Best Friend Birthday Instagram Captions

Best Friend Birthday Instagram Captions for 2023

These best friend birthday Instagram captions are the perfect words to use to celebrate your best friend’s birthday on Instagram.

Friendship is a beautiful thing. A best friend is as beautiful as gold amid other precious stones. This is one of a kind friend who will go the extra mile to make you a better version of yourself. A unique stone that will not stop rooting for you and supporting you in your lowest times.

These kinds of unique friends should not go uncelebrated every year. It is their birthday today and you need to remind them of how much they mean to you. You should remind your friend of how beautiful their soul is and how privileged you are to have them in your life despite your shortcomings.

You can do this on one of the most engaging social media platforms – Instagram. This will show them that you are pleased to flaunt them to the world. It is advisable to do this to the best of your ability and here are some best friend birthday Instagram captions for their birthday.

Instagram Captions for Best Friend’s Birthday

1. This lady right here is one of the best gifts’ life presented to me in human form. You are super-amazing sis and I truly appreciate the woman you are becoming. Happy birthday, dear. Make sure you have a blast.

2. Today is so special because God decided to release one of His angels on this day. You are such a wonderful soul and I appreciate our friendship. Happy birthday, Bestie.

3. My sweet potato, a friend from ages past, gist partner of life, the one who understands me perfectly and is willing to do anything for me. I love you like the sun loves the day. Happy birthday, Bestie.

4. It’s your day, darling. The earth is so lucky to have you and I am super blessed to be your bestie. May this day bring you amazing surprises.

5. May life always give you reasons to smile. May every day from this day be special for you and this day be the chief of them. Love you, Bestie.

6. Bestie of life, you are looking younger day by day. Indeed, you are a representation of God’s goodness and beauty. However, you’ve not seen anything, this new year is launching you into greater realms.

7. Happy birthday, Boss. You are such an excellent person. I appreciate all you do. More wins this new year.

8. To my one and only friend. My correct guy with so much wisdom. I celebrate you now and always. Cheers to the new year.

9. To one of the most precious souls I know, may this new year perfect all concerns you. Thank you for staying true over the years. Happy new year.

10. I promise you that this new year is going to be the best yet. You are such a blessing to me and you deserve nothing less than blessings, joy, peace and all the goodies life has to offer. Age with grace, Best friend!

11. Yay! It’s our birthday today. May this day be bright and beautiful. May it open up portals for all your desires to be met. Happy birthday, Bestie.

12. I am always happy about this particular date because it allows me to celebrate the most precious soul to me. I wish you long life and prosperity, Bestie.

13. Happy birthday, Sweetheart. Give the world that big smile of yours because you are one of the best gifts given to mother earth. Cheers to a new year, Hon.

14. Cheers to my main man, my ever-gallant Gee, an ever-dependent business associate. I cherish your insight and selflessness, brother. Enjoy the new year, dear.

15. I so much loveeee this lady right here. Trust me, she is the real definition of beauty with brains. She’s so caring and selfless, always wanting the good of others even when it’s not convenient for her. Trust me, babe, you are the best thing that happened to me 8 years ago and always. May all your silent whispers be attended to this new year, Bestie.

16. I wish I was a poet; I would have written to you the greatest prose. I wish I was a singer; I would have sung to you the most beautiful song. However, I am glad I am still your best friend. I promise to make your life more beautiful. Happy birthday, Dear.

17. To the one that understands me like the back of his hands. My brother from another mother, the most reliable ally I know. May you always be relevant in the good things of life. Happy birthday, man.

18. Happy birthday, dear. You can be certain that all my prayers today are solely for you. You have been a major backbone for me and you deserve nothing less than divine favour this new year. Love you, Bestie.

19. Thank you for making my happiness a duty and I desire pure joy for you in life. Happy birthday, Friend.

20. I wish you a super-amazing, fantabulous and delightful new year, dear. Cheers to your new age.

21. May you find fulfilment this new year, dearie. Happy birthday, don’t break any tables, remember you are a good child. Haha. I pray that the new year will be filled with wonders.

