Happy 23rd Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Happy 23rd Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

When you treat your lady right and speak her love language to her, she’ll not only blossom. She’ll also make your life happier, peaceful and more colourful.

While turning 23 is beautiful, it also comes with its pressures. By sending her any of these birthday wishes, you’ll be celebrating her, reassuring her of her own unique journey, and cementing your place in her heart.

That is definitely a 3-in-1 win!

So, hurry and send her more than one of the good happy 23rd birthday wishes for girlfriend below. It’s your best girl’s birthday, so you’re free to bring the roofs down with your excitement.

Best 23rd Birthday Prayer Messages for Girlfriend

Throughout this new year, may you enjoy peace, a sound mind and good health in abundance, this is my prayer for you. Happy 23rd birthday, sweetheart.

1. I remember how I felt at 23. Insecure, and not feeling like I was doing enough. I also remember that God came through for me. This is why I’m praying that God will also come through for you this year. Happy birthday, baby.

2. You’ll get the spotlight you’ve been craving for this year. You’ll be steps closer to all of your dreams as well. Happy birthday, baby girl.

3. My prayer for you is that there’ll be no heart-breaking stories for you this year. Your 23rd year will be filled with only good news. Happy birthday, love.

4. Everything you need for a beautiful year will be given to you in abundance. Happy 23rd birthday, girlfriend. I love you.

5. You won’t have to worry so much this year. God will steadily provide you with all you need to have a great year. Happy birthday, sweetie.

6. May every step you’ll take this year, lead you to where you need to be. Happy 23rd birthday, sweetheart. I love you.

7. This year, I pray that you’ll enjoy innumerable blessings that will leave you stunned! Happy 23rd birthday, honey.

8. May your year be filled with reasons that will get you leaping for joy all the time. Happy 23 years old birthday, love.

9. People from different parts will hear of you. Your star will shine so bright to the glory of God. Happy 23rd year birthday, girlfriend.

10. You’re only just beginning, but you’re making this much wave. I can’t wait for the years ahead. I can’t! Happy birthday, love.

Happy 23rd Birthday Girlfriend Quotes

Your face is beautiful. But your heart is even more beautiful. May all things pure, beautiful and gracious come to you this year. Happy birthday, angel.

11. Look who got to year 23 before me! Happy birthday to the best girl I know. Your year will definitely be filled with God’s goodness and kindness. Happy birthday, honey.

12. When I look into your eyes, I see a future I didn’t dare imagine before you. Thank you for being such a wonderful person. Happy birthday, girlfriend.

13. The universe is definitely in support of our union. If not, how did everything conspire to bring you to me? Happy birthday, my best girl.

14. Finding someone to say I love you to is more than a dream come through. Thank you for sharing your dreams with me. May this year bring you closer to those dreams. Happy birthday, love.

15. It’s a privilege to know you. It’s an even greater one to be loved by you. Happy 23rd birthday babe. You rock!

16. I’m doubly blessed. Because you’re my lover and best friend at the same time. Happy birthday, angel. Everything’s working out for you good.

17. When I’m away from you, what’s on my mind is clearing everything on my table just to get to you. That’s how much I need to be with you. Happy 23rd birthday, love.

18. You were my first. And I’m so glad that I waited for someone as beautiful and special as you. Happy 23rd birthday, love.

19. I’ll always carry you wherever I go, girlfriend. Here’s wishing you the best of your new year. Happy birthday!

20. Over everyone and everything, you trump! Happy birthday, sweet girl. You’ll do great things this year.

21. You’re the real deal. There’s no doubt about this. As you step into your 23rd year, may you also step into dimensions of blessings and self-awareness. Happy birthday, babe.

22. What can I do to make you as happy as you make me? Tell me, and I’ll get it done. Happy birthday, sweet. I love you.

23. You have to be an angel. Because how are you so good for me? Here’s wishing you a really good 23rd year. Happy birthday, girlfriend.

24. I could get lost staring at you. You’re just so beautiful, babe. Here’s wishing you a really great year. Happy birthday!

25. I want you with a hunger I never knew was possible. Happy birthday, girlfriend. May you get answers to all you hunger for this year.

23rd Birthday Greetings for Girlfriend

Your highness here’s praying that you have the most amazing year ever. May all of your dreams come through, and may your reign be long. Happy 23rd birthday, girlfriend.

26. You’re truly an outstanding woman! May this 23rd year bring you outstanding blessings. Happy birthday, dear.

27. You’re many things to me. Healer, provider, supporter and confidante. Hope I return the favour as much this year. Happy birthday, babe.

28. If I had your confidence and fire at 23, I’d be way ahead. This is how I know that you’ll do great in life. Rest assured, babe. Happy birthday!

29. Even if I were your man for just a minute, it would be enough. Happy birthday, darling girlfriend. You’re amazing!

30. You’re mine forever. And heavens know that I’m never letting you go. Happy 23 years birthday, love. You mean so much to me!

31. My heart will always beat for you, regardless of the distance between us. Happy 23 years old birthday, honey. I love you.

32. I’m not letting you slip away from me ever! Happy birthday queen of my heart. You rock!

33. For every prayer you make this year, they’re going from your lips straight to God’s ears. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

34. I’ll fly whatever distance just to get to you. You’re worth it, babe. Happy 23 years old birthday, girlfriend!

35. I’m the happiest man alive. At this moment, in this life, I’m the happiest man alive because of you. Happy birthday, sugar. Keep setting the world on fire with your dreams!

Cute 23rd Birthday Wishes for a Girlfriend

Everything you need to have a beautiful year, you will have them readily at your disposal. Happy 23rd birthday, my beautiful lady. I love you loads!

36. I laugh the loudest when I’m with you. With you is when I’m also the happiest. Happy 23rd birthday, girlfriend.

37. Your voice is like music to my ears. Never stop singing, baby. I promise to listen even on those ‘special days.’ Happy birthday, sweetheart. I love you.

38. Brace yourself for the ride. Because I’m going to love you hard this year. Happy 23rd birthday to the best girlfriend there is.

39. Every day with you is a step towards dimensions I never knew about myself. May this year be an amazing one for you. Happy birthday, cutie.

40. You didn’t ask me. But I just want you to know that you’re the fairest of them all. Happy birthday to the loveliest girlfriend there is!

41. From the beginning, there was never a doubt about wanting to be with you. Happy birthday, baby. You definitely rock my world!

42. Watching you sleep is a favourite for me. I pray that you enjoy peace and warmth like never before this year. Happy birthday, babe.

43. You’re all my reason, babe. Here’s wishing you a really good year. Happy 23 years old birthday. I love you profusely!

44. Because I know the importance of going hard or going home, I’m making sure to love you like I haven’t done in the past year. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

45. Saying that you’re the most beautiful is still an understatement. Happy birthday, love of my life. God bless you real good this year.

46. This version of me is the one I’d always imagined for myself. Thank you for helping me ‘birth’ it. Happy birthday, sweetie.

47. Cheesy or not, you’re my dream come through. And I’m not letting you go, ever. Happy birthday, gorgeous. Live long!

48. You bring life and vitality to everything. You’re truly good for me. Happy birthday, queen. Your reign will be long!

49. I want to take you around the world, just as you’ve taken me to realms I’d never dreamt was possible. Happy birthday, princess. I love you now and always.

50. In another life, I still want to be your boyfriend. In another life, I still want to be your lover, and the person you share all of your dreams with. Happy 23rd birthday, baby.

Hope you found the happy 23rd birthday wishes for girlfriend to your liking. Also hope that the messages bring your girlfriend warmth, blessings and good fortune.

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Thank you!

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