you, today will be an international holiday. This is because your worth is scarily high. Happy birthday, special friend.

71. I care about you. You may be lacking in cash, but your skills are many. You may not be supported by all, but your heart is golden. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

72. I don’t give much to keep people in my life but you have been made an exception, and it’s not just an act of favour, but something you deserve. Happy birthday, friend.

73. You may be young, but some old people will give a lot up to be half of what you’ve made yourself to be. I have deep respect for you. Happy birthday, sweet friend.

74. We’re only getting older. We know we only live once. But you’re making the best of every time that comes your way. You are truly living. Happy birthday, dear friend.

75. Life may offer us a lot of ways to go, but you choose the ones that reek of love, honour and service. You must be proud of yourself too. Happy birthday, great friend. 

76. You have lived and felt life for what it is. You’ve seen fear, pain and hate. You’ve seen love, light and truth. And you’ve made the best of all you saw. Happy birthday, friend.

77. Even if you turned out to be half of what you are today, I’ll still celebrate you because even that, many can’t achieve. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

78. I don’t trust my eyes sometimes because they deceive me, but when I consider your efforts, I know the rewards I see can’t be deceived. Happy birthday, friend.

79. The beautiful life your parents began to craft is slowly growing into a person of life and love ready to truly live on the brown earth. Happy birthday, friend.

80. I am delighted to learn that your progress in all you do is increasing and I know that that’s the worst that can spring up. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

81. By my judgement, you’re the best of your skin colour and height that I’ve met. It may sound like a joke, but I take your friendship seriously. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

82. Your multiple talents keep me excited all day. Your incredible personality keeps me praying that I never lose your friendship. Happy birthday, sweet friend.

83. I find it impossible to even try to imagine that someone in his right senses would want to lose you. I’m amazed at how amazing you are. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

84. Being a friend of yours has brought a lot of awesome things my way and I get stronger the more I spend time with you. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

85. Tell me how we’re not supposed to stay friends when we have our interests at heart when we care for our futures. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

86. I can tell when certain people are about to make certain progress, but you progress so fast that I can’t even monitor it properly. Happy birthday, dear friend.

87. No matter how excited I get, you always have a way of showing me a more exciting part of you. I like everything I know about you. Happy birthday, friend.

88. If I begin to hate myself today and begin to fear the challenges and pains of life, you will be one reason I’ll choose to live on. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

89. If I had powers to create and you were one of my creatures, then that would be enough achievement, for me, for a lifetime. Happy birthday, my friend.

90. God knows that there’s a lot I don’t know and be if I never met you, a lot I won’t do if you never came into my life. I love you. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

91. If life is a game, then you are that player who easily masters that game and plays with admirable success. Thanks for being a part of my life. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

92. Today is bright, not for any reason, but because a king was born in it. Today is expected to be fair, not because of the weather forecast, but because it’s your day. Happy birthday, friend.

93. Tell your parents that they are the best on earth because they delivered a gem of love and hope to the world at a time like this. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

94. Last night, I did away with anything that will not make me enjoy today to the fullest because today is not just another birthday, but a celebration of greatness. Happy birthday, friend.

95. I find it hard to believe you don’t have superpowers. How do you manage to be so awesome and amazing in a human body? Happy birthday, dear friend.

96. When you’re done with the earth, you’ll have disgraced every hero to have walked the brown earth before you. I wonder at the height of your greatness. Happy birthday, sweet friend.

97. Consider my raw and brash delivery when I say you’re more awesome than anyone your age because it’s nothing but the truth. Happy birthday, dear friend.

98. I can define heaven as the way a person feels while experiencing you, learning from you, being around you, being your friend. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

99. With every new thing I discover about you, my pride swells. With every new thing you do, I get prouder to be your friend. Happy birthday, dear friend.

100. It’s not easy to understand how you are not a branded superhero yet with all the good you do and all the strength you carry. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

101. I thought I had enough justification for my pride, then I met you and knew I had to up my game and get greater. Meeting you is no mistake. Happy birthday, dear friend.

102. If I were in a live competition with you, I’d have packed my bags and given up by now, because your speed in growth is frightening. Happy birthday, sweet friend.

103. Tell the world that today’s going to be the date when a legend was celebrated. Tell them to salute to a living bundle of greatness. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

104. You are not just smart, but also creative. You’re not just intelligent, but also attractive. You are not just excellent, you’re also amazing. Happy birthday, sweet friend.

105. Years from now, we’ll look back and see this year you’re about to begin as a wonderful year — a year that contributed greatly to making you a wonder. Happy birthday, my friend.

106. Your place in the seat of greatness on earth is undisputed and soon enough, I pray the world witness you sitting on it. I celebrate you. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

107. You’re not just another face in the crowd, but you’re the face the crowd depends on for life, light and love. Your relevance is heavy. Happy birthday, sweet friend.

108. Through all your struggles, you are building a great empire. Through all your trials, you’re not only building a city but also a refuge for others. Happy birthday, sweet friend.

109. You keep on pressing on, keeping on, pushing on, no matter what opposition stands in the way. Anyone who knows you will be encouraged. Happy birthday.

110. Little by little, and that’s one who follows you closely will just wake up one day to find out that he has enough encouragement to outlive the rest of his days. Happy birthday, dear friend.

111. I dare to say that you deserve world attention for your ideas, awards for your services and reward for your service. Happy birthday, dear friend.

112. I am of the opinion that you are the most intelligent and hardworking man — and the most creative and beautiful figure — I’ve ever met. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

113. It seems you discovered the reason for your birth early and began to act immediately and that’s why you’ve done so well and gone so far in life. Happy birthday, dear friend.

114. It’s time to get the glory you’ve laboured for. It’s time to shine, more than you’ve ever done. It’s time to conquer the world. Happy birthday, my friend.

115. I’ll still tell anyone who listens to me that the world was formed again with your birth and that you have played a role in saving beyond your little world. Happy birthday, sweet friend.

116. I remember that we are all unique and important, and that’s why I’ve not yet decided to exchange my life for yours. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

117. I bless God for bringing such creative individual into my life. I’m thankful to you for staying in it. I’m thankful to myself for accommodating you. Happy birthday, friend.

118. It will take less than a day to make statues of you when the world sees what stuff you’re made of when they understand your vision and activities. Happy birthday, friend.

119. If the world knows what you’re building of yourself, those who pull people down will hate you and those who hate progress will be afraid of you. Happy birthday, friend.

120. The sweetest individual I’ve ever met is you. You are fun loving but creative. You are attractive, but intelligent. You are great but humble. Happy birthday, friend.

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