22. Happy Birthday, dear best friend. Thank you for being more than a friend to becoming a brother. Thank you for being a friend that sticks closer than a brother. Wishing you wonderful days ahead. Happy birthday.

23. Happy birthday, bae. Thank you for being a wonderful friend. Thank you for the days that we ate together, drank together, played together, laughed together and even cried together. You are a blessing from God to me. Happy birthday.

24. It’s the world’s Anne’s day. Happy birthday to my surest pal. I wish you more money into your bank account and more wisdom in all you do. We will make the money this new year.

25. When I count my blessings, I count you twice. Thank you, dear best friend for being there for me all this while. I pray that you go from one level to another. I wish you all the best in all you do, babe. Happy birthday, dear.

26. Just keep saying amen. May God bless you, prosper your ways, make all your dreams come true and supply all your needs. Thank you for all the memories. Wishing you a happy birthday, bestie.

27. 365 days of God’s Blessings, protection and faithfulness. Not all great friends are named Jonathan but you are a perfect example. May all our dreams come true. Let’s pop the champagne! Happy Birthday, friend.

28. You are the best friend anyone could wish for. Thank you for making me understand that life could be easy. On this special day of yours, may all the good things you have ever wished and prayed to become be your reality. Love you, Bestie. Happy birthday.

29. Birthdays are eventful because they bring God’s faithfulness over the years to our awareness. I am super grateful for the privilege of celebrating another year with you. You are such a precious soul and I pray for you, Sweetheart; may you never know a better yesterday. May it always please God to attend to your cause. Happy birthday, my love.

30. 20 looks so good on you man. Cheers to a new age. May all your hustle pay off this new year.

31. Which is your preference; Chinese, African or Intercontinental? I am ready to spoil you silly on this special day. Happy birthday, BFF.

32. 30 years happier, smarter, richer and more fulfilled. It’s your day Honey. Eat all the cakes and candy, Bestie got you. Happy birthday.

33. A friend in need, they say, is a friend indeed. You are truly a friend indeed and a gift from God. I want to sincerely appreciate your kind words, advice and everything we share. I celebrate you today and forever. Happy birthday dear friend.

34. You have been a good friend to me. I am grateful for everything you do and for every memory. I pray for long life, health and more money. You are very precious to me. Happy birthday, dear.

35. Dear God, bless and prosper all that my friend sets her mind to do this new year. Make this new year the best year yet for her and let every plot of darkness against her be exposed and destroyed. Happy birthday, Sweetheart.

36. Happy birthday, my gossip-mate, my gist partner, my best friend and my buddy. I am grateful to the Universe for bringing you across my path. Do I deserve you? No! You are the best. I wish you every good thing in life. Happy birthday.

37. You are life’s most beautiful gift to me and this day is as precious to me as it is to you. Thank you for being the most real and nicest person I know. Happy birthday, Bestie.

38. Beautiful Barbie, happy birthday to you. May this birthday be the best celebration yet. Have fun.

39. Despite all the money you gave, you still could not woo the lady. I hope she will say yes to you this year and on your birthday. winks. Happy birthday, buddy.

40. I need Facebook to remind me of many people’s birthday, but certainly, not yours. Why? You are special. Keep shining!

41. Happy birthday to you. Thank you for all the poison you gave me in the name of food. Wishing you more culinary skills, money and sense. Happy birthday.

42. Your birthday today brought back memories. Memories of how we were chased by a dog. You ran faster than Usain Bolt. I pray for speed in all you do, buddy. Happy birthday.

43. I am supposed to write an article for your birthday today but what will I write next year if I write all today? Wishing you a happy birthday. Next year, we will celebrate it in a bigger and better place.

44. Thank you for making me understand that true friendship exists. Happy birthday, my bestie.

45. You have won an all-expense-paid trip to…… my house. Nonsense! Happy birthday. Dinner is ready!

46. Legends are born on the 25th of March and yes, you are a legend because your life is an inspiration to me and others. Happy birthday

47. If only I can sing for you today, I would have. Since I can’t, I will send a bird to sing you a special song on this special day of yours. Happy birthday, darling.

48. You are the reason why I keep forging on. Thank you for being an inspiration to me even when you do not know about it. Happy birthday!

49. Change, indeed, is inevitable. You have grown to be such a handsome young man. Your birthday brought back old memories and I cannot stop myself from laughing at all the pranks we played while growing up. Looking at your picture, It is almost as though you are not the same person- you are looking all calm and collected. Cheers to a new year, Blooda.

50. This is one person that always gives me a big, deep smile. You are such a beautiful soul and I won’t trade you for anything. Happy birthday, Bestie.

51. We have the opportunity to celebrate birthdays every other year but celebrating your kind is meant to be every day. Happy birthday, dear friend.

52. You are truly a strong person. I have been reflecting on all you’ve been through and you are still standing tall. That is nothing less than a miracle. I believe this new year is going to be more beautiful in every way. He can’t bring you out to shame you. No! He can’t. Happy birthday, Brother.

53. Not everyone has someone they can always lean on and that is why I cannot take you for granted. Thank you for always making your shoulders available for me to cry on. Happy birthday, bestie.

54. It’s been 12 years down the journey of friendship and I am super grateful for the gift of you. Happy birthday, best friend for life.

55. My prayer for you, Pumpkin, is that may you never forget this special day of yours in a hurry, not because it’s your birthday but because God will start a spectacular thing in your life from today. Happy birthday, Girly.

56. To my homegirl, I wish you all the super-amazing, duper-blessings. May you live till all the soldiers in your mouth fall off. Winks. Keep my cake!

57. I know you feel you haven’t done much but the truth is that the few lives you’ve come across; you’ve truly touched and that’s what matters, Love. Enjoy your day and believe this new year is just the beginning of greater impact.

58. Happy birthday, Bubba. May life never hold back anything good from you.

59. You will always have a reason to have this big smile of yours, Sweetheart. Cheers to the new year. Love you big, Bestie.

60. May the Lord grant you the grace to number your days according to His so that you can apply your heart to knowledge. Happy birthday to my partner in crime. Winks.

61. Yay!!! My homegirl is plus 1. I am so excited right now that I feel like slapping a soldier. Happy birthday, my love. Wishing you God’s best for you.

62. Thank you for leading me to Christ and tutoring me in faith. You are more than a friend to me and on this special day of yours. My desire for you is that you will shine brighter and brighter.

63. Hurray! My chatter-box is plus 1. Don’t get me wrong o, she isn’t talkative but when she sees me, that talkative button will be activated. I love her like that. Happy birthday, Sweetie.

64. Birthday blessings fall on you, Cupcake. I love you silly and there is absolutely nothing you can do about that. Cheers to the new year.

65. The way you do friendship with me makes me believe more and more in humanity. You are such a sweet soul, that is why I nicknamed you- Sugar. Merry happy returns, dear.

66. Trust me! You don’t have the time to start whining about what didn’t work out. Today is your day of joy and no devil is stopping you from having that. This new year is filled with good tidings for you my dear. Happy birthday.

67. May the Lord make you as sure-footed as the deer. Wishing you long life and prosperity, Man.

68. Cheers to a more glorious, fulfilling and exciting new year. You are more than a friend to me, buddy, you are blood. Happy birthday, Bro.

69. This is my dearest friend with whom I am super-excited. Today is her day, kindly say a word of prayers for her on my behalf. I love you, babe. Happy birthday.

70. To my wonderful Barbie; beautiful in and out. A lady with a pure heart. I pray that the heavens be opened unto you this new year. I love you scatter. Happy birthday.

71. You are one of the most treasured persons in my life. You’ve been there through thick and thin with me and always cheer me on. I owe you a lot and I promise that I will never stop praying for you. Happy birthday, friend.

72. This day is just as bright and beautiful as you. I pray that you will forever experience the glory and beauty of Christ. Your life will always be the epitome of God’s goodness. Cheers to a glorious year, Babes.

73. Today is world (Bestie’s name) day. Let all Angels and mankind join me in celebrating this beauty. You are one of your kind, Hon and I will forever cherish our relationship. Wishing you the best that life has to offer. In other news, I pray you will be less stubborn this year winks. Love you like candy.

74. People see us as best of friends but the reality is that you are my brother. God in his wisdom decided to place us in different families yet He orchestrated our paths to meet. I so much appreciate you. Thank you for being such a humble and resilient young man. You have taught me what character truly is. I celebrate you, Bro. Happy birthday.

75. Happy birthday to one person I can confidently call a true friend. This new year, I pray that the wisdom to do life be released unto you. Happy birthday.

76. Our friendship is one of a lifetime. You can be certain that I will always be with you, love and cherish you. You are my soul sister. Happy birthday, Kitten.

77. You give me so much joy and I truly pray that this new year of yours will be nothing short of joy for you. Love you to the moon and back.

78. Just because I want your life to be so sweet this new year, Hon. I am sending you a 12-tier cake with lots of chocolate and candies. You must make sure you finish them today. Wishing you a super beautiful life, sis. Happy birthday.

79. May light always shines on your path, may you never stumble in life. These are my wishes for you, Brother. Happy birthday.

80. You are one of the bravest souls I know. Keeping winning, Man. This is just the beginning. Happy birthday.

81. 30 comes with a whole lot of responsibilities and expectations. I pray for you to receive the grace and wisdom to be able to make the right decisions at the right time. Happy 30th, Chief. Your homeboy loves you.

82. I love birthdays and the one that gives me the greatest joy is yours. I and other people get to celebrate you maximally and you become the centre of our attention. Trust me, you deserve to be celebrated every day, Sweetie. Wishing you lengthy days with peace and prosperity. Happy birthday.

83. I pray for you to get mind-blowing ideas and the grace to implement them. Happy birthday, my personal person.

84. To my world’s most special person; may every day of this new year be filled with pleasant surprises for you. Happy birthday, Miss. You are cherished.

85. Happy birthday, dear friend. May all your silent whispers become a reality. Thank you for being such a wonderful person.

86. May your life be more beautiful than the rainbow. Cheers to a new life, Honey. Happy birthday.

87. May every day of your life be filled with beautiful memories. My feelings for you haven’t changed a bit. I love you deeply.

88. Everything is gonna end in praise, trust me. Just keep believing and do not let anything take away that beautiful smile of yours. Cheers to your year of fulfilment.

89. I love my friend and my friend loves me. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend. May your days be fulfilling. Happy birthday.

90. You mean so much to me and that is why this day is as special to me as it is to you. Happy birthday, Love. May this year be the best year yet.

91. May life be gracious to you, my beautiful friend. Happy Birthday! You look so sweet.

92. You are my go-to person, always ready to have my back. I wish you peace, love, joy and prosperity. Happy birthday, Chairman.

93. May the new year be fantabulous, man. I’m coming for this your outfit o, rock it all you can today. Happy birthday!

94. Thank you for accepting me to be a part of your life. The journey has been a beautiful one because you’ve got a beautiful heart. Have a blessed new year, pumpkin. I can’t love you less.

95. You are one of my life’s best decisions. A major reason behind my success. I pray for your greatness and honour. Happy birthday, friend.

96. We sure gonna do more wonderful things together this new year. Cheers to a blessed year. Happy birthday.

97. Yippee, my twiny is plus one. Wishing you a year of answered prayers. Happy birthday, my love.

98. I pray for your peace that transcends all understanding. Happy birthday, sweetie. Long life and prosperity.

99. To the most amazing friend on earth; may you be a blessing to this generation and beyond. Love you crazily. Happy birthday.

100. To a friend like the veins and blood in my heart, I wish you the very best of today. Happy birthday.

Giving your friend a special shout out on their special day is a precious memory. A memory they will never forget in a hurry.

I will encourage you to go to their Instagram page right away and do the needful. Make them have that big smile as soon as they see any of these best friend birthday Instagram captions attached to their photos on Instagram.

Also, share this page with your other friends and also comment below.

